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Do you just know you’re meant to be with someone but something keeps getting in the way? Nothing is more frustrating than when you feel that amazing attraction but you just can’t move it forward!

There are lots of possible reasons for your unfulfilling sex life, but all of them can be addressed with a powerful sex spell.  Read on to find real sex spellcasters today!

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What is a sex spell?

Sex spells are magic spells that turn up the heat between any two people they are cast on. They’ll make you irresistible to the one you have your eye on.  

A professional spellcaster knows how to send and manipulate the energies of the universe. They can open up the sexual channels around you and between you and the one you want. No more waiting around hoping for them to notice you!

There are really easy sex spells that you can try yourself, but if you want guaranteed success, go for a powerful sex spell cast by a pro. Casting a spell to make someone have sex with you isn’t easy because you’re actually controlling someone else’s behavior. But real sex spellcasters have the power and the tools to get it done. What’s more, you can even have them cast a sex spell for you for free if you know where to look.

What different types of sex spells are there?

There are so many types of sex spells out there! That’s because there are different schools of witchcraft that have developed in different parts of the world over centuries. Each different school uses different tools and methods, but the ability to manipulate the energies around people and places is universal to all of them.

Full moon sex spells

sex spells

Full moon sex spells are probably the most common sex spells out there. But what does the moon have to do with sex spells?

Basically, the phases of the moon affect the energies here on earth. You know how the moon is responsible for pulling in the tides? Well, our bodies are made up of more than 70% water, so you bet that the moon’s phases also influence us!

There are many schools of witchcraft and also religious practices that use the moon’s power for spellcasting. The full moon is the most powerful phase and is a great time for adding an extra punch to any spell that you cast. So, if you want to make sure your sex spell really works, ask your spellcaster to cast it on the full moon.

Wiccan sex spells

image showing a wiccan sex spell

Wiccan sex spells have also become pretty trendy in the last few years. What most people don’t know is that Wicca is actually a religion. Aside from incorporating white magic spells into its practice, Wicca is also based on the belief that our magic must not take away anyone else’s free will.

Well, that makes Wiccan sex spells a little tricky to cast! Why? Well, because if you want to make someone have sex with you but you’re not allowed to manipulate their actions and “coerce” them into it, then how are you going to get what you want?

A Wiccan sex spell limits you to making yourself so attractive, that the object of your affection simply can’t resist you. But the difference is that you aren’t compelling them to have sex with you. You’re simply raising your own sexual energy so high that chances are that they (or maybe someone else) will find you irresistible.

Hoodoo and Voodoo sex spells

sex spells

Now, if what you want is a casting of really powerful sex spells and you absolutely want to cast a spell to have someone have sex with you, then a Hoodoo or Voodoo sex spell is where you need to look!

Voodoo and Hoodoo both grew our of ancient shamanic traditions of Western Africa. They were both brought over during the slave trade and then incorporated elements of Christianity into them. Whereas Voodoo is a religion, just like Wicca, that has a set of beliefs around it, Hoodoo is basically just the witchcraft practice.

What makes Voodoo and Hoodoo sex spells so powerful is that they don’t concern themselves with worrying about whether or not it’s okay to influence the other person. Of course, you’re going to use magic to influence the other person, in fact, that is the whole point.

Hoodoo and Voodoo sex spells are very direct and target the other person specifically. Voodoo practitioners ofter cast sex spells using hair, fingernails and photos. Where some witches shy away from dabbling in the “dark side,” Voodoo and hoodoo spell castes don’t.

Who can cast sex spells?

Like we talked about before, anyone can cast sex spells, but that doesn’t mean they will work the way you intended! In fact, if you don’t know what you are doing you can even create problems for yourself.

Typically, if you are not a real witch and you try to cast a sex spell, you will probably be disappointed to discover that exactly nothing happened. Your sex life won’t improve and everything will stay the same. But if you do have some magical powers and you cast a sex spell without any training or guidance, you might end up with some serious unintended consequences.

There are definitely best practices associated with spellcasting, and many witches believe that any spell you cast will return to you threefold. That’s called the Law of Threefold Return, and it’s a real whammy.

Imagine you cast a spell to make someone want you so desperately that they turn into a stalker! What if you change your mind and realize you don’t like them anymore but now you can’t break the spell? Best to do it right and work with a professional spellcaster when working in something so powerful as sex spells.

Do sex spells actually work?

picture showing a wiccan sex spell working

Have you ever seen the word magic spelled with that “k” on the end? You know who does that? The real spellcasters who are actual witches. The k was added to separate those with real powers from those old magic shows you probably saw as a kid.

So, are sex spells real and do spells really work? The answer is “Yes, so long as a real witch casts them!”

If you just pick up a spell book and try out some sex spells for beginners, the truth is they probably won’t work. That’s because true witches practice for years to hone their skills! It’s true that some people are just born with the gift and spell casting comes naturally, but even those people have to study and practice.

Think about how long witchcraft has been around. There are literally hundreds of kinds of sex spells out there, from full moon sex spells to Voodoo sex spells, and all of them are still being practiced. If they didn’t work, why would anyone bother with witchcraft sex spells at all?

How should I go about choosing a spellcaster to grant my sex wishes?

The biggest risk you run when choosing a spellcaster is that nothing will happen. Sadly, there are lots of frauds and scams out there that just prey on unhappy and desperate people and give witchcraft and spell casting a bad name. They pretend to solve your problems, take your money, and then you never hear from them again. Instead, you should look for a website with :

  • customer satisfaction reviews
  • ratings
  • money back guarantee
  • spellcaster reviews
  • professional spellcaster bios

 A website like Kasamba is a great example – they are confident enough to offer you your money back if you aren’t satisfied with your sex spell casting! At Kasamba, every professional has a bio posted that lists all of their special abilities. You can even search for specific talents like angel sex spells and the site will give you a list of everyone who works in that area!

The best Sex spellcasters for 2019

Profile picture of Best Psychic Readings sex spells spellcaster at Kasamba, from Kasamba, has over 24,500 reviews and ratings and maintains 5 stars. He has been offering psychic readings and spellcasting services since 2004!

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Sweet Spirit of Love Profile Picture Kasamba Sex Spell professional spellcasters is another one of Kasamba’s spellcasting specialists. She focuses on breaking the negative energies surround you while enhancing the energies you need.

She can cast spells without ingredients by using her spirit guides. At almost 16,000 reviews, she still maintains a 5-star rating. Her rate is much more affordable at only $7.99 per minute.



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Immense Spark n’ Aura is also a top Kasamba spellImmense Spark N' Aura Profil Picture Kasamba sex spells professional spellcastercaster. She also has a 5-star rating and over 13,000 reviews!

Aside from being able to cast powerful sex spells, she can also use her powers of palm reading and spiritual guidance to change your sex life for the better!


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She is committed to being honest and doing for you what works. She’s got almost 12,000 reviews with a 5-star rating. She’s a bit more expensive at $21.50 an hour, but her customers are happy with her work.


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David James Psychic Wisdom Profile Picture Professional Kasamba Spellcaster sex spellsDavid James Psychic Wisdom at Kasamba is one of the most highly rated psychics and spellcasters on the site.

He has over 30,000 ratings and reviews and also has a 5-star rating. He only bills at $5.53 per hour and practices Traditional Witchcraft from the UK. He’s a 2nd degree Alexandrian Witchcraft member of several traditional covens.


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Love Psychic Nathalye Profile Picture Professional Kasamba Spellcaster sex spellsAlso on Kasamba, Love Psychic Nathalye offers love spells, lust spells, sex spells, and reverse spells.

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Yvonne Spellcast Profile Picture Professional Keen spellcaster sex spellsOn Keen, Yvonne Spellcast specializes in urgent request love cases. That means if you need sex spells that work instantly, she is your witch of choice!

She’s got over 14,000 reviews, 5-stars, and bills at only $2.22 per minute. Plus, Keen also offers the first 3 minutes for free, so definitely check her out if you are in a hurry!


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Marcellomedium Profile Picture Professional Oranum Spellcaster sex spellsAt Oranum, Marecellomedium was voted the best professional psychic and spellcaster in 2018. He’s been offering his powerful sex spells to clients for over 20 years and uses personalized candle magic to customize his spells.

He’s also a qualified tarot reader and energy healer in case you need some insight on your love interest. With a 5-star rating, at Oranum you can take advantage of their free video chat offer with him! That means you can watch him work live and chat with him before placing your order to make sure you’re working with the right person.


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Where can I get an absolutely free sex spell?

The great news is that you can find free sex spells that really work! Most of the reputable psychic reading sites offer special, free introductory offers, so you can get a great deal even when working with more expensive spellcasters. Definitely check out Kasamba, Keen, Psychic Source and Oranum.

kasamba sex spells


Kasamba3 Minute Completely Free Psychic Reading for all customers + 50% discount

Without a doubt, Kasamba has the widest selection of professional spellcasters out there! And they offer a great introductory package!

First, you always get to try out a new advisor for FREE for the first 3 minutes, every time, forever. So. you can take your time shopping for the perfect spellcaster to cast your sex spells.

Second, new customers can take advantage of a 50% discount when they schedule a full detailed personal reading, which can be applied to a sex spellcasting or any other kind of service.

Combine that with your money-back guarantee of up to $50 and you can’t really beat it. Just be sure to submit your request within 7 days.


How to get your sex spell granted safely

We do not recommend casting your own sex spells as it can be very dangerous. A much safer alternative is to get an experienced spellcaster at a site like Kasamba to cast spells on your behalf. Getting your sex spell cast by a professional spell caster is super easy! Just follow these 4 simple steps!

Step 1: Sign up to Kasamba

Kasamba website screenshot for sex spells spellcasting

Just click on the register link up top and choose a username and password. All you have to do is provide your email and it’s always free!

kasamba sex spells

Step 2:  Choose Your Preferred Spellcaster

kasamba sex spells

Choose from over 70 spellcasters!

Step 3: Enter your card details to deposit funds into your account

kasamba sex spells

Click on “My Kasamba” at the top of your page and select “account details.” All you need to do is enter your credit card information and you are good to go! You won’t be charged anything until you actually schedule a session with your spellcaster. There will be a $15 pre-authorization made on your card, but that’s just to make sure your card works – it doesn’t actually charge you anything until you start a session. And your first three minutes free will be automatically applied.

Step 4: Choose your spellcaster and click on “call”

kasamba sex spells

Now that your account is all set up, all you have to do is find the “more” drop-down menu, select “occult,” and you’ll see the option for spellcasting. That’s it! It’s really that easy! Just select your favorite professional, click on “let’s chat” and you are on your way!

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How to cast your own sex spell (not recommended)

stop sign always use a professional spellcaster for sex spellsWant to try casting your own sex spell?

Watch out! Spellcasting can backfire and have dangerous consequences! If you’re not a pro, be sure to work with someone who is!

However, if you insist on casting your own sex spell, here are some useful step by step guides you can use.

How to cast a Wiccan sex spell

woman in white dress - sex spellsThis spell will attract sexual experiences and sexual abundance into your life. This spell uses earth and wine, so it is best to perform it outside, if possible. If you have nowhere private to perform this sex spell, you can use a pot of earth instead, but you may want to put something down to protect the floor. Take as much time as you need with this spell. The powers of visualization are increased by detail. Remember, do not visualize a specific person other than yourself in this spell casting. Wiccans do not take free will away from others.

Materials and supplies:

  • A garnet crystal or orgonite
  • Rose petals from one red rose
  • Red wine in a chalice
  • A container with soil or an outdoor space

Timing: The waxing or the full moon, or on a Friday


  • Cleanse yourself body mind and spirit and center yourself
  • Cast your circle with all the spell ingredients in front of you.
  • Hold the rose petals in your hand, and chant:

“Venus, Goddess of lust and passion, Please bless my circle with your presence.”

  • Visualize the Goddess filling your circle with her passionate and sensual energy.
  • Place the rose petals on the ground before you (or on top of the soil in the container).
  • Now place the garnet crystal on top of the rose petals.
  • Gaze gently at the crystal, while bringing to mind one or more sexual fantasies.
  • Visualize your fantasy with as much detail as you can.
  • Take the chalice with the wine, and ask the Goddess to bring you the sexual experiences you desire.
  • Slowly pour the wine onto the garnet, and let it sink into the earth as an offering for the Goddess.
  • Thank the Goddess for blessing your circle, and bid her farewell, then close the circle.
  • If you performed the ritual indoors, take the container and pour the wine-soaked soil and the rose petals
  • outside in a place that feels beautiful and peaceful to you (preferably near flowers).
  • Keep the garnet and place it under your pillow or near your bed.

This spell is from Wiccan Spells if you’d like to read more.

How to cast a Voodoo lust spell

woman red lipstickIf you want something more potent and you are prepared to take full responsibility for the consequences of this spell, this Voodoo love spell is quite powerful. Voodoo spells use ritual and simulacra to materialize the spiritual in the physical world.

Materials and supplies

  • A red candle
  • Red construction paper
  • Scissors
  • One Plate
  • Two cups of sugar
  • Caraway seeds
  • Dried Dill

Spell casting:

  • Cleanse and charge the candle
  • Mix the sugar and herbs
  • Cut out a voodoo doll from the red paper
  • Light your candle while invoking Erzulie
  • Ask for all that you desire
  • Write the name of your lover on the paper 13 times
  • Then write your name across theirs 13 times
  • Place the doll on the plate and cover it with the herb and sugar mixture
  • Intensify the visualization of your desire as you do this
  • Stick the candle in the middle of the sugar mixture on top of the doll
  • Burn the candle for 13 minutes
  • Thank the Goddess
  • Keep the doll, mixture, and plate with any wax
  • Repeat every day for 13 days
  • Then keep the doll in a safe place until your spell manifests
  • Then burn, bury or return it to nature in some way

This spell is from Magic Love Spells. You can read more here.

Tips on casting sex spells

Be sure you speak with a qualified spells advisor before attempting any of your own sex spells unless you already are an experienced witch! Spells advisors can cast spells for you and use divination techniques to foresee any possible negative outcomes

  • Be careful what you wish for when casting a sex spell!
  • Remember sex spells cannot force true love
  • Powerful sex spells can be hard to break without professional help
  • Be careful of sex spells turning into an obsession

Can sex spells backfire?

The biggest danger of casting sex spells without proper training is that you may wind up with unintended consequences that you did not foresee. Like I mentioned earlier, what happens if you cast a powerful sex spell and then discover that you are not at all compatible with the person? How do you break the spell then?

Or what if someone’s passion for you turns into an obsession and they begin to stalk you? If you don’t really know what you are doing when you try to cast a sex spell, then it is likely that you will not foresee all of the possible outcomes. It’s a bit like a game of chess – you need to be able to see several steps ahead to win the game.

This is where professional spellcasters come in. When a pro casts a sex spell for you, they will typically do some form of divination beforehand to make sure the two of you are a good fit. If there are any other issues that could crop up, they will see them in their reading. Imagine the person you want to come together with actually has a family that you didn’t know about. What if there are children involved?

And if you believe in the Law of Threefold Return, then that bad karma from breaking up a family, for example, will come back to you three-fold in your own life. Not everyone believes in this law, but it is best to be thorough and thoughtful before you start sending spells out into the universe!

The relationship between sex and magic

passion waterThe Great Rite, a Pagan and Wiccan ritual, is a magical practice that draws together the God and the Goddess in symbolic sexual intercourse. The reality of this kind of sex magic is that it is simply another energetic force to be harnessed for magical purposes. It not so much about orgies or sexual practices for initiations, at least not in white magic.

Rather, sexual energy, just like any other energy, is very potent. The orgasm is a climax of personal energy and spirituality. In fact, many Wiccans hold these sexual acts in high regard as something sacred, not lustful and selfish. Typically, sex magic is performed by couples already in a sexual relationship, and often it is done in private.

A ritual like the Great Rite is not performed often. Typically is something that the High Priest and High Priestess will engage in when they are in need of extra magical power for their coven in order to deal with a particularly challenging situation. Casting spells where sexual intercourse or masturbation is a part of the ceremony is a way of charging the spell. It is like any other technique.

Sexual power in magic

Some spells use visualization, others use herbs, the timing of the moon or the astrological forces. Other spells harness the power of crystals to supercharge the intention of the spell. All of these can be used individually or collectively. The same can be said for sexual energy. When raising the cone of power, masturbation or sexual intercourse while visualizing the intention of the spell, will simply add another level of energy to the spell. It is much less complicated, taboo or diabolical than some would believe!

Our society, in particular, the Judeo-Christian religions, have turned a shameful eye toward sexuality, pleasure and sexual expression. However, sexual pleasure is the same as any other, and it is a natural part of life and the human body. In sex magic, it is another tool in the toolkit. Using sex magic does not in any way absolve those practicing it from respecting others, the necessity of consent and all other norms of human engagement.

Spells to attract sex

mask and red roseIronically, spells to attract sex fall into a completely different category and are more on the side of shadow magic than consensual instances of partners including sex into their magic making. Because of the Wiccan Rede, a moral code that states your magic shall harm no other, casting spells that attract someone to you might actually be infringing upon their free will.

This is an extreme version of white magic, which would argue that one should simply cast a spell on oneself instead – a spell that makes one generally more attractive and sexually magnetic. A white magic sex spell would focus on bringing sexuality into your life in a very general form that does not include naming a particular individual. This way, nobody’s free will is compromised and they are free to choose to be with you or not.

Using sex in spell casting

You can supercharge any spell with sex magic. Whether you want to cast a healing spell, a protection spell, a money spell, or a love spell, all of these spells can benefit by adding sexual energy. You are simply increasing the intensity of the spell you are casting, much like crystals might, but more powerfully. Why?

Sexual energy is the energy of creation. Lifeforce energy. Most fundamentally, sex produces life. Sex is the most creative energy there is. By the coming together of the masculine and feminine a physical child is created. But with every sexual act, there is a spiritual creation. A spiritual child of energy and intention. During sex, we are planting the seeds of our thoughts and intentions into the womb of the universe. What results is a magical child borne of intention.

As Margo Anand wrote in The Art of Sexual Ecstasy, “Orgasm, by its very nature, requires your total participation.” At no time are we more focused and present in the moment. Sending our intentions into the universe at this climax will put all of the sexual magical energy behind our intention, boosting it into the universe.

Pros of sex spells

  • Sex spells can turn up the heat in your relationship
  • Sex spells can also bring you together with that special someone
  • Powerful sex spells can make you irresistible to others
  • Lots of different sex spells to choose from!
  • There are also easy sex spells that don’t require ingredients

Cons of sex spells

  • Be careful of sex spells turning into obsessions
  • Be sure to use divination before casting a sex spell to root out unintended consequences
  • When using sex spells with hair, make sure you get the right hair!
  • Consider the Law of Threefold Return when manipulating someone else through sex magick spells

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a professional spellcaster cast a sex spell over the phone, chat or email?

Yes, of course! A spellcaster doesn’t need to be with you in person to cast a spell for you. All they need is some basic information about you and the situation and they can do their work from anywhere.

How do I know the professional spellcaster will cast my sex spell on the right person?

Before a professional begins their spell work with you they will ask you some very specific questions, like your intended’s birthdate and full name. These details are to ensure that the spell will be cast on the right person!

Can a sex spell make someone fall in love with me?

A sex spell can make someone very attracted to you, but love is a little more difficult to control. You might wind up with something close to obsession. However, a sex spell can at least open the door for you!

Can a sex spell be broken if I don’t want it in my life anymore?

Sex spells can definitely be broken, but the stronger the spell was, the more powerful the spell to break it will have to be. Keep that in mind when you are having someone cast a spell for you.

What if my sex spell doesn’t work?

There can be many reasons for a sex spell not working. The best thing to do is to talk to your professional about all of the possible outcomes before the spellcasting so that you know how to respond. Sometimes you may need an aura cleansing before you cast the spell if certain negativities are blocking your sexuality.

I’ve had sex spells cast by other spellcasters. Does that matter?

You should always tell your spellcaster if there is other work that has been done on your behalf, although most likely they will already be able to tell. But just like telling your doctor if you’re taking other medicines, it is a good idea to give your spellcaster a full picture.

How long does it take for the spell to work?

Many spells work instantly, but depending on how complicated the situation is, they might take a little while to manifest. If someone needs to end one relationship in order to be with you, for example, it may take a while for them to get everything squared away.

How long will the effects of the spell last?

Typically a spell lasts until it is broken. However, there are things that you can do to reenergize an old spell or reinforce magic that has already been cast.

Is it safe to have a professional spellcaster cast a sex spell for me?

As long as you are working with a professional, there is no risk to you! They know how to set up proper protections and prevent any spell backfires. Be sure to voice your concerns before the spellcasting so that you can set up a plan that makes you feel safe and confident.

I’m not sure which kind of sex spell to cast. How do I choose?

Talk to your spellcasting professional. You can explain your situation to them and they will be able to give you a list of possible spells that will work best for you. Many professional spellcasters can even write you customized sex spells exactly for your situation.

How will I know when my sex spell has been cast?

You can reach out to your spells advisor to check or you can ask them to notify you once it has been cast. In either case, you will know it once the spell takes effect because you will feel the magnetism come into your life!

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