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Mystical runes go back to before the Viking age and rune readings are just as popular today. People have been consulting runes since forever to get guidance and insight into their daily lives.

The word rune means ‘secret’ or ‘something hidden’, and there’s stacks of evidence dating from the Roman and Germanic Iron Age that proves that runes were used for magick and mystical purposes. Ancient jewellery, weapons and household objects also show that runes were used as charms and talismans for luck, prosperity, healing, protection and to ward off evil.

Many psychics use runes in their readings to give you more insight.

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What are runes?

According to legend, runes were a sacred gift to Man and were first given to the Norse God Odin after he wounded himself with a spear and then hung himself from Yggdrasill, the World Tree, for nine days.  The ordeal and the wisdom of Oden are recorded in the poem, Havamal.

Runes are actually remnants of an early writing system of ancient Germanic origin that was used by the Germanic and Nordic tribes of Northern Europe, Scandinavia and Britain for writing, divination and magick purposes.

The three most well-known runic alphabets are the Elder Futhark, the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc, and the Younger Futhark. The number of rune stones in a set varies from 24 to 33. Runes are made from stone, wood, glass and ceramic. Individual runes are known as rune stones, Nordic rune stones or rune tiles.

What are rune readings?

Considering that runes are oracles and that the runes have no power on their own, a rune reading is an oracle reading much like tarot readings and IChing readings. Rune readings aren’t fortune telling.

A set of rune stones is kept in either a small drawstring pouch or wooden box, and people who read runes are known as rune-casters. Traditionally the rune-caster sits facing north, which is the direction of the Norse Gods, while blindly selecting any number of rune stones from the bag or box.

Rune-casters keep track of the order in which each rune was selected and then cast them out on a white cloth from east to west. Runes can be laid out randomly, or in sequences depending on what the caster wants to know. Rune stone and tarot spreads can be similar.

After the casting, some rune stones will be face down, and the caster will ignore them. Face up runes have meaning based on their symbolism and whether they land upright or reversed. The blend and direction of face-up rune stones affect the interpretation. Sometimes a single rune stone will stand out to the caster, giving instant insight into the entire reading.

Rune casters can’t see the future. They focus on examining cause and effect and counsel you on the most likely outcome should you continue on your current course of action. Rune casters can also guide you on what you can do to change course, or what you can do to cope with an inevitable outcome.

Rune readings are like chatting with a therapist when you need insight and guidance.

There’s way more info on the meaning of each rune stone than can be covered in this post, but let’s look at the different meaning of three:

Obvious symbolism:

  • Fehu (F) – domestic cattle or wealth
  • Uruz (U) – wild ox or brute strength
  • Raidho (R) – wagon or chariot

Can give deeper insight to:

  • Fehu – success, happiness, and wealth
  • Uruz – strength, a masculine archetype, home, love on all sides
  • Raidho – beginning of a journey across space or a spiritual journey toward healing

But reversed, mean:

  • Fehu – loss, disappointment, giving up
  • Uruz – weakness, lack of motivation, falling into temptation
  • Raidho – unpleasant journey, miscommunication, lost opportunities

How can rune readings help me?

Rune readings are excellent when you want insight into a situation. Runes don’t predict or give you the answers you need. Rather they give insight and guide you to the answers that you already have within. Rune casters help you connect with your Higher-Self.

That’s why rune readings are like therapy. The rune caster will listen to your situation, cast the rune stones, analyse the spread and then give you insight and guidance.  The rune caster can offer you different insights into what can happen if you change your thinking or course of action, but the outcome always lies in your hands because you have your own free-will.

Get rune readings for:

  • Relationship issues: love, family, friends or work colleagues
  • Financial issues: no money, big purchases, debt, etc.
  • Career issues: career path, new job, unemployment, etc.
  • Emotional baggage: past relationships, loss, betrayal, etc.
  • Issues beyond your control: loved-ones who are suffering addiction, loss of income, etc.

As you can see, you can have rune readings for any kind of problem that we encounter on our life-journey, but a rune reading must address only one issue at a time.

Don’t go into a rune reading with a list of questions because you won’t get far. Rather come to a rune caster with a single issue or situation in your life and get a comprehensive reading. Don’t go into rune readings with “can I do this, can I do that, what will happen …” attitude. Go into a rune reading with a “this is my problem, and I need help” attitude.

Rune readings aren’t magic. They are oracle readings that put you in touch with your Higher-Self and encourage you to find the answers that are already within. Regular rune readings will give you wisdom by showing you how to connect with your Higher-Self and learn how to trust your intuition or ESP.

How can I guarantee an accurate rune reading?

It’s very important to make sure that you understand how a rune reading can help you. Otherwise, you could end up feeling disappointed. Combining psychic readings with rune readings is the best way to go, and there is no better way to do that than by going online to psychic reading sites. These sites have genuine rune casters who are also psychics.

All psychic reading sites screen their readers before they can join, so a rune caster has to know their stuff if they want to go on to a psychic reading site. Make sure that you see rune casting listed on a psychic’s profile before you connect.

Take a look at our partner site Kasamba and see how you do it!

Reading types: phone, email, sms & text

Another great thing about going online is that you get to choose how you want your reading done. Phone, online chat, email, sms: you choose! Phone or online chat are immediate while sms and email psychic rune readings are more personal and private, and you get to keep the written record.

What feels best for you is the way to go!

And if you’re about to say that psychic rune readings online can’t be that goodwait! Online readings are just as good as any other. The value and strength of online psychic rune readings lie in the psychic’s rune casting skills and their ability to put you in touch with your Higher-Self. Where you are and where the psychic is has NO impact on the accuracy and quality of the rune reading.

Are rune readings and IChing readings the same?

Although The IChing originates from China and runes from Northern Europe, they are very similar.

Both runes and IChing are oracles of divination that are intended to give you insight and guidance and put you in touch with your Higher-Self. Both rune casters and IChing readers know that your free-will will ultimately decide the outcome, but even if you make the wrong decisions, you’ll gain valuable life experience and ultimately wisdom.

Both runes and IChing are ancient forms of divination that serve the same purpose and have exactly the same intention.

How much does a rune reading cost?

There’s no set rate, and people can charge what they like. That’s what makes rune readings online great.

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How to identify an accurate, legit rune psychic:

Rune casting is an ancient mystic skill that takes time and patience to learn. Rune casters take years to learn their craft. You can buy any type of rune stone set or Nordic rune stone sets that have books to tell you what each rune stone means, but that doesn’t make you a real rune caster. Those rune stone sets are great for learning more about runes, but if you want an accurate legit rune reading, opt for a rune psychic. 

Word of mouth referral is the only way to go, and online psychic reading sites must be your point of call. Why? Because they profile all their readers and list all past client reviews and comments on each reader’s profile. You’ve got the read-deal guarantee right there!

People won’t lie when they rate a psychic. Most people who want a psychic reading have personal issues that they need to be resolved. And they, like you, wanted insight and guidance from a rune reading. If what they got was rubbish, what do you think they would say?

Pros and cons of rune readings:

Now that you know more about rune readings, let’s take a look at some pros and cons:

  • Rune readings can guide you through tough times
  • Rune readings can help you make difficult decisions
  • Rune readings can guide you when you must make choices
  • Rune readings can help you when there are issues you have no control over
  • Rune readings can’t predict the future
  • Rune readings can’t make decisions for you
  • Rune casters can easily be impersonated by fakes
  • Rune readings won’t help you if you’re unwilling to do the leg-work yourself

 A rune, hovering like an angel: a shape like two wings joined by a single bar. – Cassandra Clare 

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