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Ballerina passionSex and magic have been intertwined since the earliest days of Paganism. On the one hand, we have the definition of ‘sex magic’ – the harnessing of sexual energy to cast spells and effect a desired outcome.

The other definition is simply ‘spells that are used to bring sex into your life, or transform the sex you are having.’ In other words, casting sex spells to influence the sexuality in your life. These could be spells to attract lovers, or spice up a relationship. We will look at both.

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Did you know that if not executed properly, a sex spell can land you in an undesirable, or even worse, dangerous situation? For example, incorrect pronunciation of a spell may have the horrific effect of turning around and landing on you! Indeed – there have been many spell horror stories in the history of time, and if not done with caution or expertise, this could happen to you too. Your spell could also be futile, and all of your efforts go to waste!

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Sex as magic

passion waterThe Great Rite, a Pagan and Wiccan ritual, is a magical practice that draws together the God and the Goddess in symbolic sexual intercourse. The reality of this kind of sex magic is that it is simply another energetic force to be harnessed for magical purposes. It not so much about orgies or sexual practices for initiations, at least not in white magic.

Rather, sexual energy, just like any other energy, is very potent. The orgasm is a climax of personal energy and spirituality. In fact, many Wiccans hold these sexual acts in high regard as something sacred, not lustful and selfish. Typically, sex magic is performed by couples already in a sexual relationship, and often it is done in private.

A ritual like the Great Rite is not performed often. Typically is something that the High Priest and High Priestess will engage in when they are in need of extra magical power for their coven in order to deal with a particularly challenging situation. Casting spells where sexual intercourse or masturbation is a part of the ceremony is a way of charging the spell. It is like any other technique.


Sexual power in magic

Some spells use visualization, others use herbs, the timing of the moon or the astrological forces. Other spells harness the power of crystals to supercharge the intention of the spell. All of these can be used individually or collectively. The same can be said for sexual energy. When raising the cone of power, masturbation or sexual intercourse while visualizing the intention of the spell, will simply add another level of energy to the spell. It is much less complicated, taboo or diabolical than some would believe!

Our society, in particular, the Judeo-Christian religions, have turned a shameful eye toward sexuality, pleasure and sexual expression. However, sexual pleasure is the same as any other, and it is a natural part of life and the human body. In sex magic, it is another tool in the toolkit. Using sex magic does not in any way absolve those practicing it from respecting others, the necessity of consent and all other norms of human engagement.

Spells to attract sex

mask and red roseIronically, spells to attract sex fall into a completely different category and are more on the side of shadow magic than consensual instances of partners including sex into their magic making. Because of the Wiccan Rede, a moral code that states your magic shall harm no other, casting spells that attract someone to you might actually be infringing upon their free will.

This is an extreme version of white magic, which would argue that one should simply cast a spell on oneself instead – a spell that makes one generally more attractive and sexually magnetic. A white magic sex spell would focus on bringing sexuality into your life in a very general form that does not include naming a particular individual. This way, nobody’s free will is compromised and they are free to choose to be with you or not.

Can sex spells backfire?

Folk magic would have a slightly different approach. According to this line of thought, the idea that one’s magic would be so powerful so as to completely strip a person of their free will is not realistic. These kinds of spells simply assist you in achieving your goals and are no less valid than wearing sexy clothes or trying to impress someone with gifts or other things. Some would argue that this is more of a grey magic approach.

Others still argue that there is no color to magic at all, and so long as you are willing to accept the consequences of your spells, which will return to you threefold, it is up to you what you choose to do. Since witchcraft is a practice, it doesn’t have the moral rules that a religion like Wicca does. So, wherever you fall on this spectrum, keep in mind the law of Threefold Return, and think the consequences of your intentions through. If the person you are infatuated with falls madly in love with you, you better hope you like them. Magical bonds like these, if effective, can be very difficult to break.

Using sex in spell casting

You can supercharge any spell with sex magic. Whether you want to cast a healing spell, a protection spell, a money spell, or a love spell, all of these spells can benefit by adding sexual energy. You are simply increasing the intensity of the spell you are casting, much like crystals might, but more powerfully. Why?

Sexual energy is the energy of creation. Lifeforce energy. Most fundamentally, sex produces life. Sex is the most creative energy there is. By the coming together of the masculine and feminine a physical child is created. But with every sexual act, there is a spiritual creation. A spiritual child of energy and intention. During sex, we are planting the seeds of our thoughts and intentions into the womb of the universe. What results is a magical child borne of intention.

As Margo Anand wrote in The Art of Sexual Ecstasy, “Orgasm, by its very nature, requires your total participation.” At no time are we more focused and present in the moment. Sending our intentions into the universe at this climax will put all of the sexual magical energy behind our intention, boosting it into the universe.

Who can cast sex spells?

Anyone can practice sex magic. It does not require a partner and it does not require a male/female partnership. Every one of us has both masculine and feminine energies inside of us, and it is this coming together through a sexual act that sparks the life force. Masturbation is very effective and a good place to start.

Simply choose your spell and follow the steps of spell casting. Then add masturbation at the point where you would be raising the cone of power. As you would drum, dance, sing to increase the intensity, you would incorporate sexuality here. So, you can see that anyone who can engage in sexual activity can practice sex magic!

However, sex magic is a very potent form of magic and shouldn’t be practiced willy nilly. Unless you are an experienced witch, it is better to know this information for your own education, but leave the spell casting to a professional!

Spells to attract sexual energy into your life

Perhaps you are not interested in spell casting yourself. And maybe all of this talk of masturbation during spell casting is a bit too much for your taste. Don’t worry! All of witchcraft is a personal journey, and everybody is different. There is no judgment.

kasamba logoAn experienced spell caster at a site like Kasamba can cast spells on your behalf. And if sexual energy is something you are looking to draw into your life, then a sex spell is what you need.

A Wiccan sex spell

woman in white dressThis spell will attract sexual experiences and sexual abundance into your life. This spell uses earth and wine, so it is best to perform it outside, if possible. If you have nowhere private to perform this sex spell, you can use a pot of earth instead, but you may want to put something down to protect the floor. Take as much time as you need with this spell. The powers of visualization are increased by detail. Remember, do not visualize a specific person other than yourself in this spell casting. Wiccans do not take free will away from others.

Materials and supplies:

  • A garnet crystal or orgonite
  • Rose petals from one red rose
  • Red wine in a chalice
  • A container with soil or an outdoor space

Timing: The waxing or the full moon, or on a Friday

Spell casting:

  • Cleanse yourself body mind and spirit and center yourself
  • Cast your circle with all the spell ingredients in front of you.
  • Hold the rose petals in your hand, and chant:

“Venus, Goddess of lust and passion, Please bless my circle with your presence.”

  • Visualize the Goddess filling your circle with her passionate and sensual energy.
  • Place the rose petals on the ground before you (or on top of the soil in the container).
  • Now place the garnet crystal on top of the rose petals.
  • Gaze gently at the crystal, while bringing to mind one or more sexual fantasies.
  • Visualise your fanstasy with as much detail as you can
  • Take the chalice with the wine, and ask the Goddess to bring you the sexual experiences you desire.
  • Slowly pour the wine onto the garnet, and let it sink into the earth as an offering for the Goddess.
  • Thank the Goddess for blessing your circle, and bid her farewell, then close the circle.
  • If you performed the ritual indoors, take the container and pour the wine-soaked soil and the rose petals
  • outside in a place that feels beautiful and peaceful to you (preferably near flowers).
  • Keep the garnet and place it under your pillow or near your bed.

This spell is from Wiccan Spells if you’d like to read more.

Voodoo lust spell

woman red lipstickIf you want something more potent and you are prepared to take full responsibility for the consequences of this spell, this Voodoo love spell is quite powerful. Voodoo spells use ritual and simulacra to materialize the spiritual in the physical world.

Materials and supplies

  • A red candle
  • Red construction paper
  • Scissors
  • One Plate
  • Two cups of sugar
  • Caraway seeds
  • Dried dill

Spell casting:

  • Cleanse and charge the candle
  • Mix the sugar and herbs
  • Cut out a voodoo doll from the red paper
  • Light your candle while invoking Erzulie
  • Ask for all that you desire
  • Write the name of your lover on the paper 13 times
  • Then write your name across theirs 13 times
  • Place the doll on the plate and cover it with the herb and sugar mixture
  • Intensify your visualization of your desire as you do this
  • Stick the candle in the middle of the sugar mixture on top of the doll
  • Burn the candle for 13 minutes
  • Thank the Goddess
  • Keep the doll, mixture, and plate with any wax
  • Repeat every day for 13 days
  • Then keep the doll in a safe place until your spell manifests
  • Then burn, bury or return it to nature in some way

This spell is from Magic Love Spells. You can read more here.

Tips on casting sex spells

  • Be careful what you wish for and keep a few of these tips in mind.
  • You can’t fundamentally change people. Even with a powerful spell, you may wind up with a sexual attraction or obsession, but real love is difficult to force.
  • Additionally, remember this bond will be powerful, for better or for worse. Make sure you really know the person you are casting this on and that you are willing to make your own sacrifices to uphold the bond.
  • Last but not least, sex spells can often lead to obsession, both in yourself and others.

Be sure you speak with a qualified spells advisor before attempting any of these spells, unless you are an experienced witch! Spells advisors can cast spells for you and use divination to foresee any possible negative outcomes.

Pros of sex spells

  • Sex spells can attract sex and passion into your life
  • Sex spells can be used to boost your own spell casting

Cons of sex spells

  • Beware the Law of Threefold Return!
  • Unexpected consequences can

Ready to transform your love life with a sex spell? Go to now to learn more!


Top 3 Sex Spells Online – Find a Real Sex Spellcaster Now
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