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Year 2022:

2022 - Family, investing and nesting!

Cosmic Synopsis: Last year you had Jupiter the planet of lucky breaks and opportunity and Saturn your ruler, the disciplinarian in your 2nd house of self-worth and self-esteem.  Now you only have Saturn and it's not going to be as easy to make money or to spin what you have into more.  2022 is a year to save for the future.  To slow down your spending on entertainment and fancy accessories that you don't need.  How many clothes/shoes/handbags/watches/jewelry do you really need?  Take a peek in your closet.   Does much of the stuff hanging there have tags still attached or has barely been used?  Think about all that money you could have had to put down a deposit on a home or invest in stock or even pay down credit cards. Jupiter's move into your 4th house of home and family May 10 - October 27 suggests that you will team up with family members in some way which will be very rewarding.

2022 = 6

The number six symbolizes beauty and harmony and is often called “the love number”.

In numerology, the 6 holds the vibration of unconditional love, protection, and sanctuary. It holds the spiritual expression of the archetypal maternal instincts that we all contain (whether male or female) and the primal urge to nurture and care for those in need.

JANUARY - Your once a year New Moon on the 2nd sets the year off on a high note.  This is a great day for you to really set out your agenda for 2022. Venus the Goddess of love and money remains out of phase in your sign through the end of the month.  Moving forward January 29, she remains in your sign through March 7.  A very long transit for her indeed.  Make use of her extended stay goats and charm your way in and out of pretty much anything! 

FEBRIARY - Conviction planet Mars in your sign all month long gives you a much-needed energy boost.  The combo of loving Venus and passionate Mars makes this an extra special Valentine's Day for those of you in a relationship.  Carving out time for just the 2 of you is of paramount importance this month.  Even if it's just a long weekend somewhere relaxing.  If you're single, this is the best month of the year to find love.  Hopefully the world will be moving in the right direction so that people can start dating again.  Perfect match ups for you in 2022 are Pisces and Taureans.  

MARCH - March 5 is the luckiest day of the year for you when Jupiter conjuncts the Sun in your communication zone.  If there was ever a day you were going to commit to something big time...March 5 is your day. Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury line up in your 3rd house of communication and short travel this month.  Your siblings, cousins and extended family fall under the 3rd house as well, making this a great time for you to join forces or go in on something which will benefit all of you.  Perhaps investing in real estate?  Starting a business with one or more family members?  Getting a foot in the door thanks to a family member or vice versa?  You could also decide to spend more time with someone you're related to and if COVID allows, travel more in 2022.

APRIL - Venus, Mars and Jupiter continue to travel through your 3rd house which also involves communication.  If you've ever wanted to set up a podcast or take a class/course online or something as simple as joining a book club, this is the month and year to do so goats.  A Full Moon in your 10th house of career and ambition on the 16th signals that it's time for you to take something seriously at work.  If you have wanted to climb the corporate ladder, now's the time to really start testing out the bottom rung.  

MAY - A Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Taurus brings May your way.  In your 5th house of romance, fun and self-fulfillment, the Sun in the same part of your chart through the 21st is a wonderful cosmic gift.  Jupiter takes a huge and dramatic turn on the 10th as he charges into Aries, a fire sign and a complete 180 degrees from Pisces.  Through October 27 these months will be the best in many years for you to buy, sell, rent, AirBnb, Timeshare etc.  That's why it's so important you save for the down payment.  If you don't have it (or only have some of it), ask for a loan from your parents/siblings.  you might just be surprised at how willing they are to help out. Just wait until June to sign anything legal or binding with Mercury out of phase through June 3.

JUNE - Mercury the planet of words and clear thinking is out of phase in your fellow earth sign of Taurus, your romance and self-fulfillment zone through the 3rd.  He's then back on track in Taurus through the 14th.  Venus in Taurus through the 24th is just what you need to put some romance back into your lives.  And vamp up your sex life!  Singles should be ready to mingle.  Taurus & Cancers are both great matches for you this month.  Hopefully you get to meet one IRL.  Always the most organic.

JULY - Jupiter remains in your 4th house of home and family through the 29th when he then retrogrades in that part of your chart through October 27.  This could cause a rift or discord amongst you and some of your family.  Motivator Mars in the same part of your chart all month long suggests that it's the last chance for you to really connect and work well with your family.  If you've been at odds with some of them, now's the time to find a way to get along with them.  Small steps goats.

AUGUST - Energizer Mars remains in earthy Taurus through the 21st, speeding things up in your 5th house of romance, fun and self-fulfillment.  Communicator Mercury sets up his workshop in your fellow earth sign of Virgo from the 5th- 27th.  The earth signs align and you will do well this month.  Uranus the planet of change and surprise and the planet that brings about sudden events and hidden opportunism goes out of phase in Taurus August 24 - the end of 2022.  Something could happen that throws your plans into disarray during this time.  Guess what? It will be the best thing that could ever happen!

SEPTEMBER -The Sun in earthy Virgo and a Full Moon in gentle Pisces on the 10th kick off the month in a nice, orderly fashion for you.  Venus the lover in Virgo from the 6th - 30th highlights your long-distance travel zone.  For those of you in a long-distance relationship, a decision will need to be made by the end of the year.  September 9 - October 2 Mercury is again out of phase, backtracking through Virgo September 24 - October 1.  Whatever you do, don't make any decisions until Mercury moves direct.  

OCTOBER - If you are choosing a wedding date, don't choose any day after October 30.  Passionate Mars is out of phase in your 6th house of health and well-being through the end of 2022.  A New Moon/Solar Eclipse on the 25th in Scorpio shines on your 11th house of hopes, wishes and friendship.  Spending quality time with the people you love and admire in life is a great way to spend the last week of October.  Plus, meeting new people and finding new interests through them.

NOVEMBER - The cosmic trio of the Sun, Venus and Mercury line up in Scorpio this month.  A Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on the 8th points to this being one of the best months of the year for you.  Friends/romance and fun is on your cosmic agenda.  In fact, a friendship could turn even friendlier over the next few weeks.  Before you 'go there' make sure you can both handle things if it doesn't work out.  That you can go back to being friends and that it's not going to start a 'situation between your friends'.  

DECEMBER - For the second time this year Mercury the planet of words and thinking makes his way through your sign.  The first time was retrograde in January, this month he moves direct December 7th - 29th when he once again goes out of phase in your sign through early 2023.  Lucky Jupiter spends his last 3 weeks in Pisces before leaving so do make the most of your family connections before he departs.  Venus spends the last half of the month in your sign.  Single? Pisces and fellow Capricorns are both purrfect matches for you in December.  Neptune, the planet of imagination, power and illusion finally moves direct in Pisces on the 4th.  For those of you with a rich and fertile imagination, this is a wonderful end of year gift.

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Deanna Antvzak
Deanna Antvzak
3 years ago

Shame the Capricorn reading was for Sagittarius not Caps

3 years ago
Reply to  Deanna Antvzak

Apologies Deanna, we’re working on rectifying this.

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