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Pisces Love Compatibility Insight

Bewitching in their ways, Pisces people are known to steal the hearts of many in an instant. They are very sensitive and emotional, making a relationship with them an exciting roller coaster ride. They are, however, selfless and love unconditionally once they commit to a relationship. One of their main goals in life is to find their true soulmate.

pisces to aries
Pisces to Aries
When mind and emotions link, it’s magical. You stimulate each other, both in sexual and non-sexual ways. You are also inclined to irritate each other.
pisces to taurus
Pisces to Taurus
Romantically in-tune, they’re in love paradise. This relationship is on the boil all the time due to the strong physical attraction between the two. This can lead to some fast and furious pursuits of each other.

pisces to gemini
Pisces to Gemini
An understanding and appreciation of each other. You may not always see eye to eye on issues. You’ll have to work hard if you want to make the relationship permanent.

pisces to cancer
Pisces to Cancer
These two click, and build a beautiful love nest. Professionally and socially, this is a fabulous relationship, expanding your contacts and presenting new opportunities to you both. You’ll have an intuitive awareness of each other, knowing if something’s wrong with the other.

pisces to leo
Pisces to Leo
There’s a mutual respect for individual qualities. There is an obsessive, emotionally intense quality to the relationship. If you desire a peaceful relationship, this combination is not for you.

pisces to virgo
Pisces to Virgo
Intellect and instinct combinations can be powerful. You complement each others differences and there is a lot you can learn from one another. This is a good relationship with strong prospects for marriage that will be very well worth your while.

pisces to libra
Pisces to Libra
The attraction is romance, and stimulating discussion. You’re very good listeners, receptive to each other’s point of view. You’ll both appreciate the other’s gentle attitude.

pisces to scorpio
Pisces to Scorpio
Complete with intense love, and plenty of action. Security is extremely important to both of you, and you’ll work hard to build it in this relationship. If you’re looking for marriage or a long-term partner, then this is for you.

pisces to sagittarius
Pisces to Sagittarius
There’s something mystically special with this union. Both of you have strong imaginations, and you must have a dream to live for. The sexual chemistry between you leaves a lot to be desired although you are fascinated by one another.

pisces to capricorn
Pisces to Capricorn
Together they can reach inner levels of wonderment. As a couple, you are inclined to over-do the good life, putting too much emphasis on luxury, vacations and other transitionary pleasures. You are the opposite of each other in many respects.

pisces to aquarius
Pisces to Aquarius
Combined, they have it all – the ying and yang. Your affections for each other will weather the most difficult trials through life. This can be an interesting long-term relationship.

pisces to pisces
Pisces to Pisces
Heavenly bliss – these two are totally in tune. Both of you posses a great sensitivity and sympathy, imagination and intuition. You understand one another on a very deep level.

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