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Do you need to influence the energies in your life? Wondering if a spell might help you through? It can feel a little overwhelming seeing all of the options out there. Wiccan spells, love spells, voodoo, love potions – the list goes on and on!

Well, if you are interested in making a positive change in your life, but don’t want anything bad to happen to anyone or anything, then a Wiccan spell is the place to look. Wicca is based on the idea of harm to none, and Wiccan spells are a great way to create positive change in your life, without having to worry about negative consequences coming back to you or anyone else.

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What is Wicca?

  • Roots in Paganism
  • Honors Nature
  • God and Goddess
  • Holds the world sacred
  • Harm no one

Wicca is a modern religion that has its roots in Pagan practices and traditions. It honors the cycles of nature and the duality of masculine and feminine energy, which is represented in the God and the Goddess. Wicca also incorporates the phases and energies of the moon, as well as the sacredness of the world in which we live.

Wiccan traditions have been passed down for centuries and originated in pre-Christian Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales. The word Wicca comes from Old English and means “wise one.” The witches of old aligned themselves with the forces of nature. They were healers and advisers. By working with the natural energies around them, they affected their everyday world with their spells.

The Wiccan religion traveled across the sea to the United States of America and began to grow and expand. The core beliefs have remained very similar, but there are hundreds of traditions within the religion today.

The Wiccan religion follows the Wiccan Rede and the law of Threefold Return. There is really only one simple rule to follow in the Wiccan tradition: “An it harm none, do what ye will.” Wiccans believe that all plants and animals are sacred and that we must respect and honor all things. All of the earth is divine.

Therefore, the rules are simple. Cast whatever spells you want, so long as you are not harming anyone. Wicca is not dogmatic and is open to change and incorporating new ideas.

What is spell casting?

Spell casting is simply gathering your internal energy and power and focusing it to affect change in the world. It is like a ritual or procedure. It can be done by many different means.

Whether by incantation, visualization, candles, herbs or crystal work, witches use the energy within and around themselves to gather, charge and direct the energy in the world.

Instead of using the five senses to touch, feel and move things, witches use the spiritual energy to affect the physical world. Changes that are made on the spiritual level translate to changes in the physical.

Anyone can cast spells, but just like exercising, it takes knowledge, practice, and focus. You have to practice focusing your mind on your intentions, become sensitive to your own energy and the energies around you, and learn to communicate with your Higher Self. If you do not hone your skills, chances are that the spells simply will not work.

If you want to study up on how to develop your magical skills and abilities, check out the “The Essence of Magick,” a guide by Amaris Silver Moon. This guide will teach you everything you need to know about casting spells that work. But be careful. There are rules in witchcraft that are intended to protect you from unintended consequences and karmic return. When starting out, it is best to work with an experienced professional so that you don’t accidentally cause yourself and others trouble!

What are Wiccan spells?

Wiccan spell casting is simply a spell that is cast by a Wiccan. A Wiccan need not be a witch and there are many witches who are not Wiccan. For those Wiccans who do cast spells, there are common Wiccan spells that are practiced in various forms, particularly those in The Book of Shadows.

The Four Elements

Earth: stability and foundations (North)
Air: creativity and Inspiration (East)
Fire: passion and energy (South)
Water: sharing and interactions with others (West)

♦ The Four Elements: Wicca places great importance on the four elements because they represent the Universe around us. In a Wiccan ritual, the four elements are represented in the four cardinal points of the ritual circle. The four elements are as follows: Earth represents stability and foundations to the North. Air represents creativity and inspiration and is placed to the East with the rising of the sun. Fire represents passion and energy and is placed on the South Node. Water represents sharing and interactions with others and resides in the West. When all four elements are dedicated in a ritual circle, it is considered to represent a mini-universe. When we are sitting at the center of this universe, we can use our energies to control and influence it with our intentions and channeling


♦ The importance of duality: Duality is all around us, and in the Wiccan religion, everything is seen in polar opposites much like yin and yang. These polarities create energy. Just like when you put two magnets together, a positive and negative side will create a pull or attraction. Two positives or two negatives will create a repelling energy. Much in the same way, spiritual energy can be created, and this is the energy that Wiccans use to cast spells and influence the world around them with their intentions. This is one of the more powerful energies recognized by the Wiccan religion.

The Wiccan Rede

♦ The rules: In Wicca, there are no long lists of rules and codes that must be followed like in most other religions. Really it is very simple. If your action is not harming other people or things, then you can proceed. It’s a very libertarian way of seeing the world. So long as our actions come from a good place of doing good in the world, our actions are not controlled by the religion. It is not a list of what is allowed and what is not allowed, but rather a code of conduct about your intention. This is where experience can be very important because it is not always clear what the consequences will be.

An experienced witch will be able to look forward and see if there could be unanticipated consequences that harm others. I personally find a good rule of thumb to be that we don’t cast spells that restrict others’ free will. But again, that is up to the practitioner. If you can handle the consequences and responsibilities resulting from your actions, then that is your choice to make. Just be sure you know what they are. Sometimes it might even be helpful to use divination tools to study potential outcomes and then make your decision to proceed or not.

The Law of Threefold Return

♦ Beware the Law of Threefold Return: The reason why Wiccans ought to proceed with caution is because many believe in the Law of Threefold Return. This law states that “What you send out from yourself will return to you times three. Bad for bad, good for good.” There is a lot of consternation around the law, its interpretation and whether it is prohibitive, but a simple interpretation is that whatever energy you put out there into the Universe will return to you threefold. So think your choices through! It is similar to the concept of karma and some Wiccans believe that this energy can even follow you across different lifetimes! Others believe that the law allows you to return to others threefold whatever they have sent you! Either way, a common sense approach is to pause, think things through, and make educated decisions with a commitment to taking responsibility for your choices and their consequences.

Phases of the moon

♦ The phases of the moon: The four phases of the moon are very important to Wiccans. They represent the feminine and the Goddess. The waxing crescent, or the Maiden, the full moon, which represents the fertility and the Mother, and the waning moon, which represents the Crone, the wise woman or midwife. Wiccan rituals are often tied to the various phases of the moon, planting new intentions or seed in the time of the moon’s darkness, and using the energy of the full moon to amplify magic.

Book of Shadows

♦The Book of Shadows: The Book of Shadows is the Wiccan book of rituals, spells, and mythology. It is very personal and each individual Wiccan can create their own. It is like a journal of magical spells, thoughts, dreams, rituals, and anything that serves the Wiccan in their practice.

Common Wiccan spells

Wiccan spells try to focus on bringing positive energy into the world to make things better. So, rather than casting a love spell upon someone to manipulate them into falling in love with you, a Wiccan might cast a spell to make them shine more brightly. This doesn’t take the free will of the other person away but may affect a positive change in your life. Additionally, rather than binding someone who is causing you harm, thereby forcing them to stay away from you, a Wiccan witch may instead cast a protection spell upon herself or someone who she is helping.

Here is a common Wiccan protection spell. But remember, don’t try these at home! Not only can there be unintended consequences if the spell is not cast correctly, but it may just flop because the energies are not being channeled properly. If you want to cast a Wiccan spell to improve your life, see one of our trusted spells advisors at


This is white magic spell that will protect you from negative people and negative energies. Whether jealousy, gossip or even sorcery, this spell will shield you from negative forces around you.


  • One photo of yourself
  • 4 Blue candles and one white candle
  • Essential oil for your astrological sign
  • Sage incense for purification
  • 3 acacia leaves
  • 3 black tourmaline stones

Casting the spell

⊕ Purify yourself by washing your hands in a bowl of water with a drop of your essential oil. If you do not have the correct essential oil, salt water will also work.

⊕ Prepare your circle by placing one blue candle at each of the four cardinal points

⊕ Place the white candle in front of you

⊕ Place the incense to the left of the white candle and the tourmaline stones to the right

⊕ Place your photo in front of the candle

Cast the circle and light the incense

⊕ Pass your photo over the incense three times and envision the purification of you and all of the energies surrounding you

⊕ Take the acacia leaves and black tourmaline in your hands and recite the following incantation five times:

“I invoke thee Aradia, Goddess of protection and healing. Protect me and keep me safe, now and forever. I thank you, and release you.”

⊕ Visualize a circle or bubble of white light forming around you. Send your love, healing and protection energies into that light to make it grow to its fullest strength.

⊕ Ground your energies and extinguish the candles and close the circle, but allow the incense to burn to completion.

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Pros of Wiccan Spells

  • Wiccan spells can create positive change in your life
  • Wiccan spells will never harm others
  • Wiccan spells can protect you and others from harm

Cons of Wiccan Spells

  • Spell may not work if you are not experienced
  • Beware the law of Three Fold Return
  • May not be as powerful or direct as dark magic spells

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