Taurus & Cancer Compatibility – Love, Dating, Sex and More!


Taurus & Cancer Personalities

Taurus black ram headThese are two are deeply compatible. The earth and water signs have plenty in common when it comes to their personalities. The main quality they share is their nurturing, caring and gentle energy, which they’ll pick up just as soon as they meet each other. It’s rather surprising they meet each other at all. They are such homebodies that they rarely venture from the comforts of their individual nests!

The Cancerian

The Cancerian is a sensitive soul. Taurus could meet them in one of their quicksilver and ever-changing moods, sometimes a bit of a lunatic, sometimes hysterically funny and other times, weepy as anything. Cancer people change by the moment, emotionally, and sometimes this may mirror in their lifestyles, too. Cancer people are forever searching for their “real home”, which is often far from where they were actually born. Eventually, however, they do settle down, and hopefully, this is the time that the Taurus meets them.

The Taurean

Cancer black crabTaurus people are like a mountain – solid, firm, and grounded. Nothing much fusses them, and they love nothing more than to stay close to the place they were born. They love to go to the same restaurant they always did and do the same traditional things they have done every year. This may be tremendously comforting to the Cancerian who is yearning for safety and security, and indeed, a home, that could be the Taurean.

In the same way that earth contains water, gives it shape and helps it not to run all over the place, water nourishes the earth. So, this can be translated into how these personalities match each other. The Taurus certainly helps the Cancerian to find firmer footing, and the Cancerian softens the Taurus. They take care of them lovingly. This meeting of personalities is a very favorable one. Both tend to be more introverted and home-loving. They seek security over being out “there” and extroverted.

Taurus & Cancer Dating

This is a lovely combination for a romantic relationship. Softness, gentleness and nurturing are hallmarks of their connection, and there is a wonderful tenderness for each other. Taurus is terribly romantic. They pull out all the stops when they get into a relationship. They are very happy to light candles, play music and whisk their starry-eyed Cancerian partner off to a lovely restaurant or a sunset picnic. Taurus is very sensual, so they will go out of their way to engage all the senses when in the wooing stage. They’ll dress up, wear the finest perfume/cologne and do their utmost to impress the Cancerian. It doesn’t take a Crystal Ball to see what the future holds for these two!

Taurus & Cancer hold handsTo Take it Slow or Speed Things Up?

However, it is important to remember that Taurus takes a very long time to trust any relationship. They are terrified of change and the change and risk a new relationship brings. Hence, they are slow burners despite their charm and wooing. Cancer, on the other hand, is quick to fall, falls deeply and wears their hearts on their sleeve. This may inspire the Taurus to do the same, and perhaps help them to open up more easily and quickly.

Cancer will also woo the Taurus hard. They do this usually by way of their excellent cooking and creative, imaginative ideas for special dates. No one loves quite as deeply as Cancer or tries so hard to make their partner feel adored and nurtured. Both tend to crave security and safety, so they will make their way, albeit slowly from Taurus to a strong and committed bond. Both tend to be rather afraid of getting hurt, so they will be careful -but when they trust, they trust completely. They want to build something stable and secure together and settling down and raising a family is never far from their minds, especially the Cancerian. Though the Taurus may be scared at first, they’ll get used to the idea of forever.

What also really works here is the ability of the Taurus to hold a safe space for the Cancerian to express their strong emotions. Taurus is calm and patient, and Cancer feels deeply, often expressing their changing emotions in all sorts of ways. The Taurus listens calmly and makes the Cancerian feel held and heard, just as the Cancerian holds the Taurus when they are having a tough time.

Taurus & Cancer Sexuality

Taurus & cancer pregnancy scan

Sexually, just as in every other way, these two are extremely compatible. The Taurus approaches sex from an extremely sensual and physical point of view. They can be very primal in their desires. For example, they love how their partner smells and tastes when it comes to lovemaking. They are also very touchy-feely and so their Cancerian partner should get a lot of stroking and physical affection. This will make them very happy indeed!

Cancer people make love with their hearts before their bodies. Therefore, they tend to need a deep emotional connection before they can open their bodies up to someone else. Fortunately, they often do feel this with the Taurus. Perhaps simply because the Taurus is so physically loving and affectionate.

This is a couple whose sex life will be passionate, yet not hasty or slapdash. They take their sweet time, savoring each other and there is plenty of love in the sexual act. They spend almost as much time, if not more, cuddling before and after. Taurus does have the habit of becoming lazy as time goes by, so they do have to be more proactive about sex. They must not allow it to become such a routine that both get bored. However, even if these two don’t engage in so much sex later down the line, they have such a strong physical bond that they feel happy simply by holding each other, kissing, hugging and so on.

Taurus & Cancer Emotional

couple embracingThese two are a very good emotional match, most of the time, Taurus does take a little longer to open up than the wear-your-heart-on-your-sleeve Cancerian, but generally they work together well. The Taurus is the one who holds the space for Cancer to get emotional, to express their strong feelings openly without holding back. Cancerian people are very moody indeed, and Taurus is one of the few signs that is able to handle it without reacting. Taurus just listens patiently and offers a strong shoulder to cry on.

However, Cancerian people must not expect Taurus to do the same. Taurean people are drama-free, and they don’t have as much access to deep emotion the way that the Cancerian does, which is a good thing. Too much emotion and the relationship can just become a nonstop drama. Both tend to have the needed empathy to emotionally support each other and that is more than good enough.

Taurus & Cancer Intellectual

Both of these people tend to think creatively rather than logically. This is great as it serves them both in this relationship when it comes to their communication. They try and always think of creative solutions to a problem, as well as practical. Cancer people tend to worry overmuch, and the Taurus is the ideal soother. They are often coming up with the most grounded solution to a problem.

Cancerians are good listeners who always offer empathy when communicating, and so the Taurus reciprocated by being an equally excellent listener. These two should hopefully never have trouble with “being heard” in the relationship, and they take turns to allow each other to speak their minds. Cancer communicates with a lot more emotion, but the Taurus is very well equipped to handle it and is calm and patient with them.


couple snugglingThis is a lovely relationship full of potential for the long term. The foundation of caring, nurturing and empathy go a very long way to making this relationship stable and secure, which is what both people are looking for. Even though it may take a while for the Taurus to open up and trust, the Cancerian will eventually learn that there is no one quite as committed as these grounded earth signs.

Taurus and Cancer are extremely well-matched physically, emotionally and intellectually. They are creative, sensitive and introverted. They love nothing more than a good night at home on the couch, getting cozy and close. Taurus is a great match for Cancer in the way that they hold their moodiness and sensitivity with patience and calmness. Cancer feels very safe, and Taurus feels nourished and softened by the gentle tenderness of the Cancerian person.

All in all, these two should have a long and happy relationship. They can look forward to building a home and raising a family with each other. Taurus loves nothing more than creating and maintaining their home. Then Cancer will fluff it up and motivate Taurus for having children to fill the space.

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