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What's in your stars in 2019?

By Astrogirl

2019 in a cosmic nutshell…

This looks like being a much more challenging and busy  year for you than last year was Librans. Remember, the Universe never gives us more than we can really handle.  However like all born under the sign of Libra, you sometime get way too caught up in what everyone else is thinking and doing instead on focusing on what you need and want out of life.

Your optimism and unfailing faith in everything is going to be alright is what gets your through each and every day Librans.  Remind yourself of that this year and tap into that side of yourself this year. Do make sure you laugh everyday - even if you are laughing at yourself Librans!

Being hopeful and maintaining an optimistic outlook on everything and everyone is the way you live your life.  2019 will definitely tap into that vibe and help you get through those days that seem to be filled with one drama after another.  Not always drama of your own making either. You do tend to play referee way too much and get way too involved in ‘he said she said’ negotiations.  Keep out of it as much as you possibly can this year. Focus on looking after numero uno and let other people hash things out on their own. You’re not responsible for making sure everyone is happy and satisfied with their lot in life.  You can definitely help them along the way but you can’t make magic happen.


Single: To most Librans ‘relationships are what life is about’.  But this year, after March 7 specifically, they are a little less important.  

You’ve had Uranus the planet of revolution, rebellion and reform has been in Aries, your one on one relationship zone for the past 7 years.  For many of you this has caused unexpected divorces and breakups, and some of you are in a completely different social circle than you were 7 years ago.  One good bit of news is that Uranus moves into your 8th house of sexual growth and regeneration and for many singles, you will find yourself sexually attracted to quite a few people and as more than a few of you will have some short but sexually satisfying flings.

In 2019, your love life will be much more stable than it has been.  There is a much better chance of finding love and keeping it this year.  Mars is your love planet and moves pretty quickly through seven signs this year.  So there will be many short term trends in love depending on where Mars is at any given time in the zodiac.Mars the lover will be in your sign October 5 - November 20.  Venus in your sign September 15 - October 9 is an added bonus for singles. This is the best time of year to meet someone special. Aries, Sagittarius and Gemini’s are all great matches for you this year.

Attached: Uranus is moving out of your 7th house of love March 7, where he has been for the past 7 years, destabilizing the love life and bringing many a divorce and break up.  You might have been hanging onto something that wasn’t real and wasn’t fulfilling your needs simply because you are a loyal sign and don’t like to hurt other people’s feelings.  Your love and social life could start to become more realistic and honest. 2019 is definitely a year for individual growth and for becoming more independent, less needy and eager to be in a relationship.  Jupiter the planet of opportunity and growth spends almost all year in your 3rd house of communication and intellectual interests. If you separate from your other half this year, it’s the perfect time for you to go back to adult school and immerse yourself in learning something new.  Whatever you decide to do Librans, do it for you and you only. You can only satisfy others so much before you reach breaking point.

Career: 2019 doesn’t stand out astrologically to be an especially strong career year.  Most of you will simply stay in the same position and same income bracket as you have been for the past few years.  Your career planet is the Moon and the fastest moving of all the planets. The Moon moves through every one of the 12 signs in a month.  There are a lot of short-term career trends that are best dealt with month to month. A solar eclipse July 2 occurs in your 10th house of career and ambition which will definitely create some changes and disturbances.  Mars the planet of energy and ambition moves into your sign October 5 - November 20 which will be just the push many of you need to try your best to move forward with career plans.

Money: 2019 looks like being a very strong financial year for you Librans.  Saturn the planet of focus and discipline is travelling very close to your financial planet of Pluto this year.  Many of you will take on more financial responsibilities, many of which seem to be related to family matters. Maybe you are involved in a family business and finally it kicks into high gear and you start seeing some dividends?  Residential real estate, furniture makers, designers, landscaping and industries that cater to the home owner and family are all money makers for you in 2019. Whatever you do, it’s vital you reorganize your money matters this year, restructuring them and moving money around.  

Keep in mind that your financial planet is strict, by the book Saturn which is in Capricorn this year which points to you having excellent financial judgement.  You know how to get value for money. 2019 looks like being a great year for you to build long term wealth. Contribute to your 401k and superannuation fund and get involved in Wall Street type wheelings and dealings.


Spiritual Neptune has been in Pisces for many years.  Neptune is your health planet and 2019 is definitely a year to get right spiritually.  Good health and happiness will naturally follow. You are the sign that needs to believe in a greater power and that what you are experiencing on Earth is all part of a master plan.  With Neptune involved in health and well-being, your intuition is more important than ever this year. Make sure you listen to what your inner voice is suggesting to you and advising you to do.  If you go against your intuition you will lose.

There is a need to release all your pent up feelings and emotions without doing damage to yourself or the people in your life.  Releasing negative feelings will help you find solutions to each and every problem that comes your way in 2019. You are one of the most optimistic signs in the zodiac and knowing that you are in charge of your own destiny is the best gift the year will bring your way Librans.

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