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Year 2019:


2019 in a cosmic nutshell...

You’re the most sensitive and profound sign in the zodiac and many of you will innately know and understand that there is a big change coming to the energetic fabric of your life.  While this could have some of you feeling rather uncertain and concerned, things did settle down for you in 2018 when Saturn the planet of focus and discipline gave you the opportunity to feel less like you were about to float off into space and much more like you were still Planet Earth.  Most of you found last year that being grounded and much more responsible and disciplined wasn’t such a bad thing at all. You like to flit, not sit. Saturn came to your rescue in many ways, reconnecting you to your body and helping you get clear and organized. This gave you a sense of just how you could use some of those wonderful imaginings Neptune provided to create something lasting and substantial.  

A big seismic shift is headed your way this year Pisces.  Once Uranus moves into Taurus March 7 it will offer you the chance to further solidify your future in ways that are so unpredictable as to be other wordly.  Refrain from trying to guess anything or take a gamble on anything or anyone. Let Uranus in your 3rd house of communication for the next 7 years guide you and help you find your way and navigate you through some very choppy waters ahead.


Like many other signs, your 7th house of love and romance is not particularly strong in 2019.  In fact it is basically empty. Falling in love and having a major full on romance doesn’t appear to be in your stars for many of you.  Singles will more than likely stay single. You’re in a much more independent frame of mind this year and as long as you have good friendships around you you will be kept busy enough and not feel as if you are missing out too much on a commitment of love.  Three of the five eclipses occur in your 11th house of hopes, wishes and friendship this year. Unfortunately many friendships will get tested and some will even fall by the wayside, which makes way for new ones to fill the void. You will be attracted to foreigners this year.  You will make friends online via social media sites and also be attracted by people of high professional and social status. Obviously mixing and mingling with these sort of people will be a huge bonus for you and could lead to romance in some instances. Mercury, a very fast moving planet is your love planet. Mercury moves through the zodiac at a rapid pace (as does Venus who is in your sign March 28 - April 21).    Cancers, Virgos and Scorpios are all excellent match ups for you in 2019.


Those of you who are married or in a relationship will more than likely remain that way throughout 2019.  Those of you who are working on a second marriage had great aspects and opportunity last year. Not so much this year.  Next year will be better for romance and first and second marriages. Your marriage or relationship could very well be tested by your friends.  Maybe your friends are very needy this year and take you away from each other? Or your friends interfere too much in your relationship or vice versa?  It’s always a good idea not to divulge too much information about your other half to your friends. All too often you unload onto a friend and turn that friend against your partner only to kiss and make up with your partner and have your friend mad at you after all the things you said about him or her.

Basically your love life is stable this year for those of you in a solid relationship.  The majority of you can expect to wake up in bed next to the same person you woke up in bed with at the beginning of the year!


Your career looks super duper in 2019.  Unlike most other signs, you’re one hot commodity this year Pisces!  There are promotions, pay rises and success, recognition and even honours to be bestowed upon you throughout the year.  For some of you 2019 will be a lifetime high when it comes to your career and the rewards you receive from your career.

And it’s not just about Jupiter the planet of opportunity and expansion moving through your 10th house.  It’s also that Jupiter is enormously powerful in your career zone - your career planet is in your career house in his own sign and his own house.  He is in his comfort zone -think of him being in his cosmic ‘lazy boy’ chair. He is unusually powerful in this role and you will reap all the benefits and then some Pisces.

2019 is the year to aim higher than ever before career wise.  Short term career goals are likely attained by the end of the year and you will have the chance to meet people who will help to take you to the next level workwise.  You could also have job changes - quite a few of them in fact - with four out of the five eclipses impacting your job. These changes can occur within your company or with another one.  Jumping ship is on your cosmic agenda this year so make sure you have your resume dusted and polished and ready to go.


Major shifts and turnarounds will occur in your financial sector this year.  Uranus in your money house for the past 7 years has made your much more speculative and risk taking than usual.  Many of you got involved in start-up companies. (No doubt many of you got burnt as well by start up companies!) You become more involved and interested in technology and in earning money online - maybe through EBay or other sites that that were easily done from home or while on the move.  You played around with your financial life - especially those of you who were single.

However once Uranus moves out of Aries and into Taurus March 7, your interest in your finances wanes and while you’re still a risk taker, you’re not willing to risk too much for the thrill of an adventure Pisces.  

With fiery and motivational Mars as your financial planet, your purpose is to develop a lot more financial courage than the majority of you have.  Being able to overcome the fear of money and finances (taxes and 401k’s and SEP-IRA’s) can all be extremely confusing, however they don’t have to be.  It’s simply in the way you approach these matters. While there's nothing wrong with being cautious financially, it won’t lead to your highest payoff in the end.  Better to have taken a few gambles here and there and tried your luck at BlackJack than not at all Pisces.


Uranus is your spiritual planet.  The planet of revolution, rebellion, upheaval and reform.  His move out of Aries and into Taurus March 7 many of you will become a bit more conservative with your views and life outlook.  Most of you have learnt from your experimentation and can now settle much more easily into a stable path.

Plus over the past 7 years you have made great progress in understanding the spiritual dimensions of wealth.  Spiritual happiness and wealth make a great team - the best of both worlds in many ways.

You are the most sensitive soul in the zodiac and as so, need to be nourished and sheltered more than any other sign.  2019 sees you being more of a Pisces than usual. Maybe more needy. More emotional. More open to seeking out ways of escaping reality?  All the characteristics of your sign - both positive and negative - are reinforced, made stronger and more prominent. Some people around you will look at you like you are some kind of guru figure.  

In 2019 it is vital that you surround yourself with people that are  healthy -both within and outside their bodies. If you delve too far into the dark side you could very well get trapped there and find it difficult to get back to the light.  You are very sensitive to other people’s energies and illnesses and do need to surround yourself with those people who have a good heart, kind soul and who are on the same wavelength as you are.  A spiritual wavelength full of love and light.


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Cosmic tidbit…

In 2018, your intuitive abilities will be running on high, thanks to Jupiter the king of the planets in Scorpio, your fellow water sign and 9th house. Jupiter will insist that you take a long hard look at the big picture and end up seeing the truth of the matter quickly and easily. Therefore, this year is definitely going to be one of ‘elimination’ where you see the real person in front of you and make decisions about whether or not they’re the right person for you to have in your life now or ever – or not.

Some of these eliminations will occur quite quickly and without much warning by the way thanks to feisty Mars in your past karma zone – where he spends 5 months of the year. Think of this planet as a light switch and expect to make a whole lost of seemingly abrupt decisions – at least in the eyes of others.

Love Life:
You’re busy mulling things over this year – contemplating and working through past issues with people. You’re getting to the point where you know exactly what you want with exactly what type of person – the guess work is done and your intuition is on point. Venus the lover in your sign mid–February to mid–March is an ideal time to meet someone worth meeting. Cancers, Virgos and Capricorns are all excellent match ups for you in 2018. May 20 – June 14, Venus in Cancer, your romance zone gives you another shot at meeting someone. Is your online profile up and running and fully stocked with pictures that actually look like you Pisces?

You can only keep Mars quiet for so long, so once you’ve reached your boiling point with your other half some of you will decide that enough is enough – and take swift action. Not all of you obviously but those of you whose intuition has been telling them for some time that things weren’t right. While you can expect to raise some eyebrows and break some hearts and hurt some feelings, in the end it’s more about doing what’s right for everyone concerned versus just you. When your intuition tells you you’re done and you’re ready to flip the switch or make fresh demands and set new boundaries on your other half – well by all means flip it.

Jupiter the planet of good luck and good fortune in Scorpio for the year shines on your overseas travel and higher education zone. Chances are some of you will be transferred overseas or your job will pay for you to take a course that you’ve always wanted to take (like your MBA). Serious Saturn spends the next 2.5 years in your communication zone so this really is a good time for you ask for what you want Pisces. Ask and you shall receive.

The more you know, the more money you make Pisces and getting some courses and classes under your belt will be a huge incentive for you this year. The best times for making money for you is during Venus’s visit to your sign is February to mid–March and followed by Mercury and Venus’s visit to your 2nd house of money and self–esteem right after that in March.

Jupiter in Scorpio through November of 2018 is like a siren call to travel and see the world Pisces. It’s certainly going to give you the incentive to want to explore what this big wide world has to offer – whether you can afford to travel extensively or not is a different story. If you can save up for one trip – a week somewhere fabulous which you can then check off your bucket list – that will be a huge accomplishment Pisces. Or if you can afford to take 2 smaller long weekend trips somewhere local just to get out of your own way, that works too. Not everyone can afford to take Facebook holidays of the French Riviera/Cuba and Paris after all!

Best Month of 2018: February
Worst Month of 2018: August

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2018 Yearly Horoscope for Pisces
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I really liked yearly horoscope for Pisces 2018! I’m hoping I can ask a question to clarify exactly what it is I need to ask. I am concerned and need some reassurance if possible. Hopefully everything will be ok. 🙂


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