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Taurus & Virgo Personalities

Taurus black Ram headIt doesn’t take a psychic to see these two are compatible! Because both of these signs are Earth Elements, they make for very compatible personalities indeed. They both value hard work and material security and a physical home. They share the qualities of groundedness and practicality. Both have a very methodical approach to life, and this makes them very strong allies in life.

Hard Workers

Both tend to work quite hard, although for somewhat different reasons. The Taurus only works hard in order to afford themselves a comfortable (usually large) home, luxuries such as good food and wine, and an easy lifestyle. If it were up to them, they would never work. Taureans can be very lazy, yet the prospect of being poor terrifies them. So, they pour their dedication into their careers, day in and day out. Their reward is seeing the lovely things all around them and being able to relax, go on sumptuous holidays, and so forth.

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Virgo works hard because they get a kick out of being of service to the world. They often don’t earn nearly enough money, and they work usually tend times harder than the Taurean. This may even frustrate the Taurus, who may not see the point of working so hard for such little tangible reward. However, the Virgo just wants to know that they have done a job well. This satisfies them above and beyond any financial payback. Not that they don’t want that security; all earth signs do. They still value what they can do to help the world in some way though.

The Positive Influence

Virgos will shape the Taureans up and get them moving instead of lying around on the couch all day watching Netflix. Virgos are usually very healthy and active. They love to eat good, nutritious food, as opposed to the Taurus, who eats good food but doesn’t care about nutrients so much.

Generally, these two get along very well because they both have their feet firmly on the ground. Neither is likely to be overly idealistic about life, so their pragmatism and level-headedness appeal to each other.

Taurus & Virgo Dating

These two will appreciate taking it real slow with each other. Neither is likely to rush into a relationship. When they do eventually realize, however, that they have met someone who will probably be their person for life, they commit deeply and faithfully.

Taurus & Virgo Compatibility tree fairiesIn the beginning, however, it’s a gentle, slow dance of courtship. The Taurean is usually the romantic one who loves to wine and dine the Virgo. They will suggest the finest restaurant, the prettiest sunsets and the loveliest wines to warm them up. Taurus people created the dating rulebook, and they know just how to charm and woo. They are slow to build feeling though, and as long as the Virgo knows that, then all will be well for them.

Typical Activities

One thing both will love is eating. Being earth signs, they are sensual and very responsive to good tastes, feel, and most especially, smell. Taurus tends to be particularly visual since they are ruled by Venus, the planet of creativity, art, and beauty. Hence, the Taurus will usually turn up looking stunning, and the Virgo, loving detail, will notice and appreciate their refinement and good taste. Pleasure comes easily to this dating couple. They are well-practiced in the activities and places they should go to get the greatest effect on their keen senses.

Although things do move slowly, they may seem fast to others. So, there is an instant knowing, a sense of recognition that this person they have met is there for the long haul. They feel immediately comfortable with each other, and with both being introverted, they are not likely to spend all night dancing. Rather they will curl up and snuggle, and get to know each other in their own, comfortable and private homes. What they may both love very much as well as nature, being earth signs, is that they can’t help but be moved every time they are somewhere beautiful. This can form an important part of the way they spend time together.

Taurus & Virgo Sexuality

Sexually, these two are extremely compatible. Earth signs are naturally very in touch with their bodies and being physical comes easily to them. Although the sign of Virgo is symbolized by the Virgin, these signs are in fact very sexual indeed. But they just don’t necessarily flaunt it to the world. They come across as shy and refined, which they are, outwardly. When it comes to the bedroom, however, they are very curious, expressive and in touch with their senses.

firework heartTaureans will be very happy to discover this as they are extremely sensual and in fact, rather primal. They adore the natural scent of their partner. So, although they will perfume/cologne it up, they prefer to get down and dirty by the end of the evening. Both for these people will spend a great deal of time touching, tasting and enjoying how each other smells. There is no embarrassment about the human body in this relationship.

Even though they won’t necessarily be going at it all the time, all day and every day, when they do engage, it is profound and extremely satisfying to both. They revel in the simple pleasurable feeling of body contact. So, whether it’s sexual or just a cuddle – something they are both very good at – they soak it all in. Getting outdoors is a wonderful way to inject fresh new energy into their sex life if they ever feel it’s getting stale. It can actually do sometimes with earth signs, as they don’t really embrace change. When they are fully in tune with nature, their bodies come alive and they are naturally more drawn to each other. Hence, simply spending a day at the beach, hiking or in a beautiful garden is enough to get them revved up.

Taurus & Virgo Emotional

Taurus & Virgo Compatibility field kissFortunately for both people, earth signs are very grounded and level-headed even when it comes to their feelings. They aren’t particularly reactive, especially the Taurus, who possesses mountains and mountains of patience. Virgo tends to be the worrier in the relationship which does require some emotional reassurance from time to time. The Taurus, luckily, is good at providing this. Taureans have a very calm way about them as if nothing could ever go wrong n the world that they can’t fix with time and patience. This salt of the earth attitude, emotionally, is healing balm to the nervous Virgo, who worries that the world will go wrong if they don’t meddle in it.

Hence, emotionally, both should be very good for each other. Even in the Virgo’s greatest moments of stress, they instinctively know to look at the rational side and reassure themselves in this way. Neither is given to emotional dramas, which makes for a very safe, secure relationship.

Taurus & Virgo Intellectual

Virgo tends to be the more intellectual one in this relationship, although that doesn’t make the Taurus “stupid” in any way. Taureans are simply more physical, more in their bodies. So, their bodies’ intelligence guides them sometimes more truly than any thinking could do.

However, Virgo may at times feel like they need someone who matches them on the analytical level. Virgos are extremely perceptive and hypercritical as a result; they always think and analyze everything. Taureans far less so; they just feel it, and do it… or not. In this way, the Taurus is a lovely balance to the Virgo, even if the Virgo feels unchallenged at times mentally.


This is a fabulous match with not so much of the power struggle that can go on in other relationships. The Sun, representing one’s personality, will, and ego, is in a compatible sign for each person. This means that there are far fewer ego problems and that they can work together very easily, creating a natural flow of one will to the other. This can, therefore, be a very conscious relationship. There is a strong sense of being at one in their life direction.

The relationship will also feel grounded and secure, safe and stable. This is a big factor and desire for both people, and they should be able to look forward to a committed partnership. The relationship will certainly get stronger and deeper over time.

Physically, they are also compatible and should match each other’s rhythms well, although intellectually, the Virgo may need to seek studies or friends that give them the analytical energy they crave. Their Taurus partner grounds them and helps them to come back to their bodies and the real world when they get worried or stressed out.

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