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mermaid People have been writing and dreaming about mermaids for centuries. Mermaids are magical creatures, half woman and half fish, who live deep in the sea. Usually, they’re depicted in literature with long, flowing, beautiful hair and some say that they sing like the sirens and lure the sailors, shipwrecked to their deaths.

Sea magic and mermaid spells evoke the power of the element of water and the archetype of the mermaid in their spellcasting. Whether you’re just getting deeply in touch with your water element or actually trying to make the transformation into a mermaid, we will take a look at mermaid spells, where they come from and how they work.

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The mermaid archetype

mermaidThe mermaid as an archetype represents feminine beauty, love, and mystery. The water is the mother of the world. Every living being and spirit has come forth from the water. So, the mermaid also represents this mysterious feminine that brings forth life.

Mermaids are also protectors of the ocean. They are one with the sea animals and the fish, and they are the guardians of the realm. Mermaids represent our greatest hopes and also our greatest fears.

As the beautiful, young mermaid longs to walk upon the Earth as humans do, her innocence sacrificed for love, we see her at the same time as the siren, the irresistible beauty singing glorious music that lures men to their deaths on the jagged shores of the sea.

Mermaid magic

Mermaids Are believed to be magical, with supernatural powers that they can transfer to humans. Water is the source of life but also can be the bringer of death, and the mermaid embodies the same duality. Mermaids are said to be able to control water, whether by moving it with their minds, freezing it, or boiling it upon command. Other mermaid powers include shapeshifting, hypnosis, and telepathy.

Mermaid oracle cards

mermaid oracle cardsThere are mermaid oracle cards that serve as a divination tool similar to the Tarot. These cards honor the feminine and include Goddesses and messages of mermaid magic, including receptivity, endurance, and the mirror. One of the most famous mermaid oracle decks is the Oracle of the Mermaids by Lucy Cavendish. The illustrations are beautiful, and if you feel especially connected to the magic of the ocean and the mermaid, then you will love this deck!

Mermaid spells

For those of you who want to incorporate mermaid spells and sea magic into your practice, you first need to understand the history of the mermaid, as well as the type of magic that is practiced by the sea wich. Sea magic can be white magic or black magic, but a mermaid walks between the worlds. True mermaids and mermaid magic walks the line between light and dark, between the dead and the living, the pull between life and death.

Mermaids in history

Cave paintings from the Stone Age depicted mermaids over 30,000 years ago! “Seirén” is the Greek name for the mermaid, a word that is similar in meaning to the word rope. This is because mermaids were believed to enchant men with their glorious songs, luring them into the deep waters. The melodies they sang of were full of promises, and they lived between the worlds of the earth and the sea, as well as life and death.

Homer's OdysseyThe first historical text about mermaids is Homer’s “Odyssey,” but in oral tradition, there are stories of mermaids from many other parts of the world. As far back as 1000 BC there are stories of Atargatis, a Syrian Goddess who ruled the seas. In Chinese legends, there are many references to mermaids whose tears turn to pearls. In architecture, mermaids can be found in Romanesque columns.

Then there are the Irish Merrows, the Scottish Ceasg, or “maid of waves,” and in Wales, there is the legend of the Murga, or “woman who comes from the sea.” Then there is the Spanish legend of the “Sirenuca” from Cantabria, who turned from a woman into a fish as a part of a curse.

Christopher Columbus himself reported that he had seen three mermaids, though they had the face of a man according to his writings. Most scientists believe that what was actually seen were manatees, walruses and other water mammals. But the stories persevere to this day, so who really knows? If mermaids are as magical and powerful as they are believed to be, then they should be able to choose to show themselves or not!

Mermaids in Literature

The most famous representation of the mermaid is in Homer’s “Odyssey.” The hero of the story, Ulysses, has his men tie him to the mast of the ship so that he could not be lured away by the sirens. He ordered his men to fill their ears with beeswax and manages to escape the singing beauties unharmed.

Some legends say that if a man escapes the song of the siren, she will perish. Again, the mermaids live in a place between light and dark, life and death, where either one of them must die.

Mermaids and religion

Within the Christian faith, the belief in mermaids was discouraged. Mermaids were seen as a temptation to lustful behavior and were used as a symbol for the dangerous temptation posed by women for years to come. This seduction by singing was later transformed into the visual, where the mermaids were depicted as beautiful with long flowing hair and looking into hand mirrors.

In the Romantic period, mermaids were depicted as the ‘femme fatale, ‘ both dangerous, and aggressive. However, these depictions began to change into the mermaid, who in love with a human man, desired to transform into a woman, in order to be with her love. The most famous of these stories is Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Little Mermaid,” which is much darker than the Disney version most people are familiar with.

Sea witches and water witches

The sea witch tends to be on the solitary, yet powerful path. Harnessing the powers of the tides, the element of water and everything within the realm of the water-dwelling, the sea witch is a fascinating spell caster. Some witches are drawn to all bodies of water, and call themselves water witches.

Water witches will cast their spells using the element of water to provide the energy for their magic. But they are distinct from sea witches, who are drawn specifically to the sea and practice their magic using these powers. The water is the seductress, pulling on our emotions with love and pain, and witches who have mermaid or selkie blood are drawn to the water in such a profound way that they feel lost without it and need to be close to it at all times.

The water element

The element of water is the first and the most important, the place where life began. All of life has sprung forth from water. Our bodies are composed primarily of water. Water is the feminine element representing emotions, intuition, the unconscious flow, and movement. Its properties are cleansing, renewing, and purifying. The mermaid living in the deep waters represents the same attributes and is the gatekeeper of between life and death, love and sorrow, the dark and the light.

Science has even documented the power of water on an elemental and spiritual level. The work of Dr. Masaru Emoto demonstrated that water crystals change their structure based on their environment. Polluted water looks completely from natural spring water, as does distilled water. Playing classical music generated beautifully formed crystals that look like snowflakes, while heavy metal had the opposite effect.

Dr. Emoto even documented changes based on the power of singular words. Positive words created beautiful patterns whereas negative words created chaotic patterns. This speaks to the immense power of words and intention, as well as the nature of water as a receptor and communicator. Even in Christianity, the use of holy water is widespread and is believed to carry great power. There are many other famous spiritual traditions connected to water.

Sea magic and mermaid spells

Sea witches are found at the seashore, working with the tides and the ocean. Tools like driftwood, shells and plants are gathered from the beaches and used in their magical spellcasting. Sea witches will incorporate the phases of the moon and the tides into their practice because both are so intimately connected.

High tide is a time of attraction. It is a perfect time for prosperity spells, love spells, health spells or any kind of energy you want to attract to yourself. Low tide, on the other hand, is a time for banishing spells. Any kind of energy you want to remove from your life should be cast at the low tide. Whether removing obstacles, bad memories, negative feelings or situations, the low tide is the time for releasing, just as the new moon is.

Additionally, king tides are special regularly occurring high tides. They are extra potent energetically and will empower your spell dramatically. If you want to harness your inner mermaid and cast sea spells, read on! You can invoke the power of the mermaid by using a mermaid spell. They can help you to achieve your goals with your sea magic spells.

A sea witches prayer

Here is a beautiful prayer to invoke the mermaid and connect you to the water element from the Water Witchcraft website. It a great way to prepare yourself for a mermaid spell casting.

“A Sea Witches Prayer”
Like Aphrodite of the waters I was born of the sea foam
Part human, Part Siren and Part creature of the deep
Stretching my webbed and bony fingers across the lapping waves
Salt stuck to my skin, shells and bone hang from my hip
Mighty are your waves oh powerful and great ocean
Holding worlds in your vast womb
My soul belongs to the sea
Ebbing and flowing with cycles of the moon
Circling through tides of creation and destruction
Like the Mermaids of the Tide
Come to me, no longer hide
Delicate waves caressing
Grant me this watery blessing…
Powers of the Ocean be mine
Powers of the Wave be mine
Powers of the Tides be mine
All of this 9×9
Birthed of wave and fertility
Fertile foam of the sea
Grow and deliver my will to me
With wind and tide and crash of wave
So Mote it be!
Thank you water for your powerful waves…

Witches of the Sea and Air Spell

Once you have said this prayer, you can go to your nearest beach or body of water to try casting other mermaid spells. Use the power of shells and crystals to enhance your work! Abalone, pearls, and aquamarine are all tools that harness the powers of the ocean and connect you with the mermaid. The power of the ocean can be used in any ritual or spell casting, but if you want to cast a spell of transformation, check out this spell from Mermaid Dreamers. I can’t guarantee that you will become a fish overnight, but you will certainly harness the magical powers of the mermaid in your work!

“Witches of the Sea and Air.
Please listen as I call upon thee.
There is a wish i most desire.
A Mermaid when wet, a human when dry.
A tail color of ______ is what I choose.
The Power of ______ is what I feel to have.
A Beautiful voice to go along.
Rain Shall not affect me.
But a wave of Water should change me.
My Tail comes as I will.
Witches of the Sea and Air.
Please listen to what I most desire.”

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Happy swimming and let us know how it goes in the comments below!

Pros of mermaid spells

  • Use the powerful element of water
  • Great for deep emotional, feminine work
  • Can also be cast using other bodies of water or a bathtub

Cons of mermaid spells

  • May not actually turn you into a mermaid

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