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Change your life spells and Xara spells have become so popular, that lots of people have tried to impersonate them. But whether or not Xara spells actually work, the official website of “change your life spells” never asks for your money.

There are tons of testimonials speaking to the success of Xara’s spells, and the website is quite fun to use! Just choose the kind of spell you want, type in the name of the person to receive it along with their birthdate, and click “cast the spell.” I guess whether it works or not, you have nothing to lose by trying!


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What are Xara spells?

Xara is supposedly a licensed witch with the full name Xara Beatrice Matsagou. She apparently casts spells for you absolutely for free. Her website, “change-your-life spells,” is full of beaming, happy customers and all you have to do is enter your name and click “cast spell.”

Xara claims to cast spells for anything from love to money, to health. There is even a section of dark spells for revenge. Under the money category, you can choose a wealth spell, a windfall spell, a plain old money spell, a career spell, or an education spell. Seeing as you cast these spells without actually speaking to anyone, it is important to choose the right category if you want it to work.

In the love spells section there are plain love spells, marriage spells, relationship spells, passion spells, attractions spells and reconcile love spells. There is a field where you can add in additional comments to specify what you want the spell to do, so it might be a good idea to put in some details, otherwise, who knows what kind of a spell you will end up with.

In the dark spells category there are break up spells, binding spells, and revenge spells, and Xara advertises that her spells are always free. But what’s the catch? The reviews on her website are glowing, but if you read around on other review threads, you will find people claiming that their negative reviews were removed by the admin. Hmmm…

Are Xara spells real?

Xara SpellsThere are a few questions we must ask ourselves when evaluating Xara spells. First of all, how can someone cast a spell for you if they know nothing about you or your situation? Will it still work? Typically the spells that work best are the ones we cast for ourselves, and if you are using a professional spell caster, they really do need to know your situation very well in order to choose the right spell for you.

Moderator “Lark” from Spells of Magic is leery of Xara spells. She warns that many of these sites offer to cast spells for free, but then draw you in with questions later. Suddenly, they ask you for money to pay for the supplies they will need in order to cast the spell, and the fees are often extraordinarily high. Sometimes they will even come back to you and tell you the spell didn’t work because you are cursed and that they first need to cast another spell in order to prepare you properly. And on and on we go!

Another user points out the Xara has no contact information on her website, which is a red flag. Also, could her website be collecting information on you? Many websites sell people’s user data collected by google bots. Is this how she is making her money? And with only glowing, positive reviews, could there be some funny business going on?

Additionally, there are even people out there impersonating Xara! So, not only do we not know if Xara is an actual witch, but you have to be careful you are even getting a spell from the real Xara! Geez, that’s getting complicated!

Xara spell stories

Galore mag logoMaria Pasquini at Galore Mag shared a funny story about using Xara spells for weight loss.  Newbie to the online spell casting community, Maria searched for weight loss spells and immediately came across Xara’s website. Free spells! Lose weight instantly! What could go wrong?

Maria came across all kinds of literature that weight loss spells could go terribly wrong if they aren’t cast properly and could leave you with anorexia instead. In the end, nothing bad happened, but Maria didn’t lose any weight either. I tried a Xara spell too, and I’m not sure if it worked or not, but I certainly didn’t have the sky come crashing down.

Xara testimonials

When you read the testimonials on Xara’s website, you can’t deny that some people really have had great success with her spells. I can’t imagine she was able to find that many people to write bogus reviews! Let’s take a look at what some people had to say. Here are some of the testimonials from Xara’s Change-your-life website:

  • Heather Jenkins writes: “If you’re looking for a spellcaster, look no more. Xara is my guardian angel and her Love Spells will rock your world!”
  • Felipa Munoz writes: “My children needed new clothes and shoes for school and I got $7000 just in time for Christmas. God bless you.”
  • Chris Somers writes: “The Love Spell really works! I can’t believe this girl loves me!”
  • Kevin Fletcher writes: “This education spell got me the grant I needed to pay my tuition.”

Wow! With that kind of track record, I’m feeling pretty hopeful about my spell casting. I’ll let you know how it went in a week or two!  Hopefully, I’ll be adding a glowing review myself!

The negative reviews

But, to be fair, we should also look for negative reviews. An anonymous user on a Yahoo thread wrote the following:

  • “Load of rubbish! I tried it and nothing! I put a testimonial on – it was deleted within 24h, tried again, same again! This website has been put to con people, they make money out of all the ads on it and the more people visit the more money they get! Hence the owner of the website puts about 10 testimonials on every day (same ones they keep rotating every month or so) and deletes the real testimonials to make people come back and believe!”

Youch! And then another user followed up with this comment:

  • “I tried it today and I am looking forward to it :)” and then later, “Hmm you guys are right….my testimonial was deleted ….”

Oops! I don’t know, but this is ranking high on my scam meter. But, as long as you don’t get roped into spending any money, it sure won’t hurt to try it! But if you are really looking for spells that work, I’d like to recommend some alternatives.

Online spells that really work

So, if you want to work with a professional spellcaster, but you want to be absolutely certain that it’s the real deal, what are you to do?  There absolutely are real spell casting sites out there that offer the same services as Xara. And while they won’t be free, they will work, and if you do your homework, you can find some great introductory offers. Any real witch will tell you that spells cannot be guaranteed 100% and the results are not always predictable. But one thing is for sure, a real spell caster should be honest with you.

Finding the best online spells

We’ve got many great free spells for you to try out at home. And they are all absolutely free. We have love spells, banishing spells, money spells, Wiccan spells, weight loss spells, or black magic spells – you name it! We even have articles on casting them correctly and with the strongest effect. It takes a little practice, time and dedication, but the information is all available to you here on Psychic Guild.

However, if you want someone professional to cast a spell for you, take a look at these websites. Their advisors are all rated and reviewed, their bios are clearly posted and you can reach them directly via chat, email, phone or even video chat. Isn’t it nice to know who you are actually working with?

Additionally, most of these websites offer money back guarantees and special introductory offers. From the first few minutes for free, discounted per minute rates, or credits, you have a lot of options and a lot of protections too.


Oranum is a well-known online psychic and spellcasting site that has been around for quite some time. The feature that makes Oranum unique is their live stream video. You can observe your advisor working with others without signing up for anything. That’s a nice feature because you can really get a sense of who you are working with before making any kind of commitment.

You can also sign up for a free chat with your advisor before signing up for a session, and there is also a public chat where you can get a quick question answered for free. With Oranum, you have to purchase Oranum credits though, so once you’ve spent that money there is no way to get that back. However, you do get $9.99 in Oranum credits just for signing up, so you can give your advisor a try for free before making your own financial commitment.


Kasamba is another well-respected online psychic and spells service that has been in business since 1999. With the number of fake sites and services on the web, that kind of track record already says something important. Kasamba has a great reputation and a wide range of specialists from all over the world. That means you can find services in many different languages.

You always get the first 3 minutes for free when you try a new advisor, and you can also get 15% off of your first session if you decide to continue. Kasamba doesn’t have a video option though, so if you want to work face to face with someone, this won’t be your go-to.


Keen has also been in business since 1999 and has a very large selection of advisors for you to choose from. Keen does offer a money back guarantee and you will never be charged without your permission. Keen’s advisors are available 24/7 and you can even receive a transcript of your chat sessions.

That’s nice because often it can be useful to re-read the content of a session later. Sometimes we are caught up in emotions during a session and can miss important details. Keen also has great rates. They have special offers that run for as little as $1.99 for 10 minutes as well as the first 3 minutes for free for new customers. It is definitely worth checking out!

Xara spells or professional spell casters?

Still want to try out a Xara spell? Go ahead and write back to let us know if it worked! I’m still waiting for mine to come through, though its only been one day so far so I will be patient. And so far, I haven’t been asked for money, so that is a plus! But if you decide to go with a seasoned professional, also write back and let us know how your spell casting goes. And do feel free to try out any of our many, many free spells on Psychic Guild. The best way to know what will work for you is by learning about the art of spell casting yourself!

Pros of Xara spells

  • Easy to use – just click the button
  • Anonymous – you don’t have to put your full name or contact info
  • Absolutely free on the website

Cons of Xara spells

  • Don’t know who Xara really is
  • Negative testimonials deleted from website
  • Not sure if spells really work

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