The Best 12 Crystals For Your Zodiac Sign

Crystals these days are not only used for their healing properties, but they are also fashionable.  Often featuring in the homes of celebrities but not just because they look decorative.  Celebrities also enjoy their magical properties.  Some even go as far as to get some crystal healing from an online psychic too.  

Which we highly recommend by the way!

You too can enhance the magical properties of crystals by using the right crystal to match your zodiac sign.  And we have created a list of the most popular crystals for each sign.

So, without further ado, here are twelve of the best healing crystals for your star sign.


Carnelian is the crystal for Aries for they bring a sense of calm confidence to an Aries which tones down their communication style and smoothes out the Aries fervent edges.


Petrified wood even though it doesn’t sound too appealing this crystal is grounding and helps Taureans bring in and maintain a sense of love and peace.


Labradorite helps to pull a Gemini together so that they can engage all of the facets of their personality and bring them together easily.  This to a Gemini is like bringing peace and tranquillity to them – without the sense of boredom!


Red Jasper is a beautiful stone for a Cancer; its nurturing properties provide Cancerians with the support and comfort that they often get from retreating to their shell.


Pyrite is the perfect stone to assist in motivating and using Leo’s loveable energy productively and lovingly, and to support all Leo’s in dropping the drama!


Green Apophyllite helps Virgo’s to loosen up their strings and to flow with nature a little more.  Helping you to find and connect with your natural and caring nature.


Sodalite assists Libra’s diplomacy by helping to bring in authenticity and wisdom – which means that it also helps Libra’s to make decisions.


Scorpio’s as we all know are intense and can bring much of what they focus on into reality; however, sometimes they are just a little too fierce – citrine balances out this energy so that you can manifest well but by focusing calmly.


Tree Agate helps Sagittarians remain adventurous in heart even when they have to deal with the mundane everyday aspects of life.  It will ground your free-spiritedness into intuition.


Garnet is a Capricorn’s best friend.  Sometimes they overwork, and can feel frustrated with their efforts, and in those situations, a garnet can stimulate new energy and help to calm any anxiety they may feel.


Amethyst encourages strength and peace, which is a perfect tonic for an Aquarius.  They often live in their heads, and it can be difficult sometimes for them to connect their mind with their body.  Amethyst assists Aquarians greatly in helping them balance out the imaginary and the realistic so that you can dream up new sustainable ideas with ease.


Pisces are constantly soothing … everything.  And so they benefit greatly from a soothing crystal to help comfort them too, and aquamarine brings in a beautiful watery vibe that Pisces will rest well in.

Top Tip! Use your zodiac crystal when you are enjoying a tarot reading or psychic reading too, and it will help to enhance the message you recieve.  Some will do so by balancing your energy so that you can make a clearer connection with your psychic, while others will help you to integrate the messages you receive better.   

What are your favourite crystals?  Do you use one to compliment your starsign?  Let us know in the comments below.


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