Taurus & Pisces Compatibility – Love, Dating, Sex and More!


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Taurus & Pisces Personalities

Taurus black ramIt doesn’t take a Psychic to see the compatibility between this couple! This is a lovely blend of personalities in astrology. Taurus, as an earth sign, tends to stabilize and contain the watery, flowing sign of Pisces, making them feel safe and anchored. Pisces people tend to be very “drifty” and need someone as stable and calm as the Taurus to make them feel grounded. There is no one quite like the Taurus for that feeling of coming home.

In return, Pisces people offer a sense of caring compassion to the people they love. They even offer it to those they don’t know. Taurus will always feel supported and empathetically heard by the soft and gentle Pisces person. Their personalities are extremely complementary and they should experience a high degree of comfort together, knowing that they each bring just the right ingredients to the relationship.

Pisces black fishWhat helps as well is the fact that Pisces people tend to be very adaptable and flexible. Like water, they just flow around obstacles, always finding a way and never pushing. Taureans are more solid, consistent and still, and they can be extremely stubborn. When paired with a stronger-willed type, they easily run into power struggles. However, this is no danger with the easy-going Pisces, who really wants and needs someone to be a strong and decisive character in their lives. Pisces will follow, and let the Taurus light the way.


Both have extremely creative personalities as well and will enjoy good music, art and doing things that nourish their souls. They can inspire each other and also share a love for pleasure and beauty. Their homes and lifestyle are likely to be full of good things, tasteful objects, comfortable furniture, and beautiful art and music. Their relationship reflects this gentle and calming energy, and they feel at rest simply by being together.

Taurus & Pisces Dating

It’s a bit like a fairy tale when these two are together. They both tend to sweep each other off their feet, and there is a lot of romance going on here, even years into the relationship. These two may have a deep and profound Psychic connection at times.

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Too Hasty?

Pisces is easily moved by the Taurean’s grand gestures of love, and it doesn’t take long for the Pisces to fall deeply in love. Taurus will take it a bit slower, but seeing the Pisces trust so deeply will be inspiring to them. The only danger here is that the Pisces does tend to get involved quickly and then feel like they need one foot out the door. Pisceans always need an escape and this may be picked up by the Taurus. As romantic as Taurus is, they are quite scared of Love, because it represents change, and Taureans hate change. Hence, the Pisces will need to check themselves and make sure they aren’t going to break their faithful and dedicated Taurean’s heart.

A Settled Mood?

pink champagneHowever, that is generally not the case. Because Pisces feels so safe and grounded, they usually stick close to their Taurus, and lavish love and care on them. The Taurus feels deeply adored and understood, and both tend to be very patient with each other. There is a soft and gentle air here, and they will both share a love for being indoors and cuddling. Although they love pleasure – good food and wine are very much enjoyed – they will usually choose to stay in over going out if they can. When they are out, they tend to enjoy it to the full and especially may enjoy music and dancing.

A Harmonious Balance

This relationship feels comfortable and nurturing, and quite magical to both. Both of these people feel deeply protective of each other and want to give their best to one another. Taurus is especially patient with the Piscean’s shifting moods and holds space for them to be sensitive. That calmness helps the Pisces keep their feet on the ground when things get overwhelming as Pisces people do often feel as if they are drowning. Taurus holds the fort in this way, as they tend to be more materially focussed and have excellent worldly knowledge. On the other hand, the Pisces brings in the spiritual side, creating a lovely harmony of Soul and Body.

Taurus & Pisces Sexuality

Sexually, these two are very compatible indeed. Their earth and water elements ensure that, so they can reach beautiful heights of pleasure together. Pisceans are intuitive lovers, and they tend to “feel” what their partner desires and needs and do whatever they can to please and satisfy them. Pisces people are selfless in that way and they pour their heart and soul out into the act of lovemaking.

Taurus & Pisces Compatibility snuggle coupleThis suits the gentle and slow Taurus well. They will spend hours of foreplay and warming their partners up as they are extremely in tune with their senses. Being an earth sign, they are extremely sensual and passionate and love it when their senses are stimulated. For them, there is nothing sexier than their partner’s natural scent, or a soft touch, a beautiful piece of music, or a passionate sigh of pleasure. Taureans are masterful lovers in this way, and they are able to sweep anyone off their feet.

The only danger here ever is the Taurus becoming lazy. As soon as a relationship goes on for too long, they become extremely complacent and prefer to snuggle on the couch than engage in lovemaking. This can frustrate any partner, and they do have to be aware of when they are getting like this and make more of an effort.

One thing that the Pisces could bring in is a more spiritual approach to lovemaking – they crave that transcend kind of experience, and the Taurus may be the one to take them there.

Taurus & Pisces Emotional

Pisces people are water signs, hence extremely emotive. They are highly sensitive to everyone and everything, so this usually makes them quickly moved to tears, and highly strung at times. Fortunately for them, the Taurean is much more stable and unruffled, meaning that they can hold a safe space for the Pisces to be how they are without reacting. Taureans feel like a rock to the Pisces. They will appreciate their salt of the earth energy, their patient way and their ability to methodically work through a problem.

At times, the Pisces could potentially feel as if they need more from the Taurus, emotionally. This is because the Taurus can be a little too unmoved, but they’ll soon realize that they are the perfect balance for them. Someone else who is too emotional would destabilize the Pisces and create a watery mess. This combination makes for smooth sailing and also can help the Taurus to develop just a tad more sensitivity and get in touch with their own emotions.

Taurus & Pisces Intellectual

Taurus is more of a physical, down to earth type who would rather do something tangible than sit around and talk about it. Pisces people tend to feel their way through something rather than chat about it. Hence, these two are a good match when it comes to intellect because they prefer to use their combined skills of intuition and practicality. Not to say that they won’t talk, because they certainly will, but the emphasis is not necessarily on intellectual growth.

Both have a very creative way of seeing any situation, which helps them in their day to day conversations. They should have a fairly constructive manner of communication and be able to understand each other without too much fuss.


Happily Ever AfterThis is a very good match indeed, and there is a powerful feeling of nurturing and care in this relationship. Taurus, being earthy and practical, takes care of the material world. Pisces brings in the spiritual energy and so they find a lovely and much-needed balance here.

Taurus holds space for the Pisces’ sensitivity, and Pisces makes the Taurus feel wholly supported. They never force them to do anything they don’t want to, which suits the Taurus very well. They have a huge amount of patience for each other and love to snuggle up together indoors and get close. Taurus is extremely committed; although it will take time for them to trust, and Pisces falls fast and may get cold feet when they jump in too quickly. So, they need to be sure that they aren’t going to hurt the Taurus if they have a change of heart. Generally, however, this is a pair for life and they bring each other a lot of joy and happiness.

Where can I get advice around my Relationships online?

Even the most secure and loving relationships have their problems from time to time. So when they do, it can be very useful and welcome to have a third party see in objectively and help you to navigate the tougher phases of your relationship. Consulting a good Psychic Advisor can help, or perhaps looking at an Oracle or Crystal Ball reading.

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