Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Facts and Traits Explained

Sagittarius Zodiac Sign Facts and Traits Explained
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Sagittarius – The Archer    November 22 – December 21

Your element: Fire

Your ruling planets: Jupiter

Symbol: The Archer

Your stone: Turquoise

Life Pursuit: To live the good life

Vibration: Overly expressive – frequent burnouts

Sagittarian’s Secret Desire: To make a difference in the world

More Astrology Traits and Personality of Sagittarius

Optimistic and Confident

Ruled by the benefic planet Jupiter, Sagittarians possess a natural exuberance, sense of adventure and love of life that makes them one of the most optimistic zodiac signs of all. Like their astrological symbol – the Archer – Sagittarians are renowned for aiming their sights towards whatever it is they find alluring – a love partner, dream job, vacation – and making it their own. They believe that anything is possible – and because of this belief system, Sagittarians are adept at seeking out their very own pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Free-spirited and Spontaneous

But sometimes trying to tie down these free-spirited individuals is frustrating for those around them. Sagittarians are happiest on the move – exploring new cultures and ideas and many are attracted to occupations related to travel, the media, outdoor work and philosophical pursuits. In love, their catch-cry is “don’t fence me in”. But once they find a partner who understands their need to retain their own sense of self and identity, Sagittarians can be the most big-hearted, generous and fun-loving companions of all.

Enthusiastic and Idealistic

Full of enthusiasm and given to grand ideas, often with little attention to detail, they can be a little slapdash, with a “near enough is good enough” attitude, however they are able to see the overview of things and leave the details to others. If they have a life lesson to learn it is probably one of restraint.

Seekers of Wisdom

Freedom loving, optimistic and honest, Sagittarians are ruled by Jupiter, the planet of abundance and higher learning. The wisdom of Jupiter imbibes Sagittarians with an inherent need to develop their own unique philosophy of life. The Centaur is their astrological symbol, and it gives many insights into the Sagittarian personality. The higher-evolved Sagittarian learns to integrate the two ends of the Centaur (half-human, half-beast) in order for their arrow (another Sagittarian symbol) of higher aspirations to be more on the mark. Although they are intellectually and spiritually advanced, Sagittarians are notorious for their lack of tact. In relationships they demand independence, but when in love, it can’t be denied.

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Your Strengths – what to love:

  • You’re game for anything, full of wild ideas, open to anything and anyone and always the first to go skinny-dipping at a pool party!
  • You have great difficulty saying the word “no” – the closest you come to a refusal is a hesitant “maybe”. Basically, you love to please.
  • Enthusiastic is your middle name – you take on the most horrible projects (like retiling your bathroom) with gusto.
  • You don’t follow society’s rules and regulations, thumbing your nose at what other people think of you.

Your Weaknesses – what to loathe:

  • You shower loved ones with gifts one day out of the blue, but then totally forget their actual birthday.
  • You tend to steal the show – at weddings, funerals, parties etc – you become the life of the party, leaving the bride, corpse or birthday gal to watch you in action.
  • Your brutal honesty (like “wow, you got fat over winter) is not endearing.
  • You’re always seeking spiritual enlightenment and online psychics – Kaballah, crystals, healers, while smoking, drinking, stealing other women’s’ hubbies and generally living a rather unenlightened life most of the time!

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