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You’ll be busier than usual in 2018 thanks in a large part to Jupiter the planet of excess in your 6th house of hard work, service to others, health and well–being for the majority of the year. There will be more action in the typical rhythm of your days – what you do and when you do it – you’ll be even busier than usual and some of you may even get a part time job or work from home as well as going into the office everyday.

Love Life:
You’ll be busier than ever career wise and keeping busy so you might not have as much time to date as usual in 2018. For some of you, that’s fine. You are happy being single and will remain so. However for those of you who want it all, you can have it all and you will have it all, especially when Venus visits your sign April 26 – May 20 and again when Venus is in Libra August 7 – September 10. Mars the planet of passion spends 5 months in Aquarius one of your best matches this year – and in your overseas travel zone suggests you could meet someone worth meeting whilst abroad.

As busy as you are going to be this year, you do have to make room and time for your other half in your life. They are just as invested in your well–being as you are and don’t like being put on the back burner or blown off for a work function or something else too many times. Venus in your short trips zone mid–June suggests that a quick getaway somewhere romantic where cell phones and laptops are forbidden will help bring you back together and cement things between you once again Gemini’s.

You’ll be extremely opinionated this year with Mars spending 5 months in your fellow air sign of Aquarius, your higher thinking zone – May 16 – August 12 and again from September 10 – November 15. As much as co–workers delight in hearing your ideas you don’t want to become too fixated and too wordsey. Plus, with Jupiter in your 6th house, you are more driven than ever workwise this year. In your case, you’ll be moved to perform above and beyond your pay grade which means that the raise, promotion or bonus that’s well past due could come along shortly – or a better position will be offered. Either way, congrats! You’ve earned it.

All this hard and extra work had better result in extra money, right? It will – it just might not happen as quickly as you might like twins. Anyway, you’re not in it for the money as much as for the learning possibilities and the feeling of being helpful, needed and necessary. Venus in your 2nd house of money May 20 – June 14 will give you a rough idea of how you’re doing financially and hopefully with the planets help, you’ll get that pay rise you so richly deserve.

Mars spends 5 months in your long distance travel zone, which will have all of you wanting to travel somewhere this year. Getting the best deal, staying in AirBnB’s and finding ways to cut back on costs while still seeing everything there is to see is in your travel quest this year. The best times for overseas travel is June and again in October.

Best Month of 2018: September
Worst Month of 2018: April

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2018 Yearly Video Horoscope for Gemini

2018 Yearly Horoscope for Gemini
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