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butterflyWe all find ourselves getting stuck in certain patterns, and after a while, we begin to believe that we can’t change them anymore.  But what if you could? What if you found a way to find true love. Or what if you had help bringing prosperity and abundance into your life?  By casting spells you can change your life for the better. Let’s see what change your life spells can do for you.

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Is witchcraft really so bad?

Witchcraft has gotten a very bad reputation over the years. Many people think that just because you’re involved with witchcraft or spell casting you must be evil or up to no good. But this really isn’t true.  There are so many different kinds of Witchcraft and really it’s just a means of bringing positive change into your life.

Just because witchcraft operates on the spiritual and energetic level doesn’t mean that there’s something wrong with it. It’s just another tool in the toolkit.  You’d be amazed to discover the kinds of changes you can make in your life just by casting a spell. All you need to do is open your mind, focus your intentions, and do a little bit of studying to see what kind of witchcraft spells would work best for you.

Are you ready to learn how to change your life? Let’s look at the different kinds of witchcraft and the different kinds of spells out there that can help you get to where you want to be in your life. First, let’s review the difference between white magic black magic and traditional folk Magic. Then we can look at different kinds of spells and what they can do for you.

White magic to change your life

White magic is the safest kind of magic because it ensures that no one or nothing will be harmed by your spell casting.  These kinds of spells are cast for the betterment of humanity as a whole. Nothing is harmed. In fact, white magic is so peaceful and positive that some people find it too limiting.  White magic adheres to the law of threefold return. That law states that any energy you send out into the world will be returned to you threefold. That is why white magic practitioners will never send out negative spells to harm others.  They truly believe that the negative energy will come back to haunt them.

There is even a religion that has developed around the use of white magic. It is called Wicca. The central tenet of Wicca is called the Wiccan Rede which states that “Ye shall harm none.” That means we can’t use magic to manipulate other people, because by taking away their free will, their right to choose and make decisions about their own lives, we would be inadvertently harming them.

Even with something as simple as a love spell. Imagine if somebody who you didn’t like cast a love spell on you and you fell hopelessly in love with them and you couldn’t stop. I think we certainly would feel like that compromises our free will and that it is harmful. It prevents us from having relationships with people that we want to have relationships with and could bind us into a relationship that doesn’t truly make us happy.

Folk magic to change your life

There are other old traditions of witchcraft such as traditional and folk witchcraft. A lot of these practices are more in the grey.  They may not seek to harm others, but they do consider witchcraft to be a means to an end. So, if you can’t achieve the goal that you want, then what’s the point of practicing magic?  There are many practicing witches who don’t believe that our magic can be so strong that the simple act of casting a love spell would cause the person on the receiving end to completely lose all control! That just isn’t realistic.

So, just like putting on nice clothes and a fine smelling perfume, casting a love spell is just another way to get yourself noticed. If we had complete control over other people, witchcraft would look very different. Many types of witchcraft fall into this category. From Voodoo to Gypsy Magic, these practices have both white magic and darker magic elements, and their traditions have been handed down over generations.

Black magic to change your life

On the other extreme, we have black magic. Black magic is definitely self-serving. It seeks to pursue whatever it is that the spellcaster desires for their own selfish purposes.  That even includes casting spells on people to hurt them. Typically, black magic spells are cast to seek out revenge or to right some wrongs that have been done to the spellcaster. A lot of black magic practitioners don’t even believe that the law of threefold return exists.  In fact, they believe that the world is a very unfair place and if you don’t use magic to your advantage to balance the scales then you’re a fool. As far as many of them are concerned, the practice of black magic is a way to protect yourself from other darker forces and to ensure that you live the life that you want to live.

So many spells!

So, what kinds of spells are out there? You can change your life in literally any area with a spell. There are many free spells out there that you can use, but the very best and most effective method of spell casting is using your own spells.  When you write your own spells you imbue them with your energy. That’s why if you’re looking to change your life, writing your own spell is a really great that.  You can make it perfect for what you need and want to accomplish.

But in order to write effective spells, you also need to learn a lot about witchcraft.  One of the best ways to learn about spells is by reading some common ones! Here are some of the most popular categories of spells to change your life.

How to make spells work

In which area do you need to change your life?  You can read articles about each one of these spells to learn more about how spells are cast and also about the best practices to make sure that they work. One of the main things about witchcraft is, not only do you have to believe that the spell will work, because if you don’t, the energy that you send out will not be powerful.  But beyond believing you also have to practice.

Spellcasting requires an enormous amount of focus and concentration.  It is a lot like meditation. First, you need to figure out your intention.  That means you need to ask yourself what you are trying to achieve. Then refine it and make it more specific.  The more clear and focused your intention is, the more effective the spell will be.

Then there’s the timing of the spellcasting.  This is also very important. Many witchcraft practitioners use the phases of the moon to imbue their spells with extra power.  Each phase of the moon represents a different energy.

Once you have figured out the timing of your spell, how do you actually cast a spell that will change your life?  Once again, there’s a lot of research that needs to be done here. Wiccans and a lot of white magic practitioners invoke the elements to aid them in their spell. They call in the elements of earth, air, water, and fire in order to pay tribute and give thanks to the world around them. They believe that these elements will give them power.  Many witches will cast a circle, and then within that circle, they will focus their intention through visualization and send it out into the universe.

There are other elements of spell casting such as raising the cone of power and then grounding everything back down again. Some witches use herbs, others use crystals, and yet others use singing and dancing to really build the energy up. And of course, some witches use them all.

Working with a professional

I know that there is a lot to learn.  Witchcraft has a very long history of practice and there are literally libraries full of books on the subject.  You could probably spend years studying all of this and still only scratch the surface. So, if you need to change your life, consider casting some spells to make those changes. We have lots of articles that you can refer to and study. But if you’re feeling intimidated there is another way.

Consider using a professional spell caster.  There are witches out there who are willing to help you by casting spells for you.  Witchcraft is not easy if you are a serious practitioner and casting spells can be exhausting.  Because you put so much of your psychic, emotional and spiritual energy into spellcasting, it can leave you feeling very drained.  That is why professional witches will want to get paid for their time if they are going to invest the energy and materials into helping you.

Are you wondering how a witch could cast a spell for you without knowing you or without being near you?  Well, the good thing is that location and proximity really don’t matter. An experienced witch can simply communicate with you over the phone, by email, or an online chat and can get the information from you that they need in order to cast a spell for you.

How to find a legit spellcaster

There are definitely best practices for finding a reliable spell caster.  First of all, be careful where you look. There are definitely scams out there so you want to make sure that you find someone from a reliable source. A great place to start is with friends. If you can be referred to somebody by word of mouth it’s always a really great way to go.

What if you don’t know anybody?  Try going to your local New Age store. These kinds of stores often have classes and workshops and offer services from local professionals.  Because the people that run these stores typically really believe in the craft, they don’t want to refer you to somebody who isn’t excellent. So, next time you walk by that shop with all of the crystals and tarot cards in the window, take a peek inside and ask!

Let’s say you don’t have a local New Age store in your neighborhood, or maybe they don’t have anybody to recommend. Well,  you’re in luck again because there are many wonderful services online. You can reach out to a trusted spell-casting professional without ever even leaving your home.

Best professional spellcasters

The site that I would recommend to you is called Kasamba.  Kasamba is a great website that offers a lot of different services from psychic readings to divination (like tarot cards and runes) and also spellcasters. It’s a great site because they really vet their advisors. On the website, you can read the biographies, check out what their specialties are and also see reviews from other customers. They have a search function on their website that allows you to search the advisors based on their specialty, so if you want to find a professional spellcaster that can specialize in Voodoo spells, for example, just pop it into the search bar and see what you come up with.

Another thing that’s great about Kasamba is that they offer the first three minutes free.  A 3-minute phone call is just enough time to figure out whether you would like to work together or now. You’ll be able to hear their voice, get a sense for their energy, and ask the most important questions.  Be sure that you don’t do all of the talking during the three minutes because this is a chance for you to find the best person to help you.

Just like when you choose a doctor, you ask them what their experience is. You also ask them what their beliefs are about certain things and the way that they like to treat different conditions. Much in the same way, you want to ask your professional spellcaster what their specialty is and how long they’ve been practicing. You’ll be able to see from their reviews what their success rate looks like. Then, if you’re happy with the person you found, Kasamba also offers a 15% discount for new customers on their first session.

Go get your spell cast today and then write back in the comments to let us know how it went. We want to hear back from you!

pros of spells to change your life

  • can help you out where everything else has failed
  • lots of free spells to choose from
  • can write the perfect spell for yourself

cons of spells to change your life

  • doesn’t replace hard work
  • the Spells won’t work if you don’t know how to cast them properly

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