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Virgo Love Compatibility Insight

Virgos are very guarded, and it can take some time to tame their heart. They look for perfection in everything — even their relationships. As such, it’s rare for them to jump blindly into a relationship, because it has to make sense on all levels. Virgos are very affectionate but tend to worry a lot, so trust, reliability, and stability are important factors in their relationships.

virgo to aries
Virgo to Aries
They have complimentary skills and attributes. Both of you feel emotionally constrained and inhibited by one another when you’re together. On an emotional scale, this relationship is unusual.
virgo to taurus
Virgo to Taurus
These two are in-sync – life is better than good! The two of you are inclined to mental sparring and you’ll challenge each other’s ideas from time to time. This is a good, wholesome relationship with a good chance for permanency.

virgo to gemini
Virgo to Gemini
Creative bliss! They’re in intellectual heaven. Both intellectual creatures, more rational than emotional, and you have a good mental rapport. This relationship can work if you’re honest with one another, but Gemini will have a tendency to wander.

virgo to cancer
Virgo to Cancer
Magical! They innately understand each other. You blend your energies, financial matters, investments and plans for your future security nicely, and you strive to succeed in your goals. You both have the habit of worrying and becoming anxious and over your concern for loved ones and life in general.

virgo to leo
Virgo to Leo
Strengths and differences stabilize their relationship. You’re apt to appreciate each other’s quirks, unusual inclinations, and together you may not be very settled, but you won’t be stuck in a rut either. You have the ability to accomplish a great deal together and the relationship has definite potential for marriage.

virgo to virgo
Virgo to Virgo
Perfection – two peas in a pod, same value system! A warm and vital connection exists between you, and you’ll grow to depend upon one another. The spiritual bond between you is very strong, and you’ll spend a lot of time together.

virgo to libra
Virgo to Libra
They both desire a harmonious existence. You both respond reasonably and logically rather than impulsively or emotionally to most situations. There is a sweet, tender, nurturing love between the two of you which fosters a successful and fulfilling closeness.

virgo to scorpio
Virgo to Scorpio
Their minds are both intellectual and inquiring. This is a perfect relationship for marriage and family; the love will never die, both emotionally and sexually. You both have a tendency for self analysis, desiring self-improvement and change.

virgo to sagittarius
Virgo to Sagittarius
Sag is visionary, Virgo loves details – great potential. Your differing approaches can balance each other, but they’re also going to cause conflict at times too. You’re better to stay lovers rather than long-term partners.

virgo to capricorn
Virgo to Capricorn
This is a loyal and loving union – the best! You’re consistently there for one another and can be counted upon to be there for the other person. Being similar in your temperaments, you’ll understand one another very well.

virgo to aquarius
Virgo to Aquarius
Communication is a strong point and creativity. Once there is a bond, it will remain, you will care for one another, through thick and thin. The lively exchange of ideas is common between you, despite your differences.

virgo to pisces
Virgo to Pisces
There’s a natural blend of mind power and intuition. You allow each other considerable freedom, respecting each other’s independence and your emotional rapport is very strong. This is a very compatible, organized relationship.

Virgo Zodiac Compatibility – Horoscope Love Compatibility
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