Scorpio Man – Love, Personality Traits, Sex & More!

Scorpio at a Glance
Element: Water//Mode: Fixed & Consistent//Colour: Crimson//Planet: Mars//Keywords: “I Desire”

Getting to know the Scorpio Man

Scorpio men are deep wells of water – they may appear very controlled on the surface, but below that, there is a seething energy of emotion that is uncovered as you get to know them. Scorpio men have this magnetism powerful and sleek energy that follows them everywhere and they can’t help but draw people to them.

Scorpio men know how to hold their space and keep a secret; they are not going to give it all away on first meeting. They may appear rather detached and even remote, keeping everyone at arm’s length.

Scorpio men are born investigators, and even if they keep silent, they are taking in everything around them. They are highly perceptive and they see everything that is going on they have a nose for the truth and it can be impossible to lie to these people. They are deep, intense and dramatic, and even if they are not drama queen, they do tend to attract chaotic situations into their lives, as if they can live vicariously through others. Scorpio men are brilliant in a crisis – they are cool, calm and collected and they feel that they can truly shine.

The Scorpio man is always looking to self – transform. They crave big endings, dramatic closing to a chapter so that they can be born anew – they thrive when they are given the opportunity to evolve. They can be dark and controlling, when in shadow, but they can be wise men and charismatically powerful when in their light side. One thing is very important to remember about the Scorpio male – they are extremely loyal, and if betrayed, they will simply cut you out of their life, never to speak to you again.

How the Scorpio Man Loves

The Scorpio man take a long, long time to open up. He may think to himself that he trusts too easily, but in fact, these men take longer than most to open up their hearts. They may play games in the beginning to test you test your loyalty and test your patience, and these games may be sexy, infuriating or both. Be aware that the Scorpio Man is the one that holds the power, and generally he will try and have the upper hand. He’s not necessarily dominating, but he will have a way of making you do what he wants you to – as if under a spell – a very delicious one!

When the Scorpio man eventually does drop the trust games and opens up his heart, he is the most loyal, deep, caring and sensitive partner you can find he will be extremely true to you, very faithful and will bond himself to you for life, or until you betray him – which will hopefully not happen.

Being loved by a Scorpio man means being possessed, body, mind and soul – again, it is not an overt act of assertion of his will, but there is a subtle sense that you are in some way owned by these marvellous men. And you won’t mind, because once you have been in love and been loved by a Scorpio man, there is no one’s else to match that intensity and depth, Being loved by a Scorpio man is unforgettable in many ways, and they will show you time and time again how much they care, how empathetic they are to you and how willing they are to go to the ends of the earth for you – as long as you are willing to do the same.

The Scorpio Man’s Sexuality

Out of all the signs, the Scorpio man is the most desirable in the bedroom. This man is a master of sex, and he will make you feel delicious, desired and satisfied. He loves sex – he eats, breaths and lives for it, and when he engages in the cat of lovemaking, he doe sit with his entire being, his entire soul. He has a sexual hunger that is voracious and not easily satisfied, so if you are “not in the mood”, that could be a problem – the sexual appetite of the Scorpio man is large.

Scorpio men are also very ready to plunge into the depths, sexually, and there is noting that is taboo for these folks. They will ask you to do all kinds of things that you have never heard of before, things that may seem somewhat depraved if you are someone who is more traditional or reserved. The Scorpio man goes out on a sexual limb, and there is not part of you that they don’t want to explore.

These men are of course highly visual, and they like blacks and reds – leather appeals to them, as does whips and tools of pleasure. Out of all the signs these men are the ones who will try out S&M and they embrace the pleasure/pain principle quite readily and easily.

Sex with a Scorpio man is unforgettable, and other sexual experience will fade into the back of your memory when you have been with this man. They invest both their feelings and their entire physical bodies to the experience, and each time, it becomes a whole new world unto itself.

Dating a Scorpio Man

The Dating phase with a Scorpio man is short lived – they will play the usual love games and test your limits, and after they have determined that they can trust you (to a certain degree, as the Scorpio never fully trusts), they tend to commit for the long term. It is unusual to find a Scorpio man is a short-term situation, and they may have their promiscuous period, but usually not for long. They’ll tend to mistrust you for a certain amount f time, and it can take a year or so for them to eventually open up and accept you as their partner. They may even avoid the word “boyfriend” until they feel sure and ready.

These men can be very romantic and sweet – they will make your dates unforgettable as they plan activities that are memorable.  They love nesting though and are often not ones for gong out and parting – they keep their friends and loved ones close and they prefer a night with intimates than a night out rocking a party. They want to get up close and personal, and so snuggling under a fluffy blanket on a stormy night, watching a detective series is an absolute aphrodisiac for these men.

Dating a Scorpio man is short lived, because you will become their long term, serious partner if you show that you are trustworthy and loyal, and willing to meet their sexual needs. You have to be willing to be possessed and okay with a bit of jealousy as these men are not the types that will find it easy to let go of you, until you have wholly earned their trust – then you can do as you please.

Spoiling a Scorpio Man

Scorpio men liked to be wined and dined just as much as the next person; but what they really like is being seduced. Spoiling your Scorpio man means sex, and they just love to have a partner who is able to come up with sexy, exciting ideas for the bedroom. Spending a night or a weekend indoors simply enjoying each other’s bodies is an ideal way to spoil your Scorpio man.

When finally emerging, you can make your Scorpio man feel more special by getting him gifts such as mystery novels, detective series, watch crime with him or spend time dicing into the occult, where they often have a profound fascination.

The Scorpio Man’s Career and Finances

Scorpio men are incredibly ambitious and they like to do work when they can excel and shine. They don’t take kindly to bosses and would probably prefer to work for themselves – they make excellent psychologist, lawyers, detectives, journalists and writers – anything which requires depth, perception and commitment, as well as mysteries and secrets.

The Scorpio man will generally be a hard worker and will want to somehow transform the world through his chosen profession. He can’t do anything that his heart is not in, and he can be quite stable when it comes to his career. He doesn’t like change so much, and because he loves drama, choosing a profession that gives him a sense of the dramatic will be important.

The Scorpio men may spend long hours at work if the work fascinates them – in which case they need space and time to be left alone, doing their thing.

Money wise, these men can be rather wealthy, as wealth equals power. They may have secret stashes of money that they may not be ready to share, and although extremely resourceful, they can be possessive over their pennies. That said, they will share with their life partner, as there is a level of responsibility they feel towards their nearest and dearest.

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