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Year 2020:




Relationships in 2020:

2 major planetary long term stays in your sign and in Aries, your 11th house of friendship will make this year one of the most turbulent, eye opening and in the end, one of the most interesting and fruitful years of your life.  Venus the Goddess of love, money and relationships parks herself in your sign from April 4 - August 8 - an unheard of 4 month stay for her. She retrogrades in your sign May 12 - June 26, once again a long retrograde for her. With your New Moon May 22, the Sun in your sign and Mercury in your sign May 13 - June 29, April, May & June are crucial life lesson times for you.  Plus Mars the planet of passion and energy spends an unprecedented 7 months in Aries, your friendship, hopes and wishes zone June 29 - early 2021. Retrograding in this part of your chart September 10 - November 14, your year is split in 2 in many ways. First with Venus and secondly due to Mars.

Being an air sign, ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and clear thinking, you deal in ‘human relationships and contact’ more than most other signs.  Mercury is out of phase 3 times this year - the first major time in your fellow air sign of Aquarius, your spiritual zone February 17 - March 10. This will definitely start the ball rolling for you in regards to the people around you.  You will start weeding out those who aren’t true friends and are only with you for what you can do for them. While not always easy and at times emotionally draining and upsetting, 2020 is your year to weed out those people who don't have your back.  Who aren’t your true friend through thick and thin. At times this will make you vulnerable, sad and upset. But it’s in your best interests to be tough. On yourself and those around you.  

Love in 2020:


Being single will be more stressful than usual this year.  Your sign loves their independence and quite often, being single, free and able to date when you feel like it works best for you.  For others, you yearn for a stable love life in order to ‘protect’ you from the outside world in 2020. Don’t push yourself on someone or ‘force your feelings’ in order to get yourself a best friend/ally against all of your other relationships that aren’t working for you.  This will only lead to you having to break off the relationship once Venus goes out of phase in your sign around your birthday time and your New Moon day May 22. Venus retrograde makes even the longest, strongest relationship difficult to maintain. If however you do meet someone worth keeping and with whom you grow stronger and more connected with despite all of the cosmic hurdles in your way, hang on tight!  You’re not an easy person to pursue/date or settle down with. You are one foot in, one foot out a lot of the time. However if there was ever a time when you do need someone very special in your life, it’s this year. Aquarians, Librans and Sagittarius are all excellent matches for you. Your best time for meeting a love prospect is when Saturn the planet of focus moves into Aquarius and is in forward motion March 24 - May 11.  


You will know once and for all this year if you are with your soul mate or just a mate Gemini’s.  2020 is a true testing ground for you and your partner. If you’re rock solid, you will pass the test.  However if there are cracks already, by the end of the year (or even sooner) you will go your separate ways.  Simply because a marriage/partnership is difficult to maintain as is and with Venus the love goddess out of phase in your sign May 13 - June 25 and passionate Mars out of phase in your hopes and dreams zone September 9 - May 14, you will be open to dropping everything and starting all over again.  Which is exactly what you should do if you feel trapped, unloved, unsupported or emotionally deserted by your other half this year.

Obviously it’s harder for some of you to leave a committed relationship.  You might have just gotten engaged or married? Bought a home together? Had a baby?  Started a business together? All of them near impossible to end and move out and move on from.  But even the strongest of love connections can be torn asunder by events that may be out of your control (like infidelity, money issues or family drama).  By the time your Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse rolls around November 30 you will either be happily settled with your honey or totally sure you are making or have made the right decision.


You twins are always chasing your career tail!  If it’s not exciting any longer, you are happy to drop it like a hot potato and move onto something else.  Many of you have completely different careers throughout your life. Entrepreneurs might consider selling up and launching a new enterprise.  Those of you involved in real estate and/ or construction will profit if you do this. Obviously with so much retrograding this year, the timing is crucial.  Whilst Mercury is retrograde in Cancer, your 2nd house of money and self-worth June 18 - July 12, it’s definitely a ‘no go’ zone when it comes to business and financial moves.  Your best times for career moves (and in fact any major moves) are the months of April and June 26 through September 8. That basically gives you April, July and August to change careers, sell your business or take on new business partners or franchises.  While this may sound daunting to other signs, to you it’s not really that much of a big deal. The less time and running up against a deadline brings out the best in the majority of you and makes you focus that much harder.


Financially 2020 like the rest of your life is a topsy-turvy year.  Periods of high cash flow and having extra money lying around versus those times when you are down to your last few dollars in your bank account and waiting for your next paycheck to come in to cover expenses is all part and parcel of the year.  June 18 - July 12 are definitely no go times when it comes to spending money you don’t have, whilst Mercury your ruler spins out of phase in your 2nd house of income. Once Venus finally moves into the same part of your chart August 9, you might want to throw yourself a little shopping spree trip.  Don’t go overboard twins!


The part of the body associated with your sign are the hands, arms and interestingly enough, the nervous system.  Which probably explains why so many of you do have a lot of nervous energy. Which you need to control with a healthy balance of diet, exercise and plenty of outlets to burn off that energy.  A mix of cardio and yoga for example will always make you feel clearer and cleansed. Anytime you can grab time for meditation or a group therapy class will be perfect for you throughout this hectic year.  Balance is imperative in 2020, especially healthwise.  

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