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Aries & Pisces Personalities

Aries Black RamThis fire and water sign are quite different, but in this bond, their differences make them rather compatible in some ways. The main difference between Aries and Pisces is that the Aries is the very first sign of the zodiac, and Pisces is the very last. This shows up very much in their personalities and way of relating to the world. It’s often said that the sign ahead “teaches” the sign behind. But here, the Pisces also teaches the Aries.

Aries people are headstrong, assertive and very much individuated. They can be seen as self-absorbed at times, as they tend to go after what they want without wondering what others may think or need. On the other hand, Pisces is non-assertive and very passive. They are rather concerned with everyone else and are always shifting and adapting their personalities to fit the crowd they are around at the moment. The Aries will initially enjoy this, as they are more comfortable being in a leadership position, and Pisces is quite happy to follow. Pisces is ever supportive of whatever the Aries wants to initiate. So they have the utmost faith that they will succeed. This boosts the Aries’ ego and makes them feel invincible. It may seem as if the Pisces is Psychic at times.

Overcoming Possible Personality Conflicts

Pisces black fishiesHowever, down the road, the Aries may feel the Pisces too passive, too emotional and oversensitive. Aries is not known for their tact, and they say it like it is. Whereas Pisces will either avoid a situation entirely or deliver what they have to say with empathy and consideration. Pisces can get extremely emotional when Aries is being confrontational, and Aries may get annoyed with the Pisces’ tendency to “run away”. The result? Pisces may feel that Aries is selfish or cruel. As with all fire and water combinations, there are challenges to be overcome. So, the fire signs tend to often feel as if the water signs are dampening their spirit. Conversely, the water signs feel as if the fire signs are inconsiderate and insensitive. Doing an online Love Reading may help to show the true nature of their compatibility.

Aries & Pisces Dating

This combination is often referred to as the “Romeo and Juliet” couple. Pisces is so vulnerable, so sensitive and so soft that the Aries’ hero or heroine instinct is activated, and all they want to do is save them and protect them. Pisces tends to respond very well to this act of rescue, and they fall gratefully into the arms of the Arie;, grateful for respite from the cruel world. Aries gets an ego boost, and Pisces feels safe and held. Hence, they can feel truly as if they have met the love of their lives.

The Whirlwind Romance

Both of these signs also tend to be extremely swept away by love and fall fast. Both share an idealism and romanticism about relationships, which can make things rather magical in the beginning. However, it will also be important that they deal with reality. For example, if the Pisces is unemployed and wants to make art, the Aries may feel as if they are happy to save them and help them achieve their dreams. This may work for a while until the Aries realises that the Pisces is really not sure what they’ll do. So, rescuing them may be enabling them. Aries may get frustrated and sad at the “dream” they had around the perfect relationship not actually being true, and Pisces could feel the same.

As much as they can, they both need to remain grounded and realistic. They must try not to get too swept away in a fantasy of hero and rescued. Trying a Crystal Ball Reading may help this couple during their stickier patches.

Generally, however, if they stay grounded, they can have a beautiful relationship. it will be full of very special romantic, magical moments together. They have a great amount of tenderness and care for each other. The Aries truly loves how gentle and supportive the Pisces is, and how devoted they are to them. Pisces feels truly protected by Aries and gives just as much as they are given.

Aries & Pisces Sexuality


Sexually, these two are very compatible indeed. What really works for them is the Aries being the initiator and aggressor sexually. This will result in the Pisces usually responding quickly and with pleasure. Pisces is extremely eager to please. Their soft tenderness inspires strong protective energy in the Aries. This means the couple ramps up their passion more and more. Water and fire share a certain volatile and passionate energy. So they should share powerful physical chemistry.

The best thing about the sexual energy of these two is the Pisces always responding with passion to the Aries’ overtures. Yet they are careful not to be so eager as to put them off. Aries always needs a bit of a chase, and Pisces is evasive enough to make them want more.

The only area where they may differ is that the Pisces may need a little more tenderness, a little more softness. The Aries can be extremely rough and tumble! Aries people avoid spending too much time of warming up because they’re hot already. However, they may have to slow down a bit for the Pisces who wants to engage in feeling before becoming physical. The Pisces must be careful to speak up and tell the Aries what they want, instead of holding it all in and becoming victimised.

Aries & Pisces Emotional

Emotional sunsetThis is an area where these two may come to struggle sometimes. Fire and water tend to be somewhat incompatible emotionally. Although, what they do share is great passion and dynamism. However, they will have to work hard at getting each other on an emotional level. Aries people are quick to anger and can make what seem like insensitive remarks in the heat of the moment. Their anger is something that the Pisces may struggle with. Pisceans, on the other hand, tend to be weepy and reactive so the Aries may feel extremely impatient at what they perceive to be an emotional weakness.

What may happen here, therefore, is a sense that Aries is often angry with the Pisces and Pisces is quick to tears. Both are reactive in their own way and both need to do some work to get along. Pisces will need to grow thicker skin and Aries certainly will need to develop more tact and sensitivity to those who are less emotionally resilient than they.

Aries & Pisces Intellectual

Intellectually, these two are rather different, just as they are emotionally. Aries shoots from the hip when they have an idea, and they don’t think before they shoot. Hence, although well-meaning and honest, they may come across as bossy, insensitive or even rude at times. Pisces, on the other hand, tends to be confusing and vague in how they express their ideas and opinions. They are forever sitting on the fence, which may drive the Aries dilly. Pisces will take quick offense to the Aries, and may be hurt more than once at what the Aries says. So, Aries will need to learn the all-important lesson of thinking before speaking.

Conversation may, therefore, be frustrating at times. These two will need to learn to communicate clearly and be patient with each other. They both have a tendency to react to fast to what the other is saying; Pisces with hurt and Aries with impatience.


These two can be a truly romantic pairing. There there is a great deal of tenderness and care for each other. Both are passionate, idealistic and in love with love, which can be a gift as well as a curse. They will need to manage their idealism if they want to make it work in the real world. They both will need to change quite a bit to accommodate each other.

The Aries will need to learn tact and sensitivity, and the Pisces will have to learn to be a little tougher to handle the assertive nature of the Aries. Passivity and Aggression are these two’s big lessons and areas where they need to temper and shift.

The Aries will always feel, no matter their gender, like they should rescue the Pisces, and Pisces responds well to that. Pisces boosts the Aries’ ego and helps them to feel better about themselves. So, things can be quite lovely between them as they serve each other in this way. Pisces moulds to Aries, and lets them be the leader. They celebrate their success and help them when they fall. The Aries will learn, that despite the Piscean’s seemingly annoying sensitivity, that the Pisces loves them just the way that they need to be loved. There is a lot of love in this relationship, despite the reactivity of each person at times.

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