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Capricorn Love Compatibility Insight

Gruff and seemingly unromantic, the Capricorns’ formal manner is a mere representation of their seriousness when it comes to love. Ambitious in their careers, they also look for success in their relationship. Capricorn people are very loyal and can be very demanding, but this is only because they’re in for the long haul once they make a commitment.

capricorn to aries
Capricorn to Aries
Anything is possible, once they agree. Love and devotion is very strong. Relationship requires a lot of hard work.
capricorn to taurus
Capricorn to Taurus
In-sync and happy to be in their own company. You’ll be attracted to good fortune and there’ll be plenty of it. You are both very direct and to the point and you do not mince words.

capricorn to gemini
Capricorn to Gemini
Different mind-set, but they can teach each other. There’s a marked tendency towards argumentativeness and sharp words between the two of you which will need to be worked on. Gemini also has a tendency to be irresponsible and careless which can upset and annoy Capricorn.

capricorn to cancer
Capricorn to Cancer
They’re opposites who are complete when linked. You both a have tremendous romantic imagination and feeling for beauty. In many ways the two of you are complete opposites but this relationship can be very strong.

capricorn to leo
Capricorn to Leo
A high level of public recognition works for both. Capricorns tend to be emotionally detached, reserved, and somewhat cynical in their attitudes, while Leo is warm, enthusiastic and cheerful. An overall feeling of pessimism may descend on the both of you from time to time.

capricorn to virgo
Capricorn to Virgo
Common goals, dreams, wishes – a winning formula! Loyalty, stability and commitment characterizes this relationship. As a couple, you have a strong need for material security, preferring to play it safe rather than taking risks.

capricorn to libra
Capricorn to Libra
When the going gets tough, they’re supportive. There is a poetic, fantastical quality to this relationship. You may be strongly attracted to and deeply in love one another, but your relationship will be prone to emotional ups and downs.

capricorn to scorpio
Capricorn to Scorpio
A force to be reckoned with – influential. For neither of you does trust come readily, both of you afraid of being vulnerable or out of control. You’re inclined to be very fascinated with one another, and this dreamy, romantic, mutual interest will bring out your erotic imaginations.

capricorn to sagittarius
Capricorn to Sagittarius
They are both dedicated to their individual missions. Capricorn’s confidence, efficiency and social influence are greatly enhanced by Sagittarius’s outgoing presence and encouragement. This relationship has definite long-term potential and between you, there is a lot of money to be made.

capricorn to capricorn
Capricorn to Capricorn
Life is bliss when you’re both reaching for the top. You appreciate integrity, maturity and responsibility. Between you there is a deep, powerful feeling of emotional attachment.

capricorn to aquarius
Capricorn to Aquarius
Aquarian insightfulness and Cap practicality unites. A problem could develop in the relationship if either of you become too focused on external matters causing you to become detached and aloof from each other. Living a secure, conventional and predictable life is not a high priority for this relationship.

capricorn to pisces
Capricorn to Pisces
They can access deeper levels within themselves. As a couple, you often enjoy a nice lazy weekend. Both of you have certain reserve, introspection, and depth and you may have much to offer one another if you are willing to appreciate the differences between you.

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