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Year 2019:

What's in your stars in 2019?

By Astrogirl

2019 in a cosmic  nutshell…

2019 is set to be one of the best years of your life.  Remember that Sagittarians. Think of that mantra everyday.  Make the most of every and any opportunity that lands in your lap.  The reason why 2019 is so special? It’s all thanks to the presence of Jupiter, your ruling planet and the planet of good luck and good fortune transiting your 1st house of ego and personality throughout the year.  Jupiter is known for being the planet of natural gifts expansiveness, enthusiasm, faith and joy.

Things could really not get any better for you at this time.  Jupiter only comes home to roost every 12 years and was in your sign in 2007 if you can remember back that far!  Things are going to work out for you in ways you never thought they would. As long as you let them and don’t try to steer things a certain way.  Which is definitely part and parcel of your fiery nature!

Whatever you do in 2019, do it in a big way.  

Jupiter in your 1st house is triggered by your ruling planet’s energetic relationship with Neptune, the planet of dreams and fantasy.  However their message if to be happy. Don’t worry and whatever you do, be in the moment and be ready.

Love Life:

Single: Your 7th house of love hasn’t been a house of power for some years now and for many of you singles, you’ve remained just that - single.  Sure you’ve gone on dates and had a few relationships that lasted a few months, but nothing major. 2019 shows the same pattern in relationships.  Singles will remain single however you will enjoy a much more exciting social life and could very well meet some more suitable matches.

Last year Saturn the planet of focus and discipline moved out of your sign and with Jupiter in your sign this year, you  become a lot more friendlier and much more likely to be on everybody’s invite list. While you may not fall madly, head over heels in love with anyone i 2019, you will have a very active and exciting social life which you get a lot of enjoyment out of.  Venus the love planet in your sig early January through early February is prime time to meet someone worth meeting. Aries, Aquarians and Gemini’s are all great match ups for you in 2019. April 21 - May 18 is another prime romance period for you.

Attached: Hopefully your other half is up for all that you have in store for him or her in 2019! 2019 shows that those of you in a solid and stable relationship will tend to stay in the relationship, however for those of you who feel that they are with someone who is much more staid and stay at home than you are, chances are you will be thinking of ways to break free of him or her.  You might even find yourself flirting with other people in order to get the attention you need and crave. Jupiter in your sign is like a light that glows within you and around you. Other suitors will come knocking at your door. Keeping the lines of communication open with your other half is vital in 2019. If you feel that he or she isn’t seeing your or hearing you and your needs and desires, you need to let them know.  If you feel that your sexual life is suffering and not at all where you need it to be right now, a trip somewhere exotic, away from the kids and everyday dramas will be just what you need to put some zing back into your partnership..


Uranus the planet of unexpected change and turnarounds moves into  your 6th house of hard work March 6 signalling job changes and a rather unstable turn of events career wise for the next 7 plus years.  This is not going to upset many of you too much. Your work and career is not as important to you as other aspects of your life - unlike most other signs.  As long as you are making enough money to live on and have fun with, you’re happy. Remember, there’s nothing you Sagittarians can’t handle and it might lead up to an exciting opportunity to do a complete 180 degree turn professionally.  Maybe there is always something you have wanted to do that has eluded you so far? Maybe there’s a course you can take at University which will open up doors to a whole new line of employment.

2019 is not an especially strong career year for you.  Your 10th house of career and ambition is basically empty.  Only short term planets will be moving through your career house and their effects will be fleeting at best.  


You’ve been in a strong prosperous cycle for 3 plus years now and in 2019 the cycle continues.  In 2016 & 2017 your financial planet Saturn was in your sign. In 2018 he moves into your money zone which made many of you really knuckle down and get a lot more serious about making money and saving it.  Jupiter in your sign this year suggests that investments, real estate and family money will improve and you will end they year either breaking even or with a few more dollars in your pocket. But nothing to get too excited about!

Luckily for you, Jupiter is the planet of opportunity so for those of you who do seize on something wonderful (like a fantastic real estate venture or investment in a startup), 2019 could end up being a huge financial year for you.  It really just depends on where you align yourself. Just keep in mind that all investments carry some sort of risk.


Neptune in your 4th house in 2019 shows that  this is going to be a very hyperactive dream life for many of you.  Some of your dreams may in fact be vivid. You will actually feel as if you are in a 3D type dimension and wake up feeling disoriented and surprised to find yourself in the same situation as when you went to bed!  Since the 4th house rules the past, many of your dreams and even hallucinations will be revelations of past incarnations. These are surfacing for therapeutic purposes. Past life regression is something many of you will be interested in this year.  Many of you will want to trace your ancestry and find out where you originally came from and who you might be related to. A growing trend across the Globe.

Your spiritual planet Pluto has been in your money house for many years now and will be there for many more to come.  This shows that many of you will be delving deeper into the spiritual dimensions of wealth. 2019 is a time when you will be more open to ‘miracle money’.  Money that might not come from expected channels but unexpected places and faces. Which is far more exciting for you. You are the most anti-predictable sign in the zodiac after all.  


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Cosmic tidbit…

Your ruler Jupiter, the planet of expansion and excess spends most of this year in quiet and private Scorpio, your 12th house of privacy please. Some of you could find yourselves much more ‘inner’ this year and could even take up meditation and practicing ‘quiet time’ versus being as loud as rash as you usually are. However, November 9 Jupiter returns to your sign – his home sign – huge news!!

Don’t be surprised if you end up with some rather shocking goals by the way – and with the fact that you’re willing to cut your losses and move forward alone too. That goes double May 16 – August 12 and again September 10 – November 15 when fiery passionate Mars will be storming through your communications and conversations zone. This is sure to stir up your rebellious spirit!

Love Life:
You love to be in love Sags and 2018 is no different. Venus and Mercury the communicator in your romance zone March 7 – March 31 offer you a wonderful opportunity to meet someone worth meeting. Aries, Aquarius and Leos are all wonderful accouterment signs for you as like you, they long for excitement too. You are never short of admirers Sags – people like being around you as you definitely make the world a more exciting place!

Attached and thinking about getting involved in some sort of secret relationship? You’re just looking for trouble Sagittarius – there is no such thing! Are you really willing to risk everything you’ve for what might only be a temporary fling? Think it over carefully. It might not even be a person that you’ve become secretly infatuated with but a cause or an idea. In that case, before devoting yourself unconditionally, just make sure you’re not reacting to something that happened in the past. Sure it’s good to get rid of old grudges and pursue dreams you’ve thought of as impossible – just be sure not to let the past invade the present – or the future.

Whatever professional path you decide to take Sagittarians you follow it with energy and passion. You make an excellent teacher but there are other great jobs for you – ones that allow your own unique personality shine through – all of which will be looked at in 2018, with Mars spending 5 months in your communications zone. July and August are your best cosmic months for job hunting and redoing your resume and an Aquarius is definitely someone who could point you towards a job that has your name written all over it. And it might be something you had never thought of before!

You’re not known for being one of the signs that’s ‘good with money’. If you have it you spend it and you’re also extremely generous amongst your friends and family. However, with Jupiter in your 12th house of past karma and secrets, you may realize just how overly spendful you’ve been and unnecessarily generous you’ve been at times too and hold back the reins just a tad in 2018.

Short trips are definitely something you’ll be taking this year with Mars spending so much time in your 3rd house of short trips. Visiting family and friends, staying in airbnb’s or driving an RV across country are all much more affordable ways to see the country and see people.

Best Month of 2018: November
Worst Month of 2018: April

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2018 Yearly Horoscope for Sagittarius
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