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Aries & Aquarius Personalities

Aries black RamThese two have plenty in common when it comes to their personalities. All signs that are air and fire tend to work very well together and these two are no exception. The Aquarius person, who is an air sign, intellectual and idealistic, fuels the fire of the Aries, inspiring them with their ideas. These two are dreamers and idealists; always believing the best will happen. This may sometimes be a problem, as they do need to ground themselves in reality, but it can be wonderfully inspiring to watch them in action.

The Aquarius, without the Aries, tends to just dream, and so the Aries also benefits the Aquarius by actually doing all the things that the Aquarius thinks of. They share a free-spirited energy and both tend to be extremely independent, which is also a common thread in their personalities. Aquarius understands the Aries’ need for self-expressive autonomy because they have that need too.

Aquarius Black WatermanBoth tend to be more extroverted than introverted, which also makes them very compatible. They are likely to have a busy and buzzing social life especially the Aquarius, who has multitudes of friends. Aquarians can be very detached despite their friendliness. Aries then brings a certain warmth and passion into their lives, which helps the Aquarius to be a little less remote. Aquarians love to talk, Aries loves to act, and so they make a wonderful team. They will be friends as well as lovers, so it is not uncommon to find these two signs in a happily married relationship. They give each other exactly what they need. It really doesn’t take a psychic to see these two are compatible!

Aries & Aquarius Dating

The dating life of these two is exciting and interesting. Both enjoy novelty and get bored easily, which makes for a fun relationship. Aquarius is very committed. So, even if they seem detached and uninterested at times, they are wholly faithful and dedicated to their partner. They consider them their best friend. Aries people are also loyal to the death, and so they can have a strong bond for a very long time. These two may have a deep and profound psychic connection together.

AriesStar Gazing will usually be the one initiating everything as they are extremely eager to get things going. Once they know they are into someone, they make a concerted effort to “win” them and conquer. Aquarius is very clever at keeping the Aries interested. They manage to walk that fine line between being cool enough to make the Aries feel like there is a challenge, yet they also manage to be close enough not to make the Aries feel rejected. This will tend to be a trend that lasts, which is why the Aries tends to stick around for so long. If the Aries feels like there is no more challenge, they may easily get bored and wander off, but with the Aquarius, there is always a hint of mystery, of the unknown.

What Kinds of Dating Activities are the Best?

Aquarius will probably enjoy a date that involves mental stimulation, whereas Aries likes to get sweaty and active. Brains and brawn, therefore, meet in this combination. So the couple will enjoy a good balance of, say, watching the latest planetary documentary, as well as going on a five-hour hike. Whatever these two do, they do it as best friends, and they enjoy just spending time with each other. They may feel like life becomes just a bit more magical when they are together. So they will have many shared drams and ideals, which they hopefully put into action.

Aries & Aquarius Sexuality

This is one area which may need a little more work than other areas for this couple. Aries is warm, hot-blooded and extremely passionate, whereas Aquarius tends to be much more interested in talking than getting physical. The Aries may, therefore, need to brush up on their conversational skills before they attempt to try and get physical with the Aquarius. Aquarius people don’t just heat up the way that the Aries does. So, they could be very puzzled at the passion and ardour of the Aries.

The most important thing for the Aquarius to remember is not to continually reject the Aries sexually, as this will kill the fire that theAries & Aquarius Sexuality - Couple in bed Aries feels for them. Aries people have extremely powerful physical needs. So, the Aquarius, even if they don’t get it, must do their very best to try and get into the swing of things; to put down the books and the talking and get in touch with their bodies.

Once the Aquarius is in touch with their bodies, they may find it surprising that they are also so capable of feeling strong physical passion. Aries has the power to be able to stoke these fires. Aries people are magnetically sexy and hard to resist. So the Aquarius may get a bit of a sexual awakening being in a relationship with this firebrand!

What these two will share in common sexually is a willingness to experiment and try new things. Aquarius likes anything different, and for them, a passion killer is doing the same thing all the time. This is the same for the Aries people who are always keen for something new. So, these two may have quite a repertoire of sexual tricks that they explore in their relationship.

Aries & Aquarius Emotional

Aries people tend to be warmer and more dynamic, emotionally. They are extremely honest about what they are feeling, as soon as they feel it. They don’t always think before expressing a strong emotion, whereas the Aquarius will ponder and consider before they express their feelings about anything. In fact, the Aquarius may come across as cold or detached emotionally, which the Aries may find a bit of a challenge to work around. Aries may want a reaction – any reaction – from the cool-headed Aquarius, and the Aquarius may just not give this to them.

However, this can, in fact, be a very good thing. The Aquarius brings a certain balance into the life of the Aries. This balance helps them not to overreact and to think before acting. Meanwhile, the Aries can teach the Aquarius to get just that more in touch with their emotions. Aquarians are somewhat afraid of emotions, and the Aries helps them to work around that fear and face their feelings.

What the Aries may not always like is the detachment of the Aquarius, even in a very charged situation. The Aries can perceive the Aquarius as to cold and distant, so they will need a bit of extra effort from them at times.

Aries & Aquarius Intellectual

Aries & Aquarius disco ball coupleThese two are very well matched intellectually, although Aries tends to be more brawn than brains and Aquarius loves to talk more than act. However, these two are generally able to communicate well and they have the same way of seeing the world. They share a touching idealism and hopefulness about the future, where they both live. So, this can be both inspiring and, at times, disappointing. They enjoy spinning their dreams, however, and they take great pleasure in sharing their hopes and wishes with each other.

Aries is more the type to start an argument, whereas Aquarius will coolly defuse it with rationality and solid judgement. This is a very positive quality, as with other fire signs or water signs, Aries can be too easily triggered. Aries is the War sign, after all, and they do need someone to temper them and cool their hot-headedness down. Aries people make split-second decisions, whereas Aquarius ponders. So this can also be a good tool to use as Aquarius never makes Aries feel forced in any direction; simply gives them the facts.


Love HeartsThis is a very well-matched pair, physically, emotionally and mentally. There is a special kind of magic created between these two signs, and they give each other enormous independence and freedom to do their own thing. This is what makes them work so well! They respect each other’s autonomy and tend to be best friends as well as lovers. This fire and air sign fuel each other’s dreams and share the rare combination of acting on their ideals. They inspire each other and are outgoing and positive. They should be quite social and extroverted and so enjoy many a novel adventure together.

Sometimes, the cool-headed Aquarius may frustrate the more hot-blooded Aries with their caution. Yet at the end of the day, the Aries ends up deferring to them, as the Aquarius never forces or tells them what to do. They simply firmly hold their opinion and help the Aries make clearer judgements. They are very loyal and faithful to each other, although the Aries may need more warmth and fire from the Aquarius to feel adored on on occasion.

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