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What's in your stars in 2019?

By Astrogirl

2019 in a cosmic nutshell...

The trick to staying on top of 2019 is to avoid falling into a false sense of security or getting way too comfortable so that opportunities can find you and vice versa.  2018 was a prosperous year for you and 2019 looks like being even better for you. Your radar is always on high alert so make sure you recognize what you need to work on and what is working very well on its own.  

After 7 years of Uranus in Aries, he finally shifts gears this year, moving into Taurus March 7.  This will stir up your opposite sign and relationship zone.

You spent a lot of time last year trying to keep abreast of everything and everyone.  So you’ll be happy to hear that this year, you finally feel you’ve caught up and that you are back in the driver’s seat of life.  2019 is a year for you to finally get back in the flow and become the boss of your own life rather than letting circumstances that happen around you dictate terms.

This year you finally get the opportunity to find a way to bridge what appears to be a very promising start and opportunities to expand your life and everyone in it. Whatever you do, don’t allow your insecurities and inbuilt worries stop you from moving full on full forward.


Single: The big day for you singles is March 7, when Uranus the planet of revolution and reform and will be sitting there for the next 7 years.  If you’re single, it’s probably not a year to settle down too much this year (as in get married). 2019 favours a lot of dating and many of you will date from all walks of life.  If you’ve always dated hipsters and off the wall types, many of you will be more interested in dating computer geeks or business types. Or vice versa. Just be prepared for a major shake up in your dating life and whom you choose to date.  You’re attracted to the exotic and unusual and while fun, it’s not likely to end up being anything major. Have fun this year singles. If you’re on your own, if you’re madly in love with someone, if you have more than a few ‘flash in the pan’ type love affairs, there will be no end to the excitement for single Scorpios.  Uranus is the planet of technology and the online world. Online and offline dating are both going to work well for you in 2019.

Attached: Uranus move into your relationship zone will have quite the impact on your marriage or committed relationship.  You will both need to work a lot harder to ensure that things remain on track and that you don’t deliberately ‘rock the relationship boat’ to stir things up.  You and your partner both need more space this year. You can be a ‘stage 5 clinger’ at times Scorpios and one of life’s lessons this year is being able to let go of your need to be controlling and possessive and not checking in with your other half 20 times a day.  

Uranus is your family planet Scorpios.  If you have had issues with your partner’s family in the past, 2019 will be a great year to smooth things over and work out how to get along.  Or at least ‘fake it till you make it’ Scorpios. You’ll be doing a lot more entertaining from home and could also lead to pregnancy news this year.  

Career: 2019 is not an especially strong career year.  You’re probably not going to get a huge promotion or raise this year as your 10th house of career and ambition is basically empty this year.  It’s important you read your monthly reports to find out when your best career times are. However all is not lost career wise Scorpios. Four of the five eclipses this year impact on your career, which will help to bring changes to your company or your industry.  There could be shake-ups, shut downs, lay offs and everything in between. Some of you will even decide that you are totally not cut out for the current career or job you are in and make big moves and shake things up. Maybe you will go back to school and make a total cosmic 180 degree turn career wise.  

Money: Financially 2019 looks like being a very prosperous year indeed for you Scorpios.  Your financial planet Jupiter will spend most of the year in your 2nd house of money.  Through December 3, the power to make more money is totally a tangible reality for you.  

Just be super wary of get rich quick schemes Scorpios.  Things might be going so well for you and you might have some extra cash socked away.  A sweet talking investor could easily unload you of that extra cash and you could get little to no return.  With Jupiter the planet of opportunity in Sagittarius all year long however, you will feel confident about your financial matters and for many of you, 2019 will end up with a lot more money in your bank account than when you started out in January.  


Your keywords for 2019 are vulnerability, trust and imagination.  Opening up and allowing yourself to really dig deep, feel things and finally release some of the control and power you’ve been stubbornly clinging to is going to make you feel much lighter, happier and much more open to everything and everyone in life.  

Saturn the planet of focus and discipline spends the year in Capricorn, your 3rd house of communication and intellectual interests.  Your 3rd house is easily the strongest house in the zodiac for you. It’s also going to be a very challenging aspect. If you’re a student, you will really have to ‘buckle down’ and work even harder than usual on your studies.  If you’re studying part time, getting your MBA for example, it’s more important than ever that you give it all you’ve got.

Neptune the planet of compassion and intuition has been in Pisces for many years and will transit Pisces for many more.  In your 5th house of self-fulfillment and creativity, this really is a time when you need to figure out what and who makes you happy Scorpios.  Your personal creativity is much more inspired in 2019. Perhaps this is a year to take an art class? Learn a new language? Become more spiritual and learn to meditate and take things as they come versus trying to steer your life too much?  It’s all up to you.


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