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What's in your stars in 2019?

By Astrogirl

2019 in a cosmic  nutshell…


2019 in a cosmic nutshell…

2019 is definitely going to be one of the most interesting years for you Capricorns.  Saturn, your planetary avatar continues his journey through his home sign - your sign and your 1st house of personality and ego.  You will feel much more in charge of your life, you cosmic journey and your destiny with the help of Saturn in your sign. Saturn has come ‘home to roost’ in your sign and will remain there for the next year plus.  2019 will see you even more Capricornish than usual. All the strengths and weaknesses of your sign will be highlighted. Whatever you do, don’t be standoffish or pessimistic when the slightest thing doesn’t go the way you want it to go.  You too often look at the dark side of life in order to figure out an escape route. Look towards the light in 2019.

2019 sees 5 eclipses all transiting different parts of your chart.  Four of the five eclipses will impact your 8th house of regeneration.  You might find that ideas and things you were attached to die a slow and natural death.  Maybe you had your heart set on something and it simply doesn’t work out? That’s because it wasn’t meant to work out in the first place goats.

Being the realist that you, you recognize very early on who and what is good for you and you will be especially savvy with this gift in 2019.  As much as you might like to turn back the cosmic clock and do something all over again or avoid it altogether it simply won’t be possible this year.  

2019 is the year you should make the best of any and all opportunities to apply Saturn’s capacity for creating structure, justly and fairly to the newfound realities resulting from the demands placed on you by Uranus, the planet of the unexpected and unusual in your self-fulfillment and creativity zone from March 7 onwards.

Love Life: 

Single: Your love and sex life aren’t of great importance to you this year.  You singles will have fun,play the field and indulge in various romances and flings throughout the year, but nothing serious (or too serious).  Your 7th house of one on one relationships is basically empty this year as if your 11th house of friendship. 2019 could be one of those years when you don’t have as much contact or connection with the people in your life as usual and while a rather solitary existence, it will really serve as a time for you to get to know you.  

Singles are unlikely to marry or move in with anyone this year.  Some of you will revisit an old relationship due to Jupiter’s move into your 12th house of self-renewal and people from your past reappearing.  This too will be a fleeting relationship and the problems that were there the first or second go round will remain there.

However once Uranus the planet of the unexpected moves into your romance zone and fellow earth sign of Taurus March 7, all bets are off.  Taureans and Cancers are both excellent match ups for you this year.

Good relationships with friends will definitely deepen this year but those that are held by the one string won’t.  A Lot of your friendships will be downgraded to acquaintes this year. 2019 is much more about personal independence and personal desires.  

Attached: Three eclipses on your love life this year is sure to test your commitment to your partner in 2019.  A solar eclipse in your 7th house of love July 2 will definitely stir the love pot. Those of you who are in good, solid relationships will find that things continue to run smoothly.  However those of you in flawed relationships not so much. The eclipses will point out to those of you in committed relationships just what needs to be done to help resurrect things and make sure things are either straightened out and put back on track or looked at more seriously.  Saturn is the planet of aloofness and in your first house of personality could have some of you coming across as being far too aloof and even cold at times. Some of you may also feel that you are all about ‘you’ this year and not pay enough attention to your lover and his or her concerns.  Make it a priority in 2019 to be as warm and loving as you can possibly be.


You are one of the most ambitious signs in the entire zodiac, but with your empty career house, you are less so than usual this year.  Keep in mind goats that almost all the long term planets are in the night side of your chart - the bottom half. After December 3, when Jupiter the opportunist moves into your sign, you will have a very short but sweet insight into what 2020 is going to look like career wise and life wise.  

Venus is your career planet and a very fast-moving planet.  She will move even faster than usual too. So you will go through many career ups and downs throughout the year but when all is said and done, 2019 looks like being a very stable year career wise indeed.  


While you earthlings are always interested in finances and having money set aside for this and that, 2019 is not an especially prosperous year for the majority of you.  That’s because you have an empty money house this year. However there are some major planetary changes that are sure to affect your money zone. Especially the movement of Uranus the planet of the unexpected and your financial planet making a major move March 7 out of your 4th house and into your 5th house - your 5th house of self-fulfillment and creativity.  There are important financial developments happening for you in 2019 Capricorns.  

The financial placing in your fellow earth sign of Taurus suggests that for the past 7 years you’ve been more than a little bit of a risk-taker where money is concerned.  Things change after March 7 with the financial planet all sorts of ventures. Some of them riskier than others. 2019 is the year to be bold when it comes to making financial decisions.  Investing in real estate for example is more than likely going to be a prosperous undertaking in the years to come, especially if the whispers of a recession next year are true. Buy low sell high.  Same as buying gold, silver and copper shares. Uranus as your financial planet also shows an affinity for technology and the world of online and internet musings, another area you could think about getting into and investing in.  


A Lunar Eclipse in your sign (January 5) sets the tone for you really thinking about the future holds for you and being open to trying new things and experimenting.  Some of you might even have fear about what the future holds so early on in the year too. However rather than giving into your fears and not doing the things you really want to do Capricorns, you need to dig deep and confront your fears head on.  Ask for help if you need it. Taureans and Cancers will be particularly helpful through the year.

2019 is an extremely spiritual and higher mind year for you goats.  Jupiter the planet of growth and expansion will be in your 12th house of the subconscious, self-renewal and spiritual growth throughout the year.  Now’s the time to rid yourself of any and all negative people and energies from your life and find your happy place. Meditate, ruminate and above all, take note of your dreams and fantasies.  See if some of them can’t be made into reality.  


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By AstroGirl

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