Sagittarius Man – Love, Personality Traits, Sex & More!

Sagittarius at a Glance
Element: Fire//Mode: Mutable & Changing//Colour: Purple//Planet: Jupiter//Keywords: “I Seek”

Getting to know the Sagittarius Man

Sagittarius men are a whirlwind of fun and games. You’ll spot them form across the room, because they are the ones in the middle of the dancefloor, having the best time out of everyone. They are the life of the party, often earning themselves the name of “Sagitrouble” – they are wild, carefree and optimistic adventurers, and nothing holds them down.

In fact, it will be rather surprising if you find your Sagittarius man in the same country he was born in – this man is seldom not on a plane, seeking a new experience in a new place. He is a veritable Crocodile Dundee and he is curious about everything. There is a seeking energy to the Sagittarius male, a wanting to “know”, to expand himself and uncover the truth about, well, everything.

Sagittarius man are excessive – they don’t know here to stop, and they don’t know where to draw the line. There is no off button with the Sagittarius man – and they can be exhausting because of their nonstop “go, go go” energy. Keeping up with the Sagittarius man requires a lot of energy, whether it’s being able to hop on and off a plane together or outdancing him at a party. If you can’t find the ability to keep the pace, it may be best for you to allow him his freedom to carry on – Sagittarian men aren’t easy to tie down and they demand absolute independence. They’ll make it all a lot of fun, though.

Sagittarius men are optimistic and always see the positive in everything, even sometimes blindly so. They are deeply honest, sometimes hurting your feelings, but they hate to tell a lie – although they don’t mind exaggerating the truth a little – or a lot. Some Sagittarius men are extremely spiritual and highly philosophical, and want to share their knowledge about yoga, astral travelling and medicine retreats with you – they’re often either party animals or yogis, sometimes both as they like to bounce between extremes.

The Sagittarius man is not known for being responsible and cautious – he would rather ask for forgiveness than permission; and he prefers to reach out and take a risk than stay on the safe side. He is passionate, lovable and always young – there is a fresh excitement to life with these men around.

How the Sagittarius Man Loves

Firstly, it is important right from the outside to know what you are getting into here – Sagittarian men are famously non-committal and free spirited, and although they love woman – LOVE them – they may have itchy feet when they find themselves feeling under any pressure whatsoever, so it may be important for these men to have a partner who gives them a great deal of personal freedom and doesn’t place too much restriction on them.

The Sagittarian Man will love you by showing you that you can be free, that you are their partner in crime and in growth. He will propose many a new adventure to go on, and will insist that you accompany him on his myriads of adventures.

The Sagittarius man treats love like a fun experience – which it is – and never takes t too seriously. They aren’t going to be wishy washy and sentimental with you, and they will always be wholly honest with you in the relationship. For them, love means honesty and freedom, fun and growth.

The Sagittarius man will not be possessive nor will he expect you to be – he will run a mile if he gets even the slightest whiff of possession or jealous, and you will be given the freedom to be your own person.

The Sagittarius Man’s Sexuality

Sagittarius men treat sex like they treat everything else – lightly – sex is meant to be light and carefree for these men, and they won’t go too deep with it. If you are looking for a man to become emotionally involved when it comes to sex, then unfortunately the Sagittarian man is not for you.

Sagittarian men will also just love adventurous sex – the best that they can think of is outdoor sex, after a sweaty hike or a climb, they will simply love the excitement of feeling the air on their skin and being in nature. Sagittarian men are active, and they have a great deal of stamina – being fire signs, they are naturally passionate and hot blooded, and they will want to be intimate frequently.

Sagittarian men will also enjoy sexual adventures at a party, afterwards or just before. There is something about the combination of music, potentially alcohol and a big circle that gets their blood flowing.

The other sexual adventure that these men may enjoy is spiritual sexuality. They are the types that will go for Tantra, and seek that powerful spiritual expansion that can sometimes come from these sexual experiences.

Dating a Sagittarius Man

Dating a Sagittarius man is a laugh a minute – you’ll be left breathless with laughter at their crazy stories and whirling with excitement at the adventures they will take you on. It won’t be long before they propose travelling or doing yoga together, and that will set the tone for the relationship. The chances are that you met the Sagittarian man at a party, and that will also be a theme for your relationship. Dating will include lots of music, potentially plenty of alcohol, dancing, playing, travelling and potentially many spiritual adventures too.

The Sagittarian man is not particularly romantic – he’s not really the type for flowers and mush, and he tries to shy away from the more traditional dating norms. Hence, expecting him to spoilt you in conventional ways will probably disappoint you, so the best thing to do here is accept that he will shower you with experiences rather than gifts, and that you will have memories to last you a lifetime.

Sagittarian men are actually best when they are in the dating phase – there is a sense of freedom here that they relish, and it is when things get a bit more serious and settled that hey become a bit gun shy. These men hate to be pressured to settle down and do the usual spiel of marriage and kids, and so keeping a light touch in the relationship is ideal to keep these men from getting itchy feet and heading for the nearest exit. If you can help him to feel free and independent, the Sagittarian man is yours forever.

Spoiling a Sagittarius Man

Spoiling a Sagittarian man is not too difficult – as long as you buy then a weekend away or a trip up the mountain, then he is happy. He loves being outdoors so doing anything where there is nature will be a big bonus to this man.

Sagittarian men also tend to be very active physically, and so they will enjoy hiking, swimming, running, climbing or whatever other sport or activity you can think of. He loves having a partner he can get hot and sweaty with, who will push boundaries and explore life with. The Sagittarian man will also really appreciate a partner who will do something like yoga with him, or explore medicine journeys with him.

And of course partying with the Sagittarius man is always a winner. Booking tickets to a music festival is an absolute dream come true for this man – make sure you have plenty of booze and your dancing shoes on!

The Sagittarius Man’s Career and Finances

Sagittarian men are often found in careers that are focussed on wildlife, teaching, traveling or entertainment. They don’t like the nine to five lifestyle, and nothing freaks them out more than being chained to a desk and being in front of a computer. Sagittarius men have a powerful desire to change the world, to impact it in a positive way – they want to do something meaningful. This is if they even have a job – some Sagittarian men manage to stay young forever and skim from job to job, perhaps becoming travel writers (which is of course a real job, but perhaps not a conventional one), horse trainers (they love animals, especially horses) or yoga instructors.

The Sagittarian man doesn’t care about things like ambition or climbing the ladder – as long as they are having a good time, then they are happy as anything. They treat life as a never-ending adventure, and their job will have to reflect that. They are often too honest to be businessmen, and they need to do something that reflects their beliefs and morals.

Financially, these men are not going to be precious about their money – they spend it freely and sometimes do run into debt, because they spend most of it on travelling or partying. They are very generous with their cash and won’t be shy to share it – they lack of possessiveness or stinginess is a real gift, although they may have to learn at times not to be too financially reckless as they can be sometime irresponsible in this way.

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