Top 3 Karma Spells Online – Find Real Spellcasters

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Top 3 Karma Spells Online – Find Real Spellcasters
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Are you a white witch but you have someone bad in your life that continues to harm you or others?  Are you reluctant to use any kind of a banishing spell or binding spell because you don’t want to have any bad karma coming back to you?  Consider using karma spells.

Karma spells simply invoke the energy of karmic return without putting you at risk of receiving bad energy from the law of threefold return back to you. Get that bully out of your life and keep the negative energy away. Karma spells are a way of getting revenge without directly trying to harm someone. They simply get what they deserve, but you don’t have to be the one meting out justice. Just leave it to karma.

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The limits of white magic

White magic is a practice of magic that seeks to only cast spells for the benefit of humanity.  White witches avoid using magic for selfish purposes. Their spells are cast to energize certain aspects of their lives with positivity.  White magic spells can attract love or abundance, or even health into one’s life. But white magic requires that none other is harmed. That means you cannot manipulate another person into doing something that goes against their free will.

Therefore white magic love spells, for example, would seek simply to attract love into somebody’s life. They may make someone more desirable and attractive, but they would not name a specific person to fall in love with them, because that would be compromising that person’s free will.  By the same token, a white magic prosperity spell or money spell would also only seek to energize the abundance channel in somebody’s life. That means that this kind of spell could attract opportunities for wealth, cause you to get noticed, or bring lucky situations into your life, but they would not bee cast to get you a specific job or promotion.

Why? Because somebody else may have been better suited for the job than you, so if you take the job away from them when it really should have been theirs, you are actually causing them harm. Additionally, the person doing the hiring would also be manipulated into hiring you.  These are the basic tenets of white magic.

The white magic dilemma

So what do you do if your a white witch but you have somebody really bad causing you or people you love serious harm? Maybe you’ve tried protection spells, but they aren’t working because don’t seem to learn their lesson and they just keep hurting others. Maybe you don’t want to cast a binding spell, because you know that you would be in fact manipulating their actions by restricting their free will.

Even if the person is a really bad person, are you prepared to receive that energy back to you threefold?  It is a difficult dilemma for the white witch. It’s pretty clear that there a lot of people in the world who are not such good people. For whatever reason, they do bad things to others, hurt people, and cause chaos, destruction, and harm all around. Well, one way to get around this dilemma is by using karma spells.

What is karma?

tilled fieldThe concept of karma is an ancient philosophy that teaches that every action has a reaction. Like the old sayings go, “what goes around comes around,”  or “ you reap what you sow.” In this way, karma can be both positive or negative.

If you do a lot of good things in your life, you treat people with kindness and forgiveness, and you behave in a considerate loving manner, then you will attract that same energy to you in your life.  On the other hand, if you are mean and selfish, gossipy or cruel, and you treat others with disrespect, you will attract negative energy into your life. That’s the basic rule of karma

Some people even believe that karma can travel with you across lifetimes.  That means that when you were born into this world, you may already be carrying karma from a past life. If you were a bad person in your past life, you may be born into this world with a lot of challenges.  That is because the law of karma wants you to learn a spiritual lesson. The idea is that you work to pay off your karmic debt with good deeds in order to be freed from past bad behavior.  But what happens when karma doesn’t seem to be kicking in?

What is a Karma spell?

field of poppiesThere are many kinds of karma spells out there.  You can cast a good karma spell. You could also cast a karma revenge spell. What about instant karma spells? In any case, the idea behind karma spells is that you are not the one sending someone negative or positive energy but simply invoking the law of karma to balance the scales correctly.

If you are correct that someone is deserving of something bad because they have been bad towards others, then karma should take care of it.  But if you are mistaken, and you are wishing somebody something bad because they hurt you, but you are not aware of the reason why they behaved in such a way, and maybe if you did, you wouldn’t be so upset. Well, in this case, if you’re invoking karma but you are mistaken, karma wouldn’t act because it would be an incorrect reaction. In this sense, using karma spells gives you a layer of protection from the Law Threefold Return.

However, be careful because if you are sending negative intentions simply under the guise of a karma spell, you are still sending negative intentions! A karma spell could be viewed as a kind of a buffer but you must still be careful. If you accidentally send negative energy, be prepared that it might come back to you. If you were careful that your intention is justice and protection, rather than revenge, then you can take comfort in the fact that you will not experience a karmic backlash.

How do karma spells work?

Karma spells seek to invoke the karma that somebody deserves without you doing the action yourself.  Basically, you are simply invoking Karma to do its job. I know that sometimes it seems like karma gets stuck and you wonder why can this person get away with doing these terrible things and nothing bad ever happens to them? What is going on?  For whatever reason, if karma doesn’t seem to be working, you can try giving karma a jump start by using karma spells.

Now, karma spells don’t have to be vengeful! It could be that somebody really deserves some good energy in their life. Maybe you’ve been working really, really hard but you just never seem to be getting that good karma back to you.  Maybe you’re doing nice and generous things for other people all the time and you don’t seem to be getting that back to you in your life. A Karma spell can help open up the channel of karma so that it can flows freely.

Additionally, there is also the issue of karma that has come with you from a past life and is attached to you in your current life. Sometimes we are born into this world with karma from the past, and especially if it is bad karma, it can seem really unfair. Karma spells can help you with this too! You can use karma spells to release old karma that is following you. It is similar to a banishing spell in that it would remove negative energy surrounding you in your life.

Preparation for karma spells

  • Take time for preparation
  • Choose the right timing
  • Use herbs and crystals to boost your spell

As with any spell-casting, there must be time given to preparation.  Create a safe and quiet place for yourself free from any interruptions.  Be sure lock the door and make certain nobody is going to come in and bother you.  Even pets are better left in another room unless they are your familiar and they participate in your magic.

There are many different ways to cast spells.  Whether you invoke the elements or air, fire, water, and Earth, or whether you are using the phases of the moon to give your spell-casting an extra boost, you ought to plan and decide these things in advance. For a good karma spell, cast the spell on the waxing moon or on the full moon for the most powerful effect.  For returning bad karma, cast your spell on the waning moon or on the new moon to banish the negativity from your life and send it back to where it came from.

Karma spells with crystals and herbs

amethystThere many herbs and crystals that will help you cast an effective karma spell. Basil, sage, rosemary, and frankincense are all excellent herbs to get rid of negativity and provide protection.  You can always use these herbs or essential oils in your spell casting.

Clear quartz is known as the master healer stone. You can use this crystal to help energize your spell. Amethyst has been called the all-purpose stone. Use it to draw good karma to you, or use it to deflect somebody else’s bad energy away from you, returning it to them if that’s what the law of karma decides.

After you have gathered all of your materials and supplies, cleanse your space with sage, frankincense, or copal, and light your candles if you would like.  You can stare into the flame and visualize your intention. See it before you in your mind’s eye.  Then send this intention into and through the crystal, and afterward release it into the universe. At this time you can chant your spell.  The elements, the herbs, and the crystals will supercharge your intention, sending it powerfully out into the universe. around you. Here are a couple of chants that you can incorporate into your karma spell.

A good karma spell chant

May Good Karma come to me
and all good deeds I’ve done return to me x 3
May the blessings and the love abound
Filling my life and soul all around


Free from negativity karma spell

May karma finally set me free
From this negativity
Release me my debts 
From the past to this day
Let it be enough
No more shall I pay


Return negativity karma spell

I call upon karma to right the wrongs
To deliver Justice where it belongs
May the evil ways be returned times three
If karma deems so it shall be

Professional karma spells

Whenever you are casting spells, you have to very careful about unexpected consequences. Spellcasting can be risky business if not done correctly. If you are not an experienced witch, you should reach out to a professional spell caster before beginning with any karma spells. You can double check for negative consequences through divination. Many professional witches will do a tarot reading or rune casting before engaging in difficult magic. This is because sometimes there are things that even a professional witch can oversee.

Because you don’t want to wind up with any bad karma as a result of the spell you cast, go with a professional at Kasamba. The first three minutes are free, and you can get 15% off if you are a new customer. The spells advisor can double check your intention and also cast the spell for you if you are new to witchcraft. The spell will be much more effective this way.

If you work with a professional spellcaster, they will have their own karma spells that they can use, but feel free to share these ones if you really like them! Whatever resonates with you most, is what will work the best! Happy hunting and let us know how it goes in the comments below! We look forward to hearing from you!

Pros of karma spells

  • Attract good karma into your life
  • Get rid of past life bad karma
  • Mke sure someone bad gets what they deserve
  • No bad karma in return if done right

Cons of karma spells

  • Be careful not to send bad energy with karmic return spells

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