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The most important factor in 2020 for you is to stay ahead of the game.  In every way possible Aries. Whatever you do, don’t hold back or be shy.  Not that you are usually ever shy! Any and all problems are there to be solved and will be solved as long as you do it in the right way.  There is a certain level of respect, however that you need to give to yourself and ask from others as well. And that is to be taken seriously.  Not to be constantly seen as a flash in the pan person who zips in and out of the action. But someone who’s in it for the long haul and who can hold their own.  You are on the verge of a major rebirth and you will be able to use everything that’s come before in your life - the good, the bad and the ugly to make sure it’s a fruitful time.

The most interesting part of 2020 is the very long presence of your ruler Mars in your sign for 7 months instead of his usual 6 weeks.  While this is a good thing, it’s also a stop start thing as he moves in and out of retrograde during this time. On the one hand, Mars out of phase is useful as it gives you a chance to catch up with all of those things piled high in ‘your to do basket’.  It’s just a matter of having the energy required to actually do them is the question. Focus on your priorities. Write up a list and tick things off one by one. Keep busy and don’t get sidetracked.

Saturn and Uranus will continue their unrelenting push towards you being more practical and standing firm in the face of the feeling that you are treading water in treacherous waves.  While these outer planets don’t have as much impact on your as Mercury, Venus and Mars, their impact is still very much felt in subtle ways and more long lasting ways.  

Relationships in 2020:

You tend to have one or two solid friendships at a time Aries.  The rest are superfluous and fleeting. Sometimes you meet someone you put ‘high hopes’ into.  A person you feel could really become a big part of your life. Only to find after a few months that the sheen well and truly rubs off.  Then that relationship can become more of a frenemy set up than a friendly one. Which causes you a lot of angst and mixed feelings of guilt and having wasted a lot of time and energy on someone for nothing.

One of the most important things for you friendship wise in 2020 is the entry of Saturn, the planet of focus, discipline, time management and structure settling into Aquarius, your 11th house of friendship, hopes, dreams and wishes from March 24 on.  Over the next 2 plus years, Saturn will do more than dictate terms when it comes to your friendships. Even those people you have been friends with and who have been in your life forever might come under scrutiny. You will be forced to look at each and everyone of your friendships this year and work out just how you honestly feel about them and if you are being way too generous with your time and energy and not receiving it on the flipside.  When Saturn goes out of phase May 11 - July 3 you will get a big glimpse into just who stands by your side and who leaves you in the dust to work things out on your own.  

Next time you get overly excited about someone new in your life, remember that it takes a long time to build a relationship.  That it can’t be rushed or pushed. That the ‘courtship’ has to happen slowly over time and you can’t expose yourself to anyone new too quickly.  Sharing secrets with someone new in your life is something you could definitely regret - this year or any year for that matter.

Love in 2020: 


Venus the Goddess of love and relationships and the planet of dating and match ups travels through your sign February 8 - March 6.  This makes it the perfect time for you to really focus on meeting someone if that’s what you want in your life. Leos and Sagittarians are always great matches for you.  Your New Moon March 24 brings with it a chance for a do-over and an opportunity for you to totally overhaul what it is you are looking for in a new partner moving forward.  You definitely know by now what you aren’t looking for through trial and error.

Passionate Mars in your sign June 29 - early 2021 is an astounding planetary move.  7 months is a record for Mars to be in a sign. You will feel very ‘on’ and put a lot of expectations on yourself. Perhaps more than is absolutely necessary?  You do tend to throw yourself wholeheartedly into matters of the heart after all. Most of the time a little bit too much Aries. Keep in mind that people like to think they are falling in love on their own accord, not being bombarded over the head with the fact that they should love you already!  

Venus the lover moves into a brief stint in Leo September 7 - October 3 and brings with her some wonderful opportunities for falling in lust.  Leos and Aquarians are both perfect match ups for you. However Venus does travel through Leo, your romance zone whilst Mars is out of phase in your sign, making it a hit or miss time for those of you who are looking to meet someone worth meeting..  or singles, the fact that Mars goes out of phase in your sign September 10 - November 14 could mean a love affair comes to a grinding halt only to restart again later in November.  

Venus travels through your romance zone September 7 - October 3 which coincides with Mars retrograde.  You will definitely be pulled in 2 different directions. To stay single or to take a giant leap of faith in order to see if you can settle down?  It will be a real test of your strength to work out which way to leap. Really listen to your heart at this time and avoid making any rushed decisions.


Venus the love bug in your sign February 8 - March 6 definitely makes Valentine’s day extra special for you Aries.  Even if you’re not one to be overly sentimental and gushy, you will be feeling much more in tune and in love with your other half.  Mercury the communicator in your sign April 12 - 26 gives you a good 3 weeks time frame to really talk through anything and everything that is on your mind and concerns your partner.  Turn off all those distracting devices and listen more than lecture. You do have a way of overriding people after all. Your Full Moon October 1st is an important day in your partnership area.  Things tend to come full circle around the time of your Full Moon. Mars is retrograde in your sign at this time so whatever you decide to do, think long and hard about it.

Mars’s 7 month long odyssey through your sign suggests major changes in your personal life.  Any long held resentment/discontentment might pop up out of seemingly nowhere. Whether by you or your other half.  More than a few of you will realize that the passion has simply gone from your partnership. You no longer eagerly rush home to see him or her but find ways to avoid going home at all.  Public displays of affection aren’t the norm anymore either. Unless you can find some common ground, seek out therapy and generally put in a lot of hard work on your relationship, the fact that Mars is in your sign for 7 long months is a cosmic recipe for disaster.  Too much going on all at once for sure!

 In some cases, the 2nd half of 2020 could have some of you separating filing for divorce due to the relationship breaking down irretrievably.  You will realize you are both unhappy and in it for all the wrong reasons. And there’s nothing wrong with both of you being adults and being able to admit that you would both prefer to go your separate ways.  The main thing is that you both agree and can also work out a graceful exit strategy. Who gets the dog or the cat for instance? Visitation rights for the dog or the kids?  


The first 6 months is the best time of 2020 to really push yourself forward and ahead of the pack when it comes to promotions/pay rises and new jobs or even career changes Aries.  Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and good luck - ‘right time right place’ type thing spends the year in your 10th house of career and ambition and puts chances to really push ahead career wise under your very nose.  It’s then up to you to seize them and make the very most of them. If you own your own business it will thrive through late June, so do ensure that you are on top of every little detail. If you’re not all all a detail oriented person (as so many of you are not), make sure you have someone in your life who is.  Virgos and Capricorns are excellent ‘fixers’ this year.

Once Mars the planet of energy and basically the most obnoxious body in the zodiac moves into your sign - the sign he rules - June 29 - early January 2021, it’s likely that you will hit a career wall.  You could become way too bossy and opinionated for your position or if you’re self-employed, start dragging your feet about completing your assignments. If you’re involved in a joint business, drama with your business partner could make things extremely difficult and even lead to you going your separate ways. Particularly whilst Mars is retrograde in your sign September 10 - November 14.


You tend to spend it as fast as you make it Aries.  While you always have enough to get by, a big expenditure - expected or unexpected - can throw you Rams for a loop.  The first half of the year looks even and the books will be balanced. However the 2nd half of 2020 looks like being hit and miss financially.  Leave your plastic at home and only use your debit card or cash to avoid misuse of your funds.


While you’re known for your hearty constitution and being up for any and every challenge you’re not a robot Aries.  If you overdo the eating and underdo the physical exercise, you will put on weight and you will feel uninspired and lazy.  You’re a go-getter. Being even slightly overweight slows you down remarkably. If you know your gaining, cut back immediately.  Avoid restaurants and eat sparsely at home for a few weeks/months.  

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Komal Pandey
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Please tell best and worst month of this year 2019???

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