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Cancer & Cancer Personalities

Cancer CrabOf course, these two are going to have loads in common and have a high level of compatibility, being the same sign. Although, at times, they will seem very different indeed and this can all be due to their mood at the moment. Cancerians are always exchanging, always in a phase, always in a new mood. Sometimes they are high and bouncy, sporting bright blue hair and a new piercing. Sometimes they are sober and serious, twin sets and suits. Then it will change at some point.

Sometimes, these two will be in the same phase, but more often they will be on totally different tracks. This is good because they don’t want to be exactly the same. Variety is the spice of life, after all. However, because they are so deeply intuitive and empathetic, they may very easily merge into each other and become one person. Cancer people are defensive and fearful of being hurt, but with each other, they find that their defenses melt away and they sink into each other.

To Flea or to Settle?

Cancer & Cancer CompatibilityBoth share a strong tendency to sentimentalism and are very attached to the home and parents. Funnily enough, Cancer is the sign most likely to travel or emigrate. They are always searching for the home that feels right rather than the home they were born in. This can take them very far away from their family of origin and it will hurt them. Despite this, however, they feel impelled to make a home of their own. This can take time, and some only settle down in their 30s or 40s. It is essential that these two meet each other in the roaming or settling period and be on the same mission. Otherwise, they may hit a brick wall and get hurt.

Cancerians also share a very strong imagination and creative energy, and both usually love cooking, nesting and getting cosy. They equally love being out and about if the mood takes them. They can be the life of the party, but they have to feel like it. There’s just no way to get a Cancerian out if they aren’t emotionally in the right space. They can’t fake it!

Family comes first to this sign. So they will have to find a compromise on whose family gets priority, and change that so that each person’s nearest and dearest get the attention they need. Mothers especially are extremely important to each person, and they know to respect that.

Cancer & Cancer Dating

These two may have a deep and profound Psychic connection at times. Dating each other is sweet and tender. There is so much sentimentality and squishiness here that most onlookers would feel slightly nauseated, and of course, very jealous. Although Cancer doesn’t rush into things and is quite guarded and fearful of being hurt, they will fall deeply in love with each other as their soft hearts open to love. It may take a bit of time to trust, and always with the Cancer, they have to learn to let go of the past. They need to leave their exes behind and start anew for a relationship to work. Both may have this tendency, so have to respect each other enough to release any past loves.

Cancer & Cancer DatingOnce they do, this couple can feel really at one. For example, they love nothing more than a cosy night in, perhaps going through old photo albums and learning about each other’s families. Cooking a delicious meal or watching their favourite emotional drama. Introverted and reclusive, these crabs find a lovely joint shell to live it, and their home is their palace.


They will have to watch for each other’s moodiness becoming an area of tension because they will so easily pick up and feed off one another. They are both easily triggered and reactive, and this may result in emotional showdowns of the highest drama. Because they know each other’s wounds, they are capable of inflicting great cruelty on each other when they feel attacked. They will be remorseful afterward, yet in the moment they are relentless and have to practice emotional restraint. They are both too easily drown in a feeling and neither will be able to get each other out if they don’t try.

Marriage & Children

Marriage and kids will never be far from their minds, likely from the very beginning of the relationship, even if they don’t admit it. They may either want to adopt or avoid children altogether, but their commitment is never in question, whatever they decide. Just from an emotional standpoint, even if there is drama, they will hold on tightly to one another.

This couple can be too much emotion at times, or they can be a model of sweetness, tenderness and nurturing. They take care of each other and have each other’s best interest at heart, yet they may need to be watchful of drowning in each other at times.

Cancer & Cancer Sexuality

Cancer & Cancer CompatibilityThese two both have to access emotion before sexuality. Once they feel connected on a heart to heart level, they open up beautifully to sexuality and can be tender, caring and gentle lovers. The best part of sex for the Cancerian is the snuggling afterward. They can simply hold each other for ages before even heading into sex. It doesn’t take a Psychic to see the chemistry between these two!

Exclusivity is important for these signs. They belong to each other and each other alone. Any whiff of a third party or open relationship is out of the question for them. Experimentation is not so important to them as a lasting and deep connection, body, mind, and soul. They’re intuitive lovers and will set out to satisfy each other. They are generous in bed and can have a very balanced sex life.

If they are “not in the mood”, they are really not in the mood. They simply can’t engage if they aren’t in the right space for it, if they feel ignored, neglected or hurt in any way. They have to first deal with their feelings before being able to open up.

Making babies is also a focus for these two, and even if they are trying to avoid, the thought is never far from their mind. Inwardly, they may yearn for a child, so sex is very much the pathway to that goal for them. The sex between them is very intimate and very close, perhaps closer than in many other relationships.

Cancer & Cancer Emotional

Cancer & Cancer CompatibilityBeing a water sign means that both of these people are highly emotional, moody at times, sensitive and easily hurt. They are usually quite gentle with each other, knowing this. So, it’s only when they feel hurt or afraid of being hurt that they are cruel with each other’s feelings. They know where to stab to get the greatest reaction. Generally, however, they are tender and kind to each other and emotionally nurturing, gentle and sweet.

They may just have to watch that their moodiness doesn’t affect the relationship too much. That they don’t project or inflict their moods onto each other. Giving each other space when they need it is key here, even if they feel insecure or as if it is them who has personally affected each other. The chances are that it has nothing to do with each other and that they are probably taking it all too personally.

Cancer & Cancer Intellectual

Imagination is the go-to for these two mentally, and they communicate colourfully to each other, making use of stories to get a point across. These two love analogies, so they use them freely when confronting a sticky issue.

Sometimes, their moods get in the way of being able to be rational and reasonable with each other. Both are challenged to try and step outside of the emotional triggers and see some sense. Otherwise the chances are that they may miscommunicate or be misunderstood at times.


Cancer & Cancer CompatibilityThis relationship can be one that lasts a long time, due to the powerful emotional connection that they have and the desire to make a nest and build a home, perhaps raise a family together. Both of these people want the same thing if they meet each other during the right phase of life.

Equally, this relationship can be trying as both are moody and defensive and hate confrontation. There can be too much emotional reactivity here or feeding off each other’s more negative moods, which can make the relationship dramatic.

If they can learn to be grounded and reasonable as well as tender and nurturing, empathetic and supportive, they should do just fine. With all these elements they weill enjoy a very sweet, tender and loving relationship together. They will strive to make each other feel good, and there is a high chance of them committing down the road. Finding their perfect home will be of the utmost importance to them.

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