Cancer & Virgo – Love, Dating, Sex and More!


Cancer & Virgo Personalities

Cancer & Virgo Zodiac CompatibilityIt doesn’t take a Psychic to see the compatibility between this couple!
This earth and water sign get along well, and the better they get to know each other, the smoother it becomes to relate easily. Both are concerned with the idea of security – emotional and physical – and will want to create a life that feels safe on all those levels and more.

Cancer people are gentle, kind and empathetic, They have a sincere desire to care for others. They are loving towards their families, attached to their mothers (for better or worse), and just want a nest to call their own. However, some cancer people may roam many years before settling down. The earthier and stability-focused Virgo could be stressed meeting the Cancer in that phase, as they are in a state of perpetual change.


Even if the Cancer is not changing country, they are and always will be in a phase. Fortunately, however, even though Virgo can get stressed, they are the most adaptable of the earth signs. All they need to really do is come up with a plan and a to-do list to feel back in control. Neither of these people, even though they will eventually settle down, is resistant to change. Thus making for a good foundation for their relationship.

Cancer & Virgo Zodiac CompatibilityWhat may sometimes come up as a problem, is the tendency for both signs to worry far too much. Cancer people are the types that will check up on their loved ones every other way to make sure they are alright. Virgo folks just worry for no good reason at all, usually. They both need to try their very best not to blow up each other’s worries this way. Or else they can both become a little neurotic.


What is a lovely balance for the nurturing Cancer is the Virgo’s strong and true desire to be supportive and helpful. Virgo people show their care by doing small little errands, acts of service. So, even though they are critical, they are deeply kind and want to be useful. Sometimes, it’s nice for the Cancer to put their feet up and relax.


Because Cancer is a water sign, they are therefore extremely emotional and sensitive. They may react badly to the Virgo’s critical and sharp tongues, even though the Virgo is only trying to help. It may seem as if the Cancer is Psychic at times. However, Virgo people do need to be aware of how they might come across, as they push buttons at times without knowing. Virgo sees things as black and white, and they can be highly judgemental, which will make the Cancer feel rather insecure at times. Practicing kind and conscious communication is important here. This is because when the Cancer lashes out, they lash hard and that can be challenging to deal with.

Cancer & Virgo Dating

Dating each other will be a slow but steady courtship, and full of romance and surprises here and there. These two have refined tastes, and they enjoy places that have atmosphere and good food. Virgo particularly is fussy when it comes to food. They will most likely know the exact places to go where the food is organic, ethically sourced and very healthy. It is rare to find a Virgo who doesn’t like to eat well. Cancer adores cooking and will go out of their way to figure out what the Virgo likes to make it for them. Cancer people’s best date is one at home, with a good bottle of wine, interesting conversation and amazing, home-cooked meals.


Cancer & Virgo Zodiac CompatibilityBecause these two are more introverted, they should be happy to just stay at home and chill out. Virgo often works so hard that they are simply exhausted by the week’s end. They appreciate and love having a lovely nest to come back to, regardless of the gender of the pair. Cancer people just have a knack for creating a safe and loving home space. So, this should be an area of joy to both.

That’s not to say that they can’t be adventurous. These two can stretch away from their comfort zone and may love travelling. As long as there is a plan and it’s comfortable. There is nothing worse to both than flying by the seat of their pants or sleeping in a place that doesn’t have a comfy bed and good food.

Romantically, neither should be lost of kindness here; both truly want to do good by each other and help one another feel cared for. Acts of service are common, and they have a good way of sharing tasks. The only challenge lies in the Cancer person’s sensitivity to the Virgo criticism. So, the Virgo will just need to learn to be kinder with their judgements and the Cancerian to be less defensive and reactive. What is a lovely gift here is the Virgo’s ability to hold a calm and practical space for the Cancerian’s moodiness. This helps them to feel grounded and stable in the most emotional of times.

Cancer & Virgo Sexuality

Cancer & Virgo Zodiac CompatibilityThere should be a good rhythm here sexually as in most other areas of this relationship. All earth signs, including the Virgo, can be very sensual and they simply love engaging their touch, taste and smell senses when it comes to sex. Nothing is sexier to the Virgo than the smell of their lover’s body, the feel of their skin, and the taste of their lips. However, Virgo, symbolised by the Virgin, can be hard to get to at first, coming off as shy and reserved. But on getting to know them, these can be some of the wildest signs around!

Cancer is a tender and intuitive lover and will love the sensuality for the Virgo. They’ll need emotional connection before sex, so that will be important to do, otherwise they are really “not in the mood”. An unhappy Cancer who feels upset is not a cancer who will be able to shrug it off and do it – they need tenderness and cuddling, and plenty of it. In fact, the best part of sex is the cuddling for the Cancer, and they can spend hours afterward in the arms of Virgo, or holding them, whichever works.

Cancer & Virgo Emotional

Cancer & Virgo Zodiac CompatibilityCancer is, of course, the one who is much more emotional and sensitive than Virgo, who is the earth sign and more grounded and practical when it comes to feelings. These earthy qualities are just what the Cancer needs to feel safe and secure when they are in an emotional storm. The Virgo can then help contain them and bring them back to reality when they are feeling all over the show.

That’s not to say that the Virgo is perfect, however. They are also worriers, but they don’t tend to get swept away by raw feeling. They will always, always analyse things and try and think their way out, which can sometimes be a problem. The empathetic Cancer person can help them to get a little more in touch with their emotions and be a touch less analytical at times.

Cancer & Virgo Intellectual

compatibilityIf Cancer is the emotional one, Virgo tends to be the more intellectual one, and they thrive on a good conversation. Virgo people are highly analytical and clever. So, they may spend a little too much time in their heads, just as the Cancer can spend too much time wallowing in emotion. Hence, there is a lovely balance here of heart and head, and although the Cancerian communicates in a more intuitive way than illogical, there can be good understanding here nonetheless.

The Virgo, once again, will just have to be careful to not be too critical and sharp, as they can inadvertently hurt the sensitive Cancer with their words. If the Virgo is looking for a partner to exchange criticisms with and to analyse the world, the Cancer is not the best person to recruit. With this in mine, they may have to find that intellectual fodder with a close friend or family member.


Cancer & Virgo Zodiac CompatibilityThis relationship can be a very tender, loving, caring and nurturing one. Both of these partners worry a lot about each other, and this makes them prone to looking out for each other. They share a desire for security and stability, yet are open to change if and when it comes.

The Virgo’s calm particularly is an anchor in times of storminess for the emotional Cancer. Although they can also be critical and sharp, they are always trying to help, and the sooner the Cancer senses that, the better. Both have very kind hearts which always want the best for each other.

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