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Taurus & Gemini Personalities

Taurus & Gemini Compatibility - Black RamThe Taurus and the Gemini are a bit like chalk and cheese. So, it will take some time to get used to each other’s very different personalities. In Astrology, when two signs are just next to each other the way that they are here, it means that there is a lot to learn from one another. However, it may not always be easy. Tradition states that it is the sign ahead that at teaches the sign behind. Therefore, the Gemini should, in some ways, “lead” the Taurus.

However, this is easier said than done. Taurus is remarkably stubborn and hates being told what to do. They dislike change and hate instability, which are everything the Gemini lives for. Gemini is meant to teach the Taurus to loosen up, but Taurus will resist. Taureans like life to be predictable and constant. They feel safest when in their routine, doing the same thing day in and day out, with a few planned adventures thrown in.

Routines & Priorities

Taurus & Gemini Compatibility - Black twins

Gemini, on the other hand, embraces and needs change. They are restless, airy, light and fickle, and they are always curious about the next thing. Taureans may go a little mad trying to get the Gemini to commit to any one thing; be it a job, relationship or even tomorrow’s plans. Gemini may go a little mad trying to get the Taurus to go with the flow and see what happens. Nothing gives the Taurus more anxiety than “seeing what happens”. These two’s priorities are just very different. If they manage to see the beauty in that though and work to create a balance, they can find that they offer each other a lot. Gemini can certainly do with some stability and Taurus can definitely learn to embrace a bit of change from time to time.

What’s more, Taurus tends to be physically and materially motivated, being air and earth sign. Gemini is more mentally motivated, wanting to talk rather than do. Taurus brings the Gemini back down to the ground, which they need. Gemini, in turn, helps lift the Taurus up and out of their usually only physical world. However, it may be difficult to find a thread of compatibility here.

Taurus & Gemini Dating

These two don’t frequent the same places, so it is unusual for them to bump into each other and start dating. When it does happen though, they might find each other very fascinating indeed. To the Gemini, the Taurus seems so stable, secure and grounded, just the qualities that they feel they need. To the Taurus, the Gemini is like a rare bird, exotic, talkative, outgoing and bubbly.

Lovers lying downGemini moves quite fast, and they know quickly whether or not there is a connection. they usually deduce the mental connection between them first. Taurus takes it much, much slower. Instead of talking the way that the Gemini does, they listen attentively and go out of their way to create a lovely, tasteful and sensual physical atmosphere. Though the Gemini may not always notice this since they are usually chatting away. Gemini wants a mental soulmate. Taurus wants a physical one. So, they have to find a way to make these two worlds come together. Oracle Card Readings may come in handy when these two feel lost or uncertain about their relationship.

The Taurus may also be more reluctant than usual to commit. This is because they may sense the Gemini’s flightiness and quickly shifting attention. Gemini people get bored quickly, and that is perhaps the biggest danger to their dating. They crave novelty and hate routine whereas Taurus adores going to the same lovely restaurant, on the same day at the same time, because it’s both special to them and it’s safe. Gemini may not be able to handle this for very long, and Taurus may need to learn to shake things up a little. Yet the Gemini may also need to learn to be patient and gentle with the Taurus, recognizing the fear of change in them.

Taurus & Gemini Sexuality

The sexual energy of these two can very different, but if they can harness those differences, then they can learn so much from each other, sexually. Taurus people are very, very sensual and in touch with their bodies. They get off on taste, touch and especially smell and nothing drives them wilder than a natural scent during lovemaking. In short, they can be very primal in their sexual desire.

Where are my glasses?Gemini may find this all a little bewildering. For them, sex is a game (usually a mental one) so they need a lot of intellectual lubrication before they can engage physically. They may be a little sexually detached, and sometimes no at all in touch with their bodies. This is where the Taurus can assist to help them feel more, engage their senses and enjoy their bodies. It will take a bit of work, whoever, as the pace at which the Taurus goes – slow – may bore them before they even get to the point where they feel they are in their bodies.

Hence, the Gemini may need to remain patient and curious, and enjoy the stroking, smelling, feeling, tasting that that Taurus brings instead of rejecting out because it’s not mental. In the same way, the Taurus needs to try and keep things interesting and fun for the Gemini. They must always try and explore new things to try, or else boredom will set it at some time or another. Doing a Crystal Ball Reading may help this couple during their stickier patches.

Taurus & Gemini Emotionalhangman heart

These two are rather different emotionally, as they are in other ways. However, what they do share is a bit of detachment from their emotions. Taurus just doesn’t like to rock the boat. So, instead of being “messy”, they may brush it away only to erupt at a later stage.

Gemini, on the other hand, is genuinely detached. So, it’s not a matter of brushing things away, it’s simply a tendency to talk about feelings and deal with them rationally rather than try and get into the grittiness of them. These two may spend a long time just not opening up, which may delay intimacy. They, therefore, may need to try and get in touch with how they feel and show that to each other; not just talk about it or ignore it.

What does work is that the Taurus is very good at holding space for the Gemini to communicate their feelings, which won’t be reactive. The Taurus is the eternal rock and the Gemini will learn to deeply appreciate this calm, gentle energy in their lives. It can ground them and help them to really get in touch with themselves both emotionally and physically.

Taurus & Gemini Intellectual

This is the main area where these two can find themselves a bit challenged. Gemini people crave intellectual connection; they are talkers, thinkers and highly intelligent. They are deeply curious and hunger for someone to share their curiosity about the world. Taureans are by no means stupid; their intelligence lies in their bones, their bodies, their calm groundedness. Taureans are more listeners than talkers. So, this can work for a while as the Gemini rattles off their many ideas. Over time, however, the Taurus may need a bit more silence. Then at this point, the Gemini can feel frustrated that the Taurus is not as responsive as they would like.

The Gemini may need to seek that intellectual stimulation they crave from a friend or through studying. Otherwise, they may come to resent the Taurus and not see what they do offer; a chance to balance the mind and the body.


Taurus & Gemini Compatibility - skyline windowThis is not the easiest of relationships. Partly due to the very physical and unchanging nature of the Taurus, partly to the highly restless and ever-changing energy of the Gemini. However, they can find balance when they combine the mental and the physical worlds when they mix stability with change and find a middle ground. The stubbornness of the Taurus’s refusal to change may be the main challenge; the Gemini can get frustrated and impatient with the Taurean’s intractability. Taurus will need to try and be more flexible for the Gemini to be happy with them. In just the same way, Gemini will need to accept that the Taurus can only handle planned change. To quite simply thrust them into anything unexpectedly is somewhat traumatic to these gentle and nurturing signs.

That said, they can be a couple who find a lot of growth in each other and who brings something new to each other’s world, as alien as that seems. They’ll have to make constant adjustments to accommodate each other, but if the love is strong, they are certainly able to do it.

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