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Aries & Scorpio Personalities

Aries & Scorpio Compatibility - Black ramThis is a meeting of fire and ice! The effect can be smoldering, dangerous and exciting. Even though the sign of Aries and the sign of Scorpio are very different in their elements – fire and water – they have a lot in common. This is due to the fact that Mars, planet of desire, war, and drive, rules both of these signs in traditional astrology. These two signs won’t like to admit, but they are cut from the same cloth. They just express it differently. They would benefit enormously when they get confused from a Love Oracle Card Reading to help them smooth out the rougher parts of their relationship.

Traits of Fire vs Traits of Ice

Aries tends to be fiercer, more impulsive and doesn’t calculate the way the crafty Scorpio does. Aries dashes in, fearless and ready to go, whereas Scorpio takes their time. They plan ahead and then when they know they will win, they approach. Aries may not always understand why the Scorpio is so secretive and careful, and they may mistrust them. This is because Aries values openness and honesty above all. Scorpio also values honesty but tends to keep their secrets which can make them come across as mistrustful.

There can be a conflict here, as well, due to the Mars-like nature of each individual. They both want to win, and so they may need to be careful of a power struggle. Aries will lose their temper fast, but they let it go just as quickly. Scorpio, on the other hand, holds on forever and ever, and if they are crossed, just once, they never forget. Scorpio is stubborn as a nail, and Aries will try to blast through that. As much as they try, however, they won’t succeed. They are compatible in different ways, however.

What these two share is a passion for life. They do things all the way, or not at all. Neither is wishy-washy in their approach, which they will like in each other. They are also both tremendously sexy and desirable; another trait bestowed upon them by Mars. They share ambition so they are likely to be very successful in their careers. They will enjoy having someone around who is equal to them in this way.

Aries & Scorpio Dating

These two will find each other irresistibly sexy, even though they could fight like cat and dog. Mars is the planet that rules desire, passion, and sexuality. So dating each other feels exciting, dangerous and intense. Because they are fire and water, however, it won’t be the easiest road in the world. They will clash a great deal, and make up passionately.

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Aries will find the Scorpio maddeningly out of reach and mysterious. Scorpios know how to play the love game so that they are not easy to get, yet give just enough to keep the Aries interested. However, even the Aries gets tired at times, and they don’t want to chase forever. Scorpio might need to give in from time to time and just let Aries catch them.

The Dating Activities, Styles & Personalities

These two will enjoy doing things that feel slightly dangerous and forbidden together. Climbing a fence where it is forbidden and pushing the boundaries is fun for these two. They will find each other’s bravery very sexy indeed.

Sometimes, Aries can be too straightforward for the Scorpio. They will need to learn how to play their game a touch more subtly. Scorpio people don’t like the obvious, and Aries people are extremely obvious when they like someone. Aries are never far from uttering the ‘L word‘, and they usually fall hard within a few weeks, whereas the scorpion takes a long time to warm up and trust someone. This is something the Aries won’t always understand. The Scorpio just wants to make sure they don’t get hurt, whereas the Aries doesn’t care about the hurt when they are in the heat of the moment. Aries might feel the Scorpio is hiding something from them or even be hurt by their reticence, so will need to understand how the Scorpio ticks.

One thing that will help this couple enormously is an online Love Tarot Reading to help them initially get to know each other.

Aries & Scorpio Sexuality

The sex life of these two will be sizzling. Mars, their rule, is traditionally the planet of sexuality; the pure animal and primal drive that lives inside all of us. These two are particularly filled with that Mars-like energy. Sex comes easy to these two signs, and they attract people effortlessly. Spying each other across a crowded room will spark desire and passion in both of them to possess one another.

The Aries will likely be the one to initiate, as they don’t believe in waiting around and playing games. If they find someone attractive, they make a move and they will play the dating game for a short while, but really like to get right down to business. The Scorpio will prefer to wait a bit to test if they truly trust someone in that way, but they often also can go straight in for the kill. Scorpio is well known for their strong sexuality and sensuality, and the Aries will find this absolutely irresistible. Even if they have conflict and disagreement in other areas, which is natural for mars ruled signs, they will always have a powerful physical attraction. It is then this that will help them get through the rougher patches.

Aries may have to learn to be a little subtler, as the Scorpio likes to play sexy games and tends to stay just out of reach. For Scorpio, their power is their sexuality and they know how to use it. Aries may see this is frustrating at times when they just want to go right in, and the Scorpio wants to play games first. It won’t be a deterrent though, and these two should have a very intense and strong sexual connection.

Aries & Scorpio Emotional

Aries is fire, and Scorpio is water. So the emotional nature of both of these signs is rather volatile and intense. Both tend to turn to anger as their main more challenging emotion, and this can create tension in their relationship. Aries will lash out fast, which will hurt the sensitive Scorpio quickly. Scorpio will retaliate with a cruel word or deed because they know just where to sting.

These two, although passionate and loving, must be very aware of when they are going too far and pull back. They can be intensely in love one moment and hating each other the next, simply due to their fiery and watery natures. Scorpio seems guarded and cold at times, but that is just a front to self protects; whereas the Aries is more open and honest about how they feel. Aries may see Scorpio’s self-protection as a lack of emotional honesty, which can cause problems later down the line. Sensitivity and awareness are very important here.

Aries & Scorpio Intellectual

These do operate somewhat differently mentally. Aries tends to be more open, honest and clear about what they say and think – what you see is what you get and they are to the point and find it impossible to lie. Scorpio, on the other hand, tends to be more of a listener, more secretive and less likely to be direct until they are sure they can trust the person across from them. This may appear to the Aries as deceptive when it is just a defense mechanism. The Scorpio may need to learn to be more direct and clearer, and the Aries will also need to learn not to approach the conversation as an attack, but more as an open inquiry. These two may feel as if they are going to war at times when they are trying to sort something out conversationally.


This will be a very passionate and intense relationship, and is not for the fainthearted! These two will be highly attracted to each other, and although it won’t always be easy, it will be dynamic and charged with energy. If the Aries develops more sensitivity to the Scorpio’s feelings, and the Scorpio learns to not take everything as a personal attack, then the conflict can be minimized and they can achieve a great deal as a team. Scorpio needs to try and watch for putting out the fire of Aries and Aries needs to give Scorpio time to open up and trust them. It won’t happen immediately; but when the Scorpio does open up, they are loyal for life.

These two, once committed, have each other’s backs no matter what comes at them. They are fighters in life and will admire each other’s powerful and go-getting spirit. Because both are ambitious, they “get” each other’s need to be at the top, and this works just as long as they don’t struggle for power within their relationship keep it t the boardroom.

Where Can I get Advice Around my Relationships Online?

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