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Aries blackAries & Taurus Personalities

Aries and Taurus are, in fact, rather similar, although they would never admit it! Both of these signs’ symbolic animals – the Ram and the Bull – have horns, which means that they are equally strong-willed, hard-headed, and determined. These two can either be a winning team or if they lock their horns, mortal enemies. They share the willingness to commit, but they might want to have it their own way. So, compromise is absolutely essential here. The Aries can learn a lot about patience from the Taurus, just as the Taurus can learn to stop procrastinating and get a move on!

Taurus blackThe element of Aries is Fire and the element of Taurus is Earth. So, although these two elements don’t seem compatible at first, over time they come to realise that they can be very compatible. The fiery, passionate, dynamic and hot-blooded Aries inspires the more grounded, stable, practical and methodical Taurus. Together they can balance each other out beautifully. The Aries needs someone like the Taurus to remind them to slow down and consider their actions before leaping in. The Taurus needs a partner like the Aries to lead them on an adventure! These two just need to not resist each other and open up to a different way of doing things. Both tend to be deeply loyal, and their devotion is unquestionable. Once they have decided that they want to be together, and they can both be wonderfully romantic.

Aries & Taurus Dating

The pace of these two signs is very different and this is quite clear when they begin dating. The Aries tends to jump right on. They are idealistic, passionate and wildly in love with the idea of love. This usually makes them utter the “L” word rather quickly. Their enthusiasm is contagious and somewhat naïve and innocent. They tend to date as if it’s the very first time they have ever done it, every time, no matter how many times they may have had their hearts broken. They don’t need a crystal ball to give them the answers; Aries just leaps straight in.

Aries & Taurus Compatibility boxing glovesThe Taurus, on the other hand, is slow and steady. They are by no means ready to rush. They will want to be wined and dined at a pace that suits them. Taureans are scared of change, and dating means change. This is why the Aries may have to rein it in and try to slow down to a more measured pace, whereas the Taurus will also have to accept speeding it up a bit.

Both are very romantic and the Aries, if they are the ones doing the wooing, will pull out all kinds of surprises. This may or may not freak the cautious Taurus out. If the Taurus is wooing, they will go fully traditional with dinner at an expensive restaurant, flowers, candles; the works. They will make sure every sense is engaged and they will draw the experience out delicately and sensually. When the Taurus decides they want to commit and it’s safe, they tend to settle more easily, at which point the Aries may be rather impatient. If they wait, however, it will be worth it. Doing a Love Reading will shed some light on the future for this couple.

Aries & Taurus Sexuality

Aries & Taurus Compatibility floor sexPhysically, these two, just as in every other area, will need to watch their pace. The Aries is extremely passionate, impatient and fiery even the bedroom, and they tend to treat their lovers as someone they need to conquer. They are ruled by the War planet, Mars, after all, so that is to be expected. Aries people don’t like to waste too much time on foreplay – they like to go straight in for the kill, and as fast as it begins, it can be over. But the upside is that they will be ready to go again after a few moments of rest. Their libido usually runs high and hot, and they often make the person whom they are with feel as if they are the only one in all the world. It’s much like sitting at a roaring hot fire, and being with an Aries lover can be thrilling.

The Taurus, on the other hand, is a masterful lover in terms of sensuality. They prefer foreplay over and above anything, and they will start t the restaurant already, picking the most delectable dishes, choosing an atmosphere that warms the blood and wearing something that feels silky and soft on the skin, Lovemaking is a slow business for these bulls, and they want to engage every one of their senses in the bedroom. By this time, the Aries is burning with impatience already and the Taurus might be annoyed at the rush. They don’t see the point of missing out on all the fun beforehand. If these two can find a balance, they can enjoy a sex life that is both sensual and exciting. The added bonus? They will always have something to teach one another.

Aries & Taurus Emotional

On an emotional level, these two can be very loving and sweet with each other, but they do have very different temperaments. The Aries tends to be very direct and honest with their feelings, and they can sometimes be a little self-absorbed. They don’t always realise that they tend to ignore what others need, which is not on purpose at all as when they are called out, they are often very apologetic and immediately make amends. But, at times, they can come across as emotionally a bit immature.

fire heartThe Taurus is usually very stable emotionally and can hold a lot of space for the Aries persons’ emotional needs. They calm the fiery temper of the Aries, helping them see reason when they go off on a tangent. However, as fast as the Aries is to lose their temper, they calm down just as fast and let it go, whereas the Taurus can hold onto emotion forever. Taureans may also, therefore, come across as self-absorbed and the Aries won’t always understand why they hold on for so long. The Aries just needs to learn to let the Taurus be; let them work it out on their own. The Taurus won’t be as emotionally open and direct as the Aries as they prefer to let things sit and simmer for a while. They have that groundedness which usually makes them wonderful at keeping things calm and steady.

Aries & Taurus Intellectual

This is an area in which these two are quite similar. They like to keep life simple. Neither of these signs is an overthinker unless they have plenty of air elsewhere in the chart. Taurus is more of a toucher. They like to express themselves physically through taste, touch, smell, sound. This is how they convey an idea, and they are often fairly creative thinkers. Aries will appreciate this too, and they are also creative. In a different way, however.

The Aries tends to create as they go. They invest energy into creating something every moment. When they have a thought, it leaps out of their mouth before they think and creates something new each time. The Taurus, conversely, tends to think more slowly and consider every option before saying anything. The Aries will have to accept that they are never going to rush their Taurus into any decision, and if they try, the Taurus will just dig their heels in deeper.

Taureans will have to have a lot of time to make up their mind, and once their minds are made up, they will never change. This may also infuriate the Aries, who will change if they need to, but when faced with opposition, they do tend to rage on and on, feeling as if they have to argue for the sake of arguing.

These two must learn to gracefully accept and respect each other’s decision, whether they think it’s rushed or too slow. In fact, if they learn a little bit of balance, then they can actually be a wonderful match for each other as they find that middle ground between not taking too long nor rushing into a decision.


heart clothes peg washing lineThis relationship can be characterised by mutual devotion, respect, and commitment. When these two stop battling against each other, they see that they are a great team. They can find an easy middle ground in terms of pace; neither rushes nor procrastinates. When they are flexible and accepting of each other, they see that they have a partner for life; a loyal friend, lover, companion. This relationship can last. So, when they put peace and compromise above all else, they’ll see how strong they can be together. They must work on the tendency to lock horns, however. Then the only real obstacle here is stubbornness and wanting to have things their way. With time and maturity, they will see that giving way creates better things for both of them. There can be a lovely mix of passion and sexuality as these two outdo each other in the romance department.

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