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Nonchalant in a relationship, it can be hard to see how serious Gemini people are. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re not. They simply prefer to develop a friendship first before making a commitment, so that they feel comfortable with their partner. So when it comes to Gemini Zodiac Compatibility, these people look for a partner that can challenge them physically and intellectually. One who will bring spontaneity to spice up their relationship.

Gemini Zodiac Compatibility - gemini to aries
Gemini to Aries
These two love to chase new and exciting rainbows. You focus so much time and attention on one another. You’ll feel very dynamic in the activities you get involved with.
Gemini Zodiac Compatibility - gemini to taurus
Gemini to Taurus
They have a bank of information – stimulating. To keep the relationship strong, it is important for you to respect each other’s differing styles. This relationship can work but it will require a great deal of compromise; otherwise, you will be doomed to a life of misery.
Gemini Zodiac Compatibility
Gemini to Gemini
Fun and frivolity. Life’s a party – never a dull moment. There will always be an element of spontaneity and a certain eccentricity. Fun-packed and exciting relationship, but may lack long-term potential. 

gemini to cancer
Gemini to Cancer
Mind and heart interlocks – there’s lots to learn. Gemini is very flexible and adaptable and can learn a lot of things from a Cancer. Your relationship is extremely energizing and stimulating.

gemini to leo
Gemini to Leo
Mutual appreciation for each other’s individuality. There’s a strong sense of belonging and acceptance between the two of you. You both love drama and color.

gemini to virgo
Gemini to Virgo
Mind powers are in sync – can be brilliant. Gemini is more of a risk-taker and will gradually turn Virgo in this direction. You both like to talk and appreciate one another’s wit and communication.

gemini to libra
Gemini to Libra
Arm in arm, they strive to please each other. Together you will be inspired to take action and do things that rally confidence in the relationship. Be careful that the aggressiveness in the relationship does not turn into anger and hurt feelings.

gemini to scorpio
Gemini to Scorpio
There’s lots of interest and intrigue with these two. The disparity between the two of you is great and you have to strive to make your differences complement one another. Your emotional natures especially are so different that you have great difficulty appreciating or understanding the other.

gemini to sagittarius
Gemini to Sagittarius
Together they can accomplish the impossible. Enormous benefits, success, and growth will come to both of you through the vehicle of your relationship. You both like to be dominant in one way or another, particularly in discussion or debate.

gemini to capricorn
Gemini to Capricorn
They’re opposites who can make magic happen. Petty bickering and inconsistencies accompany this relationship and it can lead to massive arguments. Strong sexual desires and physical love-making are a big factor in this relationship.

Gemini Zodiac Compatibility - gemini to aquarius
Gemini to Aquarius
This is excitement plus union – excellent! Being together will bring many changes to your life. You both need to handle one another’s independence and intelligence logically.

Gemini Zodiac Compatibility - gemini to pisces
Gemini to Pisces
An innate understanding of the other’s dual personality. A lack of clarity and realism is destined to be one of the challenges. If you’re looking for a steady hand or a Rock of Gibraltar relationship, look elsewhere.

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