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Jupiter the planet of lucky breaks and wins in your column spends most of the year in your sign– a very good thing indeed! Plus, with argumentative Mars setting up in startling Aquarius in your 4th house of home and family for 5 months of the year, some of you could be dealing with a bit of dissent from within the ranks over roughly half the year. In particularly, look to May 16 – August 12 & September 10 – November 15 for the possibility of sudden disputes to arise at home.

Saturn the planet of focus and discipline will spend his first year in Capricorn – his home sign – in 30 years – and in your solar 3rd house of conversations and communications. Choosing your words a lot more wisely and being much more serious is your cosmic tidbit for 2018…

Love Life:
Status quo seems to be how it goes for many of you this year. There will be plenty of chances to meet someone worth meeting but whether he or she is ‘right for you at the right time’ depends. Your best times for meeting someone worth meeting is during Venus’s visit to your sign September 10 – October 4 and again once Venus is done retrograding December 3 – January 2019. Pisces, Cancers and Taurus are all good match ups for you. You could even meet someone while interviewing for a new roommate or when a new neighbour moves in.

Jupiter the planet of good luck and fortune your sign through November of 2018 helps to ensure that the path of true love runs smoothly and happily. Luck plays a large part in relationships after all – luck that you both stay in love with each other! Luck and hard work of course – which being in a relationship is. Venus is in your sign twice throughout 2018 – September 10 – October 4 and again December 3 – January 2019. Being that Venus is the planet of love, she tends to put a nice pink glow over everything despite the fact that things might not be going as well as hoped.

On January 31, the first Solar Eclipse of the year will arrive, all done up in dramatic Leo and set to make its mark in your 10th solar house of career and social reputation. If you’ve been trying to operate from behind the scenes, prepare to be recognized and don’t shy away. It’s your turn to shine!

Another eclipse in Leo arrives August 11 in your career zone urging you to allow yourself to accept a pat on the back from a co–worker, supervisor or elder. You’ve made yourself indispensable to them, and they’ve come to rely on you. What’s the harm in accepting some thanks for it all? You’ve earned it – every bit of it.

Jupiter tends to make it easier to make money and you could even win the lottery (if you play it) this year. Or at least win a lottery of some kind (get over asking for your home) or get a promotion which pays you more than you thought you would ever make! Just don’t be frivolous with money as Jupiter is here for a good time but not a long time!

July 12 an eclipse in Cancer, your 9th house of overseas travel will have you yearning to see family, people you might not have seen in some time. Whether they’re across the country or in another country altogether, do what you can to make a family reunion a possibility. With Venus in your sign twice this year you have ample time to take a vacation with your other half as well.

Best Month of 2018: December
Worst Month of 2018: October

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