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Ruled by hot headed, impulsive Mars, your sign tends to go through all sorts of highs and lows energy wise as Mars spends roughly 6 weeks at a time in each sign. This year, however, he spends 5 full months in Aquarius, your 11th house of hopes, wishes and friendship, so this will be an area more prominent in your chart in 2018. Making new friends, discarding friendships that have well and truly run their course and even opening up businesses with friends (a longheld hope and dream) could occur throughout the year.

Love Life:
With Mars in your 11th house May 17 – August 12 & September 10 – November 16 (retrograding at times) there’s a big opportunity for you to turn a friendship into a love relationship this year. Someone you’ve always thought ‘would be good for you’ but who needs convincing. Venus in your sign March 7 – April 1 is the best time to lay on the charm and be your most convincing and also update your online dating profile. Venus in Leo mid-June – July 11 is another wonderful time to meet someone worth meeting Aries. Sagittarians, Leos and Librans are all great match ups for you as are Aquarians in 2018.

Mars in Aquarius for 5 months will have you feeling much more social and needing to be with your friends versus in a too tight knit relationship with your other half. If your relationship is solid it won’t be a problem, however, if there are cracks in your relationship, your time away with your friends and doing things outside the relationship will make those cracks even wider. If you can balance out the time you spend with your friends, your partner and yourself, things will all work out. It’s all in the balance.

This is a huge part of your chart this year with Saturn, the planet of discipline and focus moving back into Capricorn, your 10th house of career and reputation. In his home base, Saturn will work hard for you for the next 2.5 years and if there was ever a time for you to get a promotion, transfer or change your career altogether, it’s in 2018. It’s not just going to happen overnight however – you will have to work for it and work hard for it.

Lucky Jupiter moves through your 8th house of joint resources in 2018 and for some of you, it could be a great year financially. Meeting someone who steers you in the right direction financially or your partner has a windfall which you are part of could be part of your year this year. If you start a business with someone it could also be very profitable thanks to Jupiter in your joint resources and finances zone.

Jupiter the planet of ‘think big’ moves into Sagittarius early November, it’s home plate sign and your 9th house of long distance travel. For the next year, it will encourage you to travel and visit exotic locations – and if you can combine a work and pleasure trip together, even better!

Best Month of 2018: March
Worst Month of 2018: November

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