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Taurus & Taurus Personalities

Black taurus bull headOf course, these two will have plenty in common, being the same sign. They’ll have their challenges as well as their gifts. Their big lesson is to learn not to blame each other for the qualities that they themselves carry!

The Taurean’s best quality is their commitment and dedication to whatever they do, be it a relationship, a project, or family. Their worst quality is their stubbornness, and in many ways, these two qualities are one and the same. The thing inside them that makes them never give up can be both wonderful and frustrating. When two Taureans get together and agree, they are a solid, unbreakable and dedicated team. When they disagree, however, it can be a cold war. Neither will shout or scream; they’ll simply fold their arms and dig their heels in. No begging, pleading or cajoling will change their mind in the slightest. These two will just have to work with that and agree to disagree at times. Doing an Online Love Reading may help to show the true nature of their compatibility.

The Charm & Romance

Taurus Candle heartThat said, this is a sign ruled by the Love Planet Venus. So, the sign of Taurus is very loving, charming, sweet and romantic. They can show this stubborn streak, but they still do it charmingly when they put their minds to it. These two share a very sensual and luxurious loving side and tend to be creative with an eye for good art and décor. They both enjoy indulging their senses so they are very responsive to beauty.

Taurus is very gentle and nurturing, and these two will share a willingness to touch and hug each other. They are also patient, calm and extremely grounded. Nothing much ruffles their feathers and this makes for a stable connection. What’s more, they crave stability and security. So, because they both desire that, they feel very safe with each other in the knowledge that nothing will change if they can help it.

Taurus & Taurus Dating

This is a loving, caring and nurturing pair, and both are really good at making dating absolutely wonderful. Being a sign ruled by Venus, these two will go out of their way to charm and woo each other. It doesn’t take a psychic to see the chemistry between these two!

Taurean embraceBoth will pull out all the stops and won’t be shy of a cliché. Roses, good wine, and fine dining is their area of expertise. So, they’ll quickly establish a solid routine of their favorite places, brands of wine, and day of the week they like to do something special. For example, they may have their very first date at Pete’s down the road, where they shared a bottle of the house red and ate the steak special. Then, because they enjoyed it so much and it’s close, convenient and sentimental, the chances are that they will go there every Thursday at 8 pm and the entire restaurant will know to expect them. This is something they adore about each other. Routine and sameness make them feel safe and secure.

A Sensual Match

These two will never stop enjoying the fine, sensual things in life, which makes them a good match. They love indulging their senses, especially taste and smell. They are very touchy-feely and affectionate with each other. It may take a while before either decides it’s safe to commit because Taureans are afraid of change and a new relationship feels very risky to them. So, they take it slow and understand and accept each other’s pace. When they feel secure, they are deeply committed and it’s not unlikely for these two to marry and stay married for many years. Even if they drive each other crazy with their stubbornness at times!

These two will also play it safe in other ways. They are not the crazy, adventurous, run away and elope types. They want to build something solid and stable, and they are patient in taking their time to get to know each other.

Taurus & Taurus Sexuality

Sexually, these two are very compatible indeed. What they share is a deep sensuality and ability to tap into their senses. They absolutely love the slow burn of touching each other gently, stroking, hugging and cuddling. These two can do foreplay forever and they are also very responsive to smell. A natural scent is best for the Taurus – they don’t like covering up with perfumes and oils when in bed – although they will go to town when going on a date. However, when engaging in a physical act of love, they want to be as human and messy as possible.

Taureans will be gentle loversTaurean massage with each other – patient and caring. They may be a little lazy from time to time, and they do need a gentle nudge to get going. Taureans are just as happy to snooze on the couch as they are to be sexual. So, the longer the relationship goes – and they can go forever – the lazier they may get. They should make a special effort not to let their sexual connection slide because when they are physical, they are so good at it.

Taurus is a sign that will do all the things needed to lead up to the final moment. They will wine and dine each other, get the lighting perfectly right, and play the perfect music. In many ways, they are masters at Love and Sex, and both will feel lucky to have met each other.

Taurus & Taurus Emotional

Taureans can be a little stuck emotionally. They are very reluctant to reveal their feelings, and they are slow on the uptake on how each other may feel at times. This is a sign that tends to brush feelings under the carpet and ignore them, which may be a danger in the relationship in the long run. These two have to find the space to talk about their feelings, lest they end up bubbling up and boiling over. Taurus in a rage is like no other, even if it does take years to get there.

Generally speaking, however, these two are nurturing and kind toward each other emotionally, and their way of showing love is through food – cooking, eating together or going out for dinner. They may also buy each other gifts in lieu of expressing their feelings. What works for these two is the ability to remain non-reactive and calm during an emotional situation, and both will want to work things through methodically and calmly. Neither is a fan of messy emotional situations, which works, but sometimes doesn’t – sometimes these two just need to let it out as well and show each other how they feel.

There is a very gentle and tender emotional energy exchange in this relationship. These two will always try and treat each other kindly and gently and are extremely good at holding space for each other during tough times. They are, in many ways, emotional rocks for each other.

Taurus & Taurus Intellectual

Taurus is much more physical than intellectual – they prefer to engage in their senses than in a long conversation. Fortunately, because they are the same sign, this works very well for them. They will hold or hug each other when they want to express something usually.

When they do talk, it’s slowly, patiently, and with a lot of care and thought. They are not likely to lash out with an idea, and both tend to be very opinionated and stubborn. So, in this way, they may clash; if one Taurus thinks one way, and the other thinks another way, then things may go awry. They will have to agree that they don’t see eye to eye and leave it at that rather than trying to change each other’s minds.


Taurean weddingThis can be a very stable, nurturing and gentle relationship. It’s certainly one that can last a long time if they both commit to opening up to each other. It may be a relationship that develops ever so slowly, and they enjoy taking their time to get to know each other.

There is a very strong physical component to the relationship. They will love touching, holding and hugging each other, as well as going out and engaging their other physical senses. There is an air of luxury and refinement about this relationship, so they will enjoy a life that feels stable and secure. Their main issue may simply be stubbornness and inflexibility. So, they may both have to learn to sometimes, just sometimes, give way to each other to avoid problems later down the line. Sensuality, tenderness, security, and stability are the hallmarks of this strong relationship.

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