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2020 is set to be one of  the most challenging, intriguing and brutally honest years of your life.  Jupiter the planet of abundance, expansion and growth spends the year in your fellow earth sign of Capricorn.  Your 5th house of self-fulfillment, creativity and romance. So all of these areas of your life will be touched and changed by the presence of Jupiter in this part of your chart.

You may be presented with so many opportunities however that you find yourself lost in a never ending loop of figuring out why things aren’t progressing and working the way they should.  Many times this year you will be shocked by the things that simply aren’t going your way. Why it isn’t working and how that could possibly be considering you are being your usual diligent self?  Why are things going completely the opposite way you thought they would go?  

Recognize that it’s not you making mistake after mistake Virgos.  It’s vital in 2020 that you understand and recognize that you didn’t make a mistake.  More than likely you didn’t factor in everything you needed to factor in to make a success of whatever project you are working on.  Realize that not everything is going to work out and go your way - this year or any year Virgos. Life will constantly drive this fact home to you this year.  

At various points throughout the year, Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn will all wind their way through Capricorn.  The best ‘go to’ sign in the zodiac for you. These 3 planets offer you a chance to short-circuit the problem solving talent you have with a creative and practical approach.  You’re known for being the sign of the perfectionist. In 2020, you will be offered a multitude of chances to confront this pattern and release yourself from the pressure you put on yourself to get it all right the first time around.  Not one on Earth is perfect. We all have our flaws. Most of the time the imperfections and flaws are what makes something perfect anyway.  

It’s never easy for you Virgos to accept just how much you get in your own way.  2020 is the time for you to disrupt and dissolve anything keeping you from the happiness that comes with a ‘ce la vie...whatever will be will be’ attitude towards life.  

Relationships in 2020:

Quality over quantity has always been your relationship motto.  And even more so in 2020, with Jupiter expanding your social circle and making this year a time to weed out anyone holding you back or not being a supportive friend or family member.  You rely on certain people in your life to be reliable, trustworthy and ultimately ready to call you out on any and all mess ups you make in life. The best time of year to really cement your friendships is while Jupiter and Mars transverse your happy place February 17 - March 31.  Old friends may come back into your life May 14 - September 13 and bring with them some very happy memories of the past.

This year will find you depending even more on your inner circle.  Trusting 100% in the people you know ‘have your back’ is not always easy for you.  You like to be in control at all times Virgos and putting your fate in the hands of others doesn’t come easy for you.  However it’s the best way to handle the challenges and triumphs the Universe is sure to place in front of you in 2020. You need a helping hand to achieve all the wonderful things that are on your cosmic plate to get done and to make you feel better, prouder and happier than you have done in a very long time.  But you can’t do it all on your own. Understanding and accepting that fact is paramount.

Capricorns and Taurus are your best friends in 2020.  Surrounding yourself with stable earth signs (including other Virgos) will be further validation that you are on the right track and have other people to help you, guide you and help you over the finish line!  

Love in 2020:


The first half of the year could see many of you rekindling relationships of old.  Exe’s will suddenly appear out of nowhere and while you will have your guard up, there is still a connection there.  One that some of you will want to explore further and see if you can’t make it work this time around.  

Mars the planet of passion and sexual tension hangs out in your romance zone February 17 - 31 which is when you could reconnect on social media or via a mutual friend.  Venus the planet of love and relationships spends time in your one on one relationship zone January 15 - February 8, while she camps out in your sign October 3 - 29. Once again, 2 more times when the chances of running into an ex lover is bound to happen for those of you who still have feelings for him or her.  

For those of you shuddering with the thought of rekindling any kind of relationship with an ex, the time frames above are still wonderful opportunities for you to find love Virgos.  Your best matches in 2020 are Capricorns and Pisces, along with Taurus and Scorpio. You like matches that are intelligent and always have something to talk about and are fascinating to be around.  You’re not necessarily someone who has to be with someone ‘drop dead gorgeous’. Brains and being mentally stimulating and challenging are far more your dating ‘cup of tea’.


2020 is split into 2 very distinct halves Virgos.  From January - June your relationship is set to be relatively smooth and simpatico.  However once Mars the planet of passion goes out of phase in your 8th house of joint resources and finances, things could start to unravel.  If you feel that you are paying more than your fair share and carrying more of the financial burden for you and your other half, Mars retrograde period September 9 - November 14 will be stressful and you expect arguments about money to spill over into every part of your partnership.  Particularly for those of you who are in a business with their other half.  

Even the strongest of you will become concerned with your children’s future during the 2nd half of the year.  Do you have enough put away for college? Weddings? Helping your children out with their first car or house. This is a time when you could even have your empty nest filled up again with your children who need ‘a soft place to land’.  That being their old room!

Venus in your sign October 3 - 29 is a time to try to mend any and all wounds and cracks that have appeared in your main relationship Virgos. That is the best time for you to take a vacation - just the 2 of you.  Somewhere you can relax, talk things out and try to find your way back to each other. By the time your New Moon rolls around September 17, many of you will know if you are fighting for your relationship or simply fighting the inevitable.  Which is breaking up.  


Jupiter the planet of opportunity and lucky breaks in Capricorn throughout the year is the best cosmic news you've had in a long time.  With Mars the planet of drive and determination joining Jupiter in your creative and self-fulfillment zone February 17 - March 31, make sure your resume is on point and if you’re looking for a new job or career, take steps towards making that dream come true early in the year.  Don’t stay stuck in a dead end job. This is your year to shine career wise. The only downside is once again the period when Mars is out of phase in your joint projects and resources zone September 9 - November 14. 2 months when you could very well have financial issues with your business partner.  If you can resolve them great. If not, it could be destiny’s way of telling you that the business partnership has come to an end.  

Mercury  your ruler and the planet of common sense and communication is out of phase 3 times during the year.  3 times when it’s not a good idea to quit your job or try to get a new one. February 17 - March 10. Particularly June 18 - July 12 when Mercury is out of phase in your 10th house of career and ambition.  And once again October 14 - November 2 when he spins backwards in your hopes and dreams zone.


As discussed under settled relationships and career, money could be quite the stress escalator in 2020.  Especially those monies held jointly with others. Whether it’s your family, your partner, your business partner or a looming inheritance, money really can be the ‘root of all evil’.

Those of you who deal with finances and work in the financial sector could see more than a few problems arise whilst Mars the planet of drive and act first, think later speeds his way through your 8th house of joint resources June 29 - early 2021.  7 months when you will need to be extremely careful how you spend your hard earned money.


Be mindful of being excessive with your body this year Virgos.  Stress is the number one reason why we get sick after all. Working too hard, not getting enough sleep or downtime along with poor eating and exercise habits are all part and parcel of bad health versus good health.  Remember Virgos ‘health is wealth’. This year Saturn, the planet of focus and discipline moves into your 6th house of health and wellbeing March 24 where he spends years getting you into tip-top shape. Jupiter in your self-fulfillment zone for the year will also see many of you making the decision to become as healthy as possible through adopting an eating and exercise program that is easy to maintain and isn’t a fad diet.  

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