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Discover More About the Zodiac Sign for Your Cancer Daily Horoscope

Cancer – The Crab    June 21 – July 22

Your element: Water

Your ruling planets: The Moon

Symbol: The Crab

Your stone: Moonstone

Life Pursuit: Constant reassurance and intimacy

Vibration: Moody

Cancer’s Secret Desire: To feel safe (emotionally, spiritually, romantically and financially)

More Astrology Traits and Personality of the Cancer Zodiac Sign

Compassionate and Family Orientated

Those born under the sign of Cancer, ruled by the mysterious Moon, are one of the zodiac’s enigmas. It is fair to say that most Cancers are a bundle of contradictions. Compassionate and caring with friends, family, and lovers, yet they can cut to the bone with their jealous remarks and ever-changing moods. Endearingly eccentric on one hand, and on the other, insecure about how others see them. Like their astrological symbol – the Crab – Cancers can appear hard and insensitive on the outside. However, for those of us who know and love a “Moon Child”, we understand that deep below lies a softness and sensitivity that makes them so very special. Nurturing, protection and caring for others underline the life principles of this water sign.

Emotional and Sensitive

Just as the Moon goes through many changes as it moves from its new to full phases, Cancers too go through many new and full phases of experience. Life doesn’t stand still for this sign, even if they remain in one place, because they live so much in their internal oceans of emotions. Their link with the Moon often makes it impossible for them to operate on an even keel from day to day. Up and down like the proverbial yo-yo, most Cancerians feel one way one minute, then sometimes totally different the next. But this characteristic is part of their charm.

Romantic and Mysterious

Love and romance matter more than anything else to this sign (but this occasionally shares first place with having lots of money in the bank). No other sign romances better, equally though, no sign takes it so badly when romance turns sour either. But with their changeable natures, Cancerians are fascinating, mysterious, stimulating and extremely alluring. This sign is one of the most magic of all and once their magic has reached you, they are the most beguiling companions. After all, isn’t the Moon the most talked about and romantic galactic identity?

AstroGirl’s Guide to Your Cosmic DNA

Your Strengths – what to love:

  • Your over the top generosity – you will literally give someone ‘the shirt off your back’ if they need it.
  • You have an instinctive mothering nature – brewing endless cups of tea, tucking in heart-broken friends, listening for hours on end to yet another sob story.
  • Your smile can light up any and every room and every person.
  • Your home is a safe haven for you and your loved ones.

Cancerian Weaknesses – what to loathe:

  • Your emotional blackmailing technique – which can be frightening. As in “I gave you the shirt off my back, you have to do this for me”.
  • Your mood swings are legendary – ruled by the Moon, you tend to go through intense ups and downs every few days…
  • Getting information out of people is your forte, but heaven help someone who tries to pry info out of you. You clam up and resent them for prying.
  • Tend to prefer to stay home watching TV than go out with your friends – boring!

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Cancer Daily Horoscope

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