Capricorn Man – Love, Personality Traits, Sex & More!

Capricorn at a Glance
Element: Earth//Mode: Cardinal & Initiating//Colour: Black//Planet: Saturn//Keywords: “I Use”

Getting to know the Capricorn Man

Capricorn men are late bloomers, and sometimes they even age backwards. You’re either going to get a man who is wise beyond his years, down to earth, responsible and mature, or you will get a man who is boyish, shuns all responsibility, hates structure and avoids duty. They do operate in these two extremes but one thing is guaranteed – they will switch, eventually. The mature man will become playful and irresponsible to some degree, and the irresponsible man will become steady and wise.

Capricorn men can be enormously successful regardless of which stage they are at personally – they have a great knack for business, and they are born CEO’s. They are natural authorities, leaders and teachers, and even if their know it all attitude can be annoying at times, they are usually right, possessed with a practical mind and grounded thinking.

The Capricorn man knows his duty and sticks to it, and although he loves rules and tradition, he tends to bend it his own way and hence can earn the title of rebel. He goes out of his way to learn the rules, and then meticulously break them, all the while being very mature and realistic.

Capricorn men are not known for their boundless optimism, and they do see the glass as, well, just half, neither full or empty. They see life as it is and they say what they see without fluffing it up. Hence, these men can be a breath of fresh air – in a world full of people who have no idea what they want, who are people pleasers, who are somewhat fake and image conscious, the Capricorn man is as down to earth as they come – they are real, authentic and wholly themselves.

The Capricorn man may at times be gloomy or somewhat pessimistic when life gets him down, but he knows how to have fun – once all his duties are taken care of. In fact, these men have huge amounts of endurance and can out dance anyone, when they set their mind to it.

Capricorn men are builders – they want security in life and they are incredibly ambitious, sometimes workaholics. But, they always bring home the bacon and are very successful in what they choose to do. They have a deep wisdom, great knowledge and are very interested in history and “old things”, which makes them fantastic mates for antique hunting and historical documentary viewing.

How the Capricorn Man Loves

The Capricorn man takes love seriously. They are men who may flirt and date around, bit usually they end up committed very deeply to the woman who captures their heart. That woman is usually classy, well put together and successful – they are very attracted to ambition, to women who have made their way in the world and are as strong as they are.

Capricorn men, once they are in love – they move slowly – may not be too romantic, but they are solid, reliable and supportive. They may even be a little insecure when it comes to the heart, and they could act out when they are feeling this way – they then appear cold, detached and remote, but inwardly, they may just long for a soft touch and a bit of nurturing.

When the Capricorn man is in love, he does his “duty”, which means that he wants to do it right. He wants marriage, he wants to follow the rules of dating and of love to the very last letter, and he will expect you to want the same. He will work hard for you, give you what you need in the material world and probably buy you beautiful, tasteful gifts. He will expect that you understand his need to work hard, and spend long ours at the office, and encourage him in his ambitions. When he plays, he will wan you to play with him and have some fun – and keep up with him, if you can.

Your Capricorn man will be a solid rock for you to lean on, never reactive, and always there – perhaps at times a bit too realistic or detached, but in his heart, he has your back and will be loyal and faithful forever.

The Capricorn Man’s Sexuality

Capricorn men are earth signs, and all earth signs have this primal sensuality built into their cores, although some have more or less trouble than others accessing this nature. Capricorn men can be very sexual and sensual, but it could take some time for them to break down their reserves of self-protection to get to that place.

They love smell – the more natural, the better, and they will enjoy lovemaking that engages this sense the most. They aren’t adventurous lovers, and they will prefer to keep it tidy, between you and them only as they can be very private. When n private they can be very wild and once they know that they have no other responsibilities to take care of, they can give themselves fully to the experience.

Capricorn men, like all men, are turned on visually, and they can even be quite dark in their desires – they like black, classy, sexy and leather type of underwear, and they may want to indulge that side of themselves with you.

Dating a Capricorn Man

The Capricorn mat doesn’t really “do” the dating thing. He may spend a little bit of time being flirty and carefree, but that’s not his true nature. Inside, he does wants something more stable and committed, solid and reliable. Eventually, this man will marry you, if you play your cards right.

When in the dating phase, or the early phase, the Capricorn man will make sure he wines and dines you at the classiest, nicest places and may well sweep you off your feet. He is good at wooing and will enjoy showing you how powerful and usually well off he is.

The Capricorn man may follow tradition, and give you plenty of roses, open your door, let you go first and pay the bill. He knows how to treat a lady and quite enjoys his masculine, traditional role. But, he will want you to be able to stand on your own two feet and have ambition.

Some Capricorn men can be deeply insecure, and at those times he may shit down and close off, at which time, you can use gentle nurturing and emotional empathy to draw him out, without becoming threatening or pushy. These men are leaders and they won’t take very kindly to any “bossing” by anyone.

Spoiling a Capricorn Man

Unfortunately, the Capricorn man has extremely expensive taste, and he will notice if you get him something cheap, handmade or kitsch. They like class, and understated gifts are the way to go when it comes to these men. They will absolutely love a good suit, a fancy dinner at an exclusive restaurant, an expensive watch, or something useful, yet well made.

Surprises generally aren’t the way to go here, as Capricorn men love to plan and structure – unless they are in the wilder phase, at which point you should perhaps think about being spontaneous. But more often than not, these men like to be given fair warning, so they know what to expect and where they are going.

The Capricorn Man’s Career and Finances

This is the most important area of the Capricorn man’s life. He will likely dedicate himself to his work, even form an early age, no matter what it is, whether it’s watering or running a huge corporate business. These men are hard workers, and you never have to worry about him being jobless or lacking in ambition. In fact, these men would do well to try and let go of a little of their relentless ambition and just enjoy the other half of life – play, family, socialising, personal time, relationship and so forth. The biggest problem with the Capricorn man is that he doesn’t know when to stop and take a break professionally.

The Capricorn man climbs the ladder fast, and he loves a challenge. If there is no way to go anymore in the company he is in – no more management position to strive for, then he will go and find a job that offers more opportunity for growth, status , recognition and success. It’s not uncommon for thee men to own more than one company in their lives, to go bankrupt and start again, learning every time.

Financially, these men are extremely responsible – they are generally not frivolous, but they can spend a large amount of money in a very short time, which does a times get them into debt – yet they will be responsible about it and make sure they have a plan to pay it off. They want to use what they have earned to reward themselves, and they have no problem generating wealth, so in this way, they aren’t worried about things like debt, seeing as a necessary evil.

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