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You will feel more powerful, in control and on top of pretty much everything and everyone this year.  Many long buried issues will arise and it will be like a total cleansing from head to toe of your life.  While letting it all out and being 100% brutally honest with yourself can be beyond difficult for such a private sign as yourself who doesn’t like to open up and share, 2020 is the year of the purge.  For everyone. In numerology 2020 adds up to the number 4. Which is one of the lucky numbers in numerology and for those of you whose birthday adds up to the number 4, 2020 is set to be extremely eye opening indeed.

Luckily for you Scorpios, you actually have an in-built security alert that lets you know when the time has come for you to release anything and everything toxic from your life.  As much as some of you may try to shove it back where it came from and deny it all, it’s simply not that easy and not possible. Owning up to the things you did and said in 2019 will be the best thing you can possibly do for you, mentally and spiritually.

2020 is the year when Saturn the planet of time management and Pluto the planet of disruption and change meetup which could make some of you feel claustrophobic and trapped.  And while you may feel that other people have influenced this feeling of getting way too close lately, you need to know and understand that you alone have the power to release yourself from the grip of all of this emotional junk.  

The choice is yours Scorpios.  Are you willing to recognize the need for embracing this life changing/clean sweeping energy to lighten the load and clear space to express the passion for life that exists at the very core of who you really are?  Are you ready to be reborn and stare down the barrel of the darkness that has surrounded you for too long and see your way through into the light?

Relationships in 2020:

It will be a year in March since Uranus, the awakener of the zodiac settled into Taurus, your one on one relationship zone.  Now that he is helping you to distinguish good relationships from your not so good relationships you will know exactly where you stand with basically everyone in your life.  Uranus is the cosmic body responsible for prodding you and poking you by turning things upside-down, leaving you unsure of what to do in the middle of the chaos of your ‘so called life’.  Uranus’s gift to you this year in your relationship zone is to see past your initial resistance you may have put up against him and break apart anything that stands in the way of the transformation you are currently going through.

A transformation that will make you a much better person Scorpios.  And attract different people your way. Many of your old friends will fall by the wayside or will be pushed away by you as you come to the conclusion that you are better off without them.  Purging anything is never easy but having to purge people is particularly unsavoury. Much of the time others will simply be able to tell that you are no longer interested in their company, their opinions or having to rescue them all the time either.  

Venus the Goddess of love and money spends March 6 - April 4 in your one on one relationship zone.  Doing things you love to do with the people you love to hang out with is something everyone enjoys. Planning a fun trip somewhere with a group of your friends will definitely help to restore any cracks in the friendship foundations and bond you all back together as well.  Your Full Moon May 7 is an important day for you as you come full circle on those things that you may have been unable to make up your mind about before.  

The major part of your relationship life in 2020 is to get out of your own way.  Let go of any preconceived notions you may have about people - whether new in your life or the ones that have been with you for the longest time.  It’s time for a clean slate and a year to welcome new people into your life and let other people bid you adieu if they want and vice versa. No hurt feelings or resentment.

Love in 2020:


Venus the Goddess of love and money spends January 14 - February 8 in Pisces, your fellow water sign and your 5th house of romance and fun.  So right out of the cosmic gate, love is in the air for those of you who are looking for it. Mercury the planet of communication and common sense is in the same part of your chart February 4 - April 12, so the first few months of the New Year really help to set the tone for what’s to come. 

For singles looking to mingle, its vital that you bring with you to your various dates and meet-ups a sense of fun and adventure.  Maybe even going outside your comfort zone and being flirty and chatty and all the things that you are usually don’t succumb to doing.  Like everyone else looking for a mate will realize you have to loosen up in order to peak someone’s interest. Whatever you do, don’t overshare Scorpios.  While you are looking to purge and purify this year, that doesn’t mean you should purge all over someone new and interesting! Holding back on being the serious Scorpio and being the fun one is vital if you want to land a catch this year.  And keep him or her!

Mars the planet of passion and energy is just the boost you need mid-year when it travels through Pisces, your romance zone May 14 - June 29.  It really will be a huge confidence boost having Mars in that part of your chart and you will be much more bold and gung ho when it comes to approaching ‘subjects of interest’.  

Pisces, Capricorns and Taurus are 3 perfect matches for you in 2020.  You will click with them instantly and even if things start off slowly and as a friendship, by the time Venus moves into your sign November 22 - December 16, you could very well end the year on a boyfriend or girlfriend high note!  Just be aware that Mercury the communicator spends a long time in your sign this year. September 28 - December 1. However his is out of phase in your sign during this time. October 14 - November 2. While not the best news, it will help to clear up any and all misunderstandings between you and your new love and you will feel a lot more confident that you have found someone special.  


Like everything else in 2020, changes are also possible in your relationship/partnership world.  Many of you will decide to move and change where you live early in the year. Maybe for work. Maybe for financial reasons or simply to get out of the city or move back to the city. Unfortunately this year may also bring with it unexpected issues with relatives and/or in-laws and inherited monies.  This must be dealt with a very large chunk of finesse. It’s not a matter to be ignored or steam rolled. It can be a huge distraction from your partnership and can cause a ripple effect which is felt for many months to come. And which can involve more than just you and you and your other half.  

Luckily for you, Uranus’s move into Taurus, your relationship zone and Saturn’s move into your 4th house of home and family helps things run a lot smoother when it comes to fixing whatever needs to be fixed.  Perhaps one or more family members will relocate and live with you whilst finding their own nest? Or due to financial reasons, you will have children and other family moving in with you and your partner. Fun for sure but also a sense of not having any privacy or alone time which can cause problems with any couple.

The presence of heavy hitters like Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter in your communication zone throughout the year makes it much easier to voice your opinions and talk things out than in the past Scorpios.  Never before will you be able to negotiate and schmooze your way in and out of negotiations with your partner. You will truly understand the meaning of the expression ‘you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar’ this year Scorpios.  


There’s not too much planetary buzz circling around in your 10th house of career and ambition for the first half of the year.  Nothing major to worry about anyway. Things will stay status quo for the most part, with some activity occurring early in the year with Venus and Mercury both traveling through  your self-fulfillment and creative zone. These are times when you should really be thinking about your future and if you really are ‘doing what you love and loving what you do’ Scorpios.  A big question that hangs over each and everyone of us. You spend so much time working that you do need to be doing something you actually enjoy doing.  

In 2020, many of you will become interested in re energizing your job and making it feel like a brand new one versus staying put and grumbling through your day.  Or trying to jump ship to another company where you know you will have to start all over again. Bottom person on the totem pole. Having seniority means a lot and sometimes it’s worth hanging in there until certain people leave.  You might not like working with them or want their job, their parking space or their office!

As with every other sign the first half of 2020 is basically problematic free.  However when your co-ruler Mars camps out in Aries for 7 months , spending some of that time retrograding, things could become a lot trickier.  In your 6th house of hard work and service to others, Mars entry June 29 - early 2021 is an unprecedented stay. Retrograding in your 6th house September 9- November 14, some of you could feel as if you are continually backtracking and having to rework all of those things you thought you had already done.  

A job or side project you have felt very passionate about for some time may lose its luster overnight, leaving you with a sense of failure and disappointment.  It’s nothing to feel bad about. It’s simply the Universe’s way of letting you know that you were barking up the wrong tree and not you have to go find another tree to bark up!


You’re not known for your big spending habits Scorpios.  The majority of you are fairly modest when it comes to shopping and splurging.  Which is a huge plus this year as no one really knows the effect Mar’s 7 month long sojourn through the zodiac is going to be.  In your 6th house of hard work however, those of you who are self-employed or run their own business may have to spend more money than usual building capital in their business.  Buying equipment that is outdated or updating computer programs and internet connectivity. Avoid doing this whilst Mercury is retrograde. Especially when he’s out of phase in your sign October 14 - November 2.


Your energy levels are high in 2020 as you explore all the different avenues there are for you to explore when it comes to keeping fit and on top of your health needs.  Mars the planet of drive spends 7 long months in your 6th house of health and well-being so this is a part of your chart which will be under intense scrutiny. Getting into the best shape of your life is a possibility this year if you stick to a plan and commit to it.  Something that is much easier for you to do than most others. You are a fixed sign, a stubborn sign and once you start seeing results, you’re in it for the long haul. Venus in your sign November 22 - December 16 will bring home the results when you try on clothes that are way too big on you!  Or your blood pressure and cholesterol are way down! Success!

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