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What's in your stars in 2019?

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2019 promises to be a time when you make very significant inroads into clearing out lingering insecurities and self-doubt Gemini’s.  Finally you are faced with defining what you fear most and confronting those fears head on. This year encourages you to write down everything you believe in yourself above everyone and anything else.  You are invincible in 2019. Writing post it notes and sticking all sorts of encouraging phrases around your home is one way of keeping yourself focused and ridding yourself of silly insecurities and concerns.  

Trusting yourself and being your own guide is critical this year.  2019 is the year you will strip away all the rubbish that’s piled up on top of you and buried you for way too long.  It’s a time to reclaim yourself and truly and completely learn to love yourself for who you are all over again.

Your Love Life:

You tend to be all over the place at times when it comes to love Gemini's.  You can be madly in love one day and over it the next.  2019 sees Jupiter the planet of opportunity and good luck in your relationship zone all year long.  2019 is definitely a year to meet your match.

Single: 2019 is set to be one of your main themes with your love planet Jupiter having moved into your relationship zone of Sagittarius November 9, 2018 where he remains through December 3, 2019.  This is a cosmic green light for love, romance and serious relationships. This Jupiter transit is stronger than usual and for singles this indicates serious romance - which could progress quickly and by the end of the year some of you could be engaged or living together.  You will definitely find yourself attracted to foreigners or have good luck meeting someone whilst traveling. Some of you could find yourself moving across the country or event the world to follow the person you love. Exciting times indeed!

January 8th Venus the romance maker in your one on one relationship zone along with Mars the planet of passion in Aries, your hopes and wishes zone link up through January 25, provides you with many opportunities to meet someone worth meeting.  Venus the Goddess of love moves into your sign June 10 - July 4 will provide just the right amount of social opportunities and romantic connections for you to meet someone very special. Perhaps someone born under the sign of Sagittarius or Aries.  

Attached: After 2 years of having Saturn the planet of restriction and limitation in your 7th house of love which severely tested relationships and your social life in general has shifted.  This makes a lot more time for you to focus on your love life and make it much easier and happier for the majority of you. For those of you in a long term relationship this transit of Jupiter in Sagittarius shows a lot more romance and fun for you and your other half.  If you have been thinking of expanding your family, this is the year you will do more than think about it. Finally you are settling into your relationship. Really getting to know and love each and every aspect of someone versus squabbling over the smallest little thing.  You will find more ways to connect in 2019. Take up hobbies together. Maybe learn to play golf or tennis or train for a marathon together? Being part and parcel of a couple will bring you great joy and contentment this year.


Your career has been important to you for quite some time Gemini’s and finally you get the chance to strut your stuff with Neptune, the most spiritual of the planets and your career planet transiting your 10th house of career and career opportunities through the year.  While Neptune is extremely powerful in your career zone, it’s not without its complications. Neptune calls for more spiritualism and idealism in your work life. Many of you will want to feel as if you are doing good for the world through your job. Being successful and making a paycheck won’t be enough for many of you.  You need to feel as if you are helping to make the world a better place. If you feel as if your job is a soulless one, it will force you to rethink your job and perhaps start looking around for something more altruistic.

If you are involved in real estate or insurance issues, they may seem more complicated than usual this year.  If you’re looking to join forces with someone and go into business with someone, make sure it’s someone you connect with spiritually as well as mentally.  Aquarians and Sagittarians make great business partners for you in 2019.


With 2 lunar eclipses this year - one on January 21 and the other July 16 will bring with it financial changes, disruptions followed by course corrections.  Your money house is empty this year. While this might sound rather ominous, it basically means that the status quo continues. There is a chance for you to make more money than you have done in the past however.  Saturn the planet of focus and discipline along with Pluto the planet of extremes will spend 2019 in your 8th house. This indicates that your spouse, partner or lover could be having money issues which will become your financial issues as well.  There may be a need to rethink and rearrange your finances and in doing so, you will find new ways to make more money and really step up to the financial plate.


Neptune, the most spiritual planet in the zodiac and your career planet is the main reason so many of you are seeking to find real meaning and satisfaction in your career and in your life in general in 2019.The cosmic message in 2019 is to get your spiritual side and your work life will fall into place.  Uranus the planet of the unexpected and rebellion moves into your spiritual zone on March 7. Your spiritual world and activities are going to become much more exciting from March on - full of changes and experimentation.

Beginners on the path will encounter ups and downs obviously but good ways of keeping on the spiritual path will be to wander through bookshops, workshops and seminars.  Surrounding yourself with like minded people is another way of making sure you are enriching your body, mind and soul.


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Cosmic tidbit…

You’ll be busier than usual in 2018 thanks in a large part to Jupiter the planet of excess in your 6th house of hard work, service to others, health and well–being for the majority of the year. There will be more action in the typical rhythm of your days – what you do and when you do it – you’ll be even busier than usual and some of you may even get a part time job or work from home as well as going into the office everyday.

Love Life:
You’ll be busier than ever career wise and keeping busy so you might not have as much time to date as usual in 2018. For some of you, that’s fine. You are happy being single and will remain so. However for those of you who want it all, you can have it all and you will have it all, especially when Venus visits your sign April 26 – May 20 and again when Venus is in Libra August 7 – September 10. Mars the planet of passion spends 5 months in Aquarius one of your best matches this year – and in your overseas travel zone suggests you could meet someone worth meeting whilst abroad.

As busy as you are going to be this year, you do have to make room and time for your other half in your life. They are just as invested in your well–being as you are and don’t like being put on the back burner or blown off for a work function or something else too many times. Venus in your short trips zone mid–June suggests that a quick getaway somewhere romantic where cell phones and laptops are forbidden will help bring you back together and cement things between you once again Gemini’s.

You’ll be extremely opinionated this year with Mars spending 5 months in your fellow air sign of Aquarius, your higher thinking zone – May 16 – August 12 and again from September 10 – November 15. As much as co–workers delight in hearing your ideas you don’t want to become too fixated and too wordsey. Plus, with Jupiter in your 6th house, you are more driven than ever workwise this year. In your case, you’ll be moved to perform above and beyond your pay grade which means that the raise, promotion or bonus that’s well past due could come along shortly – or a better position will be offered. Either way, congrats! You’ve earned it.

All this hard and extra work had better result in extra money, right? It will – it just might not happen as quickly as you might like twins. Anyway, you’re not in it for the money as much as for the learning possibilities and the feeling of being helpful, needed and necessary. Venus in your 2nd house of money May 20 – June 14 will give you a rough idea of how you’re doing financially and hopefully with the planets help, you’ll get that pay rise you so richly deserve.

Mars spends 5 months in your long distance travel zone, which will have all of you wanting to travel somewhere this year. Getting the best deal, staying in AirBnB’s and finding ways to cut back on costs while still seeing everything there is to see is in your travel quest this year. The best times for overseas travel is June and again in October.

Best Month of 2018: September
Worst Month of 2018: April

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2018 Yearly Horoscope for Gemini
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