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Year 2022:


Cosmic Synopsis: The number six symbolizes beauty and harmony and is often called “the love number”.

In numerology, the 6 holds the vibration of unconditional love, protection, and sanctuary. It holds the spiritual expression of the archetypal maternal instincts that we all contain (whether male or female) and the primal urge to nurture and care for those in need.


You've worked for a long time to get to where you are finally going to get to when Jupiter, the planet of open doors and luck spends the first 4.5 months in your 10th house of career and ambition.  If you work in a creative job (like so many of you do) you will find yourself plucking ideas out of thin air.  A huge promotion is coming your way this year.  

Mars, the planet of high-risk taking moves and never-ending energy spends an extremely long time in your sign (August 20, 2022 - March 25, 2023), retrograding in your sign October 22 - January 12, 2023.  Despite his retrograde journey, you will gain a lot from his extended stay.

JANUARY - Motivator Mars spends through the 25th in your opposite sign of Sagittarius.  In your one-on-one relationship zone, this makes it that much easier to plan fun things to do with your friends and actually find the time to meet up and hang.  One note of caution is your ruler Mercury takes his first retrograde journey through your fellow air sign of Aquarius January 14 - February 3.  In your higher minded thinking and spiritual zone, you might want to sit those 3 weeks out.

FEBRUARY - The Lunar Eclipse February 1st shines on your 9th house again and with the Sun and Venus lining up in Aquarius, you are about to get a ring side seat to something fabulous and uplifting.  Keep in mind that this is one of the most important months of the year for you workwise.  Mercury moves direct on the 3rd and anything that didn't work out last month is sure to have a much more positive outcome this month.

MARCH - A slew of planets in Aquarius this month keep your attention tuned into your spiritual growth and also on learning new things.  If you've always wanted to take a class or course, this is the month to do just that. Most importantly however is the New Moon March 2nd which is the catalyst behind many of you taking a giant leap forward career wise.  New Moon, new beginning.  If you don't like where you're at professionally, time to look elsewhere.

APRIL - Mars pops into your career zone April 16 - May 25.  A great time for you to go on job interviews and ask for a raise/promotion if you are staying put.  Obviously, we have to see where things are regarding COVID and if things are back to any sort of 'new normal'.  However, with a Full Moon shining in Libra on the 16th, your 5th house of fun and self-fulfillment, you will get a lot of answers this month.

MAY - May 10 - June 3 your ruler Mercury the planet of clear-thinking stations and stops sending his loud and clear think tank messages through.  Retrograding in your sign means that you should avoid any big-time purchases and signing any legal documents.  This is much more a time for you to sit back, observe and wait.  not easy for you but a wise move.

JUNE - your birthday month starts off with a New Moon in your sign on the 1st and Mercury in forward motion settling back into your sign from the 14th - July 5.  Energizer Mars pays a visit to your 11th house of hopes, wishes and friendship through July 6.  If you've often talked about going into business with a friend/s or even starting up a book club or Neighborhood Watch, this is the month to do just that.

JULY - Venus the Goddess of love and money spends time in your sign this month.  Through the 19th she blesses you with her presence.  Single? Now's a great time to mingle.  Aries/Aquarius and Sagittarius are all excellent matches for you.  July 23 is an excellent date for travelling.  For work/ and or pleasure.  Maybe travel with friends for a week vacation staying in an Airbnb and just relaxing and catching up?

AUGUST - The Sun and Venus spend time in Leo this month, your 3rd house of communication and clear thinking.  Open up and be honest about whatever it is you have on your mind.  A Full Moon in Aquarius, your 9th house of higher minded thinking and spirituality lights up the sky which is the perfect time for you to embark on a new course or class. This is the month Mars moves into your sign where he stays through the end of the year.  Mark down the 21st.  A huge day for you.

SEPTEMBER - The Full Moon in Pisces on the 10th shines a light on your career and once again, just like that, a new opportunity comes up and is something you should seriously consider.  You do best when involved in any kind of media/social/marketing type events.  You are gifted with words and making plans.  However, do keep in mind that Gemini's are known for being 'Jack of all trades, master of none'.  

OCTOBER - A cosmic assortment of planets lined up in Libra, your fellow air sign and 5th house of fun and creativity makes this month extra special.  Turn to Librans & Aquarians for advice and if they offer assistance of any kind, take it.  Mars goes out of phase in your sign on the 30th - January 12, 2023, which will definitely 'curb your enthusiasm'.  During this time, go back and review your projects, check your assumptions, make changes and get ready to roll by the third week in January 2023. 

NOVEMBER - Venus & Mercury, the 2 day to day personal planets of the zodiac align in sassy Sagittarius, your relationship zone this month.  Along with the Sun, this is a month to evaluate your closest ties and ensure that you have a 'good crew' around you.  People who love you unconditionally and support you.  Jupiter the planet of good luck and opportunity moves direct on the 23rd in your 10th house of career and ambition.  Just in time for upcoming promotions and pay raises! The New Moon in Sagittarius on the 23rd, the same day, suggests that this is a great time to go in on a lotto ticket with your coworkers.

DECEMBER - Jupiter spends through the 21st in your career zone before bidding it adieu and setting up shop in Aries through May 16, 2023.  Traveling through your 11th house of hopes, dreams, wishes and friendship into 2023, it's all about 'who you know versus what you know'.  Surrounding yourself with the best possible support group is vital.  Sagittarius, Aquarius, Librans & Aries all fit the bill as we move towards another year.




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