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Your ruler Saturn the planet of focus and discipline stepped into your sign December of 2017, helping to start 2018 off with some cosmic fireworks. Provided you paid your dues of course, this is set to be one of the best years you’ve had for some time. Saturn has been gone from his home sign for 30 years and you have 2.5 years of his company in your sign to enjoy. Plus, with mighty Jupiter in intense Scorpio set to make his way through your solar 11th house of groups and goals for the future until late November, you’re due to see for yourself exactly where your hard work and or lack thereof have landed you.

You may need to pull away from friends who are obviously no longer on the same page, but not to worry. Scorpio planets only tear down what’s no longer working to make way for what’s necessary for your personal evolution. Quite the year, right???

Love Life:
Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, starts the year off in your sign and under her glow is always the best time to meet someone worth meeting. However, Venus in Taurus in April transiting your romance zone is also a time to meet someone that simply takes your breath away. You’ll be feeling a lot more confident within yourself thanks to Saturn in your sign and with Jupiter in your friendship zone, don’t be surprised if you fall for someone you already know or are introduced to by a friend. Cancers, Taurus, Virgos and Pisces are all great match–ups for you in 2018.

Saturn is the great stabilizer of the zodiac and it’s doubtful anything will change with attached goats in 2018, especially if you are closely bonded and sharing in life’s big adventures together. July 12 a Solar Eclipse in your relationship zone could shake things up somewhat – maybe one of you wants to move for work and the other doesn’t. Definitely important matters to discuss and get worked out before they get out of control.

If there was one planet that was responsible for a career leap it’s Saturn so lucky you Capricorns. July 27 a Lunar Eclipse in your money zone could have some of you making moves that raise more than a few eyebrows – maybe working for the ‘enemy’ or making a lateral move versus making more money out of loyalty. Your mission from July 27 onwards is to figure out what to do next. Don’t be afraid to color outside the lines or raise a few eyebrows if need be.

You’ve always managed to make money goats and 2018 is no exception to the rule. Blessed with the presence of Saturn, your ruler and the planet of focus and discipline, those of you who want to make more money can definitely do so. Especially with Mars in and out of your money and self worth zone 5 months out of the year, this year. Just keep in mind that when Mars goes out of phase June 27 – August 27 there could be some kind of cosmic backlash and you will have to safeguard your pennies a little more than usual goats.

Go big or small – the choice is yours this year Capricorns. Whether you take that trip around the world you’ve wanted to take for some time or a few smaller trips, you’ll be able to find the time and the money to do so. Traveling has become so much more reasonable now due to all the money saving perks at our disposal so don’t go big if you can go medium!

Best Month of 2018: January
Worst Month of 2018: April

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2018 Yearly Video Horoscope for Capricorn

2018 Yearly Horoscope for Capricorn
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