Cancer Man – Love, Personality Traits, Sex & More!

Cancer at a Glance
Element: Water // Mode: Cardinal & Initiating // Colour : White // Planet : Moon // Keywords : “I Feel”

Getting to know the Cancer Man

Cancerian men are a dream – they are sensitive, soft and highly empathetic, and usually have a wonderful relationship with their mothers. They are often excellent cooks, highly nurturing and very good at listening.

Cancerian men are also fairly moody and often very creative – they are born storytellers, and can be very entertaining indeed, ranging from hysterical one minute to dramatic the next. Life is interesting with these men, and they are often a laugh a minute.

Cancerian men are often up for most things if you get them in the right mood. They can be great playmates, but when they are not up to it, they can nest harder than anyone else. There is nothing more important to the Cancerian man than their homes, their beds and their comfort food. Sometimes, one might find these men craving to travel, because they might feel on some level that the place they were born is not their “real “home, and so they need to set off and find it. Hence, depending on how old they are or how much they actually have travelled, they might still have that restless spirit, or they may have fully settled down and are ready to start a family.

How the Cancer Man Loves 

The Cancer man is a fantastic person to love and be loved by. Their sensitive, caring and emotional nature make them a wonderful match for any woman, as they don’t mind spending hours just listening empathetically to a problem without necessarily trying to fix it.

Cancerian men also tend to make great fathers and husbands – they love kids and animals and they are playful and fun to be around. Sometimes, the Cancerian man can be extremely moody and crabby, and when they are in this grumpy, defensive state, it is best to give them their space. Once they emerge, they are as loving as before.

Cancerian men are easily hurt and hold on forever, whether it’s to a love relationship or a grudge. Even though they are very sensitive to hurt, they will carry your torch very high, always putting you on a pedestal and making you their number one priority.

Cancerian men may be insecure at times and get a little needy – they need a lot of time together with you to make them feel safe and secure. If they behave any differently, then it is just an act because they may have been badly burnt before and are afraid to open up their vulnerable hearts again.

Cancerian men just want to mother and be mothered – sometimes they can be a little smothering for the more independent woman, but for the woman who loves attention and extra special care, these men are the dream.

The Cancer Man’s Sexuality

Sex with a Cancerian man is like swimming in the ocean – there is a deep, emotional submerging effect that takes place, and these men thrive on sensation and emotion when it comes to lovemaking, In fact, they are the signs that coin the term “lovemaking” and they really, truly believe that love and sex are intertwined. If they come across any differently, it is because they have been badly hurt before and are too afraid to open up their hearts and bodies again to anyone who may wound them.

These men will want to share their feelings with you, and then their bodies, which makes for a very sweet physical connection. They have to be “in the mood” though – if they are feeling under the weather, crabby or unsafe, they will shut own and be unable to share of themselves physically.

These men may get quite turned on by the idea of making babies together – they are born to be fathers, once they have gotten their roaming out of the way and found the place they want to call home. They relish the idea of raising a family, and lovemaking is the very first step. They are gushy and will love a candlelit bath in preparation, or better yet, they just like to do it in the water if they can. These men are able to take you to the heights of your feelings, and cradle your gently as you come down, emotionally available, tender, emphatic and open. For some women, this level of vulnerability may be strange to find in a man and could take some getting used to.

Lovemaking also has to be very comfortable – these men may not be particularly adventurous, and they like to do it in a bed if there’s no water around. This is because they love the cuddling afterwards that comes in, even more than the sex, usually. Spooning, snuggling and smooching are a Cancerian man’s aphrodisiacs.

Dating a Cancer Man

Dating a Cancerian man is a dream for most women. He is attentive, empathetic and ready to commit – if he has gotten over his ex, that is. These men may at times carry the torch for far too long, for both their exes as well as their mothers, and need to learn to let go and embrace the new. Once they do, they are all yours, ready to do the long haul. Marriage is generally not an off limits topic for these men, and they could be discussing babies and weddings even before you do!

Cancerian man are also remarkably romantic, and don’t like love games so much. They may be very moody and it will take some getting used to gauge where they are emotionally on a day to day basis, and learning not to take it personally will be very important here. Dating quickly becomes commitment with these men, but they never lose that sense of romance and softness, however long you have been together. Sometimes, Cancerian men can act insecure, which can be somewhat annoying for the more independent woman, and they do need a lot of reassurance that you won’t hurt them.

It is very likely that the Cancerian man will sweep you off your feet and surprise you by whisking you off to lovely getaways and taking you to romantic dinners. Do be sure to return the favour, as these men need as much nurturing as they give to you.

If he is in a more introverted mood – which is quite often – then their ideal evening for the Cancerian man will probably be along the lines of a homecooked meal – just the way their momma made it – followed by a long bubble bath, a nurturing massage and gentle loving afterwards. After that, watching a TV series that makes them feel all their feelings and a sound sleep will end off the perfect evening. If you can’t manage it all, then simply cooking them their favourite meal will do.

Spoiling a Cancer Man

You can go to town with these men – flowers, dinners, sunsets and romantic walks sweep them off their feet – all the clichés in the book are likely made by Cancerian men (along with Pisces, Libra and Taurus) and nothing is ever too sentimental or silly for these types. Hence, the hardest part about romancing your Cancerian man might be not being romantic enough!

Giftwise, these men can be quite easy. Simply framing any photograph of you, their mom or the kids will give them warm, fuzzy feelings inside. They like simple, handmade gifts that speak of home and comfort, and things like a fluffy blanket, a soft short or a photo album of your wedding day will be ideal. These men may also like things that last and remind them of you, so getting a beautiful watch which they can wear everyday will also be very much appreciated by these sentimental men.

The Cancer Man’s Career and Finances

The Cancerian man usually needs to be doing something he feels his heart is in – if he doesn’t have an emotional connection to the career he is in, then he tends to be dissatisfied.

It is not unusual for Cancerian men to be in a creative profession, they like to tell stories and so are often found in professions that can be very artistic in some form or another. They can be artists, voice over actors, animators, writers and even musical performers.

Barring that, he will also go for work that is secure, financially and otherwise. Cancerian men can be very rich, in fact, as they like to build up a “nest egg” and can enjoy a soft life of luxury and comfort. Hence, these men can also be lawyers, doctors, CEO’s or successful entrepreneurs. The Cancerian man might even go for the family business, being very attached to his family, or he may decide to go for a profession that is caring and nurturing.

Whatever he does, the Cancerian man will always try and be financially secure and make sure there is food on the table and lovely comforts to enjoy. These men don’t take to the minimalist lifestyle unless they spiritually converted, or are a bit younger and still in travelling mode.

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