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2019 is a year to use your innate ability to become the major risk taker that you can be and transform yourself from the ground up.  From the inside out. You may at times wonder just who or what is running your life and why you are letting them, but this is part of your transformation process Aries.  You are the rattlesnake shedding your old skin over your head where you can’t see where you are going and gaining a new skin.

Luckily 2019 starts off with a huge cosmic bang for you with the arrival of Mars, your ruling planet and the planet of energy and determination.  From January 2 - February 15 Mars in your 1st house of ego and personality will refuel your desire to make the most out of every and any opportunity that comes your way. Sometimes you do find yourselves backing down and/or away from something or someone because you don't want to rock the cosmic boat. Rock it this year! You have a very good planetary start to 2019. Don’t waste this precious commodity Aries.  Revel in it. Be the boss you were born to be! If you go to all the trouble of starting something, finish it - on your terms too.

Your Love Life:

This is not an especially strong, passionate year for you Aries.  It is much more a year to work on your innerselves and not get too caught up in the highs and lows associated with being with someone in a romantic relationship.

Single? While there’s nothing in your chart against love and romance, there’s nothing in particular that favours you falling head over heels in love with someone new.  You might enjoy more dating than usual and enjoy some short term love trends, 2019 is more of an experimental time for single Rams. In your chart, Venus does double duty.  She is both your financial planet and your love planet. Thus love and money tend to go together with you. When finances are going well, love tends to go well. When love goes well, finances tend to go well.  Venus the Goddess of love and money will be in your sign from April 21 - May 16, and then in your money zone from May 16 - June 10.

Travelling is a good way to meet someone worth meeting with Jupiter the planet of good luck and opportunity in your fellow fire sign of Sagittarius, your 9th house of overseas travel.  

Attached? Uranus the planet of unusual happenings and the unexpected has been in your sign for the past 7 years, asking you to strip yourself of anything and anyone that is no longer healthy in your life.  Let the deadwood go and be awake and ready for new possibilities. While that may sound a bit drastic, you really don’t want to waste anymore time with someone who is simply not right for you.

On the flip side, Uranus the planet of major change and upheaval leaving your sign early March suggests that many of you are going to be a lot more stable in love.  You will have less need to stir the love pot and become a much more ‘settled’ kind of person. Venus in your travel zone for most of November makes it the perfect month for you and your other half to plan a romantic getaway or make fun plans to rent an Airbnb with friends and see the world.  


Uranus favours the new and experimental and once he settles into Taurus, your self-esteem and money house, many of you will be attracted to start-up companies and even start-up industries.  Uranus rules the high-tech industry and many of you will be attracted to this exciting line of work. Or decide to go back to adult ‘school’ and learn more about it.

Your career is very active this year.  Your 10th house is the strongest in the horoscope but with Saturn and Pluto both in this part of your chart throughout the entire year, there will also be 3 eclipses in the same part of your chart in 2019.  There will be a very natural single minded focus on your career goals which is the major part of a successful career. Just keep in mind that with Saturn, the taskmaster of the zodiac in your career house, bosses can be more exciting and demanding, plus more difficult to please.  By the end of the year with Jupiter the planet of good luck moving into your career house, you can expect all sorts of promotions, new job offers and pats on the back to come your way.


Uranus in your sign has had the majority of you dealing with sudden personal changes, reinventing yourselves and constantly growing and upgrading yourself as much as possible.  From March 7 onwards, Uranus in your 2nd house will make you much more financially experimental. While your money zone will become a lot more exciting, it’s not without its risks either.  By the time Uranus is finished with your money zone in 7 years you will be in a much different tax bracket and place. Just keep in mind that Uranus is a planet of extremes. The financial highs will be super high, but the lows can be super-low too.  Ensure that you have enough money set aside for those rainy days that are sure to come along Aries.

Your best money month will be mid-May through mid-June when Venus the money Goddess aligns with Uranus in your self-worth and financial zone.  


Neptune the planet of fantasy and dreams do come true has been in your 12th house of self-renewal for many years now and remains there for many more.  Many of you are on a spiritual path and if you are shaking your head saying “no I’m not” it will happen.

Neptune is the planet of transcendence.  You need to get out of your own way in order to enjoy his presence in your sign.  In 2019 some of your career decisions and moves could contradict your spiritual yearnings.  You will need to work through your internal struggles in order to find the best middle of the road between being ambitious and ladder climbing versus being happy for others who get there first (and even helping them along the way).  

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By AstroGirl

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