Cancer & Leo – Love, Dating, Sex and More!


Cancer & Leo Personalities

This fire and water sign may seem like they have little in common, but there are a few qualities which help them to find some common ground. The first in the importance and emphasis on family. Cancer people are known to have a powerful relationship with their mothers, male or female, for better or for worse. Further than that, they also have a very strong bond with their children, if they have any. Cancerians who are parents are very protective and nurturing of their young.

Leo people are also very family orientated. Thinking about the Lion that represents them and the emphasis on their Pride, one might see how integral the idea of their family is. Leos are protective and strong. They are also warm and loyal to a fault. They will faithfully defend those they love to their death. So, if these two do get together, they can rest easy in the fact that when it comes to family, they are on the same page. Doing an online Love reading may help to show the true nature of their compatibility at times.

Cancer & Leo Moods

Other than that, the water and fire signs can be quite different, and water does have a tendency to put out the fire’s flame. Cancer is very moody, very sensitive and very up and down. They are kind, empathetic and tender on their good days, and defensive and sulky on bad ones.

Leo people are seldom moody, and they have a sunnier way of looking at life. This can either lift the Cancerian up or irritate them when they just need empathy. However, Leos also have their flaws. They can be guilty of being proud, controlling, dramatic and stubborn. When both of these signs’ dark sides come out to play, there can be a little too much drama.

However, when they are at their best, there can be a lot of care and fun to be had. Whilst Leo is more outgoing, and Cancer more introverted, when a Cancer feels like sparkling, they are the life of the party. Laughter and silly jokes are the order of the day with plenty of tenderness in-between.

Cancer & Leo Dating

It doesn’t take a Psychic to see the chemistry between these two! The romance can be very strong here. Cancer people are not swept off their feet easily as they are very afraid of being hurt. This is because they attach so strongly when they do fall. Cancerians cling on to their lovers with the tenacity of the crab they represent, even when the relationship has long ended. When they love, they love with their whole hearts, and they are very vulnerable indeed.

They need not worry too much with the Leo breaking their heart unless there are other factors at play in their charts. Generally speaking, when a Leo commits, it’s for life. Leo people take love seriously, but some of them play the field for a long time before they find someone they feel worthy enough to settle down with. At heart, they have a lot of love to give and truly want to build a life with the one they care about.

Personalities & Emotions

Leo people are full of love, the same way that the Cancerian is. When these two are good, they’re really good. Sometimes, the Leo can find it challenging when the Cancerian is being moody or in their shell. Leo is open, bright and sunny. They believe in standing up to fight and not withdrawing into silence. It can be frustrating to the Leo to deal with the coldness that the sensitive Cancerian seems to exhibit, but they will learn over time that the Cancer just needs some time, and the Leo won’t be ignored forever.

Leos need a lot of attention and can be very demanding, and most of the time, the Cancer will be attentive and caring. However, Leo does also need to learn that they are not the centre of the universe, just as Cancer also needs to learn not to be overindulgent with themselves emotionally. When these two are being self-involved, they can cause a lot of unnecessary drama in their relationship.

There will be no trouble with romance, however. Dating will feel very special, and will always be special. Both Leo and cancer can expect to be wooed with flowers, gifts, foot rubs, massages, and kind words. They will lavish sentimentality on each other. They can be very mushy and sweet.

Cancer & Leo Sexuality

Cancer & Leo CompatibilityThese two should have no problems sexually, as they can have a fairly equal sex drive. The motivation for each person is rather different, however. Cancer people want love and cuddles and emotional connection. Leo types really don’t need any excuse to have sex; they are always ready! Nor do they need to be warmed up really, unless they have been “ignored” for a while. An ignored or neglected Leo is a very unhappy Lion. They will flounce around sulking and making it known that they need a lot more attention than they have been getting.

Hence, as long as the Cancerian has been giving them the loving attention they thrive on, and the Leo has been emotionally tending to the Cancerian, their sex life should be excellent. There will be a great deal of passion, warmth, and sensuality. Cancer will go out of their way to please, and intuitively sense what the Leo person needs in that moment, which makes them masterful lovers.

Leo will respond with passion, although they would prefer to take the lead. They may often be the ones initiating sex, and they can be powerfully sexy in that dominating role. One would not imagine the Leo to lie there passively and take it; they will be the ones in charge and calling the shots. Fortunately, Cancer people are happy to allow that and don’t mind not being in the dominating role.

The only real challenge here will be Leo’s hunger for constant and consistent sex. Cancer people actually enjoy the cuddling part more, and may sometimes be tired out by the Leo’s libido! There are few people, besides the Scorpio perhaps, that can keep up with the Leo’s energy and power.

Cancer & Leo Emotional

Cancer & Leo CompatibilityCancer people are water signs. So, of course, they are extremely emotional and sensitive. They thrive on feelings, and are empathetic, kind, caring and nurturing at their best. They can also be extremely moody and changeable, which may be jarring to the less emotional Leo. Leo’s primary challenging emotion is anger, whereas the primary positive emotion is sunny happiness. However, when angry, the Leo can be rather intimidating. So, the Cancer, being as sensitive as they are, will simply shut down and crawl into their shells. Their primary positive feeling is caring, and their primary difficult feeling is sadness.

Fire and water will always be a bit emotionally volatile because they are so reactive. Both of these people may need to learn to tone it down a little, not immediately become crying and upset, nor angry and temperamental.

Cancer & Leo Intellectual

Both of these people can be very expressive when they communicate. The Cancerian has an imaginative way of seeing the world and communicates in a way that is emotive, sympathetic, caring and intuitive. They are perhaps not the most logical, yet they are often right on the money despite not following a particular set of facts. However, when they are upset, their communication can become defensive and blurry. This could then create problems with the fiery Leo. Leo will be asked to hold space and stay calm in this situation. They should hold their tempers in check so that these two can have a conversation that isn’t loaded with too much volatility.

The Leo may also need to learn to listen as well as the Cancer. They should also try their best not to only speak of their own experiences. They may come across as self-absorbed or opinionated, even stubborn at times.


Cancer & Leo CompatibilityThis relationship is either an absolute winner; warm, loving, nurturing and passionate, or it inspires too many strong feelings; is volatile and dramatic. It depends on how willing this couple is to work on their own stuff in order to make the relationship work.

Family is a strong common bond between them, and if they have one, they will usually be loyal to the end and fight to make it work. If they are just dating, it can get tiring, yet the rewards of love, empathy and devotion can be a spur to keep going. They know that they have found someone who, despite feeling frustrated at times, will be at their side for years to come. They will have their backs through thick and thin.

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