Aries & Cancer Compatibility – Love, Dating, Sex and More!


Aries & Cancer

Aries & Cancer Personalities

Aries & CancerAries and Cancer people have very different personalities. So, they will sometimes have to work through a few obstacles to try and get along smoothly. Cancer is a water sign and Aries is a fire sign. So, of course, these two elements aren’t usually put together. Fire tends to burn water to smoke, and water can put fire out so this may be what happens when these two start talking. Both are also leaders and like having their own way; the Aries even more so. So they have to learn to make way for each other. They are by no means psychic and are not initially the most compatible pair in love.

Cancer people are extremely sensitive, moody and sentimental. They also tend to be very caring and considerate, although they have very high expectations of the same treatment back. Aries people don’t really have a filter and pride themselves on their honesty. They say it like it is, regardless of whose toes they step on, yet they don’t have a single malicious bone in their bodies. The Cancerian may take it that way, and the Aries could sometimes feel like the Cancer is just too sensitive! Despite all of this, these two signs are often found together in a relationship, and perhaps they can take a page out of each other’s book and learn from each other. Cancer can certainly learn to take Aries with a pinch of salt, knowing they mean very well. On the same tack, the Aries can learn to be way more sensitive. Cancerians need their home base and their roots. They tend to be more introverted, whereas Aries is adventurous, loves novelty and excitement, and is much more extrovert. Once again, this is an opportunity to balance each other out.

Aries & Cancer Dating

These two signs are often very attracted to each other despite their big personality differences. Aries is the sign of the infant, and so they love to come first. They also have a youthful air about them, which the nurturing and mothering Cancerian is very drawn to. Cancer people are wonderful at taking care of others, and Aries people need care. They are so often rushing around that they forget to eat regularly or make their homes a comfortable place to crash after a busy day. The Cancerian partner is a soft landing place for the Aries, and in this way, their dynamic is very special. As long as this doesn’t become a toxic habit, with the Cancer becoming resentful and the Aries feeling smothered, it can work very well.

Aries & CancerIt is very likely that Cancer will be swept away by the ardour and passion of Aries. Aries loves to woo, and wine and dine. So, when Aries feels attracted to someone, they make it very known. This will tick many of the Cancerian’s boxes, as cancer people just adore being so attended to, and the attention of Aries is like a roaring, warm fire. Aries will think of the most adventurous things to do and plan romantic evenings and days where the Cancer will feel like the only one in the world. If Cancer is the one in charge of romance, then the same will apply. Although Cancer will prefer making a home-cooked meal and cuddling on the couch. Sometimes, these two will have to learn to compromise on what they like doing together. They need to find the balance between adventure and cosy nights indoors.

Aries & Cancer Sexuality

The sexual style of these two is different, just as in other areas of their personalities, but that doesn’t mean that these two won’t find a middle ground where both can feel satisfied. The Aries style of lovemaking is hot and fast. They don’t like to waste too much time on foreplay and tend to go straight in for the kill. They are extremely passionate signs, and their blood runs hot, which often makes them rather irresponsible to the opposite sex. Aries people have enormously high sexual drives and their libido seldom slows down, even as they get older.

Cancer likes it slow and tender. They want an emotional connection before a physical one, and so they need a partner who is able to make them feel secure and safe before they give their bodies over. Once Cancer decides to trust and feels emotionally secure, they are gentle, passionate and deep lovers. They can teach Aries a thing or two about how to make love in a way that is present, loving and gentle. Of course, they will have to compromise and alternate between the fast and furious style of the Aries, and the slow and tender style of Cancer. Aries will not have any success if they think that they can simply get undressed and that’s all the work they have to do, and Cancer will have to learn that not every single lovemaking session has to preclude sharing feelings. Cancer may at times feel the Aries is a bit uncaring, especially when they jump up afterwards and go about their day or night, whereas Cancer just wants to cuddle and connect afterwards. Once again, they have to find a compromise here. Pregnancy may be a big topic for the emotional Cancerian type.

Aries & Cancer Emotional

These two are emotionally very different. Aries is fire, and Cancer is water so one can see what their primary emotions will be here. Aries tends to be very quick to react with a temper and they are sometimes brutally honest about how they feel. One always knows where one stands with an Aries. Aries people don’t beat around the bush. If they are happy, they say it, and if they are sad, they show it. Usually, they get over it very quickly, and even their bouts of temper and anger due down just as quickly as they started. However, these temperamental or intense outbursts of feeling tend to rub the Cancer up the wrong way. Cancer people are highly sensitive and emotional, even moody at times. Cancer gets hurt very easily, more so than almost any other sign, and Aries does tend to put their foot in it; more so than other signs.

Hence, either of these two can find themselves in an emotional quagmire. The Aries feels impatient of the Cancerian’s sensitivity, and the Cancer feels as if the Aries is emotionally self-absorbed. However, they learn a lot from each other, and share the same sort of passion and depth of emotion. They truly feel their feeling, and they just have to learn to be a touch more considerate, and a little less sensitive. If they can get over these two challenges, then they will find deep care for each other. The Aries can feel very loved and nurtured by Cancer, just as Cancer can enjoy taking care of someone as open and vulnerable as Aries. Someone who has a heart of gold, despite their occasional insensitivity.

Aries & Cancer Intellectual

Both of these people may try and lead the conversation, so they will need to make way for each other at times. Cancer people are excellent listeners, and they listen with their hearts rather than their heads. This makes them empathetic communicators and wonderfully nurturing with their words. Aries loves this, as they enjoy being the focus of attention. They are happy to chat about themselves and have someone who will hold that safe for them. As long as the Aries gives back as much as he is given by the Cancer in terms of empathetic listening, then all will be well. Aries may need to learn to listen first, as they tend to be a bit rushed. They want to get to the point rather than listening to the feelings beneath the word and allowing Cancer to get there in their own time.

One lovely thing about Aries is their honesty. Cancer will always know exactly where they stand, and although Aries can have zero filters, which does make them a little insensitive, they have great intentions. They never mean to hurt the sensitive Cancer with their words. If the Cancer understands this, then they will be less hurt when Aries lets a thoughtless comment slip. If Cancer refuses to see that Aries never means to hurt, then things can get a bit prickly.


Aries & CancerThese two are often very drawn to one another, despite their differences. The Cancerian just loves caring for the Aries, and Aries loves having someone who so wants to look after them. There is a great deal of love and tenderness in this relationship and both people want to do the best they can for each other. Aries will just have to learn to rein it in and to be a little more sensitive to the Cancerian; a little less quick with their reactions. Then, of course, Cancer will have to learn to grow a thicker skin and to learn that Aries never has bad intentions, even if their words or actions are hurtful to them. If both put the work in, and adapt certain parts of themselves, then they can have a very beautiful connection.

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