Aries & Leo – Love, Dating, Sex and More!


Aries & Leo Personalities

Sparks will fly when these two personalities collide, and there is an instant warmth recognition and friendliness between these two people. They have a great deal in common, and they share a sense of fun, adventure, and enthusiasm for life.

Both are fire signs, so both have the same priorities. Aries fire can be compared to a flame that burns nightly, hot and passionate, but tends to go out without someone steadying them. Leo’s fire burns fiercely and steadily and helps to stabilize the Aries energy. This is a relationship that the two will cast quite a spell on each other.

Both have a taste for adventure and have buckets of energy. Aries and Leo are strong people, and nothing gets them down. They will love the positive energy that exudes from each other and appreciate how neither of them is self-pitying when life gets tough. They are fighters and they both strive to be the best that they can be. Both Leo and Aries re proud people, and extremely strong-willed. If they are a team, they are unstoppable, but if they disagree, they can really butt heads. Leo is extremely stubborn and Aries is hard-headed, so they will have to find ways to negotiate at times.

Sometimes, Leo can be a bit lazy and like to take it easy, whereas the Aries never stops, and in this way, they might not do absolutely everything together. The one problem can come in with their egos – both tend to be somewhat self-centered and may push against each other. Consideration is a must here and sometimes they will have to step outside of themselves and their own desires to accommodate each other.

Aries & Leo Dating

Dating is a lot of fun in this relationship. With both being fire signs, there is instant passion and they won’t play games with each other. Both of these people know what they want, and will get straight into it without much fuss, and the honesty in this relationship is one of the best qualities. Aries in particular waste snot me in letting the Leo know how they feel about them, and the Leo will feel extremely flattered by the ardent attention of the Aries. When an Aries falls in love, they give 110% and they tend to put their partner on a pedestal – whoever has stirred their hearts has their devotion and loyalty for life, and even if the relationship goes down, Aries will fight until the very end. Leo is just the same – their partner is the one who has their absolute, unfaltering commitment, and they too will fight to the very end. No matter what happens in their relationship, these two will do whatever they can to fan the flames and keep it alive. They aren’t afraid of turning to the occasional Love Reading to get some insight into their relationship either.

Both can be quite romantic, especially Leo, who loves to spoil and be spoiled, and Aries enjoys making the one they care about feel special. They may not be traditionally romantic, but they will have wonderfully fun adventures together. Leo might need a bit more romance though, and so Aries may need to step up their game at times. both make each other the apple of their eye, and both tend to not need too much emotional reassurance – as long as there is passion and heat, they are happy. Leo tends to be more stable than Aries, whose fire cools down and heats up erratically, making them seem hot and cold, If Aries’ attention is distracted – which is often is, Leo can get a bit upset and demanding, and Aries may resent that. The Leo person will just have to accept that this is how the Aries is, and even if it feels as if their love has disappeared, they will learn that it comes back regularly – Aries always comes back, no matter how far they seem to go.

Aries & Leo Sexuality

These two are an excellent sexual match. With both being fire, they approach sex with passion, intensity, and directness – no playing games for these two! Sex and lovemaking are treated as fun and play, and they both share a very high libido, so no matter how long they are together, they will always share a powerful physical connection. Sparks are constantly flying between these two and they are always in a state of flirtation with each other – they are openly affectionate and sexy with each other, and they both tend to get turned on visually. Emotional connection is not always necessary for these two signs as a precursor to sex- they simply leap straight in.

Leo may want a little more time and effort though, as Aries does tend to bypass foreplay and go straight into it. Leo people like a bit of extra attention, a little more laziness and languor at times. Aries may need to slow down and enjoy the ride instead of jumping to the final destination. What these two may enjoy before engaging physically is a little fight or a bit of drama – nothing gets their blood flowing more than their anger being a little heated. They also enjoy coming together after an adventure or during one – this is when they feel most alive. They won’t mind, later down the line, discussing the idea of pregnancy and family.

Aries & Leo Emotional

Fortunately, these two are very similar emotionally – they aren’t too oversensitive, and they are able to take things with a pinch of salt. This is especially important when dealing with Aries, as Aries tends to say things without thinking, which could hurt more sensitive types. The primary emotion for both of these people is enthusiasm and joy, as well as anger. They’ll probably fight rather often, as they both have a bit of a temper, but they’ll experience just as much joy and optimism as they do anger.

Because they are so emotionally compatible, many other potential issues in their relationship are halved. They just “get” each other and they have a natural sunniness to them that overcomes any challenge in life. There is a beautiful emotional warmth that exists between these two and they share a loving affection, which makes them both feel adored and nurtured. They know how each other feels, and can attend to each other’s needs without too much fuss, which makes them a loving, dynamic and happy pair emotionally.

Aries & Leo Intellectual

Both of these people tend to be more “doing” orientated than talking about things too much. They both consider too much talking to be time-wasting and they will usually not engage in too much conversation when they need to get something done. That said, they do have excellent communication and they have a way of talking that feels uplifting, passionate and positive. Neither tends to be depressive or negative when chatting, and they appreciate this in each other.

One thing these two may have to watch for is a tendency to talk about themselves and be more subjective – they might need to learn to listen to each other, and put away their own desires, concerns or needs at times. The signs of Aries and Leo do tend to be very self-absorbed in many areas, including intellect and they have to learn to step out of their own stuff. These two are easily moved to argue, simply because they are both fire signs and this is how they operate. However, even when arguing they are able to find a conclusion and resolve their challenges, as they both don’t like to hold on for too long.

Conversation between these two is very energetic and lively, and they really stand by what they say and believe in, which is one reason for arguments and loud voices. They are passionate about their beliefs, but they always cool down fast and they respect each other’s opinions, which is very important.

Aries & Leo Summary

This is an excellent relationship and these two are extremely well matched. They share dynamism, passion, enthusiasm, and excitement for life, and both tend to always look on the bright side. Aries and Le are strong individuals, and they admire each other’s resilience and fight. They are each very passionate and love a good adventure. Leo stabilizes Aries and helps them to steady their fire and be more consistent, and Aries makes sure Leo doesn’t get too lazy.

The only real challenge in this relationship is the managing of two potentially very big egos. Both signs tend to be self-absorbed and they have to try and step outside of their own stuff and be a little more considerate of each other. The relationship is both turbulent because of their love of arguing, but also warm, passionate and sensual. Both get over their fights quickly, and in fact, quite enjoy conflict – it adds to the attraction. Both need a lot of attention and they get that from each other, which makes them feel loved and cared for. This is not the most peaceful of relationships, but neither is really looking for that anyway. Because both people are deeply, loyal faithful and committed, this relationship is likely to last a very long time, no matter how many challenges the world throws at them. They will always fight for each other and have one another’s backs.

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