Birthstones by Month – What is your Birthstone?

Birthstones are marvelous gemstones that symbolize the month in which you were born in. They are considered lucky and are believed to shower you with their magical healing powers if worn during their month to shine. If you’re in search of some fabulous new jewels, choose your birthstone and perhaps watch your mood become brighter every time you put it on.

January – A fiery, ravishing beauty, Garnets appear to be deep red but often come in an extensive variety of colors to suit everyone’s unique taste. Your stone is thought to symbolize happiness and provide you with enduring love and eternal friendships. It was also believed to help prevent nightmares and protect you during your life’s journey.

February – February’s birthstone is the striking and greatly sought after amethyst. Your eyes will sparkle with delight while gazing into this dazzling purple beauty. Your birthstone symbolizes peace, protection, spirituality and tranquility. Once said to strengthen the bond in a romantic relationship, it makes for an ideal engagement or anniversary gift.

March – Aquamarine is your precious stone and it certainly resembles the oceans charming beauty with its greenish blue sparkling look. Aquamarines were thought to undo poisoning and to help aid in fortune telling. It was also believed to heal a variety of illnesses in the heart, throat, stomach, mouth and liver and was particularly powerful when immersed in water.

April – One of the most admired gems in the world, the diamond is your eye-catching jewel. Your stone is connected to love, eternity and power which make it a popular choice when it comes to engagement and wedding rings. Offered in many different cuts and styles, this chic, glamorous sparkler is absolutely captivating and perhaps you might feel like a million bucks every time you slip it on.

May – The intense green emerald symbolizes growth, faith, honesty and kindness. It’s commonly thought that an emerald gifts you with the ability to see into the future which gives you an almost bewitching mysterious reputation that others find simply fascinating. The beauty and richness of your stone makes it hard not to show off, so enjoy darlings!

June – The graceful pearl represents your birthstone, and this precious stone comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Highly popular, pearls are used in cosmetics, medicines, clothing and temples, furthermore some cultures swear by pearls as an aphrodisiac. You can show off your pearls by wearing anything from jeans to evening dresses.

July – Ruby is the birthstone for July and is thought to represent warmth and authority. Legend says you should never ignore your ruby because it will grow dull and the ruby was made to be worn and seen. Few other gems have as much myth, wisdom and romance surrounding them, and Rubies were frequently placed underneath the foundation of buildings to secure them with good luck.

August – The Peridot appears in a variety of greens, ranging from lime green, light yellowish green, even to a dark olive green. It signifies strength, as an individual and within your relationships. It is also thought to improve the effects of healing drugs. Strong and long-lasting, your birthstone gives off its own distinctive liveliness and is a result of volcanic action.

September – Your beautiful blue sapphire is said to encourage creative expressions and help you grow to be more intuitive. Your jewel gifts you with faith, purity, and foresight. It’s believed that the stronger the glisten the more faithful and honest the owner is. Sapphires look amazing in any form of jewelry and are popular choices when passing cherished jewels down to future generations.

October – October’s birthstone is the opal, linked to hope, innocence, emotion, and even healing forces. Opals carry a unique look and exquisiteness to them which catches people’s attention with its bizarre exquisite appearance. It’s thought to carry a powerful energy and will surely illuminate any room you step foot in.

November – November’s birthstone is the Citrine, its bright sunny intensity is ideal for helping you get through the rough periods in life. Your stone also links in with sanity, healing, and life. Citrine is known to transform colors when open to the elements of heat and can be habitually heated to help intensify its color.

December – Blue Topaz is your birthstone and is the symbol of affection, sweetness, disposition and love. Blue Topaz gems are said to boost your creative energies, promote better concentration, and help control insomnia and greediness. This sparkler can make a very distinctive and unusual addition to your jewelry collection.