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What's in your stars in 2019? 

2019 in a cosmic nutshell

Uranus the planet of change and upheaval moves into your sign March 7, where he stays for the next 7 years.  All of you will be affected, but especially those of you born early in the sign will feel it the strongest (those born April 20-24).  Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a wild ride with lots of ups and downs over the next 7 years. Change will be a major trend for you in 2019.  Something many of you aren’t that comfortable with but will become much happier with as the year progresses. Uranus is known for being the ‘rebel with a cause’ planet of the zodiac.  Uranus is associated with genius and individuality and overthrows anything and everyone that has well and truly outlived its useful life plan. Let the revolution begin Taureans! You will see just how detrimental it has been for you to be stuck in the various ruts you have been stuck in.  Time to find the biggest shovel around and dig yourself out of those ruts!

Your Love Life:

Ruled by Venus the Goddess of love, you fancy yourselves as being a very romantic and passionate sign.  Which is not always the case Taureans!  You can be extremely stubborn when it comes to when you love and with whom you choose to love. 

Single: Jupiter the planet of opportunity will spend most of 2019 in your 8th house of regeneration.  This indicates 2019 will be a sexually active kind of year for singles. However your love life is not as prominent in your chart as other things.  Many singles will be much more likely to happy with fun and fleeting love affairs versus getting involved in a committed relationship. For some of you it will be as if you have taken ‘freedom’ pills or ‘rebellion pills’, a very different way of thinking and acting for you who are usually ready, willing and able to jump head first into a full on love relationship.  Venus in your sign May 16 - June 10 is one of the best times to meet someone fun. Someone born under the sign of Capricorn perhaps? And maybe with someone from another country or someone you meet while attending a school or college reunion.

Attached? Freedom is a wonderful thing bulls.  It’s a way of you doing all the things you want to do without having to answer to anyone but yourself.  Which is a bit difficult for those of you in a committed relationship. Finding a healthy balance between being in a  relationship and spending quality time with your other half and their friends and family is on your ‘to do’ list this year.  You and your partner will have to work harder than ever to keep things together and in a good place. Finding new ways to put some excitement back into your relationship (and your sex life) is definitely one way of spicing things up.  A major complication in love relates to changeable Uranus and his position in your 1st house of ego and personality. You will go through a 7 year transformation of sorts. Your partner who made the ‘old you’ happy might not satisfy the ‘new you’ by the end of the year.


Career is the main headline for you this year.  Uranus your career planet moves into your sign March 7, which will bring with it many career opportunities.  You won’t have to look too far to find those opportunities either. This planetary play signals that you have the favour of the ‘higher ups’ in your life - bosses, elders, parents and parental figures.  

Your career planet in your own sign gives other messages as well.  You have the image of success so make sure you dress to impress and have your resume polished and ready to go.  If you look successful, you will feel successful and other people will think you ‘have it going on’ too. If you have always wanted to get into real estate - selling it or investing it - 2019 is a great year to hit the books, get your licence and put out your ‘for sale signs’.  

December 3 Jupiter the planet of opportunity moves into your a wonderful aspect with your career planet.  Your professional status increases this year. Make the most of it and be open to switching gears career wise altogether.  You can expect pay rises, promotions and recognition which will continue into 2020.


Ruled by Venus, the Goddess of love and money, you bulls are always interested in finance, however money has slowly but surely become less important to you over the past few years.  2019 looks like being a stable but quiet financial time for you with no big surprises in store.

If anything, you need to be as flexible and agile as possible when it comes to attaining your financial hopes and dreams.  There is a need to take advantage of some short-term trends in the market place and profit from them. If favors trading, retailing, sales, marketing, advertising and PR. Teaching and journalism are also favoured here so if you have been thinking of changing careers, these are all things you could get involved in and make more money doing.  

Jupiter the planet of opportunity spends almost all the year in your 8th house, which sends many mixed messages your way.  Money could come through insurance payments or tax refunds. In general, good tax planning - tax efficiency - will help boost the bottom line and attention must be paid to these areas.  Maybe it’s time to change accountants?


You’re often described as being stubborn and tenacious with plenty of perseverance and an inability to change your mind even if common sense suggests that this is the best course of action to take.  Now that Uranus the planet of change is moving into your sign for the next 7 years or so, being open to new and very different things is a wonderful thing for you to embrace.

Change doesn't have to be a bad thing bulls.  If your life isn’t working out the way you want it to, maybe if you give a little, things will flow more smoothly?  

It’s normal when sudden upheavals occur that you will have flashes of insecurity and even fear.  Just imagine all the wonderful new things that are heading your way by allowing new things, places and faces into your life.  

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