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Who wouldn’t like the idea of been encompassed in a comforting cloud of loving, cleansing and supportive universal energy as you live your everyday life?  Wouldn’t you feel reassured if you were surrounded and fortified by a field of invisible vibrations that have the power to enhance your body, mind and spirit every day?  

If this feels like something that you’d enjoy or benefit from, check out how Reiki healing, including Reiki healing online, can help you find the bounce in your step.  And don’t worry if you have some serious issues to contend with, Reiki has all of that covered and more – here’s what you need to know.

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What is Reiki Healing?

Reiki healing is a powerful yet reassuring form of spiritual healing that can clear up the toughest of traumas, and also provide a relaxing space for deep meditation depending on the type of Reiki healing that you choose to experience.  

Hailing from Japan Reiki is used to support spiritual well-being, mental clarity and to heal trauma, (physical, psychological and spiritual).
Reiki Healing‘Rei’ in Japanese means a higher intelligence that is omnipresent and permeates all living and non-living entities so that they can be guided according to the innate and most basic functions of the Universe.  ‘Ki’ refers to the energy that is life (life force energy) that can be found in plants, animals, humans and the planet itself.

So from that brief explanation, you can consider Reiki to be a universal life force energy that is spiritually guided inside us, outside of us and, well, everywhere and the Reiki Healer, or Reiki Advisor will guide that energy on your behalf..  

There’s a belief amongst pretty much almost all forms of spiritual healing, astrology, individuology, spiritual life coaching, numerology, Reiki and so on that when we heal our self and our souls we also heal the planet!  And since Reiki aligns, heals and balances the spiritual energy that is everywhere, you can see how Reiki can support this notion.Reiki Healing

Reiki brings energy to clear and raise conscious awareness in and around the body, where any negative energy may be. Reiki will loosen and clear the affected energy and clear the energetic pathways. The Reiki energy is usually channelled through the chakras.

Reiki is useful for managing problems such as;

  • Anxiety
  • Injury
  • Trauma
  • Conflict

The Dedicated Practice Of Reiki

To practice Reiki, a practitioner must attend their Reiki Level 1 training which is carried out by a Reiki Master.  A Reiki healer, or Reiki advisor will be taught the history of Reiki, the basic Reiki symbols and how to apply basic Reiki practices such as where to position their hands, and how to practice Reiki on themselves. The Reiki Advisors will also will be spiritually attuned to the Reiki energy (which is a very profound experience, often resulting in enhanced psychic abilities) so that they can then use the Reiki energy and symbols that they’ve been shown in the future. Reiki Healing

If you wanted to practice Reiki on yourself, you’d need to be attuned to the Reiki Level 1 energy.  The Reiki attunements can be quite profound and can cause an emotional release (as can Reiki healing itself).  And as somebody who has been attuned to Reiki Level Two, I can attest to the emotional release! Which while a little inconvenient was very refreshing and confirmation for me that something profound was occurring.  

To practice Reiki on others, you’d usually have to take your Reiki Level 2 which will involve further training about how to heal others effectively and how to use the symbols. Reiki Healing You’d also receive additional attunements and new symbols that allow a Reiki Advisor to practice Reiki on others and includes a symbol that enables a Reiki Healer to practice distance Reiki.   

The next and final step in Reiki training is to become a Reiki Master, if you want to. You’ll need your Reiki Level 2 before you can become a Reiki Master and the process is the same as the Reiki 1 and Reiki 2, but you’ll be given more symbols, more attunements and be able to teach and attune others so that they can achieve their Reiki 1, 2 and their Reiki Master.  

Administering Reiki

If a Reiki healer is practising face to face Reiki healing, they’ll usually ask you to lie on a massage table.  They then channel the Reiki energy using their hands into the main chakras of the body (although they don’t have to stick to the chakras if they don’t want to). Most Reiki Healers will work on your chakras so that you can feel balanced as a result of your Reiki session.  Reiki Healing

Before channelling the energy, your Reiki Healer will have chosen and mentally drawn the appropriate Reiki symbols to guide the Reiki healing.

During a physical Reiki session, you may experience physical sensations that can sometimes feel challenging, but the overall outcome of a session is that you will feel innately relaxed and at peace as if you’ve just visited the best relaxation massage at a spa.  

Distant Reiki and Reiki Healings Online

The intention and flow of distant Reiki energy will happen in the same way that it does during a physical Reiki healing session, but it is sent using a specific Reiki symbol.  Reiki Healing

This means that you may not feel the relaxed and peaceful sensation that you might feel during  a physical Reiki session, but the energy will still flow to the parts of you that need the Reiki the most.  

But in addition, and as if to compensate, Reiki Advisors and Reiki Psychics will also be able to advise you as to what in your life may have caused any energy blockages and how you can make some positive changes in your life to move forward and remain clear and unblocked in the future.

Chakra Work and Reiki Healing Combined

Reiki Healing

As your Reiki Advisor works with you, whether that be online or face to face, they’ll work on your chakras’. Some Reiki Advisors or Reiki Psychics might even tell you which chakras are blocked and give you advice on what you can do to support the Reiki healing work on your chakras that you have received.  

Here’s a quick guide to the chakras, and what they relate to. If you are blocked in any of these chakra’s you’ll usually find challenges in your life in the associated chakra’s.

The Chakras

  • The Root Chakra

Represents the colour red, physical life, everything that is in our reality, work, money, material belongings, physical health.  And more importantly, it represents safety, security and our basic primal needs.

  • The Sacral ChakraReiki Healing

Represents the colour orange, emotions, creativity, and sexuality.

  • The Solar Plexus

Represents the colour yellow, personal power, will, mental activities and is also where we radiate out our energy, and process how we feel about our experiences in life.  

  • The Heart Chakra

Represents the colour green, love, the heart, self-love, compassion, relating, and integration.

  • The Throat Chakra

Represents the colour light blue, self-expression, creative expression, and communication.

  • The Third Eye

Represents the color indigo, intuition, wisdom, and extrasensory perception.

  • The Crown Chakra

Represents the colour violet, spiritual connection, oneness, and consciousness.

How can Reiki Healing Help You?

There is a long list of ways that Reiki healing can help you, here are just a few examples of issues that Reiki can help with.

Reiki Healing

  • Anxiety
  • Emotional overwhelm
  • Excessive anger
  • Grief/Loss
  • Reconciling conflicted thoughts
  • Attaining clarity
  • Stress management
  • Relaxation
  • Helping develop acceptance
  • Mental health support
  • Developing confidence
  • Improving health
  • Easing age-related aches and pains
  • Assistance with healing a physical injury.
  • Healing trauma
  • Balancing chakras
  • Healing blockages in your psyche

How to Get Reiki Healing?

There are a variety of ways to get some Reiki healing

Visiting a Reiki HealerReiki Healing

There are usually plenty of Reiki healers in a reasonable locality to most main towns and cities, and visiting one will offer you not just a healing session but also deep relaxation too.  The best way to find a good Reiki healer in your local area is either through word of mouth or by accessing your local body, mind, spirit centres or events.

Accessing a Reiki Healer Online

Reiki healers can practice long-distance Reiki. So it’s entirely possible and very common to receive Reiki healing online from a qualified Reiki advisor, Reiki psychic, or Reiki healer.

You won’t get the full relaxation aspect from a physical Reiki session. Sometimes, however, some people don’t like the intimacy involved with a physical Reiki healing session, therefore online would be more suited to them anyway. You can expect from an online reiki healing session more insight into what the Reiki healer might see, sense or hear while working with you and also advice on how to enhance the benefits of your distant Reiki healing. Here are our top Reiki healer picks right here; Reiki Healers

Speaking to A Reiki Advisor or Reiki Psychic What’s The Difference?

A Reiki Advisor or Reiki Psychic is essentially a Reiki Healer who can use other senses aside from Reiki to help their clients.

For example,

A Reiki Psychic will use their psychic abilities to read the energy around you as well as to direct Reiki to you.  So you essentially get the best of both worlds. 

A Reiki Advisor is likely to be the same as a Reiki Healer or Reiki Psychic, but they might choose to call themselves a Reiki Advisor.  To find out if a Reiki Advisor has the skills that you are seeking, ask them what they can do as a reiki advisor, and they will most definitely advise you!

Who is Reiki Healing For?Reiki Healing

Reiki healing can help everyone. Whether you would like to clear up your energy and revitalize yourself as a form of self-maintenance and self-care or if you have something specific to work with, it could work for you.

Reiki advisors help people who have physical ailments and illnesses, emotional conflict and trauma. They have even helped people to clear their energy so that they can make the right decision for themselves.

Reiki healing is also perfect for helping people to deal with grief or loss.  A painful experience that we all face from time to time, which can be unbearable?  It’s at these times the Reiki can help you come to terms with your loss.

What Can You Expect From Your Reiki Healing Session?

When you speak to a Reiki Advisor, or Reiki Psychic they will advise you on what to expect which is useful because each reading will be unique to the reader.  But as a rule of thumb, you will feel uplifted, supported and relieved.

Even though Reiki energy is powerful, it’s also very reassuring.

Where To Find the Best Reiki Advisors Online.

There are many Reiki Advisors and Reiki Psychics available and waiting for your call right now.  And for your convenience, here are some of our favourites reiki psychics and reiki healers, as well as our favourite psychic sites who host many Reiki Psychics and Reiki Advisors.  

Here are our picks:
Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

Psychic Source– Low priced readings right now!

Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99


The Pros and Cons Of Getting Reiki Healing Online Today


  • Easy access to a Reiki Advisor without leaving your home.
  • Powerful but reassuring healing.
  • Balances your chakras
  • Aids all types of healing – e.g. emotional, physical, spiritual.
  • Professional readers provide high-quality responsible readings
  • Reiki healing is always uplifting.


  • Reiki Healing can shift stuck emotions and can make you feel emotional, but it will pass quickly.
  • You cannot control your reading; Reiki goes to where it needs to go.  
  • You can miss the physical relaxation that is possible during a 121 Reiki healing session.
  • You might not always consciously be aware of how the Reiki has helped you.

Are you ready to take the plunge and try out a Reiki healing online reading?  

Don't forget to give us your feedback after!

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Sam Li
Sam Li
3 years ago

I like what you said about getting chakras worked on. I think that finding someone who has a knowledge of each chakra, or part of the body, is super important in any bodily healing. My wife and I are thinking about finding a place that offers such a mentally and physically revitalizing experience.

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