Top 3 Spiritual Readings Sites Online

Top 3 Spiritual Readings Sites Online
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Aren’t all psychic readings spiritual readings?


All psychic readings connect with Spirit energy, and so do spiritual readings, but spiritual readings focus on YOUR spirituality.

Spiritual readings are related to spiritual awakening, spiritual awareness and spiritual enlightenment. Spiritual readings aren’t about religion, but they also don’t exclude religion, and if religion resonates with you, you can choose a psychic who does angel readings or similar.

Spirit knows no religion, and in the world of Spirit, all religions are equal. The intention is all that matters in Spirit.

And your intentions matter too; is Spirit reaching out to you?

Want a Personal Live Spiritual Reading?

Speak to a Real Psychic for your Spiritual Reading at one of the recommended sites below:

October 2018

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What is a spiritual awakening?

There are so many views and definitions of a spiritual awakening that I’m just going to give it to you as I see it:

When we have a spiritual awakening, another dimension opens up to us, and this dimension is always a space of greater awareness, love, caring and empathy. Once we find even the smallest glimpse of this space, we want to know more, and we cannot ever forget what we’ve encountered.

Some of us are innately enlightened, while others have to stumble around in the dark for years before we find enlightenment. And then some of us go seeking spiritual awareness, while others are called to awareness by Spirit.

Whether your life is going brilliantly, or you’re clawing at the embankment to stay afloat, if it’s your time to have a spiritual awakening, it’s your time! Do you find yourself thinking things like:

  • Who am I actually?
  • Is this all there is to life?
  • Why do I feel something is missing in my life?
  • Why do I keep thinking there’s something else?

If these thoughts sound familiar, you could be on the verge of a spiritual awakening (whether you like it or not), and it’s time for you to consider having a spiritual reading.

What are spiritual readings?

Spiritual readings are on a deeper level of Self than normal psychic readings. And Self has nothing to do with selfishness; rather it’s about self-awareness and self-discovery.

So what do I mean?

When you go into a usual psychic reading, you’re mostly looking for answers about your daily life at a more superficial level. You’re going in with questions about your love life, career, finances, family, etc., and that’s great, and that’s often necessary.

But when you want a spiritual reading, you’re looking to reconnect with your Higher-Self, your Spirit-Self, and your Soul. You will be looking to discover your Life-Path and Life-Purpose. You’re looking for a psychic to channel the deep Spirit energy that will define the very essence of your existence.

When psychics do spiritual readings, they’re channelling a very different type of Spirit energy. This will often involve channelling your past life energy and could involve the Spirit energy of loved ones who have crossed over.

When you have spiritual readings, you’re looking for the psychic to guide you to what you already know, but cannot yet see. It’s like someone taking your hand in a dark room and guiding you to the light switch; light is there for you, you just need to find where it is.

What will spiritual readings tell me?

It’s very important to understand that spiritual readings aren’t going to answer questions about what’s going down for you in your daily life, because if you think that you could be disappointed. The psychic is going to channel Spirit energy that’s at a different level.

Spiritual readings will help you rediscover who you truly are, devoid of the superficial trappings of life, and free of your ego. Spiritual readings will reveal the Universal truth of your being, and guide you to your Life-Path. Your Higher-Self already knows all of this, and your Higher-Self also knows the way, you’ve just become disconnected for some reason, and spiritual readings guide you back to where you belong.

Spiritual readings are about gaining inner peace, wisdom, grace, and serenity. They’re about accepting what is and knowing that nothing is permanent. What is was and what was is; life is ever-evolving.

Psychics who do spiritual readings have no preconceived judgements or beliefs and will hold no opinion about you. The psychic will channel Spirit energy that presents itself during the reading to lead you back to where you know you belong.

What you take from a spiritual reading is your choice because you have your own free-will. Spiritual readings can be quite intense at times, and you might not be ready for everything that’s revealed to you in a reading.

But that’s okay:

Nothing happens before it’s time and time is never late; that’s the way of Spirit.

What seems inconceivable now will reveal itself in clarity later on when you’re more prepared.

If you’re on the verge of a spiritual awakening and feeling like you’re going bonkers, a spiritual reading will help you understand.

Am I on the verge of a spiritual awakening?
  • You’re on an emotional rollercoaster: emotions of all kinds are bubbling just below the surface all the time, and you don’t know why
  • You’re suddenly connecting with nature: you have a deep appreciation for all of nature, you notice a beauty in nature you never did before, and you don’t know where it’s coming from
  • You have a feeling that something’s changed: the world around you suddenly looks different, and you feel different, but you can’t explain why
  • You become aware of relationship patterns: you suddenly see destructive choices, beliefs and habits that you were totally unaware of before
  • You develop a deep appreciation of good people: you notice kindness, friendliness and good intentions, and you appreciate people you used to take for granted
  • You lose interest in superficial things: you realise that the style-police, fashion-police and lifestyle-police are irrelevant
  • You develop an aversion to negativity: you no longer what to be part of negative activities or hang-out with negative people
  • Your opinions change: if you held strong political, cultural or social opinions, you could find them suddenly changing without any outside influence
  • You drop the “them versus us” mentality: you no longer what to judge and long for all types of unity among friends, in the world and universally
  • You become aware of your intuition: you begin to trust your instincts and extrasensory perception
  • You start to notice positive coincidences: your questions are answered, opportunities appear when you most need them, spiritual synchronicity manifests in your life
  • You need to ‘find-yourself’: your present life suddenly feels empty, and you develop a deep desire to ‘know’ more

How can I guarantee an accurate spiritual reading?

Spirit energy exists beyond our earthly concepts of space and time, and Spirit has no shape or form, so you need not be face to face with a psychic to have a spiritual reading. That’s why I recommend online psychic reading sites. You’re guaranteed of having an accurate spiritual reading because they offer a guarantee on all their readings.

All online psychic reading screen readers thoroughly before they can join, so you know the psychic you choose is genuine, and the spiritual reading will be accurate.

Look at our partner site Psychic Source. Top-rated psychics available for you 24/7/365! Top-rated readers have lots of 5-star reviews, and all psychics are profiled so you can get to know the reader before you choose.

And: Psychic Source has a special offer for all new clients – you get 3 FREE MINUTES PLUS you pay only $1 per minute for every minute after that up to 30 minutes.

You honestly can’t go wrong!

Reading types: phone, email, sms & text

By choosing to have a spiritual reading online, you’re also choosing convenience. No making appointments and getting dressed up to go out. You can have your reading by phone, online chat, email or sms depending on the psychic reading site you choose. Spiritual readings done by phone or online chat are immediate. Think of it as a psychic hotline 24/7/365! If privacy is what you want, then sms and email readings are excellent because they’re more personal and private, and you have the written record to keep for later on.

Try the type of reading that’s best for you.

When you’re dealing with the world of Spirit, it really doesn’t matter where you are or where the psychic is when you have a spiritual reading. Don’t worry that spiritual readings online can’t be that good. Spiritual readings online are NO different from any other. The value and strength of spiritual readings online lie in the psychic’s connection with your aura and with Spirit energy.

Are psychic readings and medium readings the same?

If you do some research online, many posts will go to great lengths to explain the difference, but I’m going to blow them out of the water.

My answer to that question is NO!

Both psychics and mediums channel Spirit energy, be it angels, people who have crossed over, Divine energy, animal energy … and both psychics and mediums can choose to use divination tools during their readings to enhance the quality of the info they get.

For me, it’s all about what the readers feel comfortable calling themselves. As a psychic myself, I know that I can do what many mediums can do, and what many people who call themselves spiritualists can do. I can communicate with Spirit, and I can see and hear Spirit, particularly those who have crossed over, through clairvoyance and clairaudience.

There are those who argue with me and tell me that I’m not psychic, I’m a medium; frankly, I don’t care what I’m called. All I want to do is use the psychic abilities I have for the greater good, and I’m sure most readers feel the same.

How much does a psychic reading cost?

Anything from $0.99 to $9.99 per minute, unless of course, you take up Psychic Source’s fab special offer for all new clients. 3 FREE MINUTES PLUS you pay only $1 per minute for every minute after that up to 30 minutes.

Most sites require you to open an account and fund it before you have access to a reading. Once you connect with a psychic, you’re charged by the minute, with each minute deducted from your account balance.

Payment by credit card is the most popular way to top up your account, and all reputable psychic reading sites have a secure payment gateway, so you are assured that your credit card details are secure.

How to identify an accurate, legit cheap psychic:

I won’t consider anything other than word of mouth referrals if I want a spiritual reading. Choosing readers at random from classified ads is just looking to be scammed by a fake. That’s why spiritual readings online are the only way to go to get an accurate legit reader. Online psychic reading sites not only profile all their readers, but they list all past client reviews and comments on each reader’s profile. They’re honest and upfront, so you know what you’re getting.

You can go through all the reviews and comments to make sure that the psychic you choose is the real deal. And actually, you don’t have to worry that psychic reading sites are littered with fake readers.

They would never keep all the reviews and comments online for you to see if it was a scam, and they would never guarantee their readings. How crazy would that be?

Pros and cons of spiritual readings:

  • Spiritual readings can guide you to your own inner light
  • Spiritual readings can connect you with your Higher-Self
  • Spiritual readings can reveal your Life-Path and true essence
  • Spiritual readings clear the fog of a pending spiritual awakening
  • Spiritual readings can help you let go of fear and preconceived notions
  • Spiritual readers can easily be impersonated by fakes
  • Spiritual readings can reveal more than you can understand
  • Spiritual readings won’t change your life; you have to be the change
  • Spiritual readings can reveal things that lead to painful introspection
  • Spiritual readings can be draining if you’re holding on to your comfort zone

 Once the soul awakens, the search begins and you can never go back. – John O’Donohue 

Ready for your first reading? Get it below and give us feedback:

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