Best FREE Horoscope Apps 2021

Apps are a big part of our lives these days, and so are full moons, Mercury retrogrades, and other astrological influences.  What if you could combine the two and know right from an app when Mercury is in retrograde?  With astrology apps, you can have daily horoscopes, weekly or monthly forecasts, and information about major transits, right at your fingertips!

We’ve researched the BEST astrology apps out there, so you don’t have to. Find out how the top astrology apps can help you and where you can find them. 


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Who Are Free Horoscope Apps For?

There are plenty of excellent reasons to use an astrology app! The internet offers tons of free horoscopes and natal charts, but what happens when you’re not at your desk? Not to mention, paper horoscopes are almost a thing of the past! The internet is definitely where it’s at these days, but browsers often don’t display websites well and make for a frustrating user experience. Thankfully, you can enjoy all of the content you need right from your phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 


Why Use an Astrology App?

  • New to astrology? No worries, the app interprets the meaning of the transits and alignments for you!
  • Enjoy your horoscope, weekly and monthly forecasts, and more anywhere, anytime.
  • Learn astrology for free! Study the meanings of the planets and zodiac signs and houses anytime you’re waiting in line or have a free moment. You’ll be a pro in no time!
  • Find out how astrology is affecting your friends and romantic partners.
  • Access your information anytime, anywhere.
  • Connect with the best astrologers right from your pocket!


The Best Free Horoscope Apps for 2021

Daily Horoscope Astrology Zone


Susan Miller is a fantastic astrologer, and if you like precise and accurate astrological forecasts, then Daily Horoscope Astrology Zone is for you! Susan really delves into the details and even offers essays on the meanings of transits and how they might affect you. 

Along with her weekly and monthly horoscopes you can also find information about what’s happening in the astrological world. Susan will explain all of the most impactful influences like Mercury retrogrades, eclipses, and relationship compatibility between the signs.  



The first attractive thing about Co-Star that jumps out at you is the simple and clean interface design. This app gathers astrological data directly from NASA and claims to be the very first app powered by AI (artificial intelligence)! You can even track the movements of the planets in real-time! 

  • Real-time daily horoscopes
  • Planet by planet compatibility
  • Keep track of your friends’ signs
  • Personally customized analysis based on your natal chart
  • Follow transits in real-time!

The Daily Horoscope


The Daily Horoscope does exactly what its name implies – it delivers your daily horoscopes right to your phone. But that’s not all! This app is one of the most downloaded horoscope apps around.  This app is an excellent and professional all-rounder. Here are some of the features you’ll find:

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes
  • Zodiac characteristics for each sign
  • Zodiac sign compatibility
  • Chinese horoscope for 2018
  • Zodiac horoscope for 2018
  • Additional horoscopes to explore
  • Customizable colors.

Time Passages


Time Passages is the app with everything! It features all of the standard daily horoscopes as well as birth chart information and up to the minute transit updates.  With this app, you’ll enjoy learning astrology as you use the app!

But beware, this app does have in-app purchases. If you’d like to avoid pop-ups, you can buy the full version  (Time Passages Pro) for £28.99. You’ll get access to unlimited birth charts which comes with a compatibility meter. That means you can check out the relationship between any two charts. Now, that’s appealing!

Here are the basic features of the free version:

  • Daily horoscopes, generated specifically for your birth chart (that’s pretty cool!)  
  • Enter and save the profiles of your friends and family
  • Information about your moon and rising sign
  • Detailed descriptions
  • Up to the minute chart of the current astrological climate tracked right to your current position using GPS
  • Reports on moon phases and upcoming Mercury retrograde periods 
  • Create professional-level charts with 25 pages of extra text on your natal planets, houses, and signs (for £0.99)
  • Detailed information on transits and progressions 



Astrostyle is another paid astrology app, which costs £1.99 to download. It was created by the Astro Twins who famously predicted the fall of the twin towers – they know their stuff!

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This app delivers daily horoscopes as well as weekly and monthly horoscopes, and can help you find out what your best days are for love and career opportunities, and can also give you a heads up about what challenges are coming your way. It’s like your own personalized guide walking you through life!  You can even follow your friend’s horoscopes and check out compatibility with your romantic partners.

This app is beautifully designed with fabulous imagery. It is very useful if you want a quick essential guide to what is going on in your world right now according to your own star sign.  


Are Horoscope Apps Better Than Horoscope Readings?

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There’s a lot more to horoscopes than just your star sign, and there’s a lot more to YOU than just your star sign too!  There are so many influences in astrology; the positions of the different signs in the houses all say something about you, your personality and your life experiences.  

 If you want to really understand what trials and tribulations are forecast for you from birth, who you are destined to meet, and what aspects of life you are going to excel in, then a daily horoscope or astrology reading from a professional reader is for you.  

Astrology apps are great for everyday use,  for learning astrology, and for generic forecasts.  But they will be limited in their flexibility and reactions to the features of your particular chart because everything that is within them is already pre-written and pre-programmed – unless it’s run by AI.  

This means that horoscope apps can be very diverse in what they offer you but are also limited in their potential compared to a good astrology reader.

This is why both the horoscope apps and horoscope readings are excellent choices. Try a one-off astrology reading followed up with monthly horoscopes from a professional. This will give you a very thorough picture of the astrology influencing your life!

Horoscope apps are convenient, and even though their readings can be limited, they’re a great way to stay informed. What’s more, is you can always schedule a horoscope reading from your professional astrologer!

Astrology Apps Pros and Cons


  • Get clarity on the influences on your life right from your pocket
  • Become familiar and learn about astrology
  • Use astrology in secret without others knowing what you are doing
  • Predict how a meeting will go right before you enter the meeting room
  • Perfect for beginners who just want a simple, easy to understand guide without having to study astrology in-depth 
  • Prepare yourself for the havoc of Mercury retrograde


  • General astrological trends are just that – general. You need a professional to evaluate the intricacies of your own personal natal chart. 
  • Apps offer very different things! Some will just give you information, while others teach  
  • Some astrology apps creators might not be credible, so their readings won’t be either
  • You’ll have to do the work of interpreting the transits and energies in relationship to your own chart to get the full benefit. This is where a professional astrologer can help.


Who Can Benefit from a Free Horoscope App Reading?

Are you going through challenging times or do you have a big decision looming? Or are you just trying to make the most out of your life? Well, then YOU can benefit from a horoscope app reading! A free horoscope app reading can give you detailed information about specific areas of your life, and what energies are affecting them. Whether you need insight into your love relationship, career development, or personal improvement, a free horoscope app reading will really open doors for you. 

A free horoscope app reading will help you to:

  • Understand what character qualities and traits you have
  • Uncover why you are conflicted, or experience similar opportunities over and over again
  • Find out what energy is forecast for you over the next week or month
  • Discover how you are likely to experience love in your life
  • Learn how to make the most of your personal qualities to enhance your love life
  • Find out if you are compatible with your partner
  • Understand the typical qualities of the people you are compatible with
  • Find out if you have fame in your chart!  
  • Learn when the Mercury retrogrades occur and what challenges they will bring
  • Find out the best time to start a project or finalize a decision

What You Can Expect From A Horoscope Reading

A horoscope reading will help you to make the most of your life! When you’re prepared to take advantage of opportunities and are aware of blockages and challenges, you can take your life by the horns reach your true potential. Allow the energies of the universe to support you and stop wondering why negative patterns are repeating in your life! Make your decisions from a place of knowledge and watch your life improve!

  • Become more aware of how transits affect YOU!
  • Take advantage of benefic or advantageous energies
  • Prepare for upcoming challenges – never be caught by surprise!
  • Avoid incompatible relationships from the start



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