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This is a year that promises complexity, discomfort and a huge dollop of confusion Sagittarius.  Normally you are fine flying by the seat of your pants and leaving things being open ended and not resting so squarely on a definitive ending.  However now that Jupiter your avatar has moved out of your sign and into your 2nd house of self-esteem and self-worth, you have a lot more to prove this year.  

Emotionally, for the majority of you, your motto has always been that “some things are best left alone”.  So when things get complicated - as they will this year - that motto might get thrown into confusion. How can you leave something important alone?  Something that will reverberate throughout your life and which will have a significant impact on the way 2020 pans out?

As a fire sign, you like things to be directly  and easily tackled. To fix them right away and move on to something else without so much as a look back.  Not so in 2020. You will be forced to face any and all discomfort and squirmish encounters Sags. While there is little doubt that many of you will feel trapped in a web of your own making, with nowhere to go but swallowing it like a pill, it’s not going to fix anything.  If you want to emerge cleansed and open to new possibilities this year, you need to purify yourself, rid yourself of old ideas and agendas and embrace the new. As well as becoming much more at ease with yourself.

2020 is all about exploring your emotional capacity and not simply stifling it through action or over reacting.  And it’s not a case of you becoming ‘too soft’. It’s a matter of you combining your talent to get the job done but to do so with a heart and being conscious of the people involved and how it will affect them. Being emotionally connected to yourself will help you create the life you want and need by linking your more closely to your essential essence.

Relationships in 2020:

2020 is a year very much based on your relationships.  You’re a people person and enjoy being around the people you love and need and who need you right back.  

Motivator Mars starts the year off in your sign, marching his way through from January 4 - February 17.  This will prove to be a great time for you to pick up from where you left off over the holidays. Reaching out to anyone you may have met at a work or social function and seeing where it leads.  It’s always good to make even more friends and have more social interaction with different people. Gemini and Aries continue to be your best friendship match ups this year and with Venus spending a long time in Gemini, your one on one relationship zone - April 4 -August 8 (retrograding May 13 - June 25), you will really be able to work out who falls into the category of friend, foe or frenemy in 2020. The New Moon in Gemini May 22 is the perfect date to instinctively know who can stay and who can go!

Now that Jupiter Mr Opportunist and your ruler has bid your sign adieu and settled into your 2nd house of self-esteem and self-worth, along with Pluto the planet of regeneration, compulsion and power, knowing who makes you feel better about yourself and who doesn’t becomes a very important cosmic tool for you.  Surrounding yourself with positive, stimulating and competitive people is something you need to be focused on in 2020. This year both your Full Moon and New Moons are Eclipses. Your Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse June 5 offers you amazing insight into your life and what it is you need to let go of while your New Moon/Solar Eclipse December 14 offers you insight into 2021 and all gives yourself permission to wash your cosmic slate clean.

Love in 2020:


As a fire sign, you like things to be direct, easily tackled, cut and dry with no messy loose ends.  That’s not how life will work in 2020. Venus’s long stay in Gemini - April 4 - August 8 with a retrograde period in the middle (May 12 - June 26) will make things hazardous for those of you who are single and trying to get a connection going with someone.  Throw in your Full Moon/Solar Eclipse June 5 and you really do have a lot to think about across the board during the first half of the year. Dating might very well be a hit and miss kind of time for you, so don’t get too hung up on any one person. Spread the love!  Plus with Mars the planet of passion in your romance zone for an extraordinarily long time (June 29 - early 2021) and spinning out of phase September 9 - November 14 in your romance zone, things will definitely run hot and cold throughout the 2nd half of 2020.  

Some of you could meet someone who is way too emotionally intense and needy.. A far cry from the person you are usually attracted to or usually attract either.  In 2020 you realize that being emotionally available and connected actually helps you create the life you subconsciously want. Instead of running your emotions through your brain and trying to dismantle them that way, you can now run those feelings through your heart.  This will help free up other parts of your life and open up your Chakras to love and all that love has to give you this year.  

Venus the Goddess of love and money in your sign December 16 - early 2021 suggests that the holiday season this year will be the time you finally have your special someone or you realize you have even more work to do on YOU and remain single.  


Finances and romance don’t usually jive well together.  However in 2020 these 2 elements of your life are front row and centre.  It’s up to you to try to navigate your way through some extremely choppy waters and keep your eye on remaining balanced and objective when it comes to cash and self-esteem issues.

Easy and free flowing aren’t adjectives you can use when it comes to being in a committed relationship in 2020.  Your sense of self-worth and pride could have some of you feeling trapped in a partnership simply due to joint finances or the feeling that you can’t afford to move out and move on or that you would have too much guilt doing so.  

Luckily for you, Mars the planet of passion and energy pays you a visit early in the year - January 4 - February 17 which helps you to connect on a physical level with your other half.  Not the answer but always a fun bandage! Venus the lover in your romance zone February 8 - March 5 offers you 3 love filled weeks to share with your loved one and this is the perfect time for you to try to take a vacation somewhere - just the 2 of you with no outside distractions.  

Then the main event!  Mars the planet of lust, impatience and assertion spends a very long time in Aries this year.  June 29 - early 2021 - 7 months in total. Traveling through your 5th house of romance, creativity and fun, this should be a major cause for celebration Sagittarius.  However with Mars taking time off in the same part of your chart, (retrograding September 9 - November 14), there will be definite highs and lows relationship wise during the year.  

For those of you who have been playing house, playing happy partner, the retrograde activity of Mars in Aries will be a huge cosmic wake up call.  Stop pretending and start living! If by the time your Solar Eclipse rolls around December 14 and you realize without a doubt that you in it for all the wrong reasons, you need to start building your EXIT strategy.  

If however you are still hanging in there and still in love and finding ways to circumnavigate the various and assorted speedbumps the Universe has placed in your way, you are in it for the long haul Sagittarius.  Congrats!


Think of your career this year as a course correction.  Last year Jupiter, the planet of good luck and ‘right place right time’ type energy was in your sign, firing on all cylinders.  This year however, Jupiter spends time in your 2nd house of money and self-worth alongside Pluto, the planet of regeneration. You could very well feel as if you are slipping backwards career wise in 2020.  That you are simply not making the headway you want to make. One bright shining star for you is Saturn, the planet of life lessons and discipline. He moves into Aquarius in March where he shines for the next few years.  Traveling through your 3rd house of communication and clear thinking, you will be able to ask for what you want and visualize it. You will also be able to easily enlist help and support from your coworkers and superiors as well.  Never an easy task as people are usually only out for themselves and guarding their nest eggs ferociously.  

Another major planetary favour is the presence of Uranus the planet of liberation and intuition who slid into your 6th house of hard work and service to others March 2019.  Uranus has a way of making things messy and confusing. Nothing will seem to unfold or turn out the way you had hoped it would career wise. However all Uranus is really doing is breaking down old habits and patterns many of you have come to rely on and shattering any and all deeply entrenched ideas.  Being taken seriously is your one and only option this year and for that, you have to rid yourself of the outworn and even toxic ways of your work life. Allow yourself to be dug up out of the weeds of the past and bloom into the future. Just because a job is easy and allows you the freedom you crave doesn’t mean it’s what’s best for you in the long run.


Money is definitely a hot potato issue this year Sagittarius.  With Jupiter the Golden Goose of the zodiac and Pluto the planet of the unexpected both transiting your 2nd house of money and self-worth, 2020 is a mixed bag financially to say the least.  

Financially this is set to be an unstable year.  The first half of the year you will feel as if you are managing your money wisely and that there are no big surprises being withdrawn from your bank account.  However from July - December, business and family needs are both big withdrawals and some of you could find that your savings are significantly dwindled.

The main thing you need to ask yourself in 2020 is if you are locked into a pattern of financial behaviour that doesn’t suit you?  Are you spending too much on credit cards and then scrambling to pay it back before the high interest rate kicks in? Or being overly generous?


Your energy levels will be lower than usual this year, so taking extra care of yourself is vitally important.  Vitamins, more sleep, less alcohol, less online and TV time are all ways to nurture yourself and let your mind breath without outside interference.  Meditating, listening to what your inner voice is telling you as well as taking long solitary walks or hikes without company in order to be able to tune in to YOU is vital too.  Uranus in your health and well-being zone throughout the year means that you will have to mix up your diet and exercise program. Stop whatever it is you are doing and try something new.  Stimulate your body, mind and soul this year. It definitely needs a jumpstart to cope with all that 2020 has to bring.  

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