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Free-spirited and very passionate, Sagittarians can be quite unconventional when it comes to relationships. They seek a partner as independent and strong-willed as them. They also look for honesty and believe it necessary in a healthy, and lasting, relationship. They seek security but also value their individuality, so a balance must be achieved.

sagittarius to aries
Sagittarius to Aries
These two have an instant connection. You’ll understand that the love is quite deep in its own way. Enthusiasm and high spirits play a large part in this relationship.
sagittarius to taurus
Sagittarius to Taurus
Mind and heart connection is encouraging. You have very different and often conflicting emotional needs. In some ways, you’re the odd couple with opposing traits.

sagittarius to gemini
Sagittarius to Gemini
Creative accomplishments are brilliant and many. You both have the talent for being farsighted about new directions and experimentation. You will experience the heights and depths of love and hate, attraction and repulsion, agony and ecstasy.

sagittarius to cancer
Sagittarius to Cancer
Evolvement by learning to love unconditionally. Passionate relationship, but also an aggressive, combative one at times, jealousy and possessiveness are also likely to raise their heads. Your natures are very different and you’re bound to clash really heavily sometimes.

sagittarius to leo
Sagittarius to Leo
A dynamic pair – loads of presence! You stimulate one another’s faith, optimism and idealism, allowing you to dream big, and together you feel that everything is possible. Both of you have great fortitude and the capacity to survive difficult circumstances, allowing you to overcome tremendous odds.

sagittarius to virgo
Sagittarius to Virgo
This union can be extremely supportive to each other. Over time, the two of you will have a serious difference of opinion. It is inevitable that Sagittarius will often become annoyed with Virgo’s criticism and Virgo will be frustrated by Sagittarius’s sloppiness.

sagittarius to libra
Sagittarius to Libra
Love and work are balanced evenly. Various concerns can gradually cause your relationship to become mired in serious matters, making both of you feel stifled by your responsibilities. A strong factor in your attraction to one another is the sense that your relationship has deep, stable connection.

sagittarius to scorpio
Sagittarius to Scorpio
Both having positive attitudes – build togetherness. This is a passionate relationship that can become quite aggressive and combative. The two of you are very different and it will take a lot of compassion and understanding for you stay together for any length of time.

sagittarius to sagittarius
Sagittarius to Sagittarius
Two lucky signs entwined – they’re in heaven! With so much in common, you will have a wonderful time together. This is a very enthusiastic and optimistic relationship that can be fabulous in the long run.

sagittarius to capricorn
Sagittarius to Capricorn
Cap and Sag are both focused on their quest for life. Sagittarius likes to be playful, and is likely to be the optimist in the relationship and Capricorn the realist. The rich range of experiences that you will share will enrich your outlook on life.

sagittarius to aquarius
Sagittarius to Aquarius
A love of independence unites this pair. This is a really dynamic relationship because you’re both outgoing and progressive people. There is a great wealth of warmth, intimacy and depth to this relationship.

sagittarius to pisces
Sagittarius to Pisces
There’s an intuitive and mystical connection. Your relationship will have its highs and lows and you will arouse unusual feelings in one another, as well as evoking sympathy and compassion. There are many differences between you.

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