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2020 is going to be one of the most important years of your life Aquarius.  2020 & 2021 - back to back actually. This is the year you need to clear your cosmic plate of all the deadwood and get organized and be firm in your resolve for your future.  Have your ducks in a row so that when Jupiter descends upon your sign in late December 2020, you are ready, willing and able to welcome him with open arms.

This year sees Saturn, the planet of time,patience and restriction tentatively move into your sign for what will be quite some time (2.5-3 years).  As a fixed sign you don’t like being ‘bossed around’ by anyone but Saturn refuses to stand by and simply let you figure things out on your own. Saturn dips his big toe into your sign March 24 - July 3 and then retrogrades his way back into Capricorn before returning to your sign again December 18 for the duration of his visit.

Saturn is the realist, the pragmatist and the planet whose main focus is to make sure that you are doing things that are useful and essential in life.  No more mucking around Aquarius!  

Not all of your life needs to be purged in 2020.  There are some wonderful things you have carved out for yourself that need to be treasured and held onto.  It’s in the areas where you have doubted yourself and not pushed ahead with something- personal and/or professional when you could feel as if a greater power than yourself is encouraging you to quit while you’re ahead and try something new.  While you tend to stick to a plan, now is the time to scrap all of them and fly by the seat of your pants.  

Jupiter the planet of enthusiasm and opportunity spends the year knocking on the door to your 12th house.  The most secretive part of yourself. Your past karma and illusion zone. Your very own cosmic Pandora’s box which you would prefer remain sealed forever.  With the largest planet in the zodiac hovering over it however, it’s not going to happen. Facing up to your past and the things you said and did will be on your ‘to do’ list this year. And while a daunting thought, just think how freeing it’s going to be in the end.

Relationships in 2020:

You’re a people person Aquarius.  It is often said that you are the ‘Pied Piper’ of the zodiac.  You enjoy meeting people from all different walks of life and are always interested in learning more about them versus simply seeing them once in a while in social scenarios.  It’s also said you ‘collect people’. That you don’t have a type when it comes to the people you surround yourself with. Professional/artistic/wealthy/not so surround yourself with those people you truly enjoy spending time with.  

Saturn may try to steer you towards a certain set of friends and steer you away from others in 2020.  He thinks he knows who is best for you friendship wise and you might follow his lead for a while until you realize that you need to have a balance in your circle of friends.  Venus the planet of relationships spends time in Leo, your one on one relationship zone September 7 - October 3 while chit chat Mercury hangs out August 6 - 21st, making August and September prime times to not only meet new friends, but to make sure you are spending quality time with the people you love.  Whether it be friends, family, coworkers or even your neighbours, you can never have too many friends. Ceres, the goddess of agriculture spends time in your sign this year.  From February 1 - April 24 she brings out your most helpful and loving side. Ceres was beloved for her service to mankind in giving them the gift of the harvest, the reward for cultivation of the soil. Also known as the Greek goddess Demeter , Ceres was the goddess of the harvest and was credited with teaching humans how to grow, preserve, and prepare grain and corn.

Love in 2020:


Venus the Goddess of love spends a very long time indeed in Gemini.  Your fellow air sign and your 5th house of romance and fun, this signals a year when you could very well find the love of your life.  If you are willing to do away with any and all preconceived notions of what this person should look like, be like, and what they do professionally and socially.  Luckily your sign is always up for the challenge of mixing and mingling in all sorts of circles which will come in very handy this year.

Venus ended 2019 in your sign and remains in your sign through January 12. Followed closely by your annual New Moon January 24, which puts you in the mood for a new romance. Mercury the planet of communication and making plans spins out of phase in your sign February 17 - March 10 which could cause mixed signals between you and a potential match.  Don’t worry. If it’s meant to be, things will work out as soon as Mercury gets back on track again. Maybe you have someone you need to end things once and for all and this will present the perfect opportunity to do just that.

 Passionate Mars, the planet of sexual healing is in your sign March 31 - May 14 suggesting that a fiery Aries you meet around that time will be quite a match for you.  

Venus the sweetner in your coffee moves into Gemini April 4 and remains there through August 8, a very long time for her indeed.  During that time she does go out of phase May 13 - June 25 so for those of you who are in a new romance, things could get tricky during that time.  Some of you will question whether you’re in this relationship for the safety net it provides. Someone to go to the various social events you get invited to - weddings, engagement parties and work functions.  Others of you crave company for those lonely Saturday night and Sundays so you might fall into a comfortable but if truth be told boring relationship.  

You will know instantly when you meet the match of your dreams Aquarius.  It will click right away and the connection will be there. Saturn will ensure that you are focused and sure about this person and it’s not simply another flight of fancy.  By the time your Full Moon rolls around August 3, you will be certain if he or she is the one or one of the ones.  


While Venus the planet of love and relationships spends 4 months in your romance zone - April 4 - August 8 (retograding May 13 - June 25), another interesting planetary play involves the unprecedented stay of Mars the passionista of the zodiac in his home sign of Aries.  From June 29 - January 6, 2021 Mars works his magic in your 3rd house of communication and clear thinking. Asking for what you want and being open, upfront and brutally honest is all in your stars for the second half of 2020. When Mars is out of phase however, the things that haven’t been discussed, aired and worked through will come up in the strangest ways at the strangest times.  Almost like secrets and lies are crawling out of the woodwork. This will force many coupled Aquarians to come clean. Maybe you were thinking about straying outside the relationship or have been flirting with a coworker or mutual friend more than is in a ‘safe and fun playing field’. Your other half may be the jealous type and have zero tolerance for any kind of flirting at all. Which could in turn mean he or she is hiding something themselves.  A very eye opening year for you and one which could be the making or breaking of you as a couple. Keep in mind that 2021 promises to be one of the biggest and most promising years of your life. You don’t want to go into it with the wrong person by your side do you?

If you do feel as if your relationship has run its course and it’s not something you want to remain in any longer, the presence of Saturn in your 1st house of ego and  personality for part of the year will force you to look at things logically versus through rose coloured glasses. What’s the best thing you can do for you with regards to your most significant relationship?  Don’t waste any more precious time with someone who’s not ‘the one’ Aquarius. However if you do feel you have met your match and your life partner, hold on tight and enjoy the ride!


Talk about a hot mess!  Your career will be a constant rollercoaster and seesaw of ups and downs with unexpected turbulence at every corner.  Not something most of you will enjoy. Unpredictability is rife in your life and workwise, with Saturn the planet of restriction in your sign for part of the year and Mars in your clear thinking zone as well as retrograding for the last six months of the year, many of you will wonder if the world has gone mad!

Not it hasn’t Aquarius.  It’s simply that you’re being jolted into action whether you like it or not.  It’s time to get off the 9-5 hobby horse you’ve been sitting on for way too long and get back into top gear.  If you know you have a lot more to give career wise and are being wasted or wasting away, 2020 is your year to kick things up a notch or three.

If you don’t like and/or enjoy your job any longer, resign.  Find something else to do and seek out odd jobs along the way to support yourself.  Open your own business or go into business with someone whose company you enjoy and who you trust.  

Money isn’t a huge motivating factor in the majority of your lives.  You like to feel inspired, creative and as if you are doing something which benefits other people as well as yourself.  You’re not one to be a mogul or employ workers at minimum wage while you drive up in your super expensive car with your designer clothes on and feel okay with it.  

In fact many of you prefer to work for non profit organizations and help the people and animals on the planet versus take from it.  Something to think about this year and into next year. Landing the job of your dreams which isn’t really a job but more like what you are meant to be doing and made for.


Once again your sign is not associated with being a big spender.  Other signs like Leos and Aries are known for being extravagant and flashy, but you are much more interested in recycling - your clothes and shoes and your trash!  You are happiest finding treasures in the thrift store much of the time and in 2020, hanging onto your hard earned cash is the best idea you will have. Saving for that rainy day is a good idea and Saturn will see to it that by the end of the year you are really coming in on budget and not living beyond your means.  If that means paying off your credit card debt or getting it paid down as much as possible and living on a certain amount per month, so be it.  

Some of you may even take a pay cut simply to do something you love and were born to do this year.  Being happy and feeling good about your day is so much better than a new pair of shoes right?


2020 will be a stressful year for the majority of you.  Simply because the planets are insisting you make long lasting and ranging changes that you might not be ready to make.  You will need to call on your angles and your spiritual network to boost you and give you the optimism and sense of well being needed to make the necessary transitions the Universe is asking of you this year.  It can be done as long as you listen to your body’s distress signals and abide by them. Fever, sore throat? Stay home and give yourself some much needed TLC. Don’t push yourself to the edge and over the cliff.  Nothing is so urgent that you can’t call a ‘timeout’ for a day or three to nurse yourself back to health.

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5 months ago

This is an Aquarius horoscope but it should be Pisces.

Yoleici Araujo
Yoleici Araujo
6 months ago

Why is this the aquarius yearly horoscope?? Where is pisces?!

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I really liked yearly horoscope for Pisces 2018! I’m hoping I can ask a question to clarify exactly what it is I need to ask. I am concerned and need some reassurance if possible. Hopefully everything will be ok. 🙂

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What will my future be?

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What do I need to do in the next few months? Please can someone help me?

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