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Year 2019:

What's in your stars in 2019?

By Astrogirl

2019 in a cosmic nutshell…

This is basically a happy-go-lucky year for you Virgos.  The biggest planet in the zodiac Jupiter transits most of 2019 in your 4th house of home and family.  This often indicates some kind of expansion in your life - of the good kind. Things feel less like you are hanging by a thread in 2019 as Saturn the planet of focus and discipline finally takes the reins and gives you the opportunity to feel secure and solid.  

Many of you have been hesitant to make changes and shifts in your life for fear of turning things upside down and being out of control.  However with Uranus the planet of revolution, individuality and upsetting and rearranging any established structures you have in your life.  In other words, now is the time for you to ‘throw the baby out with the bathwater’ and start all over again.

You will be in a constant state of adjustment this year and you will finally have a much clearer sense of where you are going.  It’s the cosmic accumulation of the past few years finally coming together and making sense of all the ups and downs you’ve been through.  The pieces of the puzzle will fall into place but only if you are ready and prepared to let go of all the things that are outmoded, outworn and antiquated.


Single: 2019 is more of the same for many of you Virgos.  Neptune the planet of fantasy and dreams has been in your one on one relationship zone and the sign of Pisces for some time now and remains there for quite a while longer.  Your love life is becoming much more spiritualized - more idealistic and an ongoing process. Neptune moves very slowly and surely so there are no major surprises for you in the love life department.  

For a handful of you, your family and friends may disapprove rather strongly of someone you introduce them to.  Obviously their opinion and approval are important to you and you do have to take their thoughts and concerns into consideration but don’t allow yourself to be completely swayed by what they think either.  Venus the lover in your sign August 22 - September September 15 are hot to trot weeks to meet someone special. Your best matches in 2019 are Capricorns, Pisces and Scorpios.

Attached: For the majority of you who are currently in a relationship, the challenge this year is to keep a balance between your home and family along with  your love and sexual interests. In other words, for those of you who have children, don’t put your partner on the back burner in order to tend to your children too much.  You have to keep the passion alive and set time aside for date night and sex and playtime too. Once again, like your single counterparts, there could be upsets and issues with your partner and your family or his family.  It’s almost impossible to keep everyone happy isn’t it? The slightest thing can set off a chain of events that have long lasting repercussions. Revelations about your other half could rise to the surface putting you in an awkward position as well.  Once again loyalty and sticking together through thick and thin, good times and bad is vital if your relationship is to blossom in 2019.


2019 is not an especially strong career for you nor is it a negative year career wise.  Your 4th house of home and family is much stronger than your career zone (which is basically empty this year).  Mercury is not only your ruling planet but also your career planet and he moves even faster than Venus through each sign of the zodiac.  Throughout the year there will be many short term ups and downs professionally. It will be up to you to ride the waves and make sure you always have a Plan B and even a Plan C in place.

Being an earth sign, you regard your professional life as being an extremely important part of your life and enjoy excelling at whatever it is you are doing.  However if you are simply punching a time lock and not especially enjoying what it is you are working on, you need to rethink your professional strategy.

New careers to consider this year are those involving real estate, restaurants, the food business and hotels.  Just because you’re known as the perfectionist of the zodiac doesn’t mean you have to be an accountant or work in a bank!


Money and your financial situation doesn’t look to be a big issue for you this year Virgos!  Which is music to your Virgin ears for sure! Your money house is basically empty and while short term planets will move through temporarily and you will have your usual ups and downs in your bank account, the tendency finally will be stable.  2019 isn’t the year for you to get rich neither is it the year of financial hardship. However, like your career, there is good advice in buying up real estate (especially if the talk of a recession comes true). There will be deals to be had and it’s important that you have the foresight and deposit to make the most of the upcoming hard times.  

Venus the planet of money is your financial planet and many of you have a natural affinity for the beauty industry, fashion, cosmetics and interior design.  All areas you can create career and financial rewards on the side. Venus is moving quickly through the signs in 2019 and could help boost your coffers when she is in your sign August 22 - September 15.


2019 is the year for some big and eye opening dramatic changes in your spiritual life, in your spiritual practices and in learning to be more patient and accepting of the differences in other people and how they live their lives as opposed to how you live yours Virgos.

A special person could come into your life this year who is much more spiritually aware than you are and will teach you how to be more patient, loving and caring and open to alternative ways to live your life.  Four out of the five eclipses in 2019 will impact your spiritual life and with Neptune, the planet of fantasy and dreams in Pisces, your 7th house of relationships will reinforce your need for ‘real love’ and ‘ideal love’ for yourself.  2019 is not a year to ever feel lonely. You have your own company and love for yourself which is enough.

Uranus in your 9th house of spirituality and higher education in your spiritual zone from March 7 onwards is another factor which resonates with some of the religious philosophies you have now and introduce you to other ways of thinking and dealing with the stresses and strains of everyday life.

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Cosmic tidbit…

Energizer Mars will spend an extraordinarily long time in startling, rebellious Aquarius and your solar 6th house of hard work this year. He’s quite the fiery fellow if you’ve been quietly at war with a higher up, feeling angry and itching to quit your job but practical enough not to, prepare for all that to come to an end in 2018. This is also the year you’ll get into the best shape of your life physically – as Mars is the personal trainer of the zodiac as well. If you’ve been mulling over a major physical overhaul– a diet or exercise program for example – go for it. Mars will provide you with the fire and determination to get the job done – and done fast too.

Love Life:
Jupiter the planet of lucky breaks and ‘right place right time’ spends most of the year in your communication zone. Joining a new group, going to concerts and book readings – being out and about and taking note of who’s standing in front of you all work for you in 2018. Saturn the planet of focus and discipline stays on duty in your romance zone through 2020, and with Venus in your sign July 11 – August 8, Capricorns and Scorpios are both great match ups for you.

Saturn the planet of official duties in your fellow earth sign of Capricorn and your fun times and romance zone for the next 2.5 years is wonderful company for you and makes it much easier for you to live a smooth and happy life with your other half this year. In fact, those of you wanting to get married, engaged or take the relationship further in any way will be happy with the way things work out this year thanks to Saturn. Venus in your romance zone January 1–27 and in your own sign July 11 – August 7 are the most romantic times of the year for you Virgos.

As you read in cosmic tidbits, your job and career are important parts of your life in 2018. Needless to say you’re not going to quit your job over nothing but you might quit it over something! Especially while Mars is moving forward in your hard work zone May 16 – August 12 and again September 10 – November 15, so take note of those dates, especially if you’re already thinking of making a move. Whilst Mars in burning up your 6th house it won’t take much for you to make moves but where are you going Virgos? Do you have a plan B and a plan C??

Money could be rather erratic in 2018 for those of you who are unhappy with their careers. You might quit and do temp work or go on unemployment – which is not something you will want to do but something you might have to do. Therefore, 2018 could be an up and down financial year for many of you– where you need to have a nest egg put aside just in case. Particularly around August when Venus the planet of money is in your 2nd house of self–worth and self–esteem.

The best travel times for you are earlier in 2018 with Mars in Capricorn, your overseas travel zone – March 18 – May 17 are your best times to find a great deal and go abroad and contemplate your change of career or any problems plaguing you so that you are fresh and clear when you return to deal with them. Jupiter spends most of the year in your short trips zone, so during the year you could take more than the usual amount of long weekends away.

Best Month of 2018: September
Worst Month of 2018: August

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