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Aquarius Love Compatibility Insight

Aquarians are natural adventure seekers, and as such, look for a partner that’s adventurous and unique. They are very opinionated but will always respect their partners for who they are. Their natural charm makes them attractive and always the centre of attention. For a relationship to flourish, Aquarians need to feel a deep connection with their partner’s mind, body, and soul.

aquarius to aries
Aquarius to Aries
This is an interesting and fascinating match. Very lively and spirited quality. Both may be a little inconsistent, but it’s not too bad.
aquarius to taurus
Aquarius to Taurus
There’s an abundance of education available. A reliable relationship will be extremely hard to keep together. Many unexpected and strange events are bound to occur.

aquarius to gemini
Aquarius to Gemini
Once these two are together, they may never part. You both enjoy planning and designing methods to achieve success. Shared view-points, common interests and social activities are the key elements in this relationship.

aquarius to cancer
Aquarius to Cancer
They admire each other’s skills and position in life. The relationship can suddenly and unexpectedly change course and there will be a great need for unpredictability, making it exciting and unconventional. Aquarius needs to be sensitive to Cancer’s feelings and need for attachment.

aquarius to leo
Aquarius to Leo
This is a magnetic union – it keeps them interested. There’s a powerful magnetic attraction between the two of you. You’ll go through periods where can’t do without one another and the emotions involved will be complex.

aquarius to virgo
Aquarius to Virgo
On an intellectual level, it’s spell-binding. The way in which finances are handled may become a thorny issue for you as a couple. Physical attraction is very strong in this relationship, and may lead you be in hot pursuit of one another.

aquarius to libra
Aquarius to Libra
These two will talk, love, and nurture each other. There is a sense of equality and a non-possessive attitude in the relationship that leads you both to respect the other as an individual. The two of you will take your relationship seriously and be willing to work on any problems that arise.

aquarius to scorpio
Aquarius to Scorpio
Intrigue and curiosity brings them together. You may feel that there’s a lack of commitment, dedication or reliability, causing you to doubt the viability of the relationship. On the other hand, you may find the sudden changes exciting and stimulating.

aquarius to sagittarius
Aquarius to Sagittarius
An appreciation of each other’s missions in life. You will get along quite well together and harmonise due to your emotional needs and similar attitude towards life. Respect for your individual rights is essential to your happiness.

aquarius to capricorn
Aquarius to Capricorn
Their differences can be complimentary. Compassion and spiritual understanding are an important part of this relationship. Adjustment will be required on both sides for this relationship to work properly.

aquarius to aquarius
Aquarius to Aquarius
Quirky and eccentric – just the way they like it. Neither of you care to be at home much, you both like to get about and do lots of things. Overconfidence can lead to trouble for you both at times, so watch that.

aquarius to pisces
Aquarius to Pisces
A blending of intellect and emotions can be perfect. You become exceedingly attached to one another, as well as very jealous and manipulative at times, so watch that. The sexual attraction in this relationship is extremely intense.

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