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Witch on broomstickWitchcraft and witchcraft spells have long gotten a very bad reputation for doing evil and harming others. From the silly depictions of women with pointy noses flying on broomsticks to the false association of all of witchcraft with Satanism and other forms of black magic, most people have thrown the baby out with the bath water.

Why have women (mostly) always been persecuted for witchcraft? Is it because of fear? Fear of power? Lack of understanding?

The reality is that there is a lot of really good magic out there, and witchcraft spells can help you find peace, prosperity, love, and enlightenment in this world. So, isn’t it time we got the word out about what witchcraft spells are really all about?

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What is witchcraft

What is witchcraft? Most simply, it is a practice that seeks to harness the powers of the mind and the world around in order to affect change in the physical and spiritual realm. There are many different kinds of witchcraft and many different methods used. But there is one common theme: witchcraft itself has no dogma or rules. It is for each individual witch or sorcerer to decide what their moral compass is and what they believe in. Should they decide to ascribe to a religion or Wicca, then the spell casting they engage in will have to follow certain rules. But absent that, anything goes so long a witch is ready to accept the consequences fully.

Witchcraft basics

There are many different kinds of witchcraft and witches fall into many categories. The practices of witchcraft have been passed down from ancestors, but new spells and practices are created every day. That is because witchcraft and witchcraft spells are highly personal. In fact, the more personal they are, the more effective they become. That is why most experienced witches write their own spells or at least adjust the ones they use to fit their specific situation or need. Witches believe that their thoughts and words possess great power by focusing these powers, actual effects can manifest in the physical world.

Witches use many different tools in their practice, from crystals to herbs and candles. But the tools are not what makes the magic. Witchcraft spells are generated by deep meditation and focus. A true witch does this by forming an intention, focusing it with incredible mental power and acuity, and then sending it into the universe to manifest. There are many things that witchcraft spells can accomplish, including healing, prosperity, protection and banishing unwanted negative energies. By connecting with the universal energies and elements, witchcraft spells can be powerful and direct if cast correctly.

Types of witchcraft

Because witchcraft is a practice and not a religion, there is no overarching moral code or set of laws that people must agree to and uphold. There are religions that incorporate witchcraft into their belief system, but that is a distinct development. Witchcraft and shamanic traditions have their roots in ancient history. Although there are many elements in common, there are also many distinctions! Let’s look at a few different kinds of witches!

Traditional Folkloric witches

folkloreYou guessed it! Folkloric witchcraft is a practice that has been passed down through generations through historical accounts and documentation. Although it is a general term, it attempts to distinguish itself from more modern movements such as Wicca.

Folkloric witchcraft or Traditional witchcraft seeks to dig down to the roots of witchcraft. Sometimes by studying the Salem witch trials other old European traditions, a lot of old practices can be deciphered or at least approximated. Old pagan traditions and beliefs also make an appearance, and hereditary witches who pass down their spell casting traditions over generations can also be loosely folded into this category.

Eclectic witchcraft

As the name implies, and eclectic witch pulls from many different traditions and practices in order to create his/her own practice that is unique to them.

An eclectic witch could incorporate the phases of the moon into her practice, while also using the power of crystals and herbs. Or she could incorporate the powers divination through use of the tarot, runes, and i-ching, even though they all stem from different traditions.

Seeing as even traditional witchcraft changes and adapts over time, many practicing witches and witchcraft spells fall into this category. Most simply put, an eclectic witch uses many different traditions, rituals, spells, and beliefs to create something unique to him/herself. Rather than being bound to tradition, she bound to her own inner authenticity.

Green witches

Green witches or garden witches find their strengths to lie with growing, cultivating and working with plants and trees. Green witches are drawn to working with nature and all of the gifts she has to offer. Whether an herbalist, wildcrafter or gardener, these witches often practice medicinal as well as spiritual crafts.

Rituals have gone hand in hand with agriculture in the oldest pagan and folk-magic traditions. Planting and harvesting according to the phases or the moon, or retaining the last sheath of grain for a ritual of reverence, are all common practices of the traditional green witch. Tree worshipers still exist today, believing that all life is sacred and to be appreciated and revered.

Many green witches will grow their own herbs and medicines to use in their witchcraft spells and other practices. Green witches build a connection with the living green things, speaking to them and giving them offerings. Many green witches also work with plant spirits such as nymphs, dryads, and pixies.

Kitchen witches also work with herbs and plants, but create their magic in the kitchen! With fires having transformative powers, kitchen witches can create potions, stews and all kinds of medicines in their kitchens! From the rising of bread to the fermentation of wine, in the days of old all of these processes involved spirits and spiritual practices that held these hearth rituals as sacred.


Hedgewitches reach across the metaphorical hedge to interact with the other side, the unknown. Hedgewitches use trances and communicating with spirits to inform themselves and others on the physical plane. Much like Shamans, hedgewitches might use these trance powers in healing rituals or to perform divination.

Originating from the word haegtessa, which means “hedge-rider,” hedgewitches use astral projection, lucid dreaming or trance work to cross between the physical and spiritual planes. Sometimes they use drumming, dancing and more.

What are witchcraft spells?

Witchcraft spells are much less like “magic” than they are intention and meditation. Spell casting takes practice, focus and a lot of energy. It is true that some are born very inclined to succeed in this kind of work, but even a talented witch will not be very successful without training.

The success of any witchcraft spell will be determined by how it was cast. The simplest spell in the world can have an incredible effect if cast by a knowledgeable and experienced witch. On the other hand, the most complicated and ‘best’ spells will fall flat if they aren’t cast correctly.

What that means is witches need to study. They need to understand how and why things work. Why the traditions are what they are, and what people have learned over the years. In fact, ideally, a witch would write her own witchcraft spells because the more personal and directly focused they are, the more effective they will be!

How to cast spells that work

Witchcraft is a practice of the mind. Much like meditation, a witch needs to focus all of her energy on the intention that she is trying to bring about. Whether these intentions are put into a candle or a potion, the tools and ingredients are not important without the focused sending of energy with the mind. Crystals and herbs can boost the effectiveness of a spell. They can help a witch to focus and can also amplify the energy of a spell. But on their own, without intention and direction, they will not manifest much.

Tips for strengthening intentions

  • Practice holding your focus for a long time
  • Move through states of consciousness at will
  • Heighten your senses including the extrasensory ones
  • Manipulate the energy around you (raising, directing, releasing)
  • Meditate to access deep parts of your unconscious

This is all done through practice!

Witchcraft spells

There are many different kinds of witchcraft, so of course, there are many different kinds of spells! From white magic spells to Wiccan or black magic spells, there are tons of things to choose from.

Read on to learn the difference and follow the links for free spells that you can study. But remember not to try these at home. Reach out to a professional spell caster at Kasamba to cast a spell for you. Sometimes unexpected consequences can be much worse than the original problem you were trying to solve!

White magic spells

White magic witchcraft spells are cast for the good of humanity. They are in sync with the Wiccan Rede (although white witches need not be Wiccan), which basically says that as long as you don’t harm another, you can do what you want. But this is a little more complicated than it may seem at face value.

At the core of this tenet is the belief that witchcraft spells should not limit another’s free will. This applies to binding hurtful people away from you or casting a spell to make someone fall in love with you. White magic spells cannot infringe on another’s choices or the harm will return to you threefold. Check out how white magic deals with love spells and other kinds of spells without breaking the moral code here!

Black magic spells

Black magic spells are on the other end of the spectrum and serve selfish purposes without regard for the wellbeing of others. They often sow chaos and destruction. Common black magic spells are revenge spells, hexes or curses. They are typically to ‘balance’ the scales after someone has wronged you, or to manipulate another into doing something for one’s own gain.

The law of threefold return is debated by some, but many dark witches are willing to suffer the consequences in order to achieve their desires. They are willing to pay the price, so to speak. Check out some black magic spells here. But remember, don’t go playing around with these! They are for educational purposes only!

Love spells

There are so many love spells out there and in every tradition of witchcraft nonetheless! There are Wiccan love spells, black magic love spells, white magic love spells and voodoo love spells to name just a few! It is one of the most commonly used types of witchcraft spells. Why? I suppose because deep down everyone wants to be loved, and often relationships are fraught with challenges. Whether due to other lovers, distance or other circumstances, sometimes we feel out of control. If you want to attract more love into your life but don’t want to harm anyone, then look into Wiccan love spells or white magic love spells. If you are willing to risk more, check out some black magic love spells. But again, please don’t try these on your own!

Healing spells

Healing spells are also very popular. Did you know that you can actually heal someone else from a distance by sending them positive and healing vibrations? Crystal magic is very useful for healing, as certain stones can absorb negative energies and others can amplify spells.

There are also candle spells for healing and visualization techniques. But be sure you get the other person’s consent first unless you are just working on yourself. And if the condition is serious, never forego seeing a traditional doctor first. Healing spells can be a wonderful complement to traditional medicine, but you should not skip out on that doctor’s visit!

Banishing spells

Banishing spells are also incredibly useful. Whether you are banishing an unwanted person from your life because they are causing you harm, or you are banishing negativity from your own life, banishing spells can help. Banishing spells can even be used to rid oneself of negative thought patterns, addictions or other poor habits. Check out these free banishing spells and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Pros of witchcraft spells

  • Can effect positive change in your life
  • Can get rid of unwanted negative energy
  • Can protect you from harm
  • Can empower you to make changes for yourself

Cons of witchcraft spells

  • Is a very large practice with much to study
  • Without knowledge and experience spells won’t work
  • Inexperienced spell casters can run into terrible consequences