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There is so much going on throughout this year that many of you won’t feel as if they can keep up.  You can and you will Librans. You deal with issues of identity , meaning, relationships and values in 2020.  Some of you may even feel as if your entire life is under scrutiny or even under attack for some of you. Be kind to yourself in 2020 Librans.  You are going through an immense and intense transformation this year as Jupiter, the planet of bigger is better moves through your 4th house of home and family.  This is a huge part of your life and this area of your life will be much more prominent than it has been for some time.

You will be tussling with the urge to leave things pretty much as they are and to break free from any and all burdens, expectations and obligations you sense are holding you back from being the person you are meant to be.  You’re an indecisive sign so this may be an extremely difficult time for you to make a move at all. Some of you will simply try to keep the status quo moving along, but it simply won’t be an option for you this year.’Somethings gotta give’ Librans.  You cannot turn back the clock and go back to the way things were. Whatever they were! Trying to revert back to old patterns of behaviour and your old, outdated system simply isn’t going to work anymore. You have to rewrite your history and this is the time to do exactly that.  

The one thing you have to try to avoid feeling and being in 2020 is wishy-washy.  Unable to make a decision so therefore not making one at all. Stuck in limbo and hoping someone else does something to spice things up.  Try to let everyone else around you do for themselves and avoid getting caught up too much in other people and their needs and wants. No easy task for you but definitely something you need to focus on this year.  

Relationships in 2020:

Due to a very lengthy Mars stay in Aries, your one on one relationship zone plus a long retrograde thrown in for effect, the second half of 2020 is going to be particularly trying and stressful.  By the end of the year you will have learnt a lot through your relationships. And for many of you, weeding out your friends and either replacing them with new acquaintances you feel you can trust or doing without so many friends is definitely part of the New Year.  Quality over quantity remember Librans. You are a quality friend so you should expect and get exactly that for yourselves.

Venus your ruler, the planet of unconditional love spends a very long stretch of time in your fellow air sign of Gemini, your spiritual zone.  From April 4 - August 8, Venus will help you realize just how closely you are connected (or not) to the people in your life. When Venus retrogrades in the same part of your chart May 13 - June 25, it will give you a real insight into who is friend, foe and of course, frenemy.   

A Full Moon in your relationship zone April 6 brings with it the realization that a friendship - whether long standing or fairly new - is over  Or at least needs to be downgraded to ‘acquaintance status. Sometimes you have no idea of what a person masquerading as a friend is truly capable of after all.  People will continue to surprise you this year.  

Family wise, there could be a lot of good news and celebrations to share.  Jupiter the planet of opportunity and fun spends the year in your 4th house of home and family, along with Pluto the planet of change.  You could develop much stronger bonds with people in your family throughout the year. Maybe someone related to you moves where you or vice versa and you get to rediscover each other all over again.  

Love in 2020:


The year starts off well for you in this department Librans.  Venus your ruler and the planet of love sits in your fellow air sign of Aquarius, your 5th house of romance and self-fulfillment through January 24, alongside Mercury January 17 - February 4.  You’ve got the gift of the gab and the bravado to go with it so don’t waste these precious cosmic gifts on just anyone. Set your sights firmly on the prize and bring out all the stops early in the year.  Saturn the planet of focus and dedication sets up shop in the same part of your chart March and spends the next few years helping you sort through your love life and make you realize that you don’t want to waste anymore time on people who aren’t worthy of you.  Online dating is basically a part time job these days! So many sites! So much work liking, swiping, being funny and chatty not to mention getting ready for dates!  

Luckily Mars the planet of passion in your romance and fun zone March 31 - May 14 will be just the cosmic tonic you need to really put you into the stratosphere of dating and helping you make the right choices.  Once Mars moves into Aries, your one on one relationship zone June 29 - early 2021 with a lengthy retrograde spell from September 9 - November 14, your love life will definitely become rocky. Exciting for sure but full of thrills and spills.  

Your ruler Venus spends time in your sign in November (October 29 - November 22), making this the perfect time for you to meet someone worth meeting.  Aquarius, Aries and Gemini’s are all your purrfect matches in 2020.  


Not such an easy or even happy year for many of you who are in settled partnerships in 2020.  That’s not to say it will be all bad. Not all all! Just that the bad times will be more often than you may like and when they are bad...they are very bad.  That’s due to the retrograde activity of passionate Mars, who spends an unprecedented 7 months in Aries and who runs hot and cold, to say the least. Your year of love is basically split up into 2 halves.  The first half being fairly ho-hum and normal. The second half being unpredictable, wild and frustrating with a few rays of sunshine in between Particularly when Venus your ruler visits your sign October 29 - November 22.  Hopefully you can plan something fun with your other half for that time. Maybe a trip away or finally finding, buying or moving into your very own home together.  

Not to mention the presence of Saturn, the planet of focus and discipline who moves into Aquarius, your romance zone March 24 where he digs his heels in for the next few years.  Saturn is known as the cosmic taskmaster and doesn’t believe in pretending that things are better than they actually are. Ever. He points out what things are real and what issues aren’t worth worrying about.  Saturn does you a settled Librans a huge favour this year. He won’t allow you to simply ignore those parts of your life that you don’t like. That maybe painful and that are keeping you in a holding pattern. If there was ever a time for attached Librans to make a clean break from their other half it’s around the time Saturn chooses to go out of phase in your roamne zone (May 11 - July 3) and again around the time of your New Moon October 16.  Some of you might even break up to make up and come back together much stronger and more dedicated to each other and your relationship than ever before.


The one major blip on the cosmic radar screen for you workwise is Mercury retrograding in your 10th house of career and ambition June 17 - July 12.  Those 3 weeks are definitely ‘no go’ zones when it comes to you asking for what you deserve but what your superiors definitely don’t want to give you.  It’s not a wise time to travel for work or start up a whole new division or computer/security set up. Mercury retrograde is the cosmic gremlin that gets in the way of all electronics and makes life miserable for people dependent on laptops and even mobiles (which is basically every single person on Earth!).  

Saturn the workhorse of the zodiac moves into Aquarius, your 5th house of creativity and self-fulfilment March 24 where he parks his cosmic bandwagon for the next few years.  Saturn doesn’t muck around Librans. He is a force of nature - literally. He is known as Father Time, as the regulator, the Governor or the high school teacher of astrology. If you don’t learn something once, he will teach you again and again until you get it.  

The best time of 2020 career wise for you in when Venus and mercury travel through Aquarius, your creative and self-fulfillment zone in January.  Mars the planet of energy in the same part of your chart March 31 - March 14 is another perfect time for you to shop your resume around and see if you get any bites.  And with Mercury the planet of ‘talk your way in and out of anything’ in your sign September 6 - September 28, the Universe gives you yet another chance to make yourself known to headhunters, employment agencies and social media connections alike.


Uranus the planet of change, unpredictability, intuition and transformation in your 8th house of joint resources and projects throughout the year could definitely mean an upheaval of sorts in your financial world.  If you thought you were going to have an influx of cash or an outpouring of cash in 2020, it might be a case of neither happening. It may just mean that financially, your situation remains status quo.  

Financially the first 6 months go pretty much according to plan.  Venus Mercury and Mars spending time in your creative zone could have some of your sideline projects really taking off, making money and becoming a much bigger part of your income than you originally thought possible.  If you’ve been struggling financially, the first half of the year looking promising however Uranus is set to retrograde in your joint resources zone August 15 - into 2021. Things could change the latter half.


With everything else that’s going on around you in 2020, your health and wellbeing might be on the bottom of your list.  Which it shouldn’t be. Some of you will forgo exercise in exchange for working on your relationships and becoming much more aware of who’s in your space.  That said you might want to exercise in the privacy of your own home this year. Work out to YouTube videos or watch exercise programs on TV and use that. A small yoga class or aerobic class might suit you better than the full on gym experience as may solitary walks and runs to clear your mind.

Watch out for stress eating as well.  Or not eating for hours and then being famished and eating a lot of food - some of which might not be ideal food just to satisfy your hunger.  

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