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With red hot steamy Mars spending no less than 5 months in your romance, fun and self–fulfillment zone in 2018, chances are this is where your head will be at much of the year. Single and attached Librans will definitely be feeling the pull of love and ups and downs of love too. Mars is in Aquarius – the most unpredictable sign of the zodiac – May 16–August 12 and again from September 10 – November 15. Now, remember that your 5th house isn’t all about romance and love – it’s also about fun, friendship, creativity and most importantly self–fulfillment – aka happiness.

Love Life:
Mars brings more admirers that you can deal with your way in 2018 – some perfect for you, some not so. You’re likely to meet someone fabulous whilst Venus your ruler is in your sign in August but with Mars out of phase in your romance zone, it could be short lived. Venus in Aquarius mid–January – mid–February is another chance for romance and fun – remember that the 5th house doesn’t necessarily mean ‘marriage and baby carriage’ but a fun fling as well.

You’ll be more social and popular than ever this year and hopefully your partner can make it along as your plus 1. You could find yourself torn between spending quality time with your other half and time with friends/co–workers and social groups. It’s all about balance Libra. Plus, Mars in Aquarius is for 5 months of the year – he retrogrades at the end of June – the end of August and by mid–November has moved on completely. Just watch out that money – maybe you’re spending more of the household income going out, etc. doesn’t become a sticking point this year.

While nothing especially exciting is set to pop off career wise for you in 2018, nothing catastrophic is set to happen either. Things will remain status quo and while you may feel slightly jealous when other friends see to be moving onwards and upwards, this could be the year you start your own side business – with Mars hitting your self–fulfillment and creativity zone. If you’ve ever wanted to do ‘something on the side’ this is the best time to do so Librans.

With expansive Jupiter set to remain in your 2nd house of money and self–worth through November 8, financial matters are sure to come up between you and your other half all throughout the year. Jupiter tends to make cosmic mountains out of molehills at times so it’s vital that you don’t go overboard if you are simply overdoing it on the spending or your other half is. It’s easy to pull back on the credit card spending after all and not take that pricey vacation after all.

Late April – mid–May is your best travel period with Venus the goddess of love and luxury in your 9th house of travel. However, if the financial ‘records’ aren’t looking that great, maybe a trip less luxurious – staying with friends or family or renting out your home on airbnb and renting your own airbnb?

Best Month of 2018: August
Worst Month of 2018: October

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