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Following on from the theme of 2019, this year is all about pushing your own boundaries even further Taurus.  Almost as if you are trying out for the cosmic Olympics. You are being asked to strip away everything you no longer need and create a space for you to grow and prosper. While some of you may feel as if you are being forced to step outside your comfort zone, those of you with more air and fire in their charts will see this as an opportunity to break the mold.  

In 2020, the theme is PURGE.  Rid yourself of everything and everyone who has and is standing in your way causing blockage in your life.  Jupiter, the biggest planet in the zodiac travels through your fellow earth sign of Capricorn for the entire year.  Optimism is Jupiter’s main theme and it will run through your 9th house of higher education, spirituality and higher minded thinking.  Jupiter will help you unearth long-buried aspects of yourself that you may have forgotten or pushed to the back of your mind whilst life consumes you.  

January 12 marks a landmark and sets the tone for 2020 in many ways.  Saturn the planet of focus and Pluto the planet of rebirth and regeneration link up with Jupiter in your 9th house.  Stay focused on what your plan of action is for the year. Don’t allow insecurity or a feeling of instability take away your power and strip you of your urge to push ahead and make things happen.  

Relationships in 2020:

Uranus the planet of change has been in your sign for the past 10 months or so, helping you to  slowly but surely start culling your friendships and making sure you have only the best and brightest in your ‘pack’.  2020 is a year to shed many of those relationships which are toxic or not good for you and for you to either replace them with fresh new friends, or spend time soul searching what happened and what your role was in the downfall of the relationships.  After all bulls, it does take two to tango’.

Some of you will face big changes in your family relationships.  Changes and upheavals that seemingly come out of nowhere. In the second half of the year, old issues are sure to arise and this time around can’t be sorted out easily (or due to pressure from other family members to fix things).  That is due to the retrograde energy of Mars in your 12th house of past karma and self-renewal from July through early 2021.  

Issues that you may have earlier pushed to one side and taken the high road on won’t be so easily squashed in the latter part of the year.  Or you could get caught up in an old argument that simply refuses to go away. Once again this theme of purging is going to be your battle cry throughout the year.  It’s time for you to try something different and see what difference it makes.

Love in 2020:


Venus your ruler, the planet of love and relationships spends her time in your sign from March 6 - April 4.  This is one of the best times of the year for you romantically. Your New Moon April 22 gives you a chance to rethink whom it is you are looking for in a romantic sense.  Maybe you have been looking for all the wrong people in all the wrong places?  

Luckily Jupiter, the planet of bigger and better things spends the year in your fellow earth sign of Capricorn.  In your 9th house of higher thinking, spirituality and education, 2020 is a great year for you to meet someone through taking a class or a course in something you’ve always been interested in.  Traveling within your own country or going abroad takes you out of your usual setting and opens up your mind to new and exciting groups of people. Maybe people you would never normally meet if you didn’t pick up and go somewhere different?

Mercury the planet of pick up lines spends 3 weeks in your sign April 28 - May 12, giving you a chance to really lay out what you’re looking for when going out on dates.  Having your say, having something to say and being fun and chatty are the characteristics everyone is looking for after all! This is not a year to be a wallflower Taurus. Dating has become a huge ‘business’.  It’s not for the faint hearted, especially with online dating. It is definitely a lot of time and energy building your profile and actually going on the dates but all you need is ONE person after all!

However when Venus luxuriates in Virgo for the month of October, this marks the best time for single bulls to be on the hunt!  Virgos, Scorpios and Capricorns are all great matches. Just remember that with Mercury the chat King out of phase October 14 - November 2 in your relationship zone, things might be stop/start for you when it comes to a new romance.  


‘All is fair in love and war’...or is it?  The first half of the year runs fairly smoothly for you settled bulls, however the second half is anything but.  Your Full Moon October 31 is the determining factor in your decision about whether you are in ‘it’ for the long haul or ready to bail sooner than later.  Jupiter the planet of bigger is better in your spiritual zone has you wanting a real connection with your other half. Something much more substantial and meaningful than what many of you might have at this time.  If you have been with your partner for some time, you may have slipped into a rut. It happens. Whether or not you can shake yourself and him or her free of this feeling is uncertain. Uranus the bringer of unpredictable happenings in your sign continues to ask you to prune any and all deadweight from your life.  Or at least try to move things in a different direction so that you are both moving in the same direction. Maybe taking a class together will bring you closer? Couples therapy? Traveling and finally ticking something off both of your ‘bucket lists’? There are ways to try to attempt to salvage your love life. Some of you might just have to make a few adjustments or allowances.  Others will have to put in a lot of hard work in order to see the breakthrough they need to keep in the partnership. Just know that your major relationship is a work in progress and in 2020 is undergoing major renovation. You won’t be able to simply continue along as you have been for years now. You are going to want more - a lot more and you will not only have to ask for more, but you will also have to give more of yourself and do more for your other half.  


Mercury the planet of communication and clear thinking sets the tone for your career this year as he goes out of phase February 17 - March 10 in your 10th house.  Those 3 weeks will be extremely telling for you. And will answer a lot of your ambition based questions. Like if you are doing what you love and loving what you do?  In the right profession for your temperament and your wants and needs? A job that was offered to you in 2019 may come back around to you during Mercury’s retrograde journey.  Before you say “no” and dismiss the idea entirely, have a good think about it. Seek advice from trusted co-workers and friends. It might be worth considering and it may be something that you will be thrilled with once Mars goes out of phase late June - early 2021.

Mars retrograding in your past karma and self-renewal zone for the latter part of the year will have you grasping in all areas of your life.  Career wise this could mean for many of you issues with red tape and various other legal problems and technical hitches that you didn’t see coming.  Co-operating with everyone - both interstate and overseas is essential, particularly while Mercury is out of phase in your relationship zone October 14 - November 2.  These are definitely going to be 3 of the most difficult to maneuver weeks of 2020 career wise. If in doubt, do nothing. That in itself is taking action. You are being tested and will find that many issues you didn't deal with in the past arise and this time, you have to fix whatever you can fix Taurus.


Admit it - you like the good life.  Nice sheets/towels/jackets/shoes/handbags and expensive trips staying in 5 star accommodation suit you just fine.  Other signs aren’t so concerned with are! It’s a tricky year for you financially however. The first half looks like the books will balance out and you will be in a good place in money matters.  However like every other part of your life, the second chapter of the year could very well be stable and volatile for some of you. Legal and ethical reasons could upset the money apple cart - especially around your Full Moon October 31.


You’re made of tough stuff bulls and are usually pretty robust and hearty when it comes to your health.  You’re ruled by your neck so do need to protect yourself from sore throats and head colds. Drinking tea and taking the right vitamins is important for your sign.  Also do make sure your posture is good. Driving you need to ensure you have your seat correctly aligned and if it’s time to buy a new mattress, do so. Whatever you can do to protect your neck and the rest of your body in 2020 is advised.  

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