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You're known for being one of the moodiest signs in the zodiac (if not the moodiest) but July could possibly take the cosmic cake!  One day you'll feel like you won the lottery, the next day you discover you didn' got the numbers mixed up! 

Your main issue in July will be negating the emotional waters of your life and balancing the amount of energy you put into other people versus what you put into yourself.  Mercury the planet of communication is taking vacation in July, moving out of phase in Leo July 7-20 and then slipping backwards into your sign through July 31.  

Workwise this is a month when you shouldn't make any bold moves at all.  If the boss says "jump" you say "how high?" kind of thing.  Now is not time to try to hedge your bets and see how far you can push things in the office.  You might just push too hard and end up in all sorts of hot water.  Better to play it safe and sort things out next month or later in the year.  Keep in mind that your New Moon/solar eclipse on the 2nd brings with it a great start to the month while the Full Moon/lunar eclipse in your opposite sign of capricorn and your relationship on the 16th will bring with upheaval with the people in your life.  

Mercury out of phase in your sign, your 1st house of ego and personality gives you a good opportunity to work out what it is you want in life and really look at the various roles you play in life.  Mother? Lover? Daughter? Son? Friend? Partner? Parent...and the list goes on.  How are you doing in each and every one of these relationships?  Is there any part of your life that needs rethinking and do you need to scale back on any one of them in order to focus on you Cancers?  

Mercury retrograding in your sign brings with it a chance to stop old bad habits in their tracks and reroute yourself in the right direction.  Like a ship lost at sea or without its anchor, the time has come for you to gain control over your vessel and steer it in the direction it needs to be steered. Take risks this month and be rewarded with bigger rewards than simply playing it safe.

Your best July days: 9, 15, 21 & 28

Your not so great July days: 2, 11, 14 & 17

Friend: Scorpio

Frenemy: Libra

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November 2018


Cancer (June 22 – July 22)


With Mars – the God of War – set to spend the first 2 weeks of November in your 8th house of joint finances and shared resources Cancers, it’s not hard to imagine you becoming caught up in something testy and difficult to resolve this month.  It could very well be due to a loan, inheritance or simply a promise to share the financial burden that hasn’t been kept up. Whatever the situation, it’s time for you to reassess and maybe even renegotiate this particular relationship. Whatever you do Cancers, take your time and make sure you look at things from every single angle.  


Keep in mind that mid-month the 2 personal planets play a game of sliding doors.  Venus the planet of love and harmony is getting ready to move direct in Libra, your 4th house of home and family while Mercury, the other personal, day to day planet will retrograde in your 6th house of hard work and health November 16 – December 6.  This is not the time to make any hard core/long lasting/definitive decisions. It’s much more a time for you to sit back, listen and learn. Especially if these decisions involve love and or money.


November is set to be a complicated and complex month but the light is definitely at the end of the tunnel and by early December, you will be much clearer about where you see your life heading and feel much more confident about finishing up 2018 and setting yourself up for 2019.


November 8 Jupiter, the biggest planet in the zodiac, the planet of opportunity and optimism will slide into her home sign of Sagittarius, your 6th house of hard work, health and wellbeing where he will reside for a full year.  Now is your time to get as fit and healthy – body mind and soul wise as possible. If you need to lose weight, get more toned or get spiritually and mentally stronger, the Universe is going to lend you a huge helping hand.


Your Lucky days in November – 8, 10, 11 & 27

Your not so Lucky days in November – 7, 15, 18 & 19

Friend – Scorpio

Foe – Leo






October 2018


Cancer (June 22 – July 22)


October 9 Mercury the planet of communication and clear thinking will make his way into your fellow water sign of Scorpio – your solar 5th house of fun and playmates – and keep in mind this is the planet who is famous for being ‘the trickster’ of the zodiac.  Needless to say, games of all kinds will be on your agenda. Just make sure not to play with anyone’s feelings – especially if you know for a fact that they’re very, very fond of you and hoping that you feel the same way.


Choosing your words, your timing and your tone carefully mid-month is imperative Cancers.  Chatty Mercury collides with relationship-oriented Venus in sexy, intense Scorpio. All of this activity is once again in your 5th house of relationships and creativity.  Make sure you read my October LoveScopes to find out more about what to expect in your love life and all the different scenarios to expect with Venus going out of phase or retrograde in your romance zone October 5 – November 16.   


Money could also come up as being somewhat of a problem between you and someone close to you.  If you’ve decided to share monies with someone – perhaps by cohabiting together or combining incomes in some way – the best date to really discuss the finer details or put these plans into play would be the 24th.  On that day, a sturdy even handed Venus-Saturn sextile aspect will join forces with the Full Moon in Taurus, your 11th house of hopes, wishes and friendship – a stubborn sign that’s infamous for being successful and prosperous – to extend their blessings to all of your financial matters.  


Your best October days are: 12, 22, 24 & 27

Your challenging October days are: 2, 11, 15 & 31

Friend: Scorpio

Frenemy: Leo





September 2018

Cancer (June 22 – July 22)


Venus the planet of delights, love and relationships moves into Scorpio September 9, which will be a huge cosmic bonus for you Cancerians.  Make sure you read my September LoveScopes to find out what Venus will bring to your ‘love table’ – especially for single Crabs.


The next day Mars the planet of action and energy will move into Aquarius, your 8th house of joint finances and projects.  Keep it in mind that Mars is a very feisty planet and if you’ve been involved in a financial war of sorts – or even just a minor dispute – you should now that things will soon come to a head and hopefully to a natural conclusion sooner than later.  Mars doesn’t take things slowly and can be aggressive and demanding. It’s your mission to decide how to handle whatever situation arises involving money, particularly shared monies while being true to you and fair to the other person/people involved as well.


On the 25th, the Sun and Saturn the planet of focus and discipline will get into a testy square aspect, the stuff that arguments and cosmic cafuffals are made of.  You could definitely find yourself feeling stressed out or taken advantage of by authority figures and higher-ups. Some of you may even consider quitting your job or actually go ahead and do it.  You may then decide it’s time for you to become your own boss and strike out on your own.


Your Lucky September days: 7, 11, 15 & 24

Your not so Lucky September days: 6, 22, 23 & 30

Friend: Scorpio

Frenemy: Aries

August 2018


Cancer (June 22 – July 22)


August is your time to put aside the ‘hard stuff’ and play a little.  And we don’t mind alcohol when we say hard stuff! More like life and the hard knocks you encounter on a daily basis.  If you’re feeling a little bruised and battered this month, do yourself and your body, mind and soul a favour and take a few days off or a few weeks off and do something you love to do.  Whether that’s sitting by the ocean, hiking in the mountains or spending quality time with friends and family, it should definitely be on your cosmic to do list in August. Just remember that with Mercury the clear thinking planet out of phase through the 19th, making flight arrangements and AirBnb arrangements may be more difficult than usual.  If you can wait until after Mercury moves direct, all the better.


A few days before the solar eclipse in Leo, your 2nd house of self-esteem and self-worth, the Moon spends the 8th & 9th in your sign – your first house of personality and ego.  This could make for a more emotional time than some of you would like. If you do feel particularly fragile around this time, make sure you surround yourself with positive and enlightened people.  Avoid anyone and anything that makes you doubt yourself Cancers. Keep your emotions in check as much as you can and don’t let them see you sweat!


On the 25th a Grand Earth Trine will align in the heavens and make for a much more pleasurable time for you.  It’s time to put a money oriented situation to rest once and for all now that Mercury has moved direct in your financial sector.  If someone owes you money or you owe someone money, it’s time to work out a payment plan or get a date for the issue to be resolved once and for all.


Make sure you read my August Lovescopes to see what’s in store for you romantically with passionate Mars finally moving direct in Capricorn, your one on one relationship zone!


Your most rewarding August days: 3, 17, 20 & 27

Your most unrewarding August days: 6, 9, 26 & 29


Frenemy: Sagittarius

July 2018



Birthday girls & boys (Cancer June 22-July 22)


Born on the 4th of July!  Yes America is a ‘Cancer country’ and welcomes people from all over the world in a motherly fashion.  If you’re born on the 4th of July, it’s a special birthday indeed.


July starts off with the Sun shining in your sign and Mercury and Venus highlighting your 2nd house of self-worth and finances.  This a great time to figure out your finances Cancers and ensure that you are in the black and not the red! Your self-esteem and self-worth are also highlighted, making this the perfect time for you to stop judging yourself against others and do the best job that you can do. Just do you this month!


A Solar Eclipse/New Moon in your sign on the 12th plus Jupiter moving direct in Scorpio July 10 will be cosmic music to your ears Cancers.  New Moons are all about moving forward and creating new and exciting opportunities for yourself while Jupiter moving direct in your fellow water sign of Scorpio highlights your 5th house of romance, creativity and self-fulfillment.  Make sure you read my LoveScope for July to find out exactly what that means!


While Friday the 13th isn’t usually regarded as a lucky day, in July it will turn out to be very lucky for you – particularly when it comes to money matters.  Venus the planet of money will get together with stable, practical Saturn, urging you to settle an old money matter that’s come up once again and refuses to be ignored any longer.  Whether you owe someone money or vice versa, now’s the time to handle it Cancers. Once Mercury goes out of phase in your money zone July 26th – August 19, there could be some snafus with checks clearing or wages being paid or rent being paid.  You have to ride the Mercury retrograde wave out and let that infamous intuition of yours lead the way.


As you can see, the majority of July is filled up with financial situations and making sure you’re on track money wise.  The Universe has deemed this a necessary thing for you so you have to follow its lead and however boring and cumbersome it is, deal with it and deal with it now.


Your lucky days in July:5, 10, 12 & 22

Your unlucky days in July:2, 12, 24 & 27
Friend: Capricorn



The good times start to roll early this month and you’ll have plenty of chances to spend time at your place with the people you love Cancers. Invite whomever you want and whoever turns up great. Whoever doesn’t – well they’re missing out aren’t they?

With assertive and headstrong Mars in Aquarius for the next few months transiting your 8th house of shared resources, you might be in the mood to do battle with your other half or your business partner. Mars will be retograding back and forth in Aquarius so be warned – the battle might be a long ongoing affair. Try to remain calm and stick to your financial guns Cancers.

Venus spends the first half of the month in your sign Cancers and being that she is the planet of money and love, it makes sense that you financial situation with loved ones is going to be an ongoing theme throughout the month. On the 13th Mercury the communicator moves into your sign, helping you to talk through things with everyone in your life and really say what you mean and want out of life.

Avoid making an extravagant purchase you cannot afford around the 25th Cancers. If you do, make sure you hang onto the receipt so that you can return it the next day. You don’t have to spend so much money to impress someone, especially if they know you can’t afford it. It will only serve to make them feel bad.

Your best days:1, 12, 20 & 22
Your worst days:5, 8, 18 & 23
Frenemy: Aries

Last Month’s Horoscope for Cancer

Venus the planet of love and money sets off for your sign on the 19th, so having fun will be pretty hard to avoid Cancers. Between now and then, your mission is to be sure that you’ve done all your work and finished up whatever needs finishing up or putting the final touches on so you can enjoy your free time guilt free. If you get everything done you deserve a night out on the town every once in a while!

Don’t even try to negotiate a deal or contract around the 9th Cancers. You will quickly find out that whomever it is that you are trying to do business with doesn’t understand you or doesn’t want to understand you. With that said, there’s no reason you can’t work with this person later on down the line. You may have just hit a stalemate which can be resolved. Just try to be as informed as possible and if you can, schedule meetings for the 17th or 18th.

The New Moon on the 15th transits your 11th house of hopes, dreams, wishes and friendship making this a great time for you to start a business with a friend – maybe something you’re hoped and dreamt of for some time Cancers. You’re usually very honed in on what people want and if you can open up a home goods type business with a like minded friend (possibly a Capricorn or Scorpio), things will go well for you.

YOUR BEST DAYS:10, 18, 19 & 25
YOUR WORST DAYS: 7, 12, 16 & 31
FOE: Libra

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Monthly Horoscope for Cancer – November 2018
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